Ynnfelin Cyen'Leth's Research Log for the Initial Syglykh Mine Expedition In partnership with Atelann and Zeph Culithriin of Far Western Leanroh Research Log, Day 1 We have just arrived at Syglykh after a tiring journey. The landscape is harsher than we anticipated, with jagged mountains surrounding the town, and the ominous mouth of the mines yawning towards an unfathomable darkness. We've started setting up our base camp, a challenge in itself considering the uneven terrain and the brisk weather. Svilthjin, my loyal assistant, is a constant help. Our interactions with the miners have been somewhat strained. The locals are naturally skeptical of outsiders, particularly moon high elves such as ourselves. Our efforts to assure them of our benign intentions seem to fall on deaf ears, but we have finally managed to strike a deal, albeit a pricey one, for their cooperation. I am hopeful that over time they will grow more amiable. Research Log, Day 3 Today marked the commencement of our exploration into the depths of the mine. Initial observation reveals a dangerous environment — a labyrinth of narrow passages, sudden drops, and precarious footing. The air is dense and smells of damp earth, but there's an underlying scent I can't quite place. As we journeyed further, both Svilthjin and I felt a strange sensation, as though unseen eyes were observing us from the shadows. Perhaps it's just the oppressive darkness of the mines playing tricks on our minds. Research Log, Day 7 After several days of cautiously mapping our path, we have made a startling discovery — a large crystalline structure glowing softly in the heart of the mine. The structure is unlike any mineral we've come across before; it hums with an energy that sends vibrations up our hands when we touch it. As we continue to study it, the sensation of being observed seems to intensify. We've also begun to notice a subtle shift in the miners' attitudes. Although they remain brusque and wary, there seems to be a hint of respect creeping into our interactions. Research Log, Day 10 Negotiations with the miners today have proven to be an exercise in patience. We need more specialized equipment for deeper excavation, but they are reluctant to part with their tools. They demand additional compensation, and despite our willingness to pay, the negotiations are protracted. It seems their distrust runs deeper than we initially thought. The growing intrigue surrounding the crystalline structure keeps our spirits high despite these setbacks. Its glow seems to get stronger the closer we move to the center of the mine. Research Log, Day 13 Our studies of the crystalline structure continue. Its size and luminosity far exceed our initial estimates. The more I study this "Glowing Heart," as I've come to call it, the more I am convinced that it might be linked to the life essence of our continent Ysenn. This is beyond any geological phenomenon I've ever encountered, and the implications are profound. Research Log, Day 16 Today we faced an event that chilled us to our very bones. In the echoing silence of the mines, a horrific entity revealed itself. I can only describe it as the "Lurker in the Deep." It was a monstrous shadow, a creature forged from darkness and malice. We barely escaped with our lives, and our equipment suffered considerable damage. The creature seemed to avoid the crystalline core. Could there be a connection? The miners, at least for now, remain oblivious to the danger lurking beneath their feet. I wonder how long this veil of ignorance can last. Research Log, Day 21 Something is amiss with Svilthjin. He has been behaving peculiarly since our encounter with the Lurker. His once nerotic eyes have grown more contemplative, he seems distracted, as if contemplating something. I'm starting to suspect that there's more to his odd behavior than mere shock from the encounter. I must remain vigilant in the event he flees, or attempts something he might regret. Research Log, Day 23 Our relations with the miners are becoming increasingly strained. Despite the agreed-upon payment, they are now demanding a larger share for their assistance, slowing down the progress of our research. Balancing diplomacy with the urgency of our mission is proving to be a tough task. Research Log, Day 27 I am now almost certain that the glowing core we have discovered is indeed the heart of Ysenn. Its pulsating rhythm resonates with an energy that I have never experienced before. Each heartbeat seems to echo the life force of the continent itself. But our journey is not without its perils. The lurking menace in the depths remains a constant threat, and my suspicions about Svilthjin's unusual behavior continue to grow. This expedition is far from over and I fear I must end it soon. I can always return with another expedition, after all I finally found what I was looking for and I have cracked of a tiny crystal sample to prove it. Research Log, Day 28 I find myself writing this entry from a concealed alcove, nursing wounds that I never saw coming. Today has been filled with betrayal and uncertainty. After careful consideration, I had made the decision to retreat. I told Svilthjin that we were abandoning our current expedition to regroup and return later for the core, hoping to assemble a larger and better-equipped team. His acceptance of this plan was unusually compliant, which in hindsight should have aroused my suspicion. While we were busy packing our gear, I was suddenly engulfed by a surge of golden flames. I barely managed to escape, but not without sustaining severe injuries. My mind is filled with questions. I do not know why Svilthjin would betray me, or for whom he might be working. Or perhaps, this is somehow the lurker's doing, using him as a puppet to protect the core. One thing is certain: something, or someone, in this mine cannot be trusted. If I do not make it out of here, but this log is found, heed my words: Do not trust the Atelann kingdom, or Zeph Culithriin and his associates. Be wary of anyone involved with the mine and its operations. Trust no one.