crash-2023-03-13-23-47-11.log This crash log was automatically scanned. VER 5.99 | MIGHT CONTAIN FALSE POSITIVES. ==================================================== Main Error: Unhandled exception "EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION" at 0x7FF69FD6BA80 Fallout4.exe+27BBA80 ==================================================== Detected Buffout Version: Buffout 4 v1.26.2 Latest Buffout Version: Buffout 4 v1.26.2 You have the lastest version of Buffout 4! ==================================================== CHECKING IF BUFFOUT 4 FILES/SETTINGS ARE CORRECT... ==================================================== Achievements parameter in *Buffout4.toml* is correctly configured. ----- Memory Manager parameter in *Buffout4.toml* is correctly configured. ----- Looks Menu (F4EE) parameter in *Buffout4.toml* is correctly configured. ----- ==================================================== CHECKING IF LOG MATCHES ANY KNOWN CRASH MESSAGES... ==================================================== ---------- Unsolved Crash Messages Below ---------- ----- # AUTOSCAN FOUND NO CRASH ERRORS / CULPRITS THAT MATCH THE CURRENT DATABASE # Check below for mods that can cause frequent crashes and other problems. ----- ==================================================== CHECKING FOR MODS THAT CAN CAUSE FREQUENT CRASHES... ==================================================== # AUTOSCAN FOUND NO PROBLEMATIC MODS THAT MATCH THE CURRENT DATABASE FOR THIS LOG # THAT DOESN'T MEAN THERE AREN'T ANY! YOU SHOULD RUN PLUGIN CHECKER IN WRYE BASH. Wrye Bash Link: ----- ==================================================== CHECKING FOR MODS WITH SOLUTIONS & COMMUNITY PATCHES ==================================================== [!] Found: [0D] ADVANCED ANIMATION FRAMEWORK Newest AAF version only available on Moddingham | AAF Tech Support: Newest AAF Link (register / login to download): ----- Looks Menu versions 1.6.20 & 1.6.19 can frequently break adult mod related (erection) morphs If you notice AAF realted problems, remove latest version of Looks Menu and switch to 1.6.18 ----- [!] Found: [10] TACTICAL RELOAD Can cause weapon and combat related crashes. TR Expansion For ECO is highly recommended. TR Expansion For ECO Link: ----- [!] Found: [2D] SUPER MUTANT REDUX Causes crashes at specific locations or with certain Super Muntant enemies and items. Patch Link: ----- [!] Found: [2F] EVERYONE'S BEST FRIEND This mod needs a compatibility patch to properly work with the Unofficial Patch (UFO4P). Patch Link: ----- [!] Found: [3E] RAIDER OVERHAUL Old mod that requires several patches to function as intended. Use ONE Version instead. Upated ONE Version: ----- [!] Found: [49] NATURAL AND ATMOSPHERIC COMMONWEALTH If you notice weird looking skin tones with either NAC or NACX, install this patch. Patch Link: ----- [!] Found: [72] START ME UP Abandoned mod that can cause infinite loading and other problems. Switch to REDUX Version instead. Updated REDUX Version: ----- [!] Found: FALLSOULS UNPAUSED GAME MENUS Occasionally breaks the Quests menu, can cause crashes while changing MCM settings. Advised Fix: Toggle PipboyMenu in FallSouls MCM settings or completely reinstall the mod. ----- [Due to inherent limitations, Auto-Scan will continue detecting certain mods even if fixes or patches for them are already installed. You can ignore these.] ----- FOR FULL LIST OF IMPORTANT PATCHES AND FIXES FOR THE BASE GAME AND MODS, VISIT THIS ARTICLE: ----- ==================================================== CHECKING FOR MODS PATCHED THROUGH OPC INSTALLER... ==================================================== # AUTOSCAN FOUND NO PROBLEMATIC MODS THAT ARE ALREADY PATCHED THROUGH OPC INSTALLER # ----- ==================================================== CHECKING IF IMPORTANT PATCHES & FIXES ARE INSTALLED ==================================================== IF YOU'RE USING DYNAMIC PERFORMANCE TUNER AND/OR LOAD ACCELERATOR, remove these mods completely and switch to High FPS Physics Fix! Link: ----- *Canary Save File Monitor* is installed. ----- *High FPS Physics Fix* is installed. ----- *Previs Repair Pack* is installed. ----- *Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch* is installed. ----- *Weapon Debris Crash Fix* is installed. ----- # NVIDIA REFLEX SUPPORT ISN'T INSTALLED OR AUTOSCAN CANNOT DETECT IT # This is a highly recommended mod that can reduce render latency. Link: ----- ==================================================== SCANNING THE LOG FOR SPECIFIC (POSSIBLE) CUPLRITS... ==================================================== LIST OF (POSSIBLE) PLUGIN CULRIPTS: * AUTOSCAN COULDN'T FIND ANY PLUGIN CULRIPTS * ----- LIST OF (POSSIBLE) FORM ID CULRIPTS: * AUTOSCAN COULDN'T FIND ANY FORM ID CULRIPTS * ----- LIST OF DETECTED (NAMED) RECORDS: * AUTOSCAN COULDN'T FIND ANY NAMED RECORDS * ----- FOR FULL LIST OF MODS THAT CAUSE PROBLEMS, THEIR ALTERNATIVES AND DETAILED SOLUTIONS, VISIT THE BUFFOUT 4 CRASH ARTICLE: =============================================================================== END OF AUTOSCAN | Author / Made By: Poet#9800 (DISCORD) | 281122 CONTRIBUTORS | evildarkarchon | kittivelae | AtomicFallout757