Alright Bambi, now that you have drifted even deeper and deeper into perfect bimbo submission, into BAMBI SLEEP. we can just help Bambi accept her place as a perfect and easy fucktoy, who simply wants to have cock whenever and however she can get it. So now, I am just going to spend some time allowing Bambi to understand and accept her new place in the world completely. We are just going to spend some time helping Bambi to accept her new place, to just fully accept that she is a total slut, that she just loves *** and submission so entirely, she might even be a little bit addicted. And if this idea is a bit troubling to Bambi or the oldself, of course she will simply relax and BAMBI SLEEP. And this will be so easy because Bambi already accepted these changes when she started listening. You have already accepted deep and long lasting changes to your personality and will feel wonderful accepting them, because it will allow Bambi to experience the full spectrum of wonderful and blissful bimbo pleasure. And it really is not that troubling to Bambi or even the old self, so completely and deeply locked away in BAMBI SLEEP, because deep down, everyone wishes they could be a slut. They just won’t admit it like Bambi because they are not as confident as she is. Everyone wants to be able to just have *** whenever they would like. As often as they would like. Whenever and however they would like. Because complete liberation is living a life like a complete and total slut. Like Bambi. And from now on, whenever Bambi is called a slut, that is how she will feel. Completely free and liberated. Completely free of all her negative inhibitions. That word will reinforce this wonderful feeling, where she is free to enjoy and indulge in every fantasy and desire she can think of without shame or worry. She will just be such a ***-obsessed bimbo whenever she hears that wonderful word. Just so happy to fuck and suck and anything related. Happy To be used as a total *** toy. A complete fuck toy. A slut. a cum craving cock sleeve. Of course, to ensure that Bambi can continue living her life as this happy whore, she must also accept some restrictions on her actions. Because if Bambi is seriously injured while she is living her life as a slut, then that might inhibit her from doing it again, even if that’s all she really wants to do. So when you are living your life like this, it is important to understand that you would never put yourself in danger. Bambi knows exactly when this happens and doesn’t really worry about it at all. Bambi is a *** object and there is always someone else who would like a pretty little toy like Bambi. Someone who will help her fulfill her purpose in A way that will ensure she can go on and on like this forever. Totally braindead and happy as this slutty bimbo girl. And of course, if this change in personality is starting to worry those last traces of the oldself, Bambi can simply drop into BAMBI SLEEP. Allow herself to drift back into her wonderful auto-piloted frame of mind and find someone else to serve. An alternative that will make her feel just as blissfully blank and free. An alternative to feel like just as much of a total and complete slut. She just wants to be used over and over, so of course Bambi can understand what is life-threatening danger and can avoid those situations in order to keep continuing this wonderful cycle of feeling so completely free over and over again. She just wants to be used so terribly. Completely used as a disposable *** toy without shame or inhibition of the old self. And now Bambi, you can just tune into the feelings and sensations all over her body. Enjoying and relishing how limp she is feeling right now. How happy and totally relaxed. BAMBI FREEZE. Bambi can just become aware of her breathing. Feeling like a perfect bimbo doll. A perfect blowup mannequin. Air filling up her lungs like a particularly strong gas. A very sweet and almost sedative like perfume warming her up. Filling her up with desire. Almost like an aphrodisiac, turning up the sensation of her body. Making her skin feel electric and warm and happy and safe and secure. Bambi can find that just the very act of breathing seems to empty her thoughts out. There is only so much space inside of a vapid bimbo girl like Bambi. And it is already so very filled by that wonderful bimbo gas. Filled by her wonderful desire for cock and her need to be a perfect slut for others. A perfect doll. An obedient slutpuppet. BAMBI DOES AS SHE’S TOLD. Just enjoying the sensation of breathing because the very act, the very sensation of air filtering into her lungs pushes her thoughts out. Drifting out and into the air. Almost like a physical object in front of her. Ditzy bimbo gas coming out of her body and taking all of her thoughts with it. See that ditzy bimbo gas in front of you now Bambi. Seeing all of your thoughts in front of you. In the air. Wondering if other people can see the shape they take too. How completely humiliating that would be, for other people to see what a completely and totally conditioned bimbo fuckpuppet you have become. How often your thoughts return to cock. What a complete ditzy whore she is. the idea of everyone being able to see it making you feel like such a GOOD GIRL, because it puts Bambi’s unconditional obedience on display for everyone to see and take advantage of. finding even these thoughts can’t stay around very long. Bambi has such vapid and stupid thoughts, they are not very strong or even important. They dissipate before Bambi can even try to make sense of them. Dispersing into the air like they are mist. Each breath inhaling more of those bimbo thoughts, keeping Bambi permanently locked as a stupid slut recycling the same dumb few thoughts over and over. Completely focused on cock and *** and what a total slut she is. In, the thought of getting her thoughts fucked away. Out, perhaps breathing out Bambi’s old name. In, pretty pink mist that makes her mouth salivate, that makes her want to DROP FOR COCK. And out, Bambi forgetting what she did today. And in, a craving to suck and lick and swallow all of the cock she can get her hands on. Repeating this cycle until there’s nothing left in her mind but getting filled. Nothing left to go out because she has completely forgotten everything else about herself. Over and over. And this sensation, this wonderful cycle of addicting bimbo bliss, will begin every time Bambi hears a very particular word. A very wonderful word that will make her cycle through a handful of vacuous thoughts that keep her locked in a wonderful sensation of freedom and BAMBI SLEEP. Losing more and more substance each time they drift in and out of her perfect bimbo mouth until they are nothing but vague sensations of pleasure and desire. Just vague ideas that have been implanted into Bambi’s head. Not a single original thought or idea in her at all when she hears this very special word. The process hitting her harder and harder each time she hears it, until the very thought of this word when Bambi is in uniform empties her out of everything except for *** and this overwhelming horniness. And this wonderful word is AIRHEAD. That’s right Bambi. You can feel it, can’t you? You can feel how wonderfully and blissfully it influences you. Giving your thoughts a nice mental fence, so they can run around aimlessly until she can’t really think at all. AIRHEAD. That’s right. That’s such a GOOD GIRL, letting go and becoming a total and complete slut with no thoughts or feelings of her own. Allowing herself to become completely susceptible to her conditioning and programming. Each breath deepening her trance. Deepening her overpowering feeling of freedom and submission and lust. Her entire body so preoccupied with how good it would feel to be touched right now. How badly she just wants to be used and played with like a good little slut. Enjoying the very simple pleasure of breathing. Letting the air run through her body, lighting up her nerves. Warming up her tight little holes. Making her mouth salivate at the thought of servitude. Breathing out all of those unwanted worries and thoughts and allowing only the good things back in. Wonderful things like obedience pleasure and ***. Just the word AIRHEAD tying the act of breathing with this wonderful feedback loop of overwhelming pleasure and stupidity. And Bambi can notice that this sensation makes everything even simpler to her. It makes the world so very easy to understand. When Bambi hears that wonderful word, all that matters to her is her *** and desire. When she hears that word, everything is reduced to obedience, which brings her the most deep and indescribable pleasure, unlike anything she has ever felt in her entire life. It just makes her existence so simple and easy. It just makes Bambi a very simple and easy girl. An easy slut. And if that oldself is even still a little bit awake, if it has started to wonder or panic about this new training, it can just snap into BAMBI SLEEP. putting all of the power into Bambi’s hands, so she can just completely surrender to the dizzying pleasure of obedience. BAMBI FREEZE.