[17:02] Hi guys [17:04] Hope its okay tp hang out here..Ill behave [17:06] Like to talk to you if you have the time Aetas...catch up [17:08] * Guest59068 (~vegeta@A8AFB669.E4046507.A8491E4E.IP) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [17:17] Waiting here to talk to Z...:) [17:20] So, where was I, boring you people with my escapades when I was here [17:20] * MosDos (~qwebirc@B9FA4EA7.3842B1C3.CD3B1754.IP) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [17:34] <&aetas> I dont think shes looking to get hit on [17:36] MAYBE [17:36] how you holding up? [17:36] <&aetas> doing just fine [17:37] you still mad at me? [17:38] <&aetas> hrm? [17:38] as whether she wants to be 'hit' on, we had our conversation [17:39] what happened to ya? [17:39] Aya? [17:39] <&aetas> shes still here [17:40] you seen Deth? [17:41] <&aetas> nah, will just have to wait till he pops up [17:41] does he 'pop' up? [17:41] <&aetas> I havent heard from him in awhile, I just have him on discord [17:42] is he active there? [17:42] <@zanros> yes and no [17:42] <@zanros> hes around but replys can take awhile [17:43] I know you dont like me Aetas...thanks for being civil :) [17:45] <&aetas> she was just uncomfortable [17:45] you never said why you dont like me..... [17:45] shes a complicated woman [17:45] <&aetas> cause I dont dislike you! [17:45] spit it out [17:46] I have my quirks [17:47] you DO dislike me...so thats a lie [17:49] <&aetas> lol what [17:50] all I ever did was for this site [17:50] I made mistakes, we all do [17:50] but my intentions were always valid [17:51] <&aetas> I honestly do not remember, its been years [17:51] thank you for your service to the site brother [17:51] yes it has [17:52] we used to have fun...remember that? [17:52] * _beefy (~qwebirc@Rizon-62E4C315.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) has joined #AnimeTorrents [17:53] Aya would tell stories [17:53] remember? [17:53] I miss those days [17:56] I Intend to tell Z I like her and I am sure thats none of YOUR business....correct? [17:56] * _beefy (~qwebirc@Rizon-62E4C315.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [17:57] correct? [17:57] <&aetas> depends if it stops when she says no [17:58] are you trying to imply i am like a RAPIST? [17:58] <&aetas> uhhh nope [17:58] <&aetas> but like I said shes already spoken to me [17:58] YOUR IMPLYING SHE DOESNT LIKE ME [18:01] <@Zelkovathewise> i um.... im already with meify o.o so im sortof spoken for technically.... [18:02] this is like a movie....I have to believe a woman who might like me, tells my nemesis she doesn't like me, why? [18:02] she never said that...why? [18:03] your a kinown liar [18:03] <&aetas> who? [18:03] how bout I ask her? [18:03] <&aetas> she just said herself [18:04] ok...then she'll tellme, right? [18:04] <&aetas> [18:01] <@Zelkovathewise> i um.... im already with meify o.o so im sortof spoken for technically.... [18:04] <&aetas> right there in chat [18:04] lol [18:05] YOU SAID SHE REJECTED ME...THATS A WHOLE DIFFERENT STATEMENT [18:05] SORT OF [18:07] * SLIXXRICK_ (~qwebirc@Rizon-5F9B85A0.socal.res.rr.com) has joined #AnimeTorrents [18:07] WHY YOU GOTTA BE SUCH A DICK? [18:08] <&aetas> ricky calm down buddy [18:08] <&aetas> she said she felt uncomfortable to me, Im just looking after my mods [18:08] LOL [18:09] ROGER THAGT [18:09] i ASSUMED SHE LIKED ME [18:09] she said she did [18:09] but women lie [18:09] * SLIXXRICK (~qwebirc@Rizon-5F9B85A0.socal.res.rr.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [18:10] and I know you better than I know her [18:10] you're not a liar [18:11] fuck [18:14] all of this is based on "she said she felt uncomfortable to me, Im just looking after my mods [18:14] \and that means you arent liar..l.aqnd you are....so [18:15] Ill just ask her [18:15] unless as a MOD you [18:16] ? [18:16] you wouldn't do that...right? [18:17] <@Zelkovathewise> Look, I'm sorry but I don't really like you.... [18:17] ok [18:18] I can live with that [18:18] Honesty [18:18] was it that hard? [18:19] your a cute woman, I liked you....big deal [18:21] If I was James Bond, I would call you a liar [18:21] \your a liar [18:22] so something is making you lie [18:22] \why? [18:23] WHY? [18:24] I TALKED TO YOU LAST NIGHT [18:28] SIGH [18:30] SORRY to have bothered you Z, you and aetas got a good laugh\ [18:34] * SLIXXRICK_ (~qwebirc@Rizon-5F9B85A0.socal.res.rr.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [18:36] * costmuffled sets mode: +b SLIXXRICK!*@* [18:36] * costmuffled sets mode: +b *!~qwebirc@Rizon-5F9B85A0.socal.res.rr.com [19:00] <@zanros> lol [19:01] * @costmuffled sighs