Atl3s > Wow I honestly cant believe how safe lowsec Derelik is. Been flying around ratting and mining and have only had pleasant encounters with the people living here Ace Lonewolf > a full mimesis set is a +69.67% increase Elisabeth Saint-Claire > Mimesis, mimosis Nemo Lafisques > nemesis Nanoka Kohinata > I still love my Tengu Nemo Lafisques > same lol Ace Lonewolf > Atl3s is the wierdest spam ive seen yet, so vaguely trying to bait new players to thier death in low sec, but leaving is so widley spaced out Nemo Lafisques > lmao Khorah O'carrick > let's form a posse Atl3s > Im just trying to be helpful Nanoka Kohinata > My posse is on Broadway! Neighbor Boy > I lived in Derelik for years. It's pretty quiet. Don't fly a JF through and you'll be fine Khorah O'carrick > tch Elisabeth Saint-Claire > helpful to whom Atl3s > To all those like me who frown upon non-consensual pvp Nanoka Kohinata > You consent when you undock. Atl3s > I don't Nanoka Kohinata > Then this is not the game for you. Nemo Lafisques > you consented when you agreed to the TOS without reading Ace Lonewolf > one look at the killboard for derelict shows how bullshit that is Khorah O'carrick > Safety says silence is consent Khorah O'carrick > thair words not mine lol Atl3s > Well thats why I fly in Derelik yo no one shoots at me Elisabeth Saint-Claire > Safety says a lot of things Nemo Lafisques > lmfao. 20b Ark lost this week in Derelik XD Atl3s > thats fake news Nemo Lafisques > wtf? no its not lmfao Nemo Lafisques > im looking at the KB right now Nemo Lafisques > gtfo troll Nanoka Kohinata > What isnt fake is my Tengu. 100% legit. Atl3s > no bro thats just the 5g signals getting to you Atl3s > zkillboard doesnt exist Nemo Lafisques > im gonna come to derelik and gank you Atl3s > its a mindset Khorah O'carrick > in other news my GMV Tacoma slower than chat lag Neighbor Boy > Nerds losing JFs in Hothomough doesn't make Derelik unsafe Neighbor Boy > Learn to read a KB Khorah O'carrick > I could walk to the destination before it aligns for warp Nemo Lafisques > Neighbor Boy no one said it did you schmuck Nanoka Kohinata > Drive a RAM, get chicks. Nemo Lafisques > lEaRn tO rEaD a Kb Neighbor Boy > How am I a schmuck? Did someone piss in your cheerios? Khorah O'carrick > sorry, Procurer Nemo Lafisques > Neighbor Boy you did when you opened your mouth to troll unsuccessfully Khorah O'carrick > idk how it got this name it was a gift Neighbor Boy > Nemo Lafisques was I trolling? I thought I was teaching some shitter in an NPC corp a thing or two. Neighbor Boy > Get fucked Nemo Lafisques > i didnt say anything about the safety of derelik. i only said that an ark was ganked there this week. so get rekt Neighbor Boy > Neighbor Boy > No need, you get rektd plenty for both of us Nemo Lafisques > Neighbor Boy lmao aight Elisabeth Saint-Claire > now kiss Atl3s > op success Nemo Lafisques > what kind of sad ass life do you gotta have to just start bullying randos over the internet XD Nanoka Kohinata > wait, do it again, I wasnt filming Nemo Lafisques > thats like next level pathetic dude Neighbor Boy > I don't kiss nerds who have been in both Brave and Frat. How many chromosomes do you have left? Soloman Vesper > So is Atl3s like a angler fish or what? Atl3s > I identify as a carebear Nemo Lafisques > Neighbor Boy stfu Nanoka Kohinata > Carebear STARE! Neighbor Boy > Nemo Lafisques make me you shitter. Your kb is a joke. You couldn't kill wet tissue paper. Nemo Lafisques > Neighbor Boy stfu Xander Courelious > yall seem pretty tough Neighbor Boy > I'll say it slower. I forgot you were in frat: 1010011010110101010 beep boop RMT Nemo Lafisques > Neighbor Boy stfu Atl3s > You all can thank me later Neighbor Boy > When your mom gets home Nemo Lafisques tell her I said hello. Nemo Lafisques > Neighbor Boy stfu Neighbor Boy > Just remeber: Mom, your friend neighbor boy said to tell you hello. You'll know from her smile that she rememebrs me Neighbor Boy > wow spelling is hard Nemo Lafisques > Neighbor Boy stfu Neighbor Boy > Talking to nerds from Frat must make me slow Neighbor Boy > "stfu" Neighbor Boy > lol Nemo Lafisques > Neighbor Boy stfu Nanoka Kohinata > Copy and Paste FTW Neighbor Boy > I'm about to report you for botting you're so consistent and sad Nemo Lafisques > Neighbor Boy stfu