like, its usually me not wanting to talk / not being ok to talk that starts it because like, why would I do work (sending messages out and checking pings) to get myself more work (a conversation) over a thing I dont wanna do (talk) btw not that I see my friends as "work" im sure u understand the SZ vibe it's just, unless I have that inner desire to interact with people its just so much work side note I fucking hate that shit everyone using like, it takes so and so minutes to do xyz thing, why cant you just do it? brushing my teeth genuinely gives me suicidal urges lmao im disabled for fucks sake i dont care about two minutes its not about time like newsflash lmao, besides some appts and stuff my schedule has PLENTY of free room just act like its us being shitty or lazy / not wanting to work and then use that to debate into "we are selfish" and its like, fucked because the answer IS yes but they are missing the whole entire point like you can argue yes vs. no / pro v. cons but arguing with someone who disagrees with / misunderstands me yet they are arguing technically from my side of the fence it means we aren't even on the same book much less the same page lmao thats why I like egoism if everyone was egoist, they would understand why this isnt a problem because EVERYONE behaves and acts out of this same principle the thing about SCHIZOPHRENIA is that we essentially lose the actual willpower to do these things that we have 0 interest in like sure, who likes taking out the trash lol its not fun but the point is, no one should be expected to do these (often LITTLE) things if they cause us immense suffering and anguish its like newsflash dipshit, yeah, just like you, I dont enjoy doing the dishes lmao like, if its a crime for schizophrenics to not like washing dishes then it turns out that 99.9% of the country needs to be arrested lmao