People have already posted offensive rap lyrics directed against white people, but that apparently doesn't count, because I imagine the staff follows the philosophy of "racism against white people doesn't exist/doesn't matter." OTOH, extreme racism directed towards other groups is hardly unheard of in hip hop. Consider "Black Korea" from Ice Cube, who has 1.5 million listeners: "Look, you little Chinese motherfucker I ain't tryin' to steal none of yo' shit, leave me alone!" "Mother fuck you!" Yo, yo, check it out So don't follow me up and down your market Or your little chop suey ass'll be a target Of the nationwide boycott Juice with the people, that's what the boy got So pay respect to the black fist Or we'll burn your store right down to a crisp And then we'll see ya Cause you can't turn the ghetto into black Korea "Mother fuck you!" Violence against asians in inner-cities was a persistent issue in the 80's-early 90's an d this pre-dated the LA riots, which saw Koreans and other asians targeted with violence, some even murdered. Or consider "My Dick is Prejudice", a 1993 song by the lesser known rapper Tweedy Bird Loc (32.6k listeners)- most of the song expressed hatred towards white people, but there's also this verse: "My pussys prejudice, not only to the white man But to anybody, that is not black and that goes for mexicans And to any slanty-eyed chink with a liquor store I bu rn a mothafucka down just like they did before" A direct allusion to the LA riots, which again actually led to deaths. Will you censor either of these artists, virtually blank their pages like you've done scores of "far right" artists? What about music put out by Islamic terrorist groups and affiliates? Someone posted a page for an artist associated with Islamic extremism. Did you know ISIS has released a considerable amount of nasheed music, music which celebrates and promotes real-world mass murder, genocide, slavery, rape etc., atrocities that have occurred within just the past few years? From my cursory search, I can find no Islamic extremist artists who's pages are censored. What about the genre of Narcorrido, a Mexican music genre that celebrates and promotes the activities of drug cartels? Which like ISIS are also responsible for and are currently engaged in acts of mass murder, extreme torture, human trafficking etc.? As far as I can tell, none of the artists under this tag are censored. Did you also know The People's Temple, Jim Jones' cult- the one behind the Jonestown mass suicide, which took the lives of nearly 1,000 people, w hich also subscribed to a far left ideology and had connections to many left wing political figures when it was active (and many of these people are still alive)- had a choir that released an LP? It looks like all of the artist pages for it are still up. I think you get the idea. There is absolutely no shortage of artists and releases out there that are connected to or are the work of people a nd groups who were connected with extremist ideologies that are responsible for any number of atrocities. But we only see far right artists targeted, and even then the censorship is completely inept and mismanaged, and there's absolutely no reason to expect this to ever be fixed, given what's been done to this site since mid 2015. Let's be honest about what this is- this is another instance of the kind extreme censorship and deplatforming against right wing ideology that's occurred in the past few years.'s owners are either under pressure or just want to get on the bandwagon of cracking down on white nationalism/nazism and that means almost completely censoring artist pages, many of which have remained up for nearly 20 years with no issues. Of course, this is nothing compared to the worst cases of censorship and deplatforming, which has has included people on Facebook's "dangerous persons" list having even photos of themselves posted by others banned from Facebook and Instagram, Facebook banning pages of European political parties with parliamentary representation, and even more recently, apparently allowing calls to violence and actual death threats against "dangerous people" to remain up. Purely hysterical, previously unseen, outright frightening levels of censorship against anything deemed "far right." That's why Neo-Nazi groups that haven't had releases in 20+ years must be prioritized above Islamic terror groups and drug cartels that still exist and are currently engaged in some of the worst atrocities imaginable. Nazis are coming back. People are getting brainwashed by Youtube videos and also apparently the artist pag es of a dying website that's become infamous for the extraordinary level of mismanagement and treatment of it's user base, which this will most likely stand as another example of. I was pretty late to I never got that involved with the social aspects, but I've greatly valued the basic purpose of the site- the ability to track and catalogue what music you listen to. There are few other sites or services that do this as well does, and that's basically why I still use it (that, and to find music.) That's all it really is at this point though and that's all it will likely remain as. Aside from the personal and historical value the site has (there is an incredible amount of music that is technically documented here, with many forgotten artist pages functioning as among the only evidence of certain artists at this point), I could ultimatel y really care less if this site went under. It stopped being relevant earlier this decade and they've seen fit to destroy whatever relevance and appeal it once had. I would welcome a genuine successor at this point, and it's astonishing nobody has filled that void. This will not help your site in the long run. This is a shameless act of horribly inept censorship to comply with a dangerous political trend that's taken shape recently, particularly with major tech companies. It will only serve to repel people over the loss of functionality, the blatant partisanship, and signaling how little cares about basic functionality, that they'd prioritize this garbage over features you had for over 10 years, or preventing scrobbling from going offline every month. Also, compare now to far right music is readily listed and detailed with no censorship. It just can't be sold and you can't list it in your personal collection (though you can in regular lists.) Why can't do something like this? I guess it's simply because discogs, unlike, isn't run by fucking morons (but given how bad things have gotten in just 2 years, who knows if they'll follow the same path.)