Title: "Sustainable Shadows" Plot Summary: In this modern, A24-style psychological thriller, Lucien Duval, a Swiss-French visionary architect, becomes entangled in a web of corporate conspiracy and personal obsession as he uncovers the dark truth behind an international building project that threatens the environment and the very principles he holds dear. Act I: Lucien Duval, a successful architect known for his commitment to sustainable design and environmental activism, is offered the opportunity to design a revolutionary eco-friendly skyscraper for a wealthy international corporation. Intrigued by the project and its potential to redefine the industry, Lucien accepts the offer and begins work on his most ambitious creation yet. As Lucien dives deeper into the project, he meets Elise, an enigmatic journalist who shares his passion for environmentalism. Together, they begin to uncover a series of inconsistencies and unethical practices tied to the corporation funding the skyscraper project. Despite the mounting pressure and veiled threats, Lucien's unwavering principles and growing connection with Elise push him to continue the investigation. Act II: As Lucien and Elise peel back the layers of the conspiracy, they find themselves up against powerful adversaries, including the corporation's CEO and a network of corrupt officials. Their quest for the truth leads them across Europe, where they uncover the devastating environmental impact of the corporation's operations, all hidden under a fa├žade of green initiatives. Simultaneously, Lucien struggles to maintain his professional and personal life as his obsession with the case consumes him. His relationships and architectural work suffer, and he becomes haunted by the shadows of his own creation, the eco-friendly skyscraper. Act III: With the help of Elise, Lucien uncovers the full extent of the corporation's deceit and manages to expose their actions to the public, sparking widespread outrage and the eventual downfall of the corporation. However, the victory comes at a great personal cost for Lucien, as his own creation, the skyscraper, becomes a symbol of the corruption he fought against. In the aftermath of the scandal, Lucien decides to step away from the world of architecture temporarily, choosing to dedicate his time and energy to environmental activism and rebuilding his life. He and Elise continue their relationship, bound by their shared passion for truth and justice, and their quest to create a better world. Epilogue: "Sustainable Shadows" is a thought-provoking exploration of the cost of ambition, the weight of principles, and the complex intersection of personal and professional ethics. Set against the backdrop of modern Europe, this A24-style psychological thriller serves as a compelling cautionary tale for a society grappling with the consequences of environmental degradation and unchecked corporate power. Lucien Duval's journey as an lone-wolf male character highlights the importance of staying true to oneself, even in the face of overwhelming adversity.