Hireandrecruit is a website that provides information and resources for employers and job seekers. It is a recruitment platform, where employers post job vacancies and job seekers can search for job opportunities. It includes job postings on the website, resume searches for any talented professionals, and HR software for easy use. It is a marketplace that connects employers with professionals for recruiting consultants. We can search resumes on the website which provides employers to search and view the resumes of job seekers who have registered. The page may also include features that allow employers to filter resumes and sort the resumes based on various criteria, such as skill & Visa types. It offers a complete HR solution for organizational growth and provides end-to-end staffing software solutions for every business. It uses modern and standard technologies to provide a solution that overcomes problems with clients, consultants, and vendors. Hireandrecruit is the greatest platform to find professionals with different roles or positions. It is a great option for finding the perfect professionals for your team. It allows you to trigger the best-skilled person to get hired. It tracks the status of each step done in the recruitment process and notifies the recruiter doing further steps. It Alerts the recruiter on day-to-day activities. Hireandrecruit is an end-to-end staffing software that offers solutions to the staffing and recruiting process. It provides recruiters with access to the application database anytime anywhere. It allows you to access everything in the management tool. Hireandrecruit is the most preferable staffing software solution designed by Compugra Systems Inc., All firms need better control of their operations. HireAndRecruit.com was developed which is accessible on any browser and any device. It was easy to use for all the users. It is useful for Recruitment Management. This management tool helps for analyzing the data, generate reports for submissions, and monitor the performance of the recruiter’s day-to-day activities. The Hireandrecruit dashboard has different segments like scheduled interviews (based on submissions), any client interviews, and today’s interviews, monthly reports of submissions by recruiters, Absentees list of employees & submission count of resumes submitted by a recruiter on the management dashboard. The Requirements page likely provides a user to manage and track the requirements being submitted. This could include the ability to organize requirements, assign them and track the progress. Under the management section - Requirements list, you can add all the details of the recruiter, client details, location of the client, Job title of the consultant, Job description (Skills & Experience), Rate & Duration of work. After adding requirements, add the Consultant details which include Consultant Name, Email, Visa, Contact No, Consultant Rate, Experience, Availability, Tax terms, Employer, and Education details. After submitting the consultant details the status will be pending. If they work on that consultant, the status moves to currently working. If you need to edit any submitted data you can moderate them easily. The Interviews page provides a recruiter to manage the data and schedule interviews with consultants. This could include the ability to organize interview schedules at any time, assign interviews on a future date, track the status of each interview, and take reports. In the Reports, you can download the reports based on submissions by a recruiter, visa types, and clients. In administration, you can add new Vendors, Recruiters, Visa Types, Clients, and Skills. Please go through the below demo link to see more details about our product. Video thumb https://youtu.be/xwP0ME1zH0M CONTACT US: USA Compugra Systems, Inc. 4105 US 1, Suite 11, Monmouth Junction, NJ-08852. info@compugra.com +1 - 908-821-9120 INDIA Compugra Software Pvt. Ltd. 28 Sripuri Colony, Karkhana, Secunderabad - 500 015. info@compugra.com +1 - 908-821-9120