ACT1 MAIN AREA: Ruins ~ where you get Withers (right side of the crash) Druid Grove ~ 2 areas in here Then there's a secret entrance to a cave under the grove close to the Grove's jail. Harpies northeast side accessible from the Grove Circle where they are channeling their spell. Owl Bear Cave ~ but i decided to kill the followers of the Absolute instead. Owl Bear is protecting a baby. (a little southwest of the Grove I think) Blighted Village (west of the Grove) Goblin Fight on the village Well that leads to big Spider boss (pickup the Gem) Go into one of the basement to talk to the mirror and pickup the Book of Thay (use gem to open it) Windmill Fight to release Mr. Gnome. Ogre encounter (recruit them or fight them) Go to Missing Shipment (Northeast) You'll fight a bunch of Gnolls, particularly Boss Gnoll. Help or fight the mercenaries protecting the shipment. It is up to you. Slay Karlach Quest (east of Missing Shipments) Head towards West which has the Burning Village Save the people and don't fight them. If you rescue the woman, she gives you good Lightning Charge gear. From west of the burning village, there is a secret entrance to the Zhentarim Mercenary hideout. Zhentarim Hideout I shopped then fought them. There's lots of loots here. The elevator takes you to Underdark, but you can just not go yet. Goblin Camp (Portal back to Blighted Village and head further West) I shopped, get branded, befriended Goblins For perma buffs, save VOLO. And get whipped by the BDSM dude. I particularly lured Minthara to the Grove, long rested by the gate, and experienced the LOTR fight from the front gate of the Grove. AWESOME FIGHT HERE!!! MY FAVE!! Then party afterwards. Also, Halsin appears! Went back to the Goblin camp to clean up all the remaining Goblins. There's a path in here from Priestess Gus? room to the Underdark. Don't go in yet. LOL. Southwest of Blighted Village is the path to Ethel's Shack. Explore the southern eastern parts of this area so you can get to the Old Druid Temples (good items and fight here). Now head West to Ethel's. Do what you want here. ACT1.5 Use Zentarim Hideout (you start at Northwest part) or Goblin Camp (Northeast part) to get to Underdark. You are greeted by Minotaurs! Hello! Underdark Map Do the Mushroom City which is West part of this map (some quests here like help the mushroom hunter, help Glut destroy Druegars, get some items from Arcane Tower) Mushroom Hunter is West of Mushroom City Go further West to get some Susur items, a portal point, etc... Go to middle west side if you Glut wants you to escort him and fight Druegars. The Druegars have some boats. Don't go in yet. Go to bottom west side for the Arcane Tower quests and items. Head towards north east side map just below the access from Goblin Camp to fight the Big Giant Eye!!! Keep going bottom until you get to more Magma-ish exploding mushrooms. There is a way to get to some sort of cave that lets you fight Fish People (Booal Booal!!) Now hop in the boat. Grymforge Shop Cave in quest. Critical that you do this and help them out before long rests. Get to northeast of the map to meet Philomeen who has explosives you can use. Save True Soul Nere. Dude wants to kill you after saving him (jackass!). Go to every nook and cranny of this area. There's a section with 3 Mimics here. Do the puzzle to get to the actual forge. Loot all items needed to use the forge. Fight Grym, the boss of Grymforge and craft your Adamantite gears. Fight the Laval elemental somewhere around here too Portal back to Act1 Main Map and go towards the Creche thing. Mountain Pass