What the hell is happening? Ibuki’s thoughts raced through her mind as she pondered what to do next. “Alright. So I’ve got a shit ton of fetishes due to the interactions I have with my fans. Some of them have repeatedly described the hella nasty ways they’d do stuff with me and I’m not gonna lie, I was curious enough to check what they all were.” Ibuki scoots closer to Sonia, intending to look at her eyes, but she was more looking at the Princess’ body. “Alright, to start with, I got some fetishes for huge assets! Even though my breasts are pretty big on their own, I wanted to go even higher! Girls like Peko for instance makes me slightly breast jealous. As for dicks, the horse ones take the cake. Huge! I saw it ejaculate a bucket worth of semen, so I wanted to see huge loads!” Ibuki blushes as she clears her throat, going into more detail, “A fan once sent a slug up my ass at one point.” She places her hand upon the other’s shoulder, “Then the fanfiction about me and Sayaka. I read some. Sperm cells as big as a thumb, multiple pregnancies and births at once, eggs, and penetrating nipples!”