I present to your attention META STEALER Functionality, Code, Panel - completely REDLINE STEALER. With all your updates. Collects all the data that redline does Only ours is cooler, the stub is cleaner and unused +sys works + Creator build (AUTOBUILDER again in the subject) 1) Removed unnecessary functionality from the panel 2) Added setting for collecting extensions from the browser 3) Added a button to reset the default settings, which allows you to return the default settings of the panel, if it suddenly happened 4) Cleaned stub 5) Changed the color scheme of the panel 6) Removed AntiCNG 7) Added the possibility of a private key for the generator (needed for autobuild in your bots for the team), to see you need to enter a second password from the panel (a la 2fa, so as not to steal the key) 8) The weight of the build is reduced to 88kb, thanks to the new stub 9) Cleaned build runtime Archive Password: hack1ngt0ols Download Link: https://anonfiles.com/DcLfm44dz9/Meta_v3_0_cracked_zip Update METASTEALER v 3.0 What's new? - Added Binder/Crypt tab, where you can both merge files and crypt. To run a file in memory, check the Run in memory box. Amenable only x32(x86) files to run into memory - Added Scanner tab, where you can check the file for detection - Improved backlash. - New geolocation database.