Write another one but it’s about a person FROM Switzerland who will always drink Swiss water There was a man named Hans, a native of the picturesque Alpine town of Interlaken, Switzerland. Hans was a man of simple tastes, strong values, and extraordinary eccentricities. His most peculiar habit, though, was that he would only drink water from his beloved homeland, Switzerland. He was a bona fide Swiss Water Snob. What made Hans unique was that this rule applied no matter where he found himself in the world. In fact, his devotion to Swiss water was so profound that he would often joke, "I would sooner gulp down a thimble of air than a litre of non-Swiss water." His obsession started as a gentle nudge of patriotism, but it quickly spiraled into a full-blown idiosyncrasy. Hans would carry his trusty bottle of Swiss water everywhere, much like a knight would carry his sword. This bottle, filled from his backyard spring, was his symbol of Swiss pride, his liquid talisman. His first international business trip took him to Italy. At an authentic Italian restaurant, when offered a glass of their famed sparkling water, Hans politely refused. Instead, he pulled out his bottle of Swiss water and said, "Only the purest Swiss water for me, grazie!" The waiter, taken aback, simply shrugged and muttered, "Pazzi svizzeri" (Crazy Swiss). On another occasion, Hans found himself in the arid landscapes of Egypt. As he stood before the mighty Pyramids of Giza, his guide offered him a bottle of locally sourced water. "Oh no, my friend," Hans said, producing his bottle with a flourish, "I have my own, thank you!" The guide gave him a puzzled look but decided it was better not to ask. Things took a hilarious turn when Hans was invited to a state dinner in Sweden. Amidst the glittering crystal goblets and silverware, Hans' trusty bottle of Swiss water stood out like a sore thumb. The Swedish hosts, although surprised, couldn't help but admire his dedication. They even joked about importing Swiss water for their next state event. Then came the day Hans had to travel to Antarctica for a scientific expedition. The team was puzzled when Hans insisted on lugging his supply of Swiss water along. "You do realize we're surrounded by nothing but water, right?" his colleague asked. Hans simply smiled, patted his crates of Swiss water, and said, "There's water, and then there's Swiss water!" But the most ironic of all was when Hans visited his cousin in California. One sunny afternoon, they found themselves at a fancy Hollywood party. A well-known actor, upon hearing about Hans' Swiss water fixation, offered him a taste of a newly launched, ultra-premium water brand, supposedly sourced from melting glaciers and sold at $100 per bottle. Hans took a sip, then another, and his eyes lit up. "This is excellent! Almost as good as Swiss water," he proclaimed. The actor laughed, "Well, it should be. It's sourced from the Swiss Alps!" And so, Hans' extraordinary journey of Swiss water loyalty continued. His devotion became the stuff of legends, his stories echoing in the corners of the world, always leaving behind a trail of laughter and bemused head shakes. But through it all, Hans remained unapologetically Swiss, his trusty bottle of Swiss water by his side, a symbol of his unwavering love for his homeland.