to do: 228 Azito 3 828 Dokomademo Aoku... 3382 Sorcerer's MazeNA•Prism Land StoryJP•Prism LandPAL on hold: #299 Beatmania Append 5th Mix #681 Dance Dance Revolution (Japan) (waiting for it to not be too *** LOL...) #701: Dance: PAL #4338 Tokui Waza 2 #4283 Feedback #4350 Wanisan Shooting Game (i think this is yaroze stuff so i might put it off) #56 Adidas Power Soccer (find a better iso) done: #22 5 Star Racing (another racing game- this one seems a bit more grounded? i'm not very crazy about how the cars feel or move. the soundtrack is pretty servicable but having just come from Tank Racers it's almost unfair of a comparison haha. the environments were also kind of nice looking too!) #26 Annanjarin (cute little virtual pet game, a bit more of a hands-on Tamagotchi, the critter is really cute and even evolves over the course of your care for it. Music is cozy too!! mostly playable w/o japanese reading.) #94 Alexi Lalas International Soccer (i cannot believe how often this game froze. soccer kinda owns though, out of the four heavenly gods of sport balls, this is the one i can get by. i won ONE game!!!) #116 Alundra 1 (PRETTY exceptional Zelda-like and VERY pretty spritework, you know what I am saying? Kohei Tanaka music always owns.) #119 America Oudan Ultra Quiz (i somehow managed to answer like 9 questions in a row. I have no idea what this game is but I think won.) #124 Andretti Racing (it is infact an EA sport racing game from '96. Live action FMVs, MUSIC KINDA OWNS THOUGH???) #171 Armored Core (i cannot believe we actually rolled AC. cozy fun time as always, i wanted to play tank legs more so thats what im doing for that. not much to say i play these game every other month.) #308 Beat Planet Music (unique game design, music was PRETTY COOL for how barebones it was, ATROCIOUS character designs, holy shit) #336 Blade Maker (simulation game, tons of menuing, very dialogue and decision based. the premise involves taking over a blacksmith/weapon store to sell to travelers, conceptually kind of neat...!) #402 Break Point (extremely barebones tennis game, there really isn't much here— EXCEPT the main menu theme was pretty sick??? but that's the extent of it..) #452 Caesar's Palace 2000 (I REALLY DONT KNOW HOW TO GAMBLE, THIS WAS MISERABLE.) #461 Capcom Generation Dai 1 Shuu Gekitsuiou no Jidai (anthology game containing the 1942 games) 1942 (crazy bus type beat, it is barebones- it is basically what it is a capcom made STG.) 1943 (it seems to be 8 levels looped over three times. significant improvements to the first game- better OST. drags on FOREVER) 1943 KAI (overall improvements, appreciate the different times of day, soundtrack has more variety. THEY ADDED LASERS #468 Captain Tsubasa: Aratanaru Densetsu Joshou (konami developed strategy RPG around Captain Tsubasa- extremely FUCKING HYPE soccer momence, the OST when it gets moving- usually when things get intense on the field goes pretty hard. i might...end up hyperfixating on Captain Tsubasa sometime soon..) #516 Chinmoku No Kantai (tactical submarine sim type game, shockingly extremely indepth for being a game based on an anime, may revisit to clear some levels) #566 College Slam (LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOO this game is a reskin of NBA Tournament Edition. i think it has some mechanical improvements though??? like it's borderline 1:1 the same game but with some small tweaks. ultimately though the game's logo makes me laugh so it's the better version.) #577 Command And Conquer (made me realize that I totally missed out on these series- need to actually check it out on PC- PS controls are quite hellish, godlike OST though!!) #717 Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX: Maximum Remix (bicycle extreme sports similar to those Tony Hawk type games where you perform tricks and rack up scores. this one doesn't nearly have as much a focus in combo or chaining tricks. it's presentation is pretty barebones too...there's basically no feeling of momentum or speed in general- i can't say i quite enjoyed playing it. there was some licensed music in it though! the most fun i had was bailing at low speeds.) #726 Deathtrap Dungeon (REALLY neat game, dungeon-rompin' tomb-raider-a-like, shockingly kind of brutal, environments own. this game has such an interesting and entertaining options menu.) #738: Denki Groove Jigoku V (sort of a minigame compilation style game, think Wario Ware, things are exceptionally violent though, with blood and stuff. The main menu theme fucking rules. it seems to have something of a DAW built into it. there is a 9/11 loading screen.) #815: Doki Doki on Air 2 (This one is pretty neat, it's a simulator type game where you run your own radio program down to how you organize and order each individual segment as well as when to inject commercials. It has Card Captor Sakura's voice actress in it. VERY niche but really unique regardless.) #851 Dragonball GT Final Bout (LEGENDARY fighting game, move over Third Strike, this is what should be brought to the competitive scene.) #884 DX Jinsei Game (it is a japanese virtual "A Game of Life" i have very little love for boardgames so having to play through an entire sitting of it was a bit of a displeasure...i can't really say too much about it. THERE IS HOWEVER a sort of...minigame parlor accessible in the main menu where you play very simple minigames like matching tiles, a Frogger-A-Like, a 3x3 sliding puzzle, etc. I could not stand the music.) #898 Dynasty Warriors (very surprised to lean that the first DW was a fighting game!! this actually kind of made me nostalgic for when I would rent DW4 from a blockbuster and play it regularly. i ended up playing Zhou Yu since he and Sun Ce were my favorites. the intro goes extremely hard!! this is also why i am (currently) now playing through DW8.) #910 ECW Hardcore Revolution (you cannot hope to defeat slabby. wrestling game, character creation is insanely indepth, very funny shit- remember, to win just keep kicking. they cannot stop you.) #911 eexy life: East End X Yuri (this seems to be promotional software for a collaboration group (EEXY means East End + Yuri) it has samples of their music (version for boys also included) and even one of their music videos. there is also sort of a digital comic bundled in with can even lose and have to start over for making the wrong decisions in it. ITS GOOD BUT THEY AINT M-FLO) #928 Elan (character raising styled visual novel game- the selling point of it was the game's "emotion/mood" system. the core gameplay involves spending each day doing an activity that raises stats and lowers others. every few weeks or so the demanded skill is changed so you have to accomodate for the changes by balancing your stats around that. the setting of the game takes place after the annihilation of earth and mankind sorta kinda has to preserve itself and you're part of a course that more or less trains you to be a space survivor/successor) #939 Emmyrea (s/o 2 magicianstuff for live translation, another narrative heavy adventure game, formerly an ecchi game on PC? very misogynistic dude in it. while nothing particularily crazy it was very enjoyable to have translated for us.) #951 E.T.: Interplanetary Mission (extremely-nothing top down...adventure game??? you avoid dangers, collect stuff and try to survive, usually going from point A to point B. there is no music. there is nothing. this game is a taste of digital oblivion.) #952 Eternal Eyes (tactics-RPG with creature summoning mechanics- they're very cute. Think FFT x Pokemon, a little bit slow with janky translation.) #957 VR Baseball '97 (it is baseball. there is nothing virtual reality about it. just plain ol balls and bases. that being said i was so fucked up out of my head on the devil's lettuce i think i spent more than the first hour running around in circles laughing while my dudes played catch to stall the game. so i think it was a very funny experience- at least for me.) #965 Every Child Can Succeed 4 (this was software to teach teachers how to teach the teachee. quite outdated and awful...) #988 F1 Racing Championship (relatively tame little driving game, the soundtrack is pretty solid! a lot more interesting than the NASCAR title(s) we've played so far. the difficulty was quite high for me, I think i was able to win maybe two races..?) #1066 Finger Flashing (EXTREMELY DIFFICULT really interesting rock paper scissors styled puzzle autoscroller. huge brain game, might have to try 2 learn someday.) #1117 Arcade Classics: Frisky Tom (VERY DIFFICULT ARCADE GAME. Seems to juggle multiple mechanics- actually really interesting for 1981. You're kinda the bad guy here i think...) #1159 Gallop Racer 2000 (fantasy Racing game with exceptional soundtrack. I don't understand the mechanics but I sure got to beat a horse.) #1201 Getter Robo Daikessen (Getter Robo SRPG, you know like your SRWs and the like. it's fun that you do have to manually line up the individual getter machines to have them GATTAI into Getter1/2/3. the first stage killed my ass like three times until I learned how to properly gattai. soundtrack kinda owns, 3D graphics are gorgeous.) #1214 Glocal Hexcite (hey man, what was this. (genuinely interesting puzzle game, also waiting turns hell.)) #1274 Gundam Battle Assault 2 (GUNDAMMM HAMMERRR! gundam fight game, mechanics are all over the place but we somehow managed to win. ball is now available.) #1278 Gunfighter: The Legend of Jesse James (surprisingly exceptional late PS1 lightgun shooter (2001) music is great and it just feels nice. def. worth a revisit and full playthrough) #1295 Hamster Club-i (seems to be a virtual pet game with hamsters, except there are various minigames, even a competetive/ranking network mode for them. these include racing games, a FIGHTING GAME and some others that required more than one player to play. shockingly high production value??? soundtrack owns.) #1321 Harukaze Sentai V-Force (tactical RPG with 3 Disks worth of anime FMVs. it seems to center around jet pilots. The protagonist is really cute =^o^= ) #1334 Hebereke's Poppito / Hebereke Station (drop puzzle games (ohhh no my biggest weakness) i tried playing it similarily to puyo with an emphasis on chaining and it was excruciating. i took a moment to step back to focus on learning how to clear the board since it does seem to lean more into "objectives". very difficult (for me) but the music is fantastic stuff- i guess thats to be expected of Sunsoft??? it's cute! I suck loads at it.) #1340 Heiwa Parlor! Pro: BunDoriKing Special (yup! that sure is another pachinko machine! way less production value or fun or really anything than the last one. music is nightmarish. there was no cute shark so what's the point) #1414 Hitori de Dekirumon! (it's some edutainment software for children- it's apparently based on a show that encouraged general responsibility, the game version seems to teach simple dishes and some other mannerims revolving around that. the character designs are really cute??? there's a shocking amount of production value put on this, the overworld and all the little sprites for example are just pleasant to look at.) #1426 Honkaku Yonin Uchi Pro Mahjong: Mahjong Ou (HAVE YOU EVER WANTED TO BE THE SAD ANIME GIRL AT A MAHJONG TABLE FULL OF REAL LIFE ADULTS?) #1455 Hyper 3D Pinball (really well made, i'm not good at pinball but if ya like to pin balls, this is for you!! (especially in 1996, this was one hell of an impressive little collection for the time, i think- especially for the quality.)) #1450 HunterXHunter: Ubawareta Aura Stone (it seems to be a of sorts? it's set in the HunterXHunter universe where you play as your own ORIGINAL CHARACTER who gets to hang out with the rest of the cast. I could barely understand what was going on with the mechanics but we managed to THRASH like three salarymen. music was kind of a nightmare.) #1516 ...Iru (very exciting, never expected lovecraft in a japanese highschool setting, i want to see where it goes.) #1549 Jeff Wayne's The War of the Worlds (based on the musical that was based on the novel based on the original strategy game that was based on both, this was a version of the game that decided to go with vehicular combat. it's actually a little bit similar to the Wargames game on PS1 where you manually drive around various vehicles and complete objectives but can switch between them whenever at any time. the music was really good stuff- apparently the RTS mentioned before shares its OST and cutscenes with this incarnation.) #1602 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (i forgot this was a cacpom game!! i have not consumed jojo in a long time but this was pretty fun (arcade mode clear) vanilla ice beat my ass to a pulp, but at least kakyoin finally beat Dio. this is apparently the prototype or predecessor to the heritage for the future which contains more content and overall is a better release.) #1643 Kakinoki Shogi 2 (well. i've gone out of my way to learn mahjong, ive played both pachislot and pachinko, and it turns out i know how to play shogi now too. shogi is very interesting and pretty fun but also, competing against a professional level AI is soulcrushing...) #1661 Kartia: The Word of Fate (tactical rpg with a focus on resources, you use cards made up of silk/mythril/world tree to summon allies, equipment or cast magic. the game is relatively linear with a focus on the campaign and story. yoshitaka amano's art is also here. PRETTY NEAT) #1687 Kero Kero King (FROG GOLFING!!! FROLFING!!! this is a sort of predecessor to Ribbit King (a PS2 frog golf game in the same vein) extremely fun actually, I need to revisit this and win at least one game. the artstyle and animations are pretty exceptional. the frogs are so cute...the music is repetitious though.) #1698: Kidou Senshi Gundam: Giren no Yabou -Zeon No Keifu- Kouryaku Shireisho (an expanded upon version of the original Giren no Yabou for the saturn. it's basically a gundam grand strategy game with extensive mechanics like politics and the calling of ceasefires. there's also things like investing resources and funds to the development of technology, mobile suits, weapons and so on. definitely a "please learn japanese before playing" game. though there are translated versions on the PSP..) #1731 Kinnku Banzuke Vol. 1 Ore ga Saikyou no Otoko (developed by Konami it is a videogame adaption of a gameshow where contestants perform various activities and minigames to uh. Show the rank of their muscle. this includes things like Tug-O-War and kicking or touching of the balls. really interesting how they've adapted the particular actions in said events through mechanics/inputs.) #1746 Klaymen Klaymen: The Neverhood Chronicles (fucking gorgeous claymation point and click adventure. prequel(?) to Skull Monkeys (a platformer game in th same universe) the japanese PS1 version is a port of the PC version of the game. #1753 Kochia Katsushikaku Kameari Kouenzen: Hashutsujo -High-Tech Building Shinkou Soshi Sakusen! no Kan (as simply put, this one is sort of a tower-defense game where you use the building's various security systems to fend off iconic characters from the comedy manga it's based on. There are some goofy scenes and reactions from each characters when they're faced with the challenges you put out for them. It's actually excruciatingly difficult to get into a "winning state" since the characters all have ridiculous health- and that's if your traps even affect them...the game also has 120 floors, so it's quite the trek.) #1762: Konami Antiques MSX Collection Vol. 3: it's an anthology game containing Konami titles from the MSX. the MSX really didn't handle screen scrolling very well so the titles i was interested in like Parodius and Salamander were kind of nightmarish to play. But it is what it is and I can appreciate that. miss you, Konami.) #1790 Kurashi No Manner (part of the simple 1500 series, this one seems to be a sort of software with little quizes on how to properly conduct yourself maybe? I'm uncertain.) #1814: The Land Before Time: Big Water Adventure (Hi Mo! Hi Mo! Hi Mo! Hi Mo! Hi Mo! Hi Mo! Hi Mo! Hi Mo! Hi Mo! Hi Mo! Hi Mo! Hi Mo! Hi Mo! Hi Mo! Hi Mo!) (it is a simple platformer with primarily collecting leaves as a mechanic) #1908 Lupin III: Chateu de Cagliostro (to best describe it: it is like an interactive diorama...virtual encyclopedia that's built around the Lupin III movie Chateau de Cagliostro. it's also set ten years after the movie and you're revisiting as Lupin(in disguise) basically uh...catching up on how it's been since then.) #1916: Baby Universe (one of those pleasant surprises: wild little 3-D Kaledioscope with chill beats sold on a PS1 disk. absolutely not what I expected but happy to see.) #1966: Card Game Shuu (just another virtual gambling game like Caesar 2000, much more barebones, but it is what it is: a series of virtual casino cardgames.) #2008 Magic: The Gathering: BattleMage (very uh..."interesting" take on the MTG formula by turning it into an RTS. i have an ultra loose surface level understanding of how to play MtG since it's been well over twenty years but i'm almost certain regardless of my experience this probably wasn't the best adaption it could've been. that being said turning a turn based cardgame into an RTS is one hell of a move i can kinda respect? like; how does that thought process even occur? does someone just pitch the idea that maybe turn based card games are too slow and they should make things more INTENSE and hands-on by making it an RTS?) #2035 - Mahjong Youchie: Tamago Gumi 2 (very cute artstyle, seems like a "manual" virtual mahjong, I think I somehow called a Ron though LOL) #2061 Mars Moose Walkabout 1: The Natural History (really weird little thing. i guess its "edutainment???" but there were extremely little educational things about it beyond giving you like trivial information on some animals i guess? and some tile matching minigames. it's shockingly pretty well animated. the moose also shares the same voice as Bobby Hill which was kind of caught me off guard. They had a cute design though! remember to hang loose with the moose.) #2074 Mass Destruction (EXTREMELY pleasant surprise, simple little top down tonk game- objective based with a waaay good OST.) #2087 Matsukata Hiroki no World Fishing (FMV??? game??? you pick between japanese black bass or billfish and wrestle for your goddamn life. you will not win against these sea creatures give up and try something else.) #2110 Meguri Aishite (also another dating sim, no translation guide available. I think I ruined this dude's love life but at least he's built like a truck. it seems to focus on actually learning the girl's mannerisms and preferences and using that to win her over???) #2120 Memorial Series: Sunsoft Vol. 2 Route-16 Turbo / Atlantis No Nazo (small anthology bundle containing Sunsoft's titles Route-16 Turbo and Atlantis No Nazo. Route-16 is sort of like Pacman but on a much bigger scale??? you avoid obstacles and other drivers while collecting the various items scattered throughout the map. the map has smaller maps within when you do arrive at your destination. Atlantis No Nazo is a fairly barebones side scrolling platformer- you do get grenades??? sticks of dynamite??? the game has this weird momentum whenever you're jumping down platforms- you kind of glide forward a bit after the initial descent- it's pretty awful when you need to actually do platforming over gaps.) #2165 MiniMoni ni Ninaru no da Pyon! (it's another KidStation title, this one instead of purely edutainment is sort of a party game where you play two minigames and then it ends. The characters go to sleep and say good night to you beforehand so I imagine it's something kids played before bedtime.) #2208 Mobile Light Force (it is essentially a neutered version of Gunbird, the game is mostly intact. for some reason it was a localization decision to go with "MILF 2000" as one of the characters. the dialogue general story stuff of the game is just completely gone??? the cover art is incredible. it's so good in fact that they decided to reuse the same exact image for Mobile Light Force 2. mechanically for the most part it is in fact just Gunbird.) #2225 Killer Bass / Monster Bass (extremely insane concept, unfortunately wasted- nightmarish sound design / volume mixing) #2339 NASCAR Thunder 2004 (i drove a total of 35 circles today.) #2353 NBA Jam Tournament Edition (funniest fucking shit ever, incredible menu music. AI breaking at its finest. might play more just to get silly moded.) #2365 NBA Shootout 2000 (would you believe that the 2003 version is vastly inferior compared to this one? funny(sad) how that is more basketball!! not much to say beyond that the later game(s?) become worse at least for now.) #2369 NBA ShootOut 2003 (i have no skill or knowledge when it comes to basketball. i do however for some reason would love to see Ori in a basketball jersy dunking a basketball. i somehow managed to accumulate 23 fouls in one single game.) #2387 NCAA March Madness 2001 (it sure was basketball!!! i actually won ONE game) #2391 Need For Speed III: *** Pursuit (i'm surprised i've never played an NFS game before, this one is pretty exceptional dumb fun. the OST is insane since i don't think any of it is licensed music??? i think it's all in-house compositions and what is there is REALLY good. on top of that they've incorporated a sort of dynamic soundtrack to it too which is really impressive shit. game handles well and the framerate is servicible for what it is, it just looks really good. the cops being as loud as they are really add alot to it.) #2415 NFL Full Contact (very straightforward almost arcade-ey football game?? you're dropped into the game setup menu immediately and the game starts right then. i STILL barely understand a thing about futbol but this one happened to be published by Konami which was kind of a weird jumpscare for me. hut hut hut hut hut hut hut hut hut hut hut hut hut hut hut hut hut hut) #2425: NFL GameDay 2005 (it is football! I don't know anything about football except cleaveland browns uhhh buffalo bills seattle seahawks carolina panthers cincinatti bengals greenbay packers tampa bay buccaneers jacksonville jaguars miami dolphins uhhh washington redskins arizona cardinals...houston texans..) #2459 Nijiro Dodgeball: Otome-tachi No Seishun (apparently a spin off of the Super Dodgeball series- this one however doesn't have any of the kunio characters but instead has a cast of girl's dodgeball teams with pretty over the top names like SOUL SABERS and TRUE CRUSADERS. mechanically it's pretty neat. the game is sort of structured in a visual novel system where you hang out with the characters and decide on their training routines to min/max their various stats and strengths for when you do get into the actual dodgeball games. the actual dodgeball games themselves are mechanically extremely neat and I'd like to actually beat the game sometime- though hopefully with a more reliable translation.) #2463 Ninja Jajamaru-kun: Onigiri Ninpouchou (third...person...manual scroller??? think sort of like pepsiman except you don't have to ALWAYS be running. theres some lite platformer mechanics, enemies to shoot/swing at/ninjitsu to perform (which are essentially screen clearing bombs) and "boss fights" every 3 levels (you can absolutely bully them by running up and slapping them silly with your sword though.) the soundtrack is pretty neat and the intro video is the coolest. apparently Jajamaru-Kun is a long running(?) series by Jaleco that i've somehow been completely oblivious to until now!! the Yokai designs/interpretations were really neat and cute- at least the ones i could recognize.) #2471 Nippon Pro Mahjong Renmei Kounin: Shin Tatsuman (it is!! EVEN MORE MAHJONG!! WOW!! a bit lower budget than #1426 BUT the tiles were less blurry.) #2657 Parlor! Pro 2 (i cant believe this is right above the entry where i lost my pachinko virginity. awful, absolutely awful. this one didn't even cute fish. the production value is atrocious but i was able to draw a cute dog during the duration of it.) #2664 Parlor! Pro Jr. Vol. 1 (today marks the first time I have personally experienced a pachinko machine (virtual) i cannot believe Metal Gear died for this.) #2671 Paro Wars (Parodius themed war-strategy game, uhh closest comparison I can make is the Advanced Wars games. lots and lots of menus to translate- very confusing. the load times inbetween each battle were excruciating. the spritework and stuff was pretty fun though. opening cutscene is very funny.) #2680 Perfect Fishing: Bass Fishing (probably my favorite game played today (Day 9) extremely cozy fishing game, the audio and visual stuff is sincerely just a joy to turn your brain off and melt to. the fishing mechanics aren't very indepth or difficult which makes it perfect for vegging out to. the sounds of rain unfortunately aren't present so I recommend also turning on RainyMood when playing this. the bass is bassically your endgoal as it's pretty rare to actually find one.) #2744 Pointblank (i love!! to shoot!! gun!! lightgun wario ware. I've played this and ghoul panic before!!! always fun) #2570 Mr. Driller G (expanded upon release of Mr Driller, with very cute cutscenes, introduces a whole story mode and various gametypes. I am not very good at it) #2779 Power Rangers Zero Full Tilt Battle Pinball (it is Power Rangers themed pinball, they sprinkle some spliced up clips from the show inbetween levels. I think it's kind of cool that they did go out of their way to put together "boss fights" and different tables per level.) #2791 Premier Manager '99 (fantasy sports ball team management sim, uh. there is one BGM and the menus and GUI design are kind of something else. it's really not my thing to any degree. it is what it is!) #2864 Queens Road (thanks to this game I am learning that there is an entire subgenre of games reffered to as "Princess Makers" funny enough it reminds me of those fantasy football/sportsball team management simulators, except with the goal of having a princess become a queen in mind. There are all sorts of mechanics like financial and resource management, unit equipment, unit recruitments, character event,s army loadouts/unit placement, etc etc etc. it's very extensive and menu heavy!! which while interesting unfortunately can't be played too well without understanding of the language. we were hoever able to win like four skirmishes though.) #2871 Quiz De Battle (another japan exclusive quiz-gameshow. there is quite a variety of characters to play as and they're pretty cute and expressive!) #2885 Rakugaki Showtime (party/fighting game type deal where you THROW STUFF!!! Marina is here it's great. artstyle is the most prominent feature it's all doodles- hence; rkgk showtime. i love this game a lot...thank you treasure) #2915 Rayman Junior Level 2 (best described this was more or less a "edutinament romhack of Rayman" its (from what i know at the time) 1:1 Rayman gameplay and graphics, but with basic english phonetics/number recognition puzzles tacked on. ie. having to follow the path labeled 902 or else you're punished (quite severely actually, you lose a whole life for making a single mistake.) #3016 Rugrats in Paris: The Movie (this is the dictionary definition of suffering, hands down the worst game we've played thus far.) #3031 Sabre Marionette J: Battle Sabers (very janky fighting game based on an anime, extremely classic 90s moe blob aesthetic, it's really good. the game has a sort of "part equipment mechanic" where before each battle you equip a part that boosts the damage/effectiveness/range of the specific part that's being used. ie. really big hands / really big shoes. the best part of the game is probably it's intro is very well animated and goes hard as fuck) #3037 Saishuu Densha (japanese train horror themed narrative driven game with dialogue/action options, interesting premise. I wish i could read) #3050 Salary Man Champ: Tatakau Salary Man (minigame compilation styled game, you know- like WarioWare. it's themes revolve around being a Salaryman, so I like to believe this is infact what all Salarymen do outside of trying to survive post apocalyptic Tokyo against wild animals. The artstyle is actually really cute, and overall the game is pretty fun with the exception of the quiz styled minigames that definitely require reading ability.) #3080 Sanyo Pachinko Paradise 5 (i think this is the third time we've gambled away all of chat's earnings for some gambling. it is what it is: virtual pachinko machine. it's island/fishing themed, the artwork is all very cute though. awawawa) #3100 SeaBass Fishing 2 (fantastic game, BGM3 owns, it's honestly just feels like a successor to Pro Bass Fishing earlier- like before the Sea Bass is the hardest thing to come by but just fishing in general is a very cozy good time. environments arent as varied as PBF but i personally think the 3D aspects when you're battling with a fish make up for it. the fish battling BGM also straight up just sounds like Motoi Sakuraba music, it's nuts.) #3145 Shachou Eiyuuden: The Eagle Shooting Heroes (mostly standard style JRPG but it actually is themed/takes place during a particular time in chinese history/mythology (???) the way combat/attack actions is handled in both a really flashy, cool and conflicting fashion where you and your enemies do a little martial arts exchange- the animations are really great for the time- even when compared to other actual 3D fighting games at the time. unfortunately there are cases where you're just unlucky and the enemy manages to beat your ass and you're unable to deal any damage despite being the one to make the offensive action. i don't know. personally just feels off...) #3194 Shinseiki Evangelion: Koutetsu no Girlfriend (i cant believe it, shinji got a girlfriend. cute little visual novel AU of sorts to eva, there is a new girl in town and things are whacky and zany, but apparently she gets her own robot.) #3233 Sim City 2000 (hoooooooooooooooly fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was awful!!) #3249 Simple 1500 Series Vol. 16: The Pachislot (i gambled away all of chat's earnings...but i got (1) ONE jackpot.) #3324 Ski Air Mix (OH MY GOD!!! feels mostly good to control, music owns, i've only ever skiing is hard for me.) #3423 Space Invaders (1999) (mechanically solid, interesting take on a classic. music is absolutely atrocious, I cant believe 8 y/o me thought this slapped) #3493 Titlerama! (it is kind of like SAW, except edutainment. If you DO NOT learn anything you WILL die horribly.) #3503 Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha (i haven't played anything Street Fighter Adjacent (excluding V for a very short period of time) since 3S, but thanks to this game i've moved on from Makoto and have truly fallen in love with Skullomania, god he's so cool. very pretty 3D grafix!!! OST absolutely slaps actually. i can't believe i was stuck on Zangief for so long..) #3602 Takuramakan (FMV game kind of like Myst, extremely esoteric and definitely requires an understanding of japanese to piece together the riddles and the like. I think the biggest barrier is all reference to religious themes that absolutely go way over my head.) #3612 Tank Racer (INITIALLY i'd dismissed this game as PAL jank or shameless shovelware but what we bumped into was sincerely a gem. It's mostly kind of a barebones kart racer with a cute gimmick in that you're all tanks with a rotateable turret and you have regular shots you can constantly fire off to stagger the other racers. The game is very pretty but what stood out the most to me was it's genuinely fucking incredible OST. everything on there goes so hard. it's all dnb and it owns. the main menu theme is even pure catharsis after each race.) #3732 Touki Denshou Angel Eyes (Tecmo fighting game, some of the graphical assets are kind of clashing (some being 3D renders and others being 2D sprites) very fast paced, balance is all over the place. Highway Star is kind of a baddie ngl. OST kicks, final boss and it's theme is pure shit. Chibiko is unstoppable.) #3742 Tokimeki Memorial 2 (used translation guide, shocking amount of effort for what it is. I ACTUALLY to a degree wish we could play more..i was kind of invested.) #3751 Tokyo Dungeon (first person adventure game, lots of dialogue, I'm entirely lost. The FMVs were neat and the exploration for the time was interesting, the most standout feature was the overworld which was something of a cyberspace you could swim through.) #3790 Tower Dream 2 (seems to be some sort of japanese take on monopoly??? there are some mechanics I don't entirely understand like how the businesses function or how selling off property works, but there was a cute puppy dog girl and the intro video was animated exceptionally well. I even won one game, so all-in-all i think it was a good time.) #3865 Uki Uki Tsuri Tengoku: Kawa Monogatari (really cute idea that i would have loved to see with much more of a budget. it's a sort of "Fishing trip simulator" emphasis on trip- while fishing seems to be the primariy goal of the game there are a couple of other things you do on your trip like look for flora and fauna. you can pick up and examine plants or see animals/birds around and the game even has some pretty indepth encyclopedia entries regarding them. unfortunately the game's lack of budget sort of means it basically has no soundtrack and the actual fishing mechanics there are very dull and uninteresting..I DID however catch three japanese sea bass- shoutout to SeaBass fishing.) #3906 Vadims (it is like tetris but for warlocks, you shift the blocks around to form diamonds in red or white colorations, the time limit is strict but even more so when your time persists inbetween levels. the only way to survive is to consistently chain. i am not very good at puzzle game...) #3945 Virtual Pool 1 (SHOOOOT NOW...DADA, SHOOOT NOW...DADA...INSANE intro video, killer tunes- they are all licensed tracks.) #3985 Warzone 2100 (another console RTS port!! this time without much difficulty with the click and drag inputs. unfortunately the framerate is extremely fucking lethal and chugs. that being said though the game itself is all sorts of interesting. the ability to create "designs" for your units before you manufacture an army of them, the seamless mission to mission campaign, etc. the game just has all sorts of really neat ideas. I think the highlight is the game's soundtrack— while there are only three tracks in total they're all absolute bangers. the original game itself is actually open source freeware now and freely available on steam- it's still being updated to this day 24 years later.) #4069 world stadium EX (very cute little baseball game by Namco, the artstyle is extremely charming, I am SHIT at it but i sincerely would like to play more sometime..) #4099 Xevious 3D/G+ (it's Xevious! in 3D, anthology styled game with 3-in-one type deal. you can play as Heihachi so its fucking great.) #4117 Yamasa Digi Guide: Umekagetsu R (this one was very interesting- it's an extremely extensive simulator/documentation on a particular pachislot machine that actually existed- there's entire graphs and graphics that describe probability of certain rolls and "big bonuses/jackpots. there's even a small in-game video that talks briefly about it's unique aspects and of course there's also a simulation of the pachislot machine to play." #4120 Yamasa Digi World: Tetra Master (I CANNOT BELIEVE. IT WAS ANOTHER PACHISLOT GAME!!! I WAS FOOLED!!! but it's intro was pretty kickin' and the y2k GUI was sick as hell.) #4154 "Z" (i can best describe it's aesthetic as kind of like "Trashy" it's very foulmouthed and cheeky. it involves robot dudes waging a war in a sort of red versus blue fashion. it's a pretty barebones mass-attack styled RTS. the same issue as C&C's PS1 port is here but miraculously somehow even worse. the click and drag input buffer is nightmarish. you seem to have to hold X for a whole second before you can drag the mouse. it has some interesting ideas like vehicular hijacking.) #4192 Ongaku Tsukuru: Kanade-Ru 2 (music sequencing software on the PS1, apparently it's a port of an SNES version??? pretty neat!! it's like a PS1 mario paint port i guess? haha the example composition songs on there were really solid stuff, actual bangers even. a cute little novelty thing for me though since i sure as hell do not know how to read or write music.) #4250 Write Away 9 (it is some more education software but unlike "Every Child Can Succeed" it isn't something that teaches how to teach- instead it seems to be a series of live-action FMV skits which are adaptions of stories written and submitted by children. this kind of owns actually, there are nine disks.) #4291 Eagle One: Harrier Attack (mechanically pretty ok. kinda iffy for late ps1 game, totally ridiculous intro video. GIRLCOCK) #4339 Tanx (mostly straightforward 3rd person shooter type game. you drive around a tank and shoot other tanks each "faction" has its own selection of tanks which function sort of like lives based on what you can afford with your TANKBUCKS. the audio mixing is absolutely FUCKING atrocious. the intro cutscene is pretty great. i used to rent this game when Blockbuster existed!! i think it's aged pretty okay.) skip: #1028: FEDA 2: White Surge the Platoon (Memory Card check difficulties, revisit later probably) #2192 Mitouhou e no Chousen: Alps-Hen (does not emulate properly, may need to try alternate emulators) #2221 Monkey Hero (you can barely see the ape in the darkness.) #2737 Pocket dungeon (i do not own a Pocket Station ;_; ) #4110 yakitori musume: sugo udo hanjouki (simulation style game, requires alot of reading, look into later.) to revisit: #116 Alundra 1 (Possibly? NOT crazy about Zelda games BUT this one is pretty neat enough I might dip into it.) #516 Chinmoku No Kantai (cool submarine game, extremely unique enough to warrant some replay) #577 Command And Conquer (By technicality- I would like to one of these days ACTUALLY play the proper PC versions.) #726 Deathtrap Dungeon (really good need to beat this one s/o 2 sacoglossa) #1066 Finger Flashing (KINDA LOW-KEY WANNA GET GOOD AT THIS MAYBE...) #1214 Glocal Hexcite (MAYBE if im feeling silly enough i will see what lies beyond toto.) #1516 ...Iru (REALLY NEAT definitely going back to it.) #1746 Klaymen Klaymen: The Neverhood Chronicles (need to grab the og PC version so i can ACTUALLY read the text. but definitely want to play through to completion at least once.) #2074 Mass Destruction (this game fucking owns i need to beat it) #2576 Mr. Driller G (oh it time for me to hyperfixate on puzzle games? i really hope not!!!) #3233 Sim City 2000 (i need to like actually try the real game because its kind of interesting but that PSX port was SHIT ASS) #4099 Xevious 3D/G+ (I would like to beat it at least once. It doesn't seem too bad. Ship speed is a slaughter though.) wishlist: G-Darius In The Hunt Einhander Ape Escape Brave Fencer Musashi Armored Core/Project Phantasma/Master of Arena Megaman X4 Megaman 8 Pandemonium Spider Parasite Eve Omega Boost R-Type Delta Bust-A-Move 4 Tail Concerto Crime Crackers Gradius Gaiden INTELLIGENT QUBE, MOTHER FUCKER Metal Slug X Silent Bomber Pepsiman (Hey did you know Kotaro Uchikoshi of Zero Escape as well as James Shimoji of Redline's soundtrack worked on this game?) Resident Evil 1 Time Crisis Valkyrie Profile Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Castlevania: Chronicles