Feb 16 23:18:49* wrathchylde slowly walks up to the door and peeks inside, tall heels lifting up her heels, accentuating her legs as they disappeared under the flowing skirt "I'm sorry, I'm a bit lost, do you know where the doctor Reynolds holds office?" Feb 16 23:20:37* katya catches her breath as she sees the woman, taking a second to gather herself before answering, "I think you're in the right place" Feb 16 23:22:17 (also: need some context for this scene) Feb 16 23:23:09 (I have no idea to be quite honest.. but.. mental health professional with a lack of ethics?) Feb 16 23:24:14 (ok, lets see where it goes, but not a bit of Domme in me today) Feb 16 23:24:43* wrathchylde slowly steps forward, hands quickly smoothing the dark grey skirt before almost shyly slipping them slightly behind herself, the blue buttoned blouse ever so slightly clinging to her curves "oh.. yes, hah, thank you.. err.. may I come in?" Feb 16 23:25:49 (challenge accepted, heh) Feb 16 23:26:09* katya blushes as she catches herself staring at the lovely curves being clung to by the fabric, dragging her eyes up to the woman's face Feb 16 23:26:33 o-of course! I am also waiting for Dr Reynolds. Feb 16 23:28:37* katya smiles at wrathchylde, stepping forward and holding out her hand Feb 16 23:29:08 hi - I am katya Feb 16 23:29:30* wrathchylde looked at you quizically as you rose from behind the desk but she reached out and shook your hand, smiling as she offered "hi, helen.. how are you?" Feb 16 23:32:08* katya stands up behind the desk, her fitted silk blouse close against her breasts, the top of a shiny latex skirt revealed as she stands Feb 16 23:32:11 hi helen, nice to meet you Feb 16 23:33:14 (ooh, OK! I can play doctor!) Feb 16 23:34:08 Why don't you take a seat, helen Feb 16 23:34:11* katya sits down again behind the desk Feb 16 23:34:30* wrathchylde gulped as she saw the gleaming rubber skirt around your waist and then she raised her eyes to meet yours.. her breathing suddenly shallower and faster.. raising a hand to her head "ooh.. it's warm here.. yes.. thank you" she nods and takes a seat.. sighing a little dramatically Feb 16 23:35:19* katya feels her heart beat a little faster as she notices wrathchylde's reaction Feb 16 23:36:08 So, helen, this is our first appointment. What can I help you with? Feb 16 23:36:10* katya takes a breath and straigtens her notepad to compose herself Feb 16 23:38:51* wrathchylde swallowed slowly and nodded as she mentally prepared herself "well.. I'm sure doctor Fielding told you about it.. but I'm plagued by strange nightmares.. a person.. a woman, though I can't see her face.. who's dressed in what must be rubber.. who threatens and tortures me... this has been going on for some time and has been escalating.. and last week I woke up with welts on my thighs, for no reason(!)" Feb 16 23:40:09* katya raises her eyebrow Feb 16 23:40:16 "doctor Fielding suggested you might be of help.. this being your specialty" Feb 16 23:40:34 That is very interesting indeed. And yes, I do have some experience in this area. Feb 16 23:41:04* wrathchylde shivered nervously as she told the story.. armed crossed over her lap, protective Feb 16 23:41:09 Tell me more about when this started. Was anythinggoin on in your life? Feb 16 23:42:08* katya sits quitely, watching Feb 16 23:42:42 I.. not really.. I had recently broken up with my girlfriend, but we ended it on.. reasonably good terms.. my job's been suffering, but only since the nightmares began, not before Feb 16 23:43:13 Why did you break up? Feb 16 23:44:51* wrathchylde mutters under her breath and shakes her head "she.. she said she wanted more from life.. that I was holding her back.. she wanted to see the world and meet new people.. all that bullshit" Feb 16 23:45:11* katya nods Feb 16 23:45:36 And the woman in your dream. Tell me more about her. How is she dressed? What does she look like? Feb 16 23:48:41* wrathchylde grows visibly shaky and rocks back and forth slowly on the chair "she.. she's dressed in latex, sometimes leather, dr Fielding and I've worked out.. very aggressively cut shoes. mostly she dresses black, or purple, it's hard to tell in the darkness.. she wears a mask always, but I can see her long black hair sometimes Feb 16 23:49:20 (gotta head off to bed soon-ish :( ) Feb 16 23:51:18* katya stands slowly and walks around the desk, letting wrathchylde see her tight latex pencil skirt and 6" heels, walks casually to the window, cocking her hip Feb 16 23:51:24 (awwww!) Feb 16 23:52:34 Have you ever seen anyone dressed like that? Or maybe pictures... Feb 16 23:53:12* wrathchylde gulps as she watches you walk to the window.. the skirt and boots on display to her.. her breathing growing shallow and nervous again.. a tightness forming in her stomach and throat Feb 16 23:54:32* wrathchylde managed to shake her head and then croak "no, no Doctor.. not like that" Feb 16 23:55:16* katya doesn't turn around, seeing wrathchylde's reflection in the window Feb 16 23:56:08 Are you sure, helen? You need to be completely honest with me if I am to help you Feb 16 23:58:35* wrathchylde gulps and shakes her head nervously "I-I am.. the skirt you're wearing certainly reminds me of it... but it's all so very different isn't it?" Feb 17 00:00:14* katya turns and walks slowly towards wrathchylde, heels clicking on the floor Feb 17 00:00:19 Different how, helen? Feb 17 00:03:11* katya stops right in front of her, looking down Feb 17 00:03:11* wrathchylde swallows again as she watches you turn around slowly.. eyes trying to look up at you but then gliding down to the tight glossy skirt.. she shivered with each click of your heels on the floor "y-you're helping me.. and dressed differently.. it's only a coincidence, a skirt and nice heels" almost convincing herself Feb 17 00:04:23 Of course its a coincidence, helen. We've never met before! Feb 17 00:07:44* wrathchylde lets out a long breath she was holding.. slinking back in her seat, looking up at you "phew.. look at me.. how silly I must seem" Feb 17 00:09:37 Oh, not at all, helen! It can be hard to open up about these things. Some people find them taboo. In my experience they're surprisingly common. Feb 17 00:11:13 ((pretty much time to hit the hay for me.. have to say, this was super fun and tense and exciting )) Feb 17 00:12:15 (( glad you enjoyed it. i did too. continue another time? )) Feb 17 00:13:01 (( exciting unknowns.. hopefully none too frustrating, heh.. and yes I would like that.. I'll try and be 'round more, heh )) Feb 17 00:14:08 (( i will try and be on more too. but RL, you know... )) Feb 17 00:14:32 (( all too well.. good night now, see you soon! )) Mar 05 23:32:55 Well, Helen, your therapy has only just begun. The first session was a good start but I would recommend a follow-up session as soon as possible ;-) Mar 05 23:37:14* wrathchylde nods as she slowly rose up from the reclining sofa and turned to you "I- uh, yes of course Doctor.. just tell me when and where, heh" Mar 05 23:38:15 my schedule is uncertain right now but should be around some evenings this week Mar 05 23:41:32* wrathchylde nodded and smoothed her skirt, smiling at you as she was truly relieved to finally have a doctor that understood her problems "let me just say I am so glad I found you Doctor Reynolds.. hopefully these 'rubber nightmares' will finally stop.. I can't wait for our next session" Mar 05 23:43:55 I am very happy yo help you, Helen. This is a fascinaing case and I will take very sepcial care of you. I look forward to our next session too. Just knock on my door any time you're passing and I will try and fit in an appointment Mar 05 23:43:57 (got about 15 minuts to kill before bedtime) Mar 05 23:45:55 (ok - care to share some of your fantasies/likes/dislikes? or continue the scene?) Mar 05 23:48:47 (( hopes and expectations, likes and dislikes sounds like an idea.. the scene is at a good break.. anyway, I like non-con play, being made complicit in my own destruction (or well, downfall).. heavy rubber bondage, though leather and steel are excellent too.. pain and humiliation are big ones too... )) Mar 05 23:49:41 (( how about you.. what would you like to explore? or what do you like generally )) Mar 05 23:54:35* wrathchylde gently nudges you Mar 05 23:54:56 ( Mmmmm! humiliation and degradation are my big kinks. prefer consensual destruction so to speak, but maybe that's what you mean by complicit in your own destruction) Mar 05 23:56:54 (( quite possibly.. but yeah, up front "yes I want you to break Helen down and make her your toy".. and I like mental games, where I'm presented with a false choice, all leading down the same path.. thereby 'choosing' it, if I explain that right )) Mar 05 23:58:43 (( any hesitation, complaint and ressistance in-character is yet another crease to be smoothed out as you make her into your own thing )) Mar 05 23:58:56 (mmm! sounds delicious! and i love latex, steel, bondage...) Mar 05 23:59:56 ( understood ;-) ) Mar 05 23:59:58 ( how do you feel about piercings, tattooes etc? ) Mar 06 00:00:01 (( and while I'm not sure -what- exactly you'll do.. we seem to have a shared understanding of what we enjoy so.. consider consent a given )) Mar 06 00:00:31 (( she doesn't have any.. yet.. it's a terribly *** idea and if you want to mark her.. oh god yes )) Mar 06 00:00:58 ( delicious!! ) Mar 06 00:01:37 (( did I explain her 'problems' to you? )) Mar 06 00:03:24 (( she's been having these nightmares since forever (early adulthood) in which she's sexually abused.. they started more innocent but over the years they have morphed form 'love', 'exctement' and '***' into the proper fetish and kink area.. and they are getting more intense )) Mar 06 00:05:21 ( sorry for slow responses - RL inruding. will be back properly in a few mins ) Mar 06 00:05:31 (( the current broad strokes being a recurring one of a rubberclad dominatrix who whips and paddles her, and occassionally causing her to wake up with welts from a rubber strap on her thighs (stigmata).. the last escalation has been happening while she's searched out therapy, and after a year of confusing everyone, got referred to this expect Dr Reynolds )) Mar 06 00:06:56 ( i think i can work with this. or i will try to! ) Mar 06 00:07:22 (( and now it's more or less bedtime.. feel free to leave messages using the bot or something )) Mar 06 00:07:56 ( ok - hope to see you soon! ) Mar 06 00:08:10 (( likewise! good night )) May 22 17:39:16* wrathchylde slips in with a smile on her lips "paging doctor Reynolds.." May 22 17:40:51* katya feels her pager vibrate and looks down, a wicked smile crossing her lips as she sees the name on the page May 22 17:41:43 (( hehe, hiya! am I within 'office hours'? )) May 22 17:43:27* wrathchylde nodded to the assistant after being explained that she'd have to wait a bit.. she settled down and picked up a magazine, idly flipping through the pages of carefree happy people and their stories [katya has address katya@the.cunt] May 22 17:43:51 (( hello! and yes, although there may be some distractions so apologies in advance if i am slow at times. i will be back. probably on later today )) May 22 17:44:31 (( that's alright.. I'm supposed to be working.. well, I am sort of heh )) May 22 17:45:54 (( ok, so we'll both be slow. that's OK. slow is better than nothing! )) May 22 17:49:01* katya feels a shiver of excitement as she looks forward to her second session with Helen, hurrying about her rounds before returning to her office. May 22 17:52:08* katya pauses outsider her office, taking a moment to compose herself and hide her excitement, taking a breath before opening the door and walking into the room May 22 17:52:53* katya smiles at wrathchylde, "Hello again, Helen. You're in luck - I will be able to see you now. Do come in" May 22 17:53:10* katya nods to her receptionist as she passes, "No calls, please, Sarah" May 22 17:55:09* wrathchylde smiled as she saw the doctor walk in, glad to put the magazine to the side as she got up to greet you.. and then followed you to your office.. through two sets of heavy fired doors and down along the hallway, a lovely green foresty view to the left, various offices and practice rooms on the opposite May 22 17:56:02* wrathchylde spoke as they walked "thank you for taking the case and sticking with it.. it means a lot to me and I really feel you could help me, doctor" May 22 17:56:03* katya holds the door to her office open for wrathchylde and ushers her in, "Take a seat" May 22 18:00:04* wrathchylde slips inside the doctor's office and takes a look around, seating herself at the chair in front of the desk, smoothing down her skirt as she sat.. looking around and seeing the comfortable long chair in the windowed corner of the room May 22 18:02:54* katya sees wrathchylde looking at the stereotypical psychologist couch by the windoe and smiles, "Why don't you try the couch, then I can sit here and we don't have a desk between us?" May 22 18:03:08 Now, how have you been, how have your dreams been? May 22 18:05:52* wrathchylde laughed softly as she got up and got up and moved to the long low chair, setting down her bag and taking off the slingback white heels she wore, wiggling her stockinged toes as they were freed from their shodding "diving right into it" May 22 18:06:41* wrathchylde leaned back against the chair and settled.. feeling herself relax just a bit as she landed in this typical safe place, where all was good May 22 18:08:22* wrathchylde let out a long breath and explained how the dreams had gained a little in intensity but there hadn't been any marks or other 'big' things lately May 22 18:09:52* katya purses her lips as she thinks for a minute May 22 18:10:03 And how do you feel during and after these dreams? May 22 18:11:21 honestly, I dread going to sleep, going to bed even.. it doesn't happen every day, but that even seems to make it worse, dreading a good night's sleep, who does that? May 22 18:13:18 So you fear the dreams but how do you feel *during* the dream? May 22 18:13:28 during these dreams.. it will start of normal enough.. a work meeting or something mundane.. and then slowly, people will leave, or they just disappear.. and then she shows up or remains.. taunting me to flee or resist May 22 18:14:50* wrathchylde shook her head and spread out her hands in an effort to remain calm, pressing them into the cool leather "but there's no use to it.. as soon as I run, it's like a horror movie, I'll be running and she just stays right behind me, until she's had her fun chasing me.. " she gulps hard May 22 18:16:32* wrathchylde shivers "resisting her seems equally useless.. any strength or advantage I think I have just disappears at her whim.. and _not_ reacting.. the fear and urge to flee just keep building.. it's.. impossible" May 22 18:22:52* katya listens quietly May 22 18:23:57 Well, there are a number of approaches we can take with this. One in particular may be quite effective but it is rather ... unusual. May 22 18:24:42* wrathchylde takes a few slow deep breaths as she listens to you, laughing nervously as you mentioned unusual "that's fitting I should think" May 22 18:26:52* katya smiles at Helen, "Oh, your symptoms are certainly not common, but I have seen similar cases before. You're not alone if that helps at all" May 22 18:28:11* wrathchylde chided herself for the snappy comment and let out a breath she hadn't realized she had held "it does actually, thank you.. and the treatment.. I..think I'm ready to try just about anything" May 22 18:28:56* katya squeezes her thighs together as she leans forward, a quiver of excitment running through her but keepingher face neutral May 22 18:29:53 Well, let me explain the idea behind the treatment I'm thinking of and you cna decide if you would like to try it. May 22 18:32:10* wrathchylde nodded as she let her eyes wander across the short patch of green and the forest behind it, the view of nature helping her relax from her heightened state of tension May 22 18:32:57 I believe that if you were confronted with some aspects of your dream in real life, under controlled conditions, you will become accustomed to them, able to process them more rationally and thus become less fearful of them. I would prescribe a slow process, a little at a time, building things up at a pace you're comfortable with. May 22 18:37:03 (( sorry, back )) May 22 18:37:53 (( wb )) May 22 18:39:06* wrathchylde let out a shivering breath as she heard you talk.. having half expected it when you mentioned 'unusual' treatment.. she could feel her body tense and had to will herself to relax.. "oh.. okay.. that sounds logical.. scary but.. logical" May 22 18:41:53* katya smiles May 22 18:43:07 I have had great success with this approach in a number of cases. Usually I would get an actor in to do some of the role play and I would observe but in your case I would be prepared to do some of the role play myself if it will make your more comfortable. May 22 18:45:53* wrathchylde nodded slowly, her heart pounding and her body tense as this was coming so close so fast.. "y-yes, I think I would like that too.. you're the doctor after all, it doesn't get better than that" May 22 18:48:00* katya watches wrathchylde tense on the couch, leaning in, looking concerned, her best bedside manner on show, gently touching her shoulder May 22 18:48:57 Relax, Helen, we'll go at your pace. We can take as small steps as you like. You can do this. May 22 18:50:32* wrathchylde smiled as she felt your hand gently rest on her shoulder and then reached up to wipe away the tears that had formed in her eyes.. she laughed softly and nodded, whispering "we can.. thank you" May 22 18:51:01 Oh, it is my pleasure to be able to help you. May 22 18:52:22 (( oh this is delicious.. the tension between where we are and what's happening.. also.. I sort of have to leave in like 10 minutes, which is terribly frustrating )) May 22 18:52:53 (( MMm, i am enjoying too! will you be back later? )) May 22 18:53:24 (( almost certainly.. I wouldn't want to deny you or myself, heh )) May 22 18:54:18 (( i will be here for a bit longer then some RL stuff but back later this evening - 3 or 4 hrs from now )) May 22 19:03:56 Well, as I will be doing the roleplaying I will need some extra forms signed giving your consent for me to do the roleplay and in particular push you to do things that may be seen as unethical for me as our therapist May 22 19:05:16* wrathchylde nodded slowly, feeling like she should deal with this even if it gave her fear.. it would remove _her_ from her life May 22 19:05:54 (( 'her' being the dream Domme? )) May 22 19:06:10 (( yeah, not the therapist, that would be weird )) May 22 19:06:18 (( OK )) May 22 19:07:16* katya collects the forms she had printed after their last session and hands them to Helen. May 22 19:08:54 Take them home to read them and by all means ask questions in our next session before signing them. May 22 19:09:54 Now, I have an idea for a place to start with this if you are willing to try it now. Don't feel you have to and I am taking a small risk in doing this before you sign so I am trusting you too! May 22 19:10:52* wrathchylde smiled and laughed as she had flipped through them and was about to ask for a pen.. nervous and excited as she was to start this.. her trust in you as her only hope.. she nodded and put the papers in her bag before looking up at you "yes? I mean yes" May 22 19:13:54 I need to know a little more about the Dominatrix from your dreams in order to prepare. I'd like you to describe for me how she is dressed. May 22 19:15:54 But I'd like you to get off the couch and kneel while you describe her outfit. Only if you're comfortable with that and you may get up any time you like. May 22 19:16:01* wrathchylde nodded slowly and closed her eyes as she tried to picture her.. feeling the all too familiar fear come to her.. but she was here with you.. she took a deep breath "usually in a black rubber catsuit.. tall boots with like a gleaming metal pointy heel.. a corset in red, but also other colors May 22 19:17:16* wrathchylde shivered and almost protested as she heard your words but then swallowed and reminded herself where she was.. safe.. she nodded and pulled her stockinged legs close to her and slipped to the ground, kneeling with her knees just a little bit parted, very conscious of her position May 22 19:18:05* katya takes a deep slow breath, forcing herself to remain in control as she watches this beautiful woman kneel before her for the first time May 22 19:19:38* wrathchylde closed her eyes again, calling up the image of her tormentor and feeling it more imminent and threatening now.. vulnerable as she was.. she shivered and spoke "her arms clad in a pair of elbow-length gloves, red or, similar to the corset.. and her hood.. black with reflective oval lenses, hiding her eyes May 22 19:20:54* katya feels her body wuiver with desire as she listens, thinking of her own wardrobe of rubber May 22 19:21:54* katya reaches out and gently strokes wrathchylde's hair as she speaks May 22 19:21:58 (( ohhh, goddd that's a *** image!! )) May 22 19:22:54* wrathchylde shivered and she sat on her knees on the rough carpet.. drawing a shuddering breath as she felt your hand on her head.. she was about to ask you to stop, but then felt the sudden calmness come over her May 22 19:23:33 (( *grins* glad to hear you're keen, heh )) May 22 19:23:54* katya smiles as she sees her relax as she touches her May 22 19:24:15 Open your eyes, Helen, you've done amazingly well! May 22 19:24:54 Let's stop there and continue in our next session. May 22 19:24:57* wrathchylde let out a sigh of mixed relief and gratitude.. opening her eyes and then making motions to get up.. ready to go home and actually read those papers May 22 19:25:19 I will see if I can find something that maytche her outfit and wear that next time if you're comfortable. How does that sound? May 22 19:26:38* wrathchylde swallowed as she sat up and pressed her legs together, surprised at the dampness of her crotch, the excitement that had happened.. and then again as you mentioned dressing up like her tormentor.. she felt her face heat up and bit her lip "oooh.. I'm.. I'm not sure doctor" May 22 19:27:51 (( I was expecting (well, hoping for) the doctor to harbor more.. nonconsensual intent, heh )) May 22 19:27:54* katya sees her face flush, a gentle smile, "Not the whole outfit, I'd pick one thing and see how it goes. OK? May 22 19:28:48* wrathchylde laughed softly as she felt a bit silly at her response.. slipping her feet into the heels and closing the strap "y-yes, that sounds okay" May 22 19:29:54 (( Oh, it is coming. I'm not that good at non-consensual, but my plan is to lure you in with tenderness and get you a little way then... more )) May 22 19:29:57* katya stands up, walkig to the door May 22 19:30:30 (( well.. you'll *have* my consent soon, in writing no less, hah )) May 22 19:30:54 Good, well, we're all set for enxt time. Tell Sarah in reception when you can next make it and I look forward to seeing your progress May 22 19:30:57 (( exactly! )) May 22 19:31:36* wrathchylde got up and followed you, ever so slightly wobbly on her knees.. still shook a bit by that experience.. she smiled and thanked you before heading down the hall and past the desk "thank you Doctor.. I will and I hope to see you soon" May 22 19:31:55 Bye for now, Helen May 22 19:32:03 (( hope to see you later! )) May 22 19:32:16 (( also *my* consent to go wild, heh.. see you later, yes! )) May 22 19:32:22 ((kisses!)) [katya has address katya@the.cunt] May 22 22:26:38* katya checks her schedule as she arrives at her office, pleased to see Helen's name still there - no cancellation May 22 22:28:44* wrathchylde switched off the radio as it started the same repetition of the same five songs it had all week.. the sky turning slightly a slightl warmer orange as she pulled into the parking lot, happy to have gotten in her meeting just before the weekend.. she picked up her purse and the envelope stuffed with signed papers and copies and headed in, greeting Sarah at the desk "hiya, could you let Doctor May 22 22:28:44* wrathchylde Reynolds know I'm here?" May 22 22:29:39* katya heads to her office, glad she doesn't have patients before her time with Helen, as she can't concentrate properly as she thinks through how she will handle this May 22 22:31:06* katya is slightly startled by the buzz of the intercom, jarring her back to reality May 22 22:31:45* katya tells Sarah to send her in and quickly checks her appearance in the mirror before sitting down behind her desk, waiting for the knock on her door May 22 22:33:52* wrathchylde smiled at the woman as she waved her through and clutched her bag as she made her way to the end of the building, past the two heavy doors and down the long corridor, the view into the forest a darker and more intense one now with the sun lower on the horizon.. she reached the door and paused a moment before giving it a gentle double knock "Doctor Reynolds?" May 22 22:34:52* katya takes a deep breath, putting her professional therapist face on and calls out, "Come in" May 22 22:36:44* wrathchylde took another short breath, again a bit nervous coming in here, laying herself bare.. but last time had really done her good.. she opened the door and slowly walked in "good evening Doctor" May 22 22:37:50 Good evening, Helen. Please, come and take a seat. Let's get the dull admin out of the way before we start our session. How have you been May 22 22:38:00* katya waves her to a seat opposite the desk May 22 22:40:25* wrathchylde nods, grateful to get the paperwork sorted.. she sat down and smoothed the smooth grey skirt before reaching into her bag and pulled out the envelope, unwinding the rope and pulling out the forms in triplicate, signed, the requested copy of her passport and birth certificate, which had been carefully explained as required to ensure the correct patient was being trreated May 22 22:41:05* wrathchylde fanned out the three sets and additional documents with a smile "all here, signed in full" May 22 22:42:00* katya smiles, "Wonderful! Now, did you have any questions about the forms or any of the consent in them? I realise some of them may sound rather broad but we live in a rather litigious society these days!" May 22 22:44:19* wrathchylde nodded, she had read a good part of it and it all contained sensible explanations, though she had skimmed good bits of it, the repetition unable to hold her attention firmly "they do, but most of them seemed fairly self-explanatory.. no questions really" May 22 22:45:39* katya nods, and collects them, checking to see if they were correctly witnessed before putting them in her drawer and locking it May 22 22:47:39 Well, with that out of the way let's begin. You may remove your shoes and, like last session, kneel and then I'd like you to tell me how you felt after last session and how the dreams have been since. May 22 22:48:40* wrathchylde smiled as she watched you put the papers away.. that business done and over with.. she looked up at you a bit shocked as you explained her how to proceed.. having expected a similar session on the sofa.. she swallowed and nodded May 22 22:50:14* wrathchylde pushed the chair back a bit and reached down to undo the buckle on her heels, stepping out of them and then putting them next to her bag before standing up and moving away from the desk a bit, closer to the long chair before looking to you for confirmation as she lowered to her knees, feeling her skirt pull tight around and thighs and her heart beating faster May 22 22:50:39* katya sees te shock and the acceptance, thinking she may be able to push this a little faster than she originally thought May 22 22:50:57* katya nods as wrathchylde looks for approval of her spot, watching the woman begin her journey May 22 22:51:01* wrathchylde folded her hands in her lap and closed her eyes slowly, nervously.. May 22 22:51:49 Tell me how you feel, Helen, how you felt after last time? May 22 22:51:52 the night after our last session I slept calm and soundly, which was very nice, and I did feel like our task was very helpful and opening.. May 22 22:53:00* katya steeples her fingers as she leans her elbows on the desk, listening intently May 22 22:54:16* wrathchylde shifted a little on her knees, finding a comfortable spot on the carpet, for her shins and ankles.. "the night before last I had another nightmare.. she came to me directly, without any other setting that she appeared from.. she told me she was amused.. that she knew of my efforts to fix this, to get rid of her, and did I really think that I would be able to." May 22 22:55:05* wrathchylde shook her head "she told me that the night before she'd just enjoyed leaving me to worry, fear for her inevitable return.. which would be inevitable" May 22 22:56:40 Now that is very interesting. And I must admit a little concerning May 22 22:58:43* katya stands up behind the desk and walks slowly round it, her heels clicking loudly on the floor as she steps round to the same side as wrathchylde, allowing her to seeher knee-high boots, criss-cross lacing perfect up the front, polished beautfully, the 6" polished steel stiletto heels catching the light May 22 22:58:52* wrathchylde took a slow and careful deep breath before exhaling it, nodding as she heard you "y-yes.. after taunting me more like that she strapped me down to a table, or something like it, I'm not sure exactly, the details are muddy.. she strapped me down and belted my ass May 22 23:00:08* wrathchylde opened her eyes as she heard the sharp stabs of the stilletto heels on the floor before they landed on the softer carpet.. she looked at them and shivered.. muttering "ohh f-fuck" May 22 23:00:40* katya walks in front of wrathchylde and sits in the chair before her, crossing her one leg over the other to leave her foot bouncing ever so slightly May 22 23:01:52* katya raises an eyebrow at wrathchylde's words, keeping her tone light, "Is that any way to speak to me? Perhaps I should belt your ass for that sort of language" May 22 23:03:05* wrathchylde forced a laugh as she heard you but couldn't feel a deep sense of fear set up.. "n-no Doctor.. I.. I don't mean to be rude I'm just.. shocked" May 22 23:06:40* katya nods slowly, "We did discuss me taking one item from her outfit and wearing it for you this session. I take it from your reaction these are close to your dream? I have to say I do rather like these. Is this too much? May 22 23:09:14 (( sort of like these but without the buckles, less platform.. http://www.alternative-footwear.co.uk/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/f/l/flamingo-2049-b.jpg )) May 22 23:10:24* wrathchylde shuddered and closed her eyes.. taking a deep breath as she pushed aside the thoughts that those boots brought to the surface and then slowly looked up, shaking her head "I.. I think I can handle this Doctor.. they are very much alike" May 22 23:10:57 (( yessssss! even with the buckles - i like them. what do you think? )) May 22 23:11:22 (( damn *** and they work for me )) May 22 23:11:40 (( perfect! )) May 22 23:12:40 Open your eyes and look at them, Helen. Tell me the first thing that comes into your head as you opn your eyes May 22 23:14:18* wrathchylde nodded but even before seeing them she knew.. there was one thing that stood out and she swallowed before saying it, almost whispering it "being forced to lick them, worship them.. to make them shine" May 22 23:15:15* wrathchylde looked at your foot bouncing and the other things kept roaring through her mind.. how she had tasted herself on the heel of it, how she had felt it press into her.. or kick against her most sensitive parts May 22 23:15:40* katya feels a quiver of arousal run through her May 22 23:18:40 You need to face your fear, Helen. I want you to get down on all fours and worship my boots. May 22 23:19:35* wrathchylde gasped and looked up at you incredulously "a-are you kidding, Doctor?" May 22 23:22:45 No, I am not, Helen. If you wish to conquer your fears and nightmares you need to faec them. Now. May 22 23:24:54* wrathchylde swallowed and lowered her eyes as she heard your stern words.. feeling them cut deep at her and tug on her strings she nodded and leaned forward, lowering herself to hands and knees, gingerly lowering herself to your dangling boot.. smelling the sweet scent of polished leather and she couldn't help her body's response, feeling it relax and ease into what it had learned, what it knew May 22 23:25:56* wrathchylde leaned down and kissed your toes, and then slowly up along your foot, kissing the arch and then lowering herself further to kiss and lick where the leather wrapped around your heel.. May 22 23:26:40* katya squeezes her thighs together, forcing herself to reamin calm and stills as she watches Helen begin to worship her boot May 22 23:28:23* wrathchylde relaxes and lets out a soft sigh as she feels her body grow warmer, the triggered response from many a time she had done this, rewarded for it too.. her quiet and careful kissing turned to firm licking and soft slurping around the boot, runnng her tongue up and down along the cold hard metal May 22 23:33:41 Mmmmmm, very good, Helen, I can see your body relaxing. You may continue as I talk. May 22 23:34:41 You do this for her, don't you? May 22 23:36:29* wrathchylde murmured as you spoke.. she wasn't sure what this was.. but if it helped her.. maybe it would be okay.. and she was with a practiced and trained professional.. she moaned softly as her body responded to her position.. licking and sucking the leather and steel to make it gleam even in the low light of your office.. she nodded and spoke between licks "hmm yes Doctor" May 22 23:36:41* katya slowly uncrosses her leg and places her foot on the floor, making wrathchylde follow it, lowering her face to the floor to continue May 22 23:37:11 (( other boot ideas, though more for the slut: https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/515D3PMdveL._UL1500_.jpg )) May 22 23:37:41 And it arouses you when you do it, doesn't it, Helen? May 22 23:38:08* wrathchylde swallowed as you set your foot down firmly.. she followed and lowered herself, arms outstretched around your other foot as she kissed, licked the other boot "uhmm.. I'm ashamed to admit it does Doctor" May 22 23:40:41 (( lovely! i do love ballet boots too - lockable ones! )) May 22 23:41:17 (( I did just spot these https://d2fzf9bbqh0om5.cloudfront.net/images/394401/original/rebelsmarket_18cm_fetish_ballet_goth_pinup_double_padlock_lockable_slave_patent_pvc_bdsm_heels_10.jpg )) May 22 23:41:41 There is no shame in it, Helen. Some people are wired that way. May 22 23:43:00 (( MMMMM!!! have you seen the video of this https://68.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lwpndt6E921r2igvjo6_250.jpg )) May 22 23:43:41 (( I want to! )) May 22 23:44:13 (( the woman in the corset )) May 22 23:44:41* katya looks down as Helen licks and kisses her boots May 22 23:45:10* wrathchylde moaned softly, a bit self-conscious of it now.. and continued licking your boots, cleaning off every last speck of dust as she shined them with her saliva May 22 23:46:15 (( bedtime is ever so slowly creeping closer.. somewhere half an hour to three quarters before I need to get my ass to bed )) May 22 23:47:08 Now, I am a little concerned about your dreams. The day with nothing and the increased intensity and directnes of the one after. It is possible they may escalate quickly. I think it would be in your best interest to undergo an accelerated and intensive treatment program May 22 23:47:45 (( ok. thnaks for the warning. enjoying so far? )) May 22 23:48:39 (( ooh yes.. maybe something turning darker.. but you seem to have a plan and I'm enjoying it so far, heh )) May 22 23:49:43* wrathchylde swallowed and bit her lip hard as she heard your words but couldn't help but nod along with it as she was still pressed up against your tight leather boots, inhaling their warm scent "y-yes Doctor" May 22 23:50:42 (( good! i am too. i have a sort of plan for a bit but not sure after that. how dark, exactly? how far do you want to go? )) May 22 23:52:10 (( becoming her nightmare domme and the nightmare never ending, in a single sentence.. but with everything signed.. being whisked away from society and made into your personal toy to tease, hurt, experiment on.. )) May 22 23:52:56 I believe you need an intensive, immersive multi-day treatment urgently or the nightmares will escalate May 22 23:53:08 (( define 'experiment on' )) May 22 23:54:19 (( ooh I don't have anything in particular in mind.. but prolonged (partial) sensory deprivation, triggered stimulus to teach her not to do certain things (something that shocks when she stands up, speaks, things like that) )) May 22 23:55:41 (( mmmm, interesting. and appearance changes? )) May 22 23:56:05* wrathchylde gasped as you seemed to just decide that for her in a very definite manner.. she wasn't sure but also not thinking as clear as she had.. she nodded and looked up, chewing her bottom lip "hmm if.. if you say so Doctor.. I don't want them to come back" May 22 23:56:58 (( ooh.. I've not really thought about it.. but piercings are definitely fine, most tattoos probably.. do you have other (vague) ideas in that direction? )) May 22 23:59:42 Now, I don't usually do this, but considering the urgency of your case I am prepared to cointinue your treatement over this weekend at my residence. Are you available from now until, say, Tuesday next week? May 23 00:01:15* wrathchylde thought for a moment but with the bank holiday weekend and working from home on Tuesdays normally.. this couldn't be an easier schedule.. she looked up and nodded "y-yes Doctor, that's perfect actually" May 23 00:03:04 That's good. Now, you understand that I will be roleplaying for you to allow you to face your fears. I may be quite harsh and emanding but do remember it is in your interest May 23 00:03:07* wrathchylde shivered as a moment later the significance of the moment hit her.. the question wasn't just about her availability.. but about being taken by the doctor for what she'd called intense treatment.. more intense than.. this.. which had been more than just a talk, hadn't it? May 23 00:03:47* wrathchylde nodded and managed a warm smile as she heard those words, reassuring her it was a facade, even if it looked and felt real.. she nodded "yes Doctor" May 23 00:06:42 It will feel real, it may feel like reliving your nightmares, but it will be part of your treatment. It will change you. May 23 00:07:02 (( did you have any thoughts on appearance changes? or were you just asking for mine? )) May 23 00:08:03* wrathchylde shivered and felt like saying no as you mentioned that.. but then where would she be.. so close to a solution and actual improvement now.. she closed her eyes for a moment to think and then looked at you, resolved "yes Doctor, for the better" May 23 00:10:04 (( i was thinking piercings and tattoos. perhaps breast enlargement. one other idea you might like. was also wanting to know how extreme a change you might fantasize about. having talked to some on here the definition of extreme varies a LOT )) May 23 00:10:50 Very much for the better, Helen. We will build a better Helen together! May 23 00:12:10 (( heh, I've got an E-cup here, though we can size that down if you want to play with enlargement? shaving is a potential thing.. ear implants for you to decide when I hear anything, or anything other than your voice.. that's the extent of my ideas and fantasies, not *that* extreme )) May 23 00:12:37 (( but I dunno.. I feel like I can 'trust' you with this, heh )) May 23 00:15:01 (( oh delicious! no need for enlargement unless you like the idea of starting smaller and going there. and damn it, shaving and ear implants were two of my ideas i was going to surprise you with! thief!! and no, not as extreme as some i have heard on here! )) May 23 00:15:27 (( well it's all still surprises, until they happen )) May 23 00:15:57* wrathchylde smiled as she looked up at you.. biting her lip as she suddenly felt a bit silly on her knees in front of you "hmm yes Doctor" May 23 00:17:51 (( some of the nightmare stuff that left a mark, obviously: http://needing-this.tumblr.com/post/151093980766 )) May 23 00:18:02* katya looks down, smiling as she thinks about what she will do to this delicious woman May 23 00:19:33* wrathchylde turns around to look out the window and the fading light in the forest, the office not having a clock but even without that, it had gotten late.. god would Sarah still be waiting for the Doctor.. that would be weird.. she turned around and shook her head from the stray thoughts May 23 00:20:49 We shall begin your treatment immediately. May 23 00:21:11* wrathchylde felt a little shiver and then nodded, glad for the break of the silence May 23 00:21:42 Tell me, Helen, what does your Nightmare Domme have you call her in your dreams? May 23 00:22:50 (( Ouch! this made me wince: https://danapanthar.tumblr.com/post/160790753313/tonto1962-look-at-the-cunts-leg-tremble )) May 23 00:22:58* wrathchylde gulped and looked up at you "Mistress, doctor" May 23 00:23:36 (( oh christ that's intense )) May 23 00:25:42 (( isn't it? this too: http://spank-gifs.tumblr.com/post/132651700239/pink-breast) May 23 00:27:00 (( if you have a better title suggestion, feel free to replace it.. I'm at a bit of a lack of imagination, heh.. also ummm fuck that's intense.. "just tell me when to change sides" )) May 23 00:27:57 Good. You will address me as Mistress from now on and without fail. You will also kneel in my presence. Is that clear? May 23 00:29:23* wrathchylde swallowed as she was about to protest.. but then she'd come to you for help.. and this was help.. she nodded and bit her lip before speaking softly "yes Mistress" May 23 00:30:04 (( Mistress is fine. got to think of a name for you next! )) May 23 00:31:09 Now, it is late and Sarah needs to leave. We will continue at my residence. Gather your things and follow me. May 23 00:32:24* wrathchylde got up and picked up her bag from where she'd set it down and her coat that still hung from the hook next to the door.. she waited near the door as you gathered your things and then stepped out the door as you finished up May 23 00:33:50* katya walks right past her and down the passage, striding confidently on her heels, the heels clicking loudly on the hard floor, walking in to reception and over the Sarah May 23 00:33:54 (( one more from my side, then we need to wrap this up, heh: http://boundtightly.tumblr.com/post/154458518967 )) May 23 00:35:04 (( MMmMM!!! and i am wrapping it up )) May 23 00:35:07* wrathchylde felt a pang of fear and desire run through her with every sharp step you made on the wooden floor.. her own heels almost quiet by comparison as she hurriedly followed you May 23 00:35:26 (( heh, not complaining )) May 23 00:37:43 Sorry to keep you Sarah. I will be conducting an emergency treatment over the weekend for Helen here. Monday is a holiday, but please clear my schedule for Tuesday. May 23 00:38:07* katya turns to wrathchylde, "Ready to go, Helen?" May 23 00:38:40* wrathchylde nodded as she looked at the doctor and aware of Sarah's proximity almost whispered "y-yes Mistress" May 23 00:39:42* katya cocks her head, "Do speak up, I can't hear you" May 23 00:40:08* wrathchylde whimpered as she spoke, a little louder "yes Misress, ready to go" May 23 00:41:05 Good, let's go. Have a good weekend, Sarah May 23 00:41:47* katya leads the way to her car May 23 00:41:53 (shall we stop there? )) May 23 00:41:56* wrathchylde quickly followed the doctor and dared not turn to look Sarah in the eyes, almost certian she heard what happened.. her cheeks burning as she followed the doctor to the car May 23 00:42:19 (( stop at the drive part? )) May 23 00:44:43 (( didn't have anything planned for the drive to my home but open to ideas. Can start with the drive or the arrival next time)) May 23 00:45:23 (( that's fine too.. end of the drive and arrival next time works for me :) )) May 23 00:45:51 (( ok! ejoying so far? got the level right? )) May 23 00:47:08 (( hmmm very nice.. or I should say soaking wet, level and speed wise I think this is good but I'm super excited to see where you'll take me.. are you enjoying youself with the pace? anything you want more or less of? )) May 23 00:49:43 (( glad you are enjoying. i am too. much more than i excpected. i hardly ever Domme. would love to submit to your wicked ways sometime! )) May 23 00:51:15 (( *grin* if I could change one thing.. it'd be for you to go more overtly evil and manipulative.. force that conflict and then squash it.. if there's any desire you have like thjat.. lemme know )) May 23 00:51:41 (( also.. I'm very pleased and proud to bring out that delicious side in you, hehe )) May 23 00:52:46 (( i will see what i can conjure up for you. and yes, it is a rare thing to have me enjoying being Domme! ) May 23 00:53:04 ((OK, ime for sleep! hope to continue very soon )) May 23 00:53:17 (( right.. well, I look forward to seeing you and your newfound power again soon.. goodnight! )) May 23 00:53:43 (( goodnight! )) May 26 23:08:05 (( hi doc :) )) [katya has address katya@the.cunt] May 26 23:16:25 (( hey! )) May 26 23:18:10 (( got tima and desire to continue where we left off? I'm excited, hehe )) May 26 23:19:25 (( sure :-) usual warning about RL interruptions apply )) May 26 23:21:25 (( we were in the car, right? any requests/comments? )) May 26 23:21:33* wrathchylde followed you as you lead the way.. she wasn't sure she'd even seen your car on the way in, but surely you had one here.. slowly the logistics of staying with you for four nights sinking in.. she had not prepared for this in any way.. May 26 23:22:43* katya walks down the hall and presses the button for the elevator, turning to watch wrathchylde as she catches up, aware she must be slightly nervous, not wanting her to back out May 26 23:22:59 (( err we did but feel free to fast-forward blaze through the next section I guess.. ooh request time.. I think we've talked about the general things of what we both like and want a good bit so.. I'm going to give you carte blanche )) May 26 23:24:25 (( OK - Let's see what comes to mind )) May 26 23:24:36* wrathchylde walked behind you, the sharp clicks of your heels giving you a definite control over her.. she could't help but feel very much out of control and afraid.. but you had explained why that was.. what that was for.. to help her May 26 23:25:51 I'm sure you're feeling a little apprehensive. That's perfectly normal. This is the best course of action if you really do want to get better. And this is urgent - the change in the pattern of your dreams suggests an escalation is imminent if we don't do something about it. May 26 23:26:28* katya is turning on the bedsime manner charm and confidence wanting to get her caught up in it May 26 23:26:47* katya waves wrathchylde into the elevator and presses the button for the basement. May 26 23:27:25 You'll need to trust me for the enxt few days. This will be as uncomfortable for you as it is for me but it is the only way forward. May 26 23:28:40* wrathchylde nodded along with your explanation.. she was internalizing it and convincing herself.. even though it was going to be a long process, that.. "yes.. " she looked at conflicted, deciding May 26 23:30:41* katya reaches out and touches her shoulder gently, her most sincere and caring expression, "If you're not comfortable with this I can drop you at home. But I must warn you I can't predict what will happen with the dreams in the coming days..." May 26 23:32:44* wrathchylde felt like she was coming apart at the seams but the words and touch lifted her spirits.. she shook her head and looked up at you, more determined now "no, no please.. I would like you to start the treatment.. Mistress" May 26 23:34:25* katya smiles and nods, "Good, I'd love to help you." May 26 23:34:36* katya ushers her out of the elevator to her car and opens the door, sliding into the drivers seat and starting the engine May 26 23:36:09* wrathchylde follwed your gesture and stepped out and towards the one car that was left in the small underground parking.. she put her bag down and slid into the leather passenger seat May 26 23:37:25* katya starts the car and drives out, waving to the security guard on the way out, "Won't be long" May 26 23:38:40* katya drives for a short while before turning into the driveway of a large house and parking by the front door, climbing out and heading the front door, keys clinking as she unlocks May 26 23:40:20* wrathchylde nodded and just looked out, around.. soon being away from the parts the recognized as you drove to your place.. she followed you out and to the front door, the sun almost set and the house surrounded by a mix of patchy forest and tall hedge.. 'each house a castle with its own moat' May 26 23:42:26 Welcome, please come in. May 26 23:42:28* katya feels her excitement build as wrathchylde follows her. May 26 23:44:58* wrathchylde felt a building sense of vastness and she walked in behind you.. her own heels clicking on the polished wooden floor, seeing the big stairs ahead and some doors off to the side.. it was perhaps not a mansion but it was going to be at least four times the size of her city flat she reckoned May 26 23:45:18 wow this place is huge, and beautiful May 26 23:46:26 Thank you. I do rattle around in here but I love the quiet and privacy it gives me. May 26 23:48:36 I'd give you a tour but I think we should really begin your treatment. Let me show you to your room. You can relax there while I get prepared. I'm afraid I may need to be a little less friendly but do remember it is to help you get better. May 26 23:49:26* katya leads the way to he back of the house, opening a door to a small room with a bed and wardrobe, clearly what would have been a servants room back in the day May 26 23:49:54* wrathchylde smiled and then got a bit more serious as you mentioned the less friendly part.. she nodded and then followed you "y-yes, thank you" May 26 23:51:26* katya ushers her into the small room, "I need to change. I'll come and see you when I am ready. Make yourself at home" May 26 23:51:30* wrathchylde entered the room and was surprised by how.. old-fashioned it looked.. barren and cold compared to what the rest of the house had looked like.. but then not all guest rooms are made alike.. maybe the other was being renovated.. it looked like a house that got renovated a lot.. May 26 23:51:54* wrathchylde nodded and stood around a little awkwardly before responding "uhh yes, of course.. thank you" May 26 23:53:56* wrathchylde waited a moment for you to leave and then put down her bag and sat down on the bed and let out a long shivering breath.. the bed felt nice enough, and all considered, that's all you needed,a good bed.. and less nightmares.. getting rid of those was what mattered.. what little discomfort she'd suffer, she'd suffer gladly May 26 23:54:28* katya steps out and closes the door softly, leaning on the door for a second, a smile forming as she turns the heavy deadbolt from the outside May 26 23:54:41* wrathchylde got up and opened the wardrobe to take a peek, always a bit curious.. and then checked the room for other placed where things would be kept May 26 23:54:48 (( audible or not so much? )) May 26 23:57:46 (( up to you. which will be more exciting? )) May 27 00:01:21* wrathchylde looked up in confusion as she heard the door lock.. an old fashioned deadbolt.. the sound ominous and scary.. she shook her head and took a deep breath, mutting "the doctor is taking me in as a big favor, to help me get better.. this is fine.. I'm a new person in her house.. and she likes her privacy.." May 27 00:01:42* katya pushes away fromt he door and heads to her bedroom, having a quick shower and opening her wardrobe of latex, dressing quickly and carefully, feeling her arousal build at the prospect of what is to come May 27 00:02:26 (( what did you find in the closet? )) May 27 00:02:41 (( hah, just about to ask you, anything in particular in the wardrobe, or oter things of note in the room? )) May 27 00:03:46 (( i was thinking nothing much of any interest. towels and sheets. i have other rooms... )) May 27 00:04:14 (( that.. makes sense.. can't wait to find out )) May 27 00:06:26* katya stands in front of the full length mirror and checks her appearance - full body latex catsuit, glistening in the light, the same boots she work earlier, a latex underbust corset with heavy buckles, pulling her waist in, elbow lngth latex gloves covering her hands. May 27 00:07:15* wrathchylde let her fingers slip over the things in the wardrobe.. fresh sheets and towels.. the texture a bit rough and unpleasant, but everything clean.. there even was some plain white underwear and other basic underwear for her to change.. though it seemed like most of her outfit was goingto have to last four days May 27 00:08:01 (( hmm delicious )) May 27 00:09:26* katya slicks her hair back and picks up her hood, working the smooth latex over her head, aligning the nostril holes carefully, the eys covered by one way lenses, black and expressionless on the outside, her mouth covered by a slightly raised mask which hides her mouth but allows her to speak and breathe easily May 27 00:10:26* katya admires the sleak black, faceless figure in the mirror, smiling insider her mask as she picks up a riding crop and walks down he hall May 27 00:11:49* wrathchylde sat back down on the bed, nervously and repeatedly smoothing out her skirt as she waited for you to come back.. hearing the steady beat of your heels approaching the door.. she felt her heartbeat pick up.. uncertain but low-key concerned.. you had said this wasn't going to be easy, at times hard May 27 00:12:49* katya stops outside the door, knowing the girl will be nervous, then unlocks the door and steps inside May 27 00:15:45* wrathchylde was about to get up as she heard the bolt slide and the door open but then fall back onto the bed as she saw you.. the black glossy hood with its hidden eyes and mouth.. and with every bit she looked down there was more of her torturer that stepped into the room, approaching her.. she slipped off the bed and landed on her knees, whimpering, afraid of who you had just become "oohh please.. May 27 00:15:45* wrathchylde fuck.. please no don't hurt me" May 27 00:17:27 Well, I suppose you remembered on of the two rules I gave you... please don't hurt me what? May 27 00:17:52* wrathchylde me looked up in shock and snivelled "please don't hurt me.. M-Mistress" May 27 00:18:38 Better. Forget that again and you will regret it. May 27 00:19:27 Now, get undressed. May 27 00:20:18* wrathchylde was breathing hard as she looked at the rubber creature from her nightmare.. but in cold hard reality, with all the sharp edges that came with that.. the order hitting her and waking her up again, reality hitting her and her current position, situation.. she.. what? May 27 00:21:38* katya raises the crop and very gently runs it along her cheek, her voise low and menacing, "Get. Undressed. Now." May 27 00:21:42* wrathchylde nodded and unzipped her skirt, standing up just a bit to slide it off her thighs with shivering hands.. struggling to undo the buckle on her shoes and step out of those.. standing in just her pantyhose and underwear as she fumbled with the buttons on the dark blue blouse May 27 00:22:31* wrathchylde squealed as she felt the cool leather of the crop along her cheek and whimpered "yes.. yess.. I'm trying" a brief pause before she remembered, caught by surprise "Mistress!" May 27 00:23:38* katya steps over to the closet and takes out a refuse bag, shaking it open with a loud snap, holding it open May 27 00:24:27* wrathchylde undid the buttons on the blouse and threw it behind her on the bed, uncovering the bra that matched her dark brown panties.. just a hint of lace on them.. she looked up at you and hooked her fingers behind her back to open the clasp of the bra, taking it off and gasping as the slightly cool air of the room hit her full C-cup breasts and made her nipples hard May 27 00:25:21* wrathchylde gulped as you held up a bin bag and nervously, shivering to the point of tears, placed her clothing in there.. standing only in hose and panties.. hoping you would tell her that was enough.. May 27 00:25:44 (( C cups? Thought you had E? Or do ou like the idea of me changing that? )) May 27 00:26:22 (( the latter, in case you're interested.. they could be a D now, depending on what you enjoy, heh )) May 27 00:26:27 Everything goes in the bag. Everything. May 27 00:27:42* wrathchylde let out a soft cry of shock and then nodded.. hooking her fingers into the waistband of her hose and panties.. drawing them down and stepping out of them.. placing them in the bag as well.. suddenly feeling very naked.. and not a hint of that ending any time soon May 27 00:27:43 (( I'm easy. All good to me. I do like breast bondage so if you're into having them bigger I'll happily make the most of that )) May 27 00:28:09* wrathchylde picked up her shoes and looked up at you nervously.. before then letting them drop into the bag as well.. swallowing hard May 27 00:28:26 (( ooh yes please )) May 27 00:28:32 Good. And the bag. May 27 00:29:33* wrathchylde was about to balk at that.. her phone, car keys and all her things were in there.. she hesitated and looked at you.. about to say something but the words wouldn't come.. she flinched then and turned to pick it up, quickly dumping it in the bag you held up May 27 00:30:04 (( also, this is amazing, tense, exciting! )) May 27 00:32:27* katya closes the neck of the bag, holding it in one hand, other hand pointing the floor May 27 00:34:09* wrathchylde whimpered as she saw you close the bag.. ending what she was when she came here.. therapy had begun now hadn't it? she sank to her knees and looked up at you, breathing hard, still unable to process what had just happened.. what you had done, what she had done May 27 00:36:30* katya turns on her heel towards the door and starts walking out, "Follow me. And no, you may not walk" May 27 00:38:33 (( how quickly do you want this to escalate? Thinking i will show you your place quickly, but happy to do a slow(er) build up if you like )) May 27 00:38:56* wrathchylde drew a shivering breath and then followed you on hands and knees.. the motion foreign to her.. each step a reminder of how pet and owned animals walked this way.. maybe free ones but that certainly wasn't what she was... she felt a fierce humiliation in the sheer lack of grace with which she was forced to follow you May 27 00:40:02 (( oooh part of me wants to rush it.. but then I'm really really enjoying the buildup as well.. and it makes a bit more sense if she's to suspend disbelief at the situation.. hold belief that this is treatment, if it isn't, heh )) May 27 00:41:34 (( sooo.. whatever the doctor think is best, really )) May 27 00:42:27 (( ok, well, i have an idea i quite like. lets see what you think )) May 27 00:43:27* katya leads the way to the large living room, heels clicking loudly on the floor, stepping over to the wide fireplace May 27 00:44:27* katya points to the neatly laid fire and matches nearby May 27 00:44:31 You'll be chilly naked. Light the fire. May 27 00:45:56* wrathchylde grunted as she followed you, the hard floor already painful on her knees and lower legs.. she nodded and shuffled to get the matches, striking once, twice, getting it to light on the third.. bringing the small flame to the nearly prepared stack and watching it as it lit and came to life May 27 00:47:28* katya stands before her as the fire comes to life May 27 00:48:38* katya slowly pushes one foot forward, watching wrathchylde May 27 00:50:13* wrathchylde lets out a soft sigh as she feels the fire come to life, bringing some warmth to her now naked and cool skin.. she gazed up at you and then felt something at her core just wince in fear before looking down sharply again.. seeing your foot shoved forward towards her.. she looked up briefly, hesitant before lowering herself to her elbows and leaning her head in to your boot almost reflexively May 27 00:51:28 Mmmm, good, girl May 27 00:53:28* katya watches wrathchylde lick her boot for the second time, her smile hidden under her hood May 27 00:53:50* katya opens the bag and pulls out wrathchylde's bra and panties, tossing them casually on the fire. You won't need any of this. May 27 00:54:28* katya watches the flames flare as the fabric catches May 27 00:55:16* wrathchylde felt herself relax just a bit.. this was something she knew at least.. depraved and humiliation, but known territory.. she looked up as you opened the bag and picked out something to toss onto the fire.. seeing you burn her underwear, those words hitting her.. she moaned and whimpered, lowering herself, trying to look away May 27 00:56:28* katya pulls out her blouse and tosses it into the fire May 27 00:58:06* wrathchylde swallowed hard as she saw you burn more of her clothing.. but feeling the warmth of it on her skin, heating her and making her physically comfortable right now.. May 27 00:58:28 or this May 27 00:58:49* katya tosses each item into the fire as the last one crumbles to ash, the shoes last May 27 01:01:37* wrathchylde whimpered as she saw you toss her shoes on as well.. she bit her lip as she considered what would end up on the fire next.. she had stopped licking your boot and whimpered quietly "please.. please stop Mistress" May 27 01:03:28 You need to say goodby to your old life and embrace you new life. May 27 01:04:28* katya takes wrathchylde's handbag out of the bag and opens it, emoving her phone and keys, placing them on the mantel May 27 01:05:35* wrathchylde wanted to say something to that.. but there was nothing... she whimpered and resigned herself to the ritual burning.. far from happy but where she came from was not a good place either.. she swallowed hard and kissed your boots, licked and tasted the leather and let out a shivering moan May 27 01:06:28* katya takes out wrathchylde's ID and drivers license, turning them over slowly in her hand May 27 01:06:32 Look at me May 27 01:09:14* wrathchylde swallowed hard and looked up at you and the papers you had picked out of her purse.. shivering as her eyes went past your fingers and up to your eyes, hidden from hers May 27 01:09:33 (( i must go in a few mins )) May 27 01:10:35 (( aww boo... though similar here )) May 27 01:10:38* katya shows her the papers before throwing them in th fire, "Helen no longer exists. You belong to me now" May 27 01:11:38* katya watches the papers flare and burn to ash May 27 01:11:46* wrathchylde let out a cry as you tossed them into the flame.. her hand reflexively stretching out before she saw them consumed by the flame.. feeling its heat.. cleansing though it may be, indifferent to her feeling of loss May 27 01:12:29* katya turns her lens-covered gaze back to wrathchylde May 27 01:12:31 What are you? May 27 01:13:28* wrathchylde felt herself immensely small and scrutinized under your gaze.. looking up, unable to look away as she felt locked in place.. swallowing hard, unsure what the answer even was "y-yours?" May 27 01:13:49 My what? May 27 01:14:48* wrathchylde breathed out, trembling as she heard your biting words and felt your cold look "y-your.. s-slave" May 27 01:15:43 Yes, my slave. May 27 01:16:28 (( Shall we stop there? Must get some sleep. We will provide you with a new name next time. OK so far? )) May 27 01:17:50 (( oh wow yes "ok so far" is an understatement, hah.. I do hope you're getting what you want as well.. it's not maybe the most straightforward kink bingo, but I love it )) May 27 01:18:39 (( name, an outfit, introduction to where she'll actually sleep the first night.. *purrs* )) May 27 01:19:29 (( i am enjoying it for sure! yesss, looking forward t next time. Curious to know what sort of names do it for you )) May 27 01:21:04 (( well, I like "Jennifer" *grin* errr.. seriously.. most things are pretty okay.. I don't respond well to the 'dumb' and stupid variety.. useless and such May 27 01:22:26 (( but slave, slut, whore, toy, beast, pet.. that whole line is excellent.. aaand.. I dunno.. I don't know many other examples right off the bat.. so assume that it's good, probably )) May 27 01:23:29 (( dumb, stupid etc don't do it for me either. i like humiliating and degrading. OK! time to sleep. Until next time, whorebeast ;-) )) May 27 01:23:34 (( also.. excited to hear you're enjoying... the burning stuff was excellent.. continue and ratchet up from the disposal of her clothing )) May 27 01:23:56 (( ummm yess Mistress, sleep well, may your dreams be better than mine, heh )) May 31 00:08:11 heyy, I was just about to leave.. bedtime here.. but I should at least say hi [katya has address katya@the.cunt] May 31 00:08:41 hello :-) May 31 00:08:57 gettig late for me too but thought i would poke my head in May 31 00:09:23* wrathchylde laughs softly and hugs you "awww I missed you.. and our delicious little fantasy" May 31 00:09:41 how are you? May 31 00:09:44 Mmmmm! May 31 00:10:50 Looking forward to continuing ;-) May 31 00:11:16 I'm good.. work is being work, keeping my busy.. was hoping I'd run in to you over the weekend, but then I had some things going on so I'm sure we just about missed each other.. as things go, heh May 31 00:12:22* wrathchylde grins and then laugh softly "hmm yess.. will my tormentor make an appearance soon in a timezone near mine?" May 31 00:12:41 I didn't make it on over the weekend either. work keeping me busy too, but hope to be on at some point over the next few days May 31 00:12:44 nice piercings in the memo btw ;-) May 31 00:13:02 ooh good, you read those! May 31 00:13:41 Just saw it now when i logged on May 31 00:13:53 RL permitting your tormentor will show up. She told me she needs to find out what happens ;-) May 31 00:14:21* wrathchylde squirms not so subtly "her and me both.." May 31 00:15:44 What do you think of these piercings? https://68.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_md947hvw8R1rdbtrjo1_500.jpg May 31 00:16:03* wrathchylde reached out and leaned in, pressing a kiss to your cheek and then neck "I do appreciate your continuing domination.. and look forward to fueling it further" May 31 00:16:41* katya closes her eyes and sighs at the kiss and words May 31 00:16:52 Mmmm, you're doing a good job ;-) May 31 00:17:03 Maybe one day you will return the favour? May 31 00:17:21 ooh which ones there? her labia piercings are interesting but well.. in the way in a sense? I like the nipple stirrups a lot May 31 00:18:08* wrathchylde smiled and nodded "I think that's only fair.. and sure to be fun" May 31 00:18:44 also that big one.. that's.. massive May 31 00:18:50 heavy too.. ever-present May 31 00:19:05 Oh, all of them. And perhaps the point is for the labia ones to be in the way... May 31 00:19:44 yes, that big one would be hard to forget! May 31 00:21:48* wrathchylde gulped as she heard your excitement about possibly closing up her cunt "hmm.. I've always had a bit of a thought of either thick small rings, or set of hollow tunnels May 31 00:22:44 Interesting... any examples? May 31 00:23:41 (don't feel you need to stay if you need to sleep!) May 31 00:23:43 some forum posts that I can find about people asking and others going "pretty much, yeah that can work" but surprisingly no pictures? May 31 00:23:47 http://forum.bodyjewelleryshop.com/threads/30661-Need-Advice-on-Outer-Labia-Piercing-Flesh-Tunnels May 31 00:24:51 oh well the commons have some, hah: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Inner_Labia_Piercing_Tunnels.jpg though I'm thinking outer labia, which allow for something a bit more 'self supporting' May 31 00:27:44 you mean like this? http://cdn.so.fantasti.cc/big/c/e/f/cefequis/cefequis_61dfbb.jpg May 31 00:28:01 how? you.. magic.. but yes May 31 00:28:36 hmm also.. I really should go to bed now.. because otherwise this rabbit hole is going to continue until first light, heh May 31 00:28:41 bing image search ;-) May 31 00:28:46 obviously with safe search off! May 31 00:29:14 I guess bing is just better for that sort of stuff huh.. anyway May 31 00:29:41 yup - bing wins for ****! May 31 00:29:50 sleep well and hope to continue soon May 31 00:30:14* wrathchylde leans in and presses a quick but firm kiss to your lips "I should go.. if you find more delicious or exciting things.. feel free to leave memos, heh" May 31 00:30:18* wrathchylde waves May 31 00:30:41 byeee! Jun 14 17:49:58* wrathchylde waves "hiya" Jun 14 17:50:12OTR: Error saving instance tags: No such file or directory (gcrypt) [katya has address katya@C-L.b5b.csu.sgh597.IP] Jun 14 17:50:12 hello! Jun 14 17:51:50 feels like I've missed you at every possible turn, heh.. how are you? Jun 14 17:51:57 how are you? it has been ages! Jun 14 17:52:18 good thank you. thought you'd gone forever. or were avoiding me! Jun 14 17:52:48 whaat? why would I possible be avoiding you? Jun 14 17:53:35* wrathchylde grins "I mean.. I'd understand -helen- avoiding you.. but she needs to learn a lesson or two about the inevitability of fate" Jun 14 17:53:54 just kidding - looked like you were offline for a long time Jun 14 17:55:12 well, Helen is at a critical stage of her treatment. Stopping now would have terrible consequences Jun 14 17:55:17 nah I understand.. I've been around a few times but fairly limited.. Jun 14 17:55:41* wrathchylde squeezes her legs together, mouth a little dry as she nods "quite" Jun 14 17:55:57 me too, actually. quick visit here and there Jun 14 17:56:14 sadly, i will have to leave in 30 mins, unlikely to be back today. Jun 14 17:56:56 aww that is unfortunate, I was just gonna ask.. heh.. any idea about the remainder of the week? :) Jun 14 17:57:36 I can definitely make some time in my schedule, for Helen's benefit, of course Jun 14 17:57:54 i hope to be online tomorrow evening and/or friday. and maybe sometime on Sunday Jun 14 17:58:37* wrathchylde purrs "many days" Jun 14 17:59:34 I definitely have time tomorrow evening, Friday maybe Jun 14 17:59:54 RL may change that. Jun 14 18:01:54 hopefully the gods of RL will allow this. Jun 14 18:05:29 hah, that would be goood Jun 14 18:06:07 Mmmm. It's important. Poor Helen needs to get better. Jun 14 18:06:36 mmm yes, very important indeed doctor.. Jun 14 18:07:03 I take it you've considered and planned out various treatment paths? Jun 14 18:07:54 I have some ideas. The question is how quickly the treatment should proceed. We can treat aggressively or take it one step at a time Jun 14 18:09:54 what's your opinion? Jun 14 18:10:38* wrathchylde nods "it's paramount that she gets healthy soon, but going too fast may overwhelm her, or even cause her to resist too strongly.. of course you may have ideas on how to improve her cooperation" Jun 14 18:11:55 indeed. a difficult balance. Jun 14 18:12:55 one could force some of the changes but it may be better if she accepts them one at a time. It varies from patient to patient... Jun 14 18:14:55 mm indeed, though for the sake of her recovery, there can be no excessive delays in moving through the steps as you've laid them out Jun 14 18:17:55 ( so, just to check - you want me to move quickly and make big changes? ) Jun 14 18:18:24 so in case of doubt, it's best to err on the side of pushing things along rather than wait and have her regress Jun 14 18:19:09* katya nods Jun 14 18:19:55 wise advice. i shall keep that in mind. Jun 14 18:20:32 (ooh I think you have a pretty good idea of how (fast) things should go.. both detailed small steps and broad strokes are good.. but yeah, err on the side of big steps if you're unsure) Jun 14 18:22:07 ( got it! ) Jun 14 18:25:17* wrathchylde jotted some words down and then looked up with a slim smile "any particular new treatment options you're considering, doctor? Your advancements have taken the field by surprise, but they appear exceptionally successful" Jun 14 18:28:55 Well, it varies from patient to patient, but in general terms it involves helping the patient face their fears head on in as realistic a manner as possible. They are usually a changed person when treatment finishes Jun 14 18:30:43 (( ooh who am I in this case.. someone on a board somewhere? am I 'in' on what you're doing? part of me wans to know what you have planned.. but only in broad strokes, because details are far too fun to explore at the time )) Jun 14 18:32:55 (( i imagined a reporter who will report it all wrong. but perhaps someone on an ethics committee too. someone who might give me a taste of my own medicie one day? )) Jun 14 18:34:27* wrathchylde nodded and "freed from their fears, yes.. a very bold approach that has backfired in the past.. but you seem to have resolved that.. is there anything you can explain about that, without going too deep into the matter?" Jun 14 18:34:51 (( ooh a true saga, heh )) Jun 14 18:36:10 (( sadly RL calls - i must go. until next time! )) Jun 14 18:36:24 (( have a good day! )) Jun 14 18:36:55 (( you too! )) Nov 13 23:34:50 hiya! Nov 13 23:34:56 hey!! Nov 13 23:35:11* cuntslime hugs and groans "ugh I've been sooo bad at coming here" Nov 13 23:35:41 how are you?! Nov 13 23:35:45 goood :) Nov 13 23:35:46 me too. RL has been busy. Nov 13 23:36:19* cuntslime bites her lip "mmm.. is the doctor available?" Nov 13 23:36:46 (( I don't have a lot of time but I'd love to continue this a bit, if you're happy to )) Nov 13 23:37:41 (( sure! you'll have to remind me where we got to though. )) Nov 13 23:38:20 (( the bubble hair dresser just left.. where your pet has been all too happy to coax her into shaving her head )) Nov 13 23:38:44 (( naked under a thin gown in one of the rooms downstairs )) Nov 13 23:39:48 (( ah, yes! now to remember what i planned... )) Nov 13 23:40:41* katya hears Chloe call goodby and then the front door close Nov 13 23:41:41* katya waits a few minutes to let cuntslime stew before walking to the room Nov 13 23:42:18* cuntslime feels a shiver run down her spine as the bubble hair dresser stepped out, unaware of the predicament she'd left her in.. almost jumping as she heard the Mistress' boots in the hallway, her heart beating faster as she approached Nov 13 23:43:41* katya opens the door and walks in, walking slowly around cuntslime, her masked face giving nothing away Nov 13 23:45:19* cuntslime had wanted to sit still but couldn't help but follow you with her eyes.. shivering as she felt your presence almost control her, bind and constrict her Nov 13 23:46:41 Are you happy with your choice of haircut, cuntslime? Nov 13 23:48:05* cuntslime whimpered and bit her lip hard as she heard you.. your lips hidden beneath the mask, hiding your every inch of skin.. she shook her head "p-please.. no.." Nov 13 23:48:41 You don't like it? Well why did you choose it? Nov 13 23:49:46* cuntslime felt tears well in her eyes, frustration and humiliation rising as she looked up at you, attempting anger "you.. you made me.." Nov 13 23:50:46* katya stops before her, cocks her head Nov 13 23:50:57 Really? Nov 13 23:51:28* cuntslime swallows as she sees you pause, stammering "cuntslime.. you made cuntslime ask that" Nov 13 23:51:41 How, exactly did I make you? Nov 13 23:52:51 We'll deal with the lack of manners later. Nov 13 23:53:03 What did I say about your hair? Nov 13 23:53:12* cuntslime swallows and looks up at you, trying to steady herself, not tremble like a leaf "you.. told me you wanted my hair gone" Nov 13 23:55:41 Interesting. Clearly you heard what you wanted to hear. What I said was "I don't like your hair". Nov 13 23:56:41 Now, if you were out with a friend and you saw someone with a hairstyle you didn't like what would you say to your friend? Nov 13 23:57:29* cuntslime looks up at you shocked.. trying to grasp at what you had said earlier.. what you hadn't said and what you'd left implied.. your words cutting deep into her sense of safety and trust in her own ability.. she shook her head in disbelief "I... I'd say I didn't like it, Mistress" Nov 13 23:58:41 And would you mean she should shave it off? Nov 13 23:59:16* cuntslime swallowed hard and felt tears well up in her eyes as you kept hammering the point.. "n-no Mistress" Nov 13 23:59:41* katya walks slowly behind her ahdn unfastens the smock and removes it, leaving cuntslime sitting naked and bald Nov 13 23:59:50 What would you mean? Nov 14 00:00:35* cuntslime breathed hard, on the edge of breaking into sobbing "uhh.. that she should change her haircut, Mistress" Nov 14 00:02:06 And I told you to tell my hairdresser what *you* want done didn't I? Nov 14 00:03:30* cuntslime swallowed again and raised a hand up to her head to touch it, watching herself in the mirror as she touched her head, her black captor behind her "y-yes, you did, Mistress" Nov 14 00:04:41* katya runs a gloved finger over cuntslime's smooth head, tracing patterns across her scalp, "And this is what you chose" Nov 14 00:05:57 I was expecting a neat bob or perhaps a pixie cut. This is a very interesting and revealing choice. Nov 14 00:06:04* cuntslime lowered her hand as she felt yours caress her scalp, slick fingers moving lightly over her skin.. she shook her head lightly "you tricked me, Mistress" Nov 14 00:07:41 *I* tricked you? I don't think so. I think you chose what you really wanted, didn't you? You *want* to be a bald little cunt, don't you? Nov 14 00:08:52* cuntslime shivered and tried to shake her head but all the memories of her dreams flashed into her mind.. she'd been hooded most of the time, but never had there even been a hint of hair in her memory.. Nov 14 00:09:40 (( it's getting late here.. should probably wrap this up slowly.. alas )) Nov 14 00:10:05 (( OK, i need to sleep too. how long do you have? )) Nov 14 00:10:12 (( like 15? )) Nov 14 00:10:41 (( ok )) Nov 14 00:10:43 I wonder what else you really want Nov 14 00:11:50 But we will have to explore that some more tomorrow. It is getting late. Nov 14 00:12:06* cuntslime squirmed in her seat as you caressed and stroked her head.. whimpering "please.. I want to go home Mistress" Nov 14 00:12:43 No. You will remain here as arranged. Nov 14 00:14:16* cuntslime squeezed her eyes shut as she heard the firm and flat rejection of her wish.. seeing in the darkness behind her eyes the creature from her dreams.. only to open her eyes again and see you behind her as that same manifestation Nov 14 00:14:41 Follow me Nov 14 00:14:44* katya walks from the room, snapping her fingers Nov 14 00:15:48* cuntslime swallowed and stepped the chair, knees weak enough to send her to her knees..remembering that's how she was to follow you, unable to even resist.. crawling behind you on hands and knees, hair no longer in her face but her tits hanging and swinging Nov 14 00:19:41* katya smiles under her mask as the girl crawls without prompting, walking to the next room, opening the door and entering, stepping aside to watch cuntslime enter, watching her reaction as she sees the small room, bare apart from a narrow bed bolted to one wall with a heavy chain coiled fixed to the wall by the head of the bed and lying coiled on the end of the bed. A small, heavy steel cage bolted to Nov 14 00:19:47* katya the other wall, a thin mat on the floor of the cage Nov 14 00:21:53 You will sleep here Nov 14 00:21:58* cuntslime grunted as you led her around the house, her gait anything but graceful or trained and every step painful to her knees.. she gasped as she looked up when you stopped and stepped to the side.. seeing the bed and its resting chain and then the smaller cage, large enough for a big dog perhaps Nov 14 00:22:52 Well, what are you waiting for? Nov 14 00:23:21* cuntslime swallowed and shivered.. slowly crawling towards the bed, fearful you might stop her at any point Nov 14 00:24:41 Aren't beds for people, cuntslime? Nov 14 00:25:06* cuntslime stopped and bit her lip hard.. nodding slowly as she heard you "y-yes Mistress" Nov 14 00:25:41 Are you a person, cuntslime? Nov 14 00:26:09* cuntslime shivered and shook her head "uhh.. cuntslime wants to be Mistress.." Nov 14 00:26:57* katya snorts Nov 14 00:27:30* cuntslime felt that sound cut right down to her psyche and bowed her head.. turning towards the cage, slowly crawling towards it Nov 14 00:27:41 I rather doubt that. Get in the cage. Nov 14 00:29:06* cuntslime whimpered but felt unable to even defend herself.. you had her cornered and dominated.. she lowered her head and crawled into the cage onto the thin mattress Nov 14 00:30:41* katya closes the cage door with a clang, slipping the heavy lock into holes and closing it with a loud CLICK Nov 14 00:30:51* katya turns without a pause and walks out, flipping the light off and closing the door, leaving cuntslime in the pitch dark Nov 14 00:31:20* cuntslime shivered and she felt the door fall closed and then your steps leading out and the darkness falling over the room Nov 14 00:33:38* cuntslime pushed against the bars of the small cage but it was built far more solid than the typical metal-wire dog cage.. thick square bars all around and a ceiling with similar bars except for where they parted to leave a collar's opening.. fingers exploring the cool metal in the dark Nov 14 00:34:26 (( oh dear.. helen's deep into trouble now )) [katya has address someone@the.cunt] Nov 18 13:12:49 hello Nov 18 13:56:33 hiya Nov 18 13:57:07 how are you? Nov 18 13:57:48 gooood, just got some lunch and basically a completely free afternoon :) Nov 18 13:59:01 nice! do you have plans for it? Nov 18 13:59:33* cuntslime smirks "I was hoping you'd have plans for it" Nov 18 14:00:43* katya grins Nov 18 14:01:43 sadly i do not have a completely free afternoon. but may have a bit of time here and there. our timing is terrible! Nov 18 14:02:32 well you're here so that's better than we've managed before this week :) Nov 18 14:02:55 I mean.. having consistent evenings would be awesome, but I'm happy with what I'm getting Nov 18 14:03:51 true! but RL will take me away soon, not sure how long for Nov 18 14:04:30 too soon to start something now I guess? Nov 18 14:04:43 evenings this week might be possible Nov 18 14:06:31 ooh now that has me excited :) Nov 18 14:07:43 can't promise but will try. I mean the Dr has a duty to her patient's wellbeing. Hippocratic oath and all... :-) Nov 18 14:09:06* cuntslime grins "I'm sure it's everything to do with the oath, yes" Nov 18 14:10:13 hmm soo.. without spoiling good surprises.. anything specific you have in store for your patient? Nov 18 14:11:00 Of course! The fact she stripped off her outfit after locking the patient up and had an earth-shaking orgasm in the shower was pure co-incidence. Nov 18 14:13:43 Hmmm, not sure about the morning... I need to figure that out. Nov 18 14:14:44 cleaning, breakfast.. and then onto the real program? Nov 18 14:15:56 Mmmm, yes. I have an idea. Nov 18 14:18:46 You're not yet dressed suitably. Nov 18 14:19:31 hmm indeed, and I should dress easily into anything, hairless and smooth Nov 18 14:19:51 exactly! Nov 18 14:22:43 ca Nov 18 14:23:04 need to decide if we go out to get the outfit or i already have it. Nov 18 14:24:04 hmm.. I think the base outfit you probably have.. makes it easier too Nov 18 14:24:36 going out to purchase on a saturday morning sounds impractical Nov 18 14:24:43 (brb - RL) Nov 18 14:25:07 however.. things that go over that base layer.. they may need purchase and fitting Nov 18 14:25:47 Maybe. But there are fetish stores. With fitting rooms. And knowledgable staff ;-) Nov 18 14:32:57 such difficult decisions ;-) Nov 18 14:33:24 sorry.. had a call Nov 18 14:33:40* cuntslime purrs "hmm yess.. and the gags to use Nov 18 14:33:47 np - was afk anyway Nov 18 14:35:43 gags... MMMM! Nov 18 14:36:00 which ones domit for you? they seem to be a very personal thing. Nov 18 14:36:35 it's a difficult choice because do you want to hear her scream, cry, beg and plead.. or do you want those delicious whimpers from behind a good gag Nov 18 14:36:43 do it, I mean Nov 18 14:36:45 i do have an idea for a gag, but not talking about that idea ;-) Nov 18 14:36:57 I like stuff that fills my mouth more than ring gags, unless there's a purpose for them Nov 18 14:37:15 trainer/harness gags are *so* much better than just a single strap Nov 18 14:37:21 panel gags rank top though Nov 18 14:37:45 oh god, yes! to harness gags. Nov 18 14:38:26 https://www.etsy.com/listing/535561434/standard-harness-muzzle-gag-black-blue?ref=shop_home_active_7 this is a fave Nov 18 14:39:04 have you seen the gif of a woman being gagged with a penis gag. but the thing is a full dildo, slides into her throat. totally impractical but sooooo ***! Nov 18 14:39:28 but if you were to say, have a custom-fitted one with unstretchable chains and locks, that would be.. a very special gift Nov 18 14:39:53 oh god the insex one? thick black cock that's then locked in place? Nov 18 14:40:06 yup Nov 18 14:40:42 your judgement's spot on there Nov 18 14:41:24 but penis gags are delicious too.. solid or inflatable Nov 18 14:41:43* katya grins Nov 18 14:42:05 though I like solid ones more, not sure why. something about the rigidness and the certainty that it's not going away? Nov 18 14:42:43 i agree Nov 18 14:47:51* cuntslime purrs "have you had more thoughts about piercings and other body modifications?" Nov 18 14:50:43 Oh, yes. There will be plenty of that! Nov 18 14:52:41* cuntslime gulps "you sound *very* eager about that" Nov 18 14:52:49 Grrr- have to go to RL. Might be a while before inget back. One question inhave not answered is how piercings worth with latex... Nov 18 14:53:04 I *love* piercings... Nov 18 14:53:40 in what way.. stains on the latex or? Nov 18 18:49:51 back for a bit Nov 18 19:01:37* cuntslime waves Nov 18 19:02:06 wanna slip back into character? Nov 18 19:02:46 cutouts are a good solution but do prevent a completely shiny surface all over. but a reasonable compromise, perhaps Nov 18 19:03:05 and yes, why not. i probably have an hour. Nov 18 19:05:01 (( yeah cutouts unfortunately do that.. another option is zippers, but it's still covered or not, so yeah.. translucent latex is another option perhaps.. about an hour here as well )) Nov 18 19:06:02* katya stretches as she wakes, a soft smile as she remembers what is in the room waiting for her Nov 18 19:06:48* katya slips out of bed and has a leisurely shower, thinking about the cramped cage her patient is stuck in, drying and dressing in her latex catsuit, heels. Nov 18 19:07:43* katya heads to the kitchen and has a cup of coffee and something to eat before donning the hood and mask Nov 18 19:08:42* cuntslime squirmed against the bars of the cage in the dark and quiet room.. there had been the occasional noises throughout the night, if it wasn't still night.. she'd slept a few hours at a time maybe, the cage cramped and uncomfortable Nov 18 19:09:46* katya checks her appearance in the hall mirror, the familiar thrill runing through her at the imposing, yet sexy figure, taking a breath before walking to the room and opening the door Nov 18 19:11:36* cuntslime jumped as she heard the heavy door being unlocked and opened, light flooding into the room from the hallway, casting her Mistress as a pitch black shape Nov 18 19:12:43* katya walks in and flips on the light, looking down into the cage at the helpless woman Nov 18 19:14:20* cuntslime blinked as she looked up into the sudden lights as you flicked them on.. swallowing hard as she looked up at her nightmare captor again.. though this time her cage would offer no protection she knew Nov 18 19:14:59 (( can't remember - do you have a collar on? )) Nov 18 19:15:11 (( nope )) Nov 18 19:16:43* katya unlocks the door and opens it, uttering only one word, "Come" as she turns on her heel and starts walking from the room Nov 18 19:18:42* cuntslime swallowed as she heard your instruction after the door was unlocked.. her feet pushing the door open before she backed out and turned on her heels to crawl after you, every step a blend of pain from the hard floor and the soreness of her aching muscles.. but every step a relief to be out of her cage Nov 18 19:19:14* cuntslime shook her head as she reminded herself.. 'the' cage, not her cage.. she was a person and this treatment would be over soon.. Nov 18 19:19:52* katya smiles to herself as sht hears her crawl behind her, not giving her the satisfaction of looking back Nov 18 19:20:43* katya keeps a steady pace, just fast enough to make cuntslime feel she can keep up if she moves quickly Nov 18 19:22:02* cuntslime shivered as she followed, the room had been reasonably warm and her position so curled up she'd not even been cold without a blanket..but in the hallway in the morning, it was far less warm.. struggling to keep up with the Mistress, following the sharp clicks of those steel heels Nov 18 19:23:06* katya points to a spot on the floor in the middle of the kitchen as she walks through, not breaking stride as she walks to the fridge Nov 18 19:23:44* cuntslime swallowed as she noted the instruction, not a word spoken for it.. she waited there, kneeling with her hands folded in her lap Nov 18 19:26:43* katya opens the fridge and takes out a steel dog bowl, putting it on the floor in front of cuntslime. The contents a thick soup of liquidised food. Nov 18 19:26:46 Eat Nov 18 19:28:02* cuntslime looked at the bowl dumbstruck, speaking before thinking as she let slip "what?!" Nov 18 19:30:43* katya says nothing, simply reaching down and picking up the bowl and slowly tipping the contents onto the floor, placing the dish on the counter Nov 18 19:30:46 Perhaps you prefer it like this? Nov 18 19:31:47* cuntslime looked in shock as you poured the contents of the bowl onto the white tile floor, swallowing hard and shaking her head "n-no Mistress.. I.. cuntslime doesn't" Nov 18 19:32:43 Well, then you shouldn't complain when I offer you food in a bowl! Nov 18 19:32:51* cuntslime felt her stomach rumble though, the last thing she'd had to eat was a small quick meal before she'd set out to meet Dr Reynolds.. Mistress, last night Nov 18 19:33:43* katya moves a stool in front of the food and sits down, watching Nov 18 19:34:00 Well? Or would you prefer I fed it to you? Nov 18 19:34:27* cuntslime shivered and slowly leaned down to put her lips to the floor, licking and sucking at the thick soup you'd poured onto it.. shaking her head as she heard you, having an idea how that would be even worse "no Mistress.. please no" Nov 18 19:35:39* cuntslime tasted and swallowed the cold soup.. she'd eaten worse tasting things, though she'd had those on a plate, not slobbereed up from the floor like an animal that slept in a cage.. Nov 18 19:36:48* katya watches with satisfaction as she eats Nov 18 19:38:28* cuntslime tried to lap the food from the floor but she's just be pushing it into a wider puddle, forcing her to suck and slurp it off the floor, the noises adding to the humiliation of eating her food this way.. Nov 18 19:39:09 (( I take it you like petplay? )) Nov 18 19:39:43* katya listens to the sucking and slurping, "You sound like an animal when you eat" Nov 18 19:40:43 (( actually not really. i love the humiliation aspect of this, but find acting like a puppy or whatever just slightly... silly. Weird, i know, and hope this is not a big disappointment )) Nov 18 19:41:24* cuntslime felt a blush rise to her cheeks as you scolded her for what she wasn't unable to affect in the slightest.. she was hungry and her food was on the floor.. she nodded "y-yes Mistress" Nov 18 19:41:53 Don't leave a mess on my floor, cuntslime. Nov 18 19:42:05 (( hah, I have the same actually.. some pet things just 'work' exactly because they're *not* human things that humans do.. the rest of it.. not quite my thing either )) Nov 18 19:42:47 (( so this is OK? )) Nov 18 19:43:12* cuntslime whimpered as she slurped up the last of the larger patches of soup, looking down at the messy tiles and closing her eyes for a moment as she swallowed hard and stuck her tongue out to clean up after breakfast Nov 18 19:44:37 (( it is! maybe a different way of having breakfast every morning, to prevent routine to get used to.. and maybe find something we both find works better, heh )) Nov 18 19:44:44* katya smiles as she watches, feeling herself getting more excited as the woman submits to more and more Nov 18 19:46:01 (( well, suggestions welcome. )) Nov 18 19:46:44* katya stands as she finishes and puts the stool back, opening the back door Nov 18 19:46:46 Come. Nov 18 19:46:58 (( a "food for pain" exchange program? )) Nov 18 19:48:05* cuntslime swallows and nods as she hears your command, lifting to all fours to crawl after you where you'd lead her.. her belly full of the cold soup, adding to her coldness, but she was fed at least Nov 18 19:49:43* katya steps outside into a small courtyard, pointing to a spot in the middle as she turns and picks up the hosepipe Nov 18 19:49:50 (( but in general, systems that encourage active participation through 'earning' basic needs is good )) Nov 18 19:50:43 Your face is filthy and the rest of you is too. Especially that slut hole between your legs Nov 18 19:50:53* cuntslime whimpers as she walks across the cold stones and then sees you pick up the hosepipe, shaking her head rapidly in short motions as she looks up at you pleadingly "p-please no Mistress, it's already so cold" Nov 18 19:51:43* katya ignores her please Nov 18 19:51:46 *pleas Nov 18 19:51:48 Do you need the toilet, cuntslime? Nov 18 19:52:16* cuntslime nodded as you asked her.. "y-yes Mistress" Nov 18 19:52:46 Well, relieve yourself and then I'll clean you Nov 18 19:53:22* cuntslime squeezes her eyes and shook her head, the thought of relieving herself like this, in front of you.. it was too much to take.. Nov 18 19:54:05 Well, if you think you can hold it for the next 4 or 5 hours... Nov 18 19:54:50* cuntslime spread her legs slowly, quivering from coldness and humiliation as her body slowly won the battle against her mind.. reluctantly letting out a stream of piss Nov 18 19:55:43* katya watches, her shiny latex face totally expressionless as cuntslime pisses on the ground Nov 18 19:57:31* cuntslime whimpered and felt tears form in her eyes, looking away to the side as she relieved herself and felt the occasional warm stream against her otherwise cold thighs Nov 18 19:58:03* katya turns on the hose as the stream slows and stops, directing it cuntslime, spraying her all over, the stream hard and cold Nov 18 19:59:20* cuntslime cried as the cold stream of water hit her, squirming on her knees, squeezing her thighs together to keep the worst of the cold out.. "please.. please Mistress, it's too cold" Nov 18 20:00:43* katya steps closer, directing the hose carefully now, her bald head, her face, washing the remnants of cold food of it, her chest, breasts, nipples,, working methodically across her, even as she squirms and shivers Nov 18 20:01:49* katya moves around her to clean her back and buttocks Nov 18 20:01:54 Stand and bend forward Nov 18 20:02:01* cuntslime shakes her head as the stream hits it and then rises her hands to protect her sensitive nipples from the direct assault of the water.. squealing as she feels the stream hit her back Nov 18 20:02:47* cuntslime slowly rose to her feet as you commanded, swallowing hard as she stood up and bent forward at the waist, putting her fingers on her knees Nov 18 20:04:43* katya aims the stream between her asscheeks, careful to angle it so as not to damage, washing ehr ass and pussy from behind Nov 18 20:05:41* cuntslime squeels as she feels the stream hit her sensitive ***, resisting her urge to wiggle away.. knowing it would only make things take longer, though it was a powerful urge to fight Nov 18 20:07:05* katya finishes off by washing the backs of her legs and then the front and her feet before turning off the hose and walking back inside, pickig up an old towel and holding it as she waits Nov 18 20:07:44 (( i am going to have to go to RL in a few, so maybe stop when you're dry and continue next time? )) Nov 18 20:08:35-Global- Hello, Cuff-Link! We have half of you using encryption and the other half not. The half who is NOT should report to #help to get sorted. Nov 18 20:09:00* cuntslime cried and shivered as she felt the hard stream of water slowly go down, methodically blasting all of her pale skin before it finally stopped.. she saw you holding up the towel and almost immediately walked towards you, needing to be dry and warmer Nov 18 20:09:19 (( sounds good.. same here more or less )) Nov 18 20:10:06* katya hands her the towel and closes the door, watching as she dries herself Nov 18 20:10:44 (( OK, then lets stop there. )) Nov 18 20:11:07 (( And idea: should we move the scene to a (private) channel and use PM for the stuff in brackets? )) Nov 18 20:11:34* cuntslime shivered excessively as she dried herself.. quickly toweling off her head, reminded of the shave she'd gotten yesterday.. she rubbed her arms and then breasts dry, working down her body, rubbing her skin hard to get some warmth into it Nov 18 20:12:01 (( ooh that's a pretty neat idea actually.. ideas for the name? )) Nov 18 20:13:57 (( none at all - I will leave that to you! )) Nov 18 20:18:09 (( OK, I must run. hope you enjoyed that and hope to continue soon! ))