Vidapi 23:55 Test for 1 month active Xtream for tivimate or any other app XTREAM XC LOGIN: User: iptvtrust1134 Pass: iptvtrust1136 Dns : Attention! Please use on your iptv player this details xtream login Please do not use this account on two device at the same time, Your Line will Get Blocked Automatically By Firewall IPTVTRUST england 23:55 ahh ok nice one as if you were to advertise here you would need to sell bith under the same topic unless you wanted it as a seprate topic but that would be addinonal cost all depends on your income please see T@C below IPTVTRUSTThe Owner 1d Good morning and what a great start as it shows to me when a provider gets back to me this quick they are doing what they are doing :slight_smile: Im at home today so ill fire up the service mate and check, Im more then sure all will be well so wile i do this please read my T&C Also what i will do is ,if create a banner with what link you would like to enbed into it so when a user hover overs it and clicks it this will direct to you ,Discord,website ect. as i will put this at the top of the page for a few days . Hi, Hope you are safe & well. I would like to give you the opportunity to join my new IPTVTRUST forum. This forum is to be run is by using only serious sellers who have no issue with a small cost per month to keep active on the forum. This way providers who are not active will not pay and will get suspended & topic closed, which in return will give more sales opportunity to other providers who remain active. The IPTVTRUST forum will be a great start for serious providers to jump onboard, as from this day now there are 5k+ users on here and new users joining daily on here. I’m more than sure this will be a huge forum for users looking for trials and new providers. The site has been established over 2 and a half years now and was set up before the Original IPTV I,nSIDER closed their doors, which I was a part of the team. This is why I wanted the great easy forum to continue so I created what is no known as IPTVTRUST. There will be a small charge of £30per month, basically just over the asking price of a 3-month sub from a single user of your service. This may sound like a lot, but if you are a serious provider and have renewals daily and at least 1 new user within 1 month of been on the site, it’s a small price to pay to be on the site to pick up more customers. The price structure is in place to cover my costs and also to keep serious providers on the forum not like others out there. I may ask for early payment up to 5 days before so im not chasing providers for funds on the last day as I may be away from pc due to my work. All funds are to be sent before the 1st of each month. 1.Also I can request a 1-year subception at ANY time for my own personal use and to see if all is good on your server. 2.At any time I may change price plan due to costs at my end. 3.If I see any wrong doing or serious complaints I will close your topic until resolved, and if not resolved topic and provider will be removed from the site with No refund. 4.NO Poaching or Mentioning other Competitive sites (Instant Ban from Site) 5.All payments are paid on the by the 1st of the month, Please contact red payment methods, preferred payment in order 1.*******, 2. Bitcoin. Please message me before payment and in due time please do not leave till the last minute. 6.This is a must as this is how more sales will be made for you and others. Every provider MUST tell their community about IPTVTRUST on the community eg, Discord, WhatsApp, Telegram ect. This way a user will join And may use another provider for a backup or use yours as a backup. Hope to see you on IPTVTRUST. Please let me know if you are interested and I can get you up and running. PS. This is not like other sites were loads of providers join and it’s a never-ending battle to get sales. I have a limit and when providers decide to leave or don’t pay their fees for the month, I MAY bring a new provider onboard as there is plenty who want to join but I Don’t just add them Kind Regards, IPTVTRUST e-mail If you like to proceed, please reply with I Agree. And we can move forward and get you on the site with your topic and images. IPTVTRUST england 23:58 perfect mate ill test in the morning as just of to bed but if happy with what i have sent then your more then welcome on Iptvtrust ::slight_smile: Vidapi 23:58 Sure please test the service so we can talk tomorow.