Create a bust constant function with a comment saying 'hash: sha256 hash of "server_seed|client_seed|nonce"' to return a value between Math.max(1, result / 100), where a constant to the calculation function named nBits with a value of 52 and where a constant named hmac is equal to crypto.createHmac('sha256', ${client_seed}). The hash and ${client_seed} values are passed as arguments. Then execute a function named hmac.update() with the parameter hash. Then declare that the value of hash is equal to hmac.digest() with a parameter of 'hex'. Then declare a constant named r which is equal to parseInt() with the two parameters of hash and 16. Then declare a let called X to be equal to r divided by Math.pow() where the arguments are equal to 2 and nBits. Then declare X to be equal to 98.25 divided by 1 minus X in parentheses. Then declare result to be equal to Math.floor() with the parameter of X.