Prerequisites: * Microsoft Edge (Chromium version) * Signed into your Microsoft account * Xbox app for PC * Xbox app for mobile Microsoft Rewards Daily Routine Desktop Search * Press windows key and search for `Infinity War` and press enter when the quick result shows up. This should pop a search in Microsoft Edge. * Click on Casts * Middle click each of the cast member so it opens in a new tab in the background. Each click is 5 points so it usually takes ~30 casts to earn my max daily desktop points. Mobile Search * This what I do * In the same Edge window, open a new tab and activate Develop mode (Ctrl + Shift + I). Then enable Device Emulation Mode (Ctrl + Shift + M) if it’s not already on. (Device Emulation should be persistent once turned on.) * Press Ctrl + L to put address bar in focus. * Search for a movie like Infinity War again and left click each cast member until you complete your max daily points (about 20 cast members). Edge Search * Your daily searches should complete this easily. It only takes 4 searches in your browser. Xbox ==== * Open Xbox PC app and click on your Gamertag at the top left and click View Profile. This shows you what rewards points are available to complete. It’s usually play Jewel on Mobile, play a PC game, and use the Xbox mobile app. * Open Microsoft Solitaire on the left side of the app (install if you don’t have it). Start a game, click around and leave it on for 5 minutes. Claim your points. Alternatively, you can play other games that can be launched from the Xbox apps like Minecraft. * Open Xbox app on your mobile device and go to your profile at the bottom right (iOS). * Press on “Tab here to play” and launch Jewel. Complete a level, progress to the level and you will earn your points. * (Option) Collect more points if you have Xbox Game Pass and/or an Xbox console. Additional Points ============= * Watch 2 fitness videos for 40 points daily. Videos are reset every 14 days. * On the Gaming tab of your Microsoft Edge start page, you may have a daily Microsoft Rewards tiles with points to claim ranging from 10, 30 to 50 points. * Shopping game - On your Edge Start page, go to the Shopping tab. Scroll down until you see the Shopping Game section where you have to guess the lowest price items. See how to get the correct answer every time at US only (apprently) and up to 100 points per day. * Complete all your eligible daily tasks you see on * For more ways to earn, see