Morning of 9/2/23, woke up at 7 and fell back asleep and had this dream. Sick dream from pneumonia Drugs: pneumonia meds and NyQuil I was in Canton, leaving school I think and I get grabbed and literally shoved into the back middle seat of a truck. I get threatened by two people in hoodies and masks (kinda remind me of legion from dbd) but I eventually get out of the seat and jump out a window or door near McDonald's, getting one of their flip knives as I go. I run into McDonald's (which is a 2 floor bigger McDonald's) and run around saying i got kidnapped. Nobody appears to give a shit, and I see Mrs bloyd and go up to her but she just seems annoyed that I was late for school that day. I see another one of the hoodie fuckers and run around McDonald's a bit eventually losing him. The hoodie fucks guard a few entrances, I use a play place thing to sneak around one undetected and leave through an exit facing Hy-Vee and the school close to the ballpark. I run along main I think(road that goes to the school) but eventually I run into a fence that surrounds the whole sidewalk that some property owner put up. I jump over it and turn west and book it to the square. When I'm running to the square I get to the big version of the square from a previous dream, where Carter and Jakob sneak up on me and scare the shit out of me. We walk to Jones Park and see Adam and zayne. One of the masked motherfuckers sees us, takes a few swings with a giant flip knife. After missing all of them he gets into a lifted truck, drives across Jones Park and flattens zaynes fatass onto a curb. I sprint to the police station to report it, deciding to finally look at the knife in my pocket, thinking there will be metal detectors in the police station. It's a white knife with a picture of Jesus holding his palms upward, a god ray beaming down on him with doves and purple crosses flying around him. The knife is massive, heavy, and completely illegal. I get to the police station and alert a black cop sitting near the gate, talking about a MAD case (I may be remembering mad wrong but that sounds the closest to me, might be MASK). He talks to a coworker cop at the metal detector about the MAD people (masked fuckers) doing this shit all over town. I interrupt and say my friend just got fucking flattened in the square and we both run out. Somehow we end up on the other side on the station, in a big open parallel square separated by an overpass despite running out the same door I came in. (Some dreams I have take place in a big city type version of Canton, but only some areas are different). We finally get to the square, only for zayne to say "I did self CPR," his face clearly slightly flattened and very red, as if he was a cartoon mf eating shit he's allergic to. Adam follows him and I don't see them again for this dream. The cop fucks off and I notice one of the MAD people dropped a knife, same as the jesus one but with a brownish red, acacia wood type color scheme, with red wood color on the blade and a dark orange wood as the grip. I reach into a pit that is my height to try and get it, but I reach with my feet. I get it out but when I do its broken and I only have the blade. During the bit I was in the pit, time seemed to pause, and a fog enveloped me like silent hill. I start walking towards dads on elm Street, turning right onto that shit road with the nursing home that is west and parallel to the cook road. I see Peter Griffin playing a song on a trumped, but I forgot what he was playing. Carter and Jakob catch up behind me (they fucked off when I went to the cops). We keep walking until we get to another massive chain link fence going east to west near that parking lot near the nursing home. We try to climb it and get fucked up by barbed wire at the top. Jakob says "fuck this" and pulls out massive bolt cutters, like comically large ones, and cuts the fence. We walk past it and notice a homeowner sitting on the porch with his wife. They're both kinda sleazy, both slightly fat. He has a nasty short beard , a tank top, jeans, and a trucker cap, sipping a beer. His wife has red hair, a red striped shirt, and jeans. The guy says "what was with that" (or something similar) in a Mr brant style kinda retard voice and we just walk past them. I keep walking down the road, splitting from Jakob and Carter on the turn to the nice cook road with the flickering light factory on the corner. We say see ya and I walk a bit, then wake up. It was day for most of the dream, but when I saw after the fog part at the square I saw the sunset and when I saw Peter and he started playing music it became night. It was pitch black by the barbed fence. I have no fucking clue what any of this means.