Create a powershell script using wpf utilities to both create a list of custom data structures by making an array of Hashtables, and also to allow a user to use windows dialogs and ui tools to open and execute powershell files. The files should be logged in a JSON file so that the most recent Powershell files can be ran from a list of previously run scripts. The list should have the option to right click for a conxtext menu each script in the recently used list and pin them so they never move from the top, give them a user friendly alias to prepend the the filename in the list for easy identification with the potential to add other menu items. the JSON log file should be saved at C:\files\PS_opener\log_file.json and will be created if it doesnt already exist. The UI components on the main window to control it should be a button for opening a script that will bring up a dialog and let you search for one, a listbox that keeps the list of logged recent, and pinned scripts, they should be right clickable to toggle pinning, Change or add an alias, or run that script from the list. On the other side of the window should be a button for adding new hashtables along with a list box to list the already made hashtables. on the bottom is a console box for communicating with the user with a black background, amber text and a old terminal feel to the text. despite this feeling, it should not be editable.