Shaban & Käptn Peng - They like each other (2012) [Intro] Karamba Good day Here is the story of how two people turn into foxes and what happened after that He likes her and she likes him She likes him and he likes her He likes her and she likes him They like each other Hang on. [Verse 1] He likes her and she likes him They met on a canopy He's quiet and she's bold He likes birds, she likes bees He wants to rhyme, she wants to glow They both make a plan to escape They build a track with rails To ride together through the forest He likes to hunt, she likes to gather He likes to think, she likes to act He likes walnut, she likes almond They begin to turn into foxes They start to live in the forest They feed on pigeons, on bark, on beans They vow never to spare each other, to get the best out of each other They invent their own country Bear names that the other invented Each learns what the other can do, one lost what the other found They set each other on fire They chase each other across the country Each spurs the other on to catch each other again and again But at some point one of the two began to realize that the two were merely disguising themselves as foxes. He wanted to keep quiet about it and not show his suffering and so the two started to rub against each other He said, 'I don't want to be a fox anymore!' She said, 'Why? A fox is fine, isn't it?' He said, 'But I don't want to be a fox anymore!' She said, 'You're a traitor pig!' He said, 'And you're not a fox!' She said, 'Yes, I am a fox!' He said, 'Nah, you're not a fox.' She said: 'Yes, I am a fox and so are you. And anyway, what's this shit about you not wanting to be a fox anymore? A moment ago you were still a fox. What happened in the meantime?! Being a fox is fun! And he's like, 'Yeah, being a fox is fun. But my true nature is simply not a fox nature. Your true nature is not a fox nature!? What a nonsense! What the hell is this shit!? If you're not a fox? What are you then? He shivered and looked her in the eyes for a long time and spoke 'I am an albatross!' [Refrain.] He likes her, she likes him They like each other He likes her, she likes him They like each other [Verse 2] She became terribly sad and cried, because suddenly everything seemed to fall apart 'An albatross? He lives by the sea. That means we are no longer a pair of foxes at all! Are you going to fly away and build a nest? Like an albatross? What a silly thing to do! Oh, a shit I'll bite you now, because foxes eat birds, it's a law! OUCH!!! You almost shredded my leg! So I have not assessed you at all She said: 'If you have long been plagued by doubt, you idiot, why didn't you tell me that right away!? He said: 'I was not aware of it before'. Yes, yes, very clever. You just took advantage of me He said 'What a bullshit! You think I'm betraying you just because I'm growing wings? How am I supposed to know beforehand what I'm going to become. Maybe one day we'll turn into a herd of horses'. She said: 'That's not what we agreed on'. I didn't make up the transformation either. But didn't we swear never to spare each other and to get the best out of each other? And right now I'm drawn to the air. I'm longing for wind and fish. I must learn to fly, to be an albatross! I will surely come back here soon I love you and I will always love you. It tears my heart, but I must fly now [Chorus] He likes her, she likes him They like each other He likes her, she likes him They like each other [Verse 3] And so he flew and flew and flew He glided in the wind and it pulled him high Meanwhile she ran through the forest alone She was hungry and the wind was cold She stopped and began to cry Alone she didn't want to be a fox anymore She concentrated, she knew she must act She also wanted to change further He becomes an albatross, then I become a pelican. Because I can't live in this forest alone anymore. It will be fun. It would be a laugh, I'll be turned into a pelican tonight. And so she took a breath and began the pelican mutation song: Pelican-Peli-Peli-Pelican Pelican-Peli-Peli-Pelican Pelican-Peli-Peli-Pelican Pelican-Peli-Peli-Pelican Pelican-Peli-Peli-Pelican Pelican-Peli-Peli-Pelican AND at some point she collapsed! Didn't become a pelican even with singing. She cried out and she didn't want to live anymore. Stopped breathing, stopped moving And plop! It happened! Suddenly there was no fox around her! She felt herself and perceived that from now on she was a fulminant spade 'Hooray!' I have been transformed. It's just a pity that it's a garden tool Surely it would be better if I...' Plop! And already it became a willow stick. From a stick to a tree. From tree to grass. From grass to deer, to hose to glass, to shirt to fence, and zom fence to amphibian. She changed completely and she went crazy. She became tall, short, fat, thin, heavy and light 'I need a base, please enough!' She reared up, she became cold and ***. She lost her shape and she became a circle [Refrain.] He likes her, she likes him They like each other He likes her, she likes him They like each other [Verse 4] Meanwhile he got longing. Had enough of fish and sea air. He flew to the forest, wanting to know where she was, When in a clearing he spotted a circle 'Holy shit! What a circle. I wonder what he's doing here and what his name is. Has he traveled or derailed? If I circle it quietly, I'll know. But suddenly, plop, she sprang from the circle. Trembling, her face was white 'Oh my God! What happened to me? I don't understand, one minute I was an animal! Then I was nothing for a moment and then everything at once! I'm scared, the world is a circle room. Everything is full of births and everything is full of deaths. To mutate to animals is forbidden by law. But we just broke the laws, we pushed the boundaries, we were all lied to! You have risen into the air before, without a lie, and all my atoms have been bent into circles. It's too much, I'm going crazy, I give up, I don't understand. Try to grasp it, but fail miserably'. So she toppled over and he caught her. He winged her and looked up. The night was bright. He saw a thousand stars. Didn't understand it himself no matter how gladly. He would like to know how he goes, the last proof. From above the earth flies an elliptical circle [Refrain] He likes her, she likes him From above the earth flies an elliptical circle