San francisco rob - sign up for go2bank * Work time card GitHub * Check this asap …. Cop or Drop ? - - * Test this tool and cop or drop the dorks: Dorks- ********** Make xreatir accnt rn … Decided no more deals until i have good escorw … xss offers an eacrow (Should i send $60 for one last try for config) Sent message on telegram about configs for sale - ⭐️I provide custom-made software writing services⭐️ Gonna get $1500 by end of December - deposit $300 car (take $300 out of this week pay and put it back into Jan RNT !) - Pay $1k credit card union (last 2 $500 paycheck have to go back into 1k emergency fund !!) - Do this TMR (Tuesday) - Fix moms kitchen ?? (Call her) - Do a stupid refund already, pick one - Fuck i owe my girl $150 - i gotta send her that back on wed too *******