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"I got wind that Japan is going to discontinue the use of skirts in schools and are replacing them with slacks..." "Yep, a lot of schoolgirls in Japan are raging about the transition from skirts to trousers..." "In 2010, slacks will be compulsory for girls in the winter months all across Japan." "Compulsory slacks are already in effect in Kanagawa Prefecture." "What is your favorite school uniform design, /jp/?" "Hey /jp/ Care to post some school uniforms?" (untitled) ""Real" schoolgirls thread." "Anyone up for a schoolgirl panty shot thread?" "More schools across Japan have now ordered slacks as a replacement for skirts." "School uniform in Japan." "you will never experience Japanese school life" "Japanese School Girl Uniform" "Real Jap junior high school students" "What's better /jp/, sailor ties or vests for uniforms?" "japanese schoolgirls are pretty sugoii when you get down to it, desu." "Why does nobody help her?" "I wish to befriend Japanese schoolgirls." ">/jp/ meetup" (hi-res on Warosu starts here) ">/jp/ - Japanese highschool girls culture" "Post 2D and 3D school girl related things." "are asian schoolgirls /jp/ related?" ">Kindergarten: Uniforms >Elementary: No uniforms" "Schoolgirl Thread" "Cute japanese schoolgirls" "I can see your pantsu" "/jp/, can we have a 3D school girl thread?" "Would you wear a Gakuran, /jp/?" "Are japanese schoolgirls actually forced to dress like this?" "Real Schoolgirls" "Did we lost the Schoolgirl Thread ? ;_;" "I don't see a 'Japanese school girls doing cute things' thread, so let's have one." "Which seifuku is best?" "qt japanese school girls and their classmates" "japanese schoolgirls" "japanese school uniforms are so cute" "Uniform Thread" "behold the land of 3DPD" "which is the best seifuku, long sleeve or short sleeve?" 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"All We want is pics of real school uniforms of Japan." "Is this an accurate depiction of japanese school life?" "New school uniform thread? No nanchatte or cosplay uniforms." (few pics missing on Warosu) "School Uniform Gallery" "japanese schoolgirls doing silly stuff" "Who dresses the best, /jp/?" "A moment of reflection" "JK Thread" "Which uniform is the best?" "Joshi kosei / Schoolgirl" "classic uniform vs modern uniform" "Bloomers" "School uniform-viewing thread" "School uniform thread" "Uniform thread NOW" "woah.. so it is really like in anime" (incorrectly archived) "New Edition of School Uniform Thread" "Uniform Thread" "Do Japs really think dressing like this is cool?" "School Uniforms Thread" "buruma: Why don't these exist anymore?" "Japanese school life and uniforms: free hugs edition" "Can we have one of those 'Japanese life' threads?" "do japanese schoolgirls really wear this? or is it just another anime fantasy?" "Japanese School Uniforms Thread" "Japanese School Uniforms and School Life Thread" "JKs and how to get th... I mean school uniforms thread" "Japanese School Uniform Thread" "i remember there being school uniform threads here, where did they all go?" "/jp/ what is your favorite type of school outfit?" "School Uniforms Thread: slow edition" "School outfit thread!" "School outfit thread! #2" (incorrectly archived) "School outfit thread #3" "Are JK threads still allowed?" "JK threads will never perish." "School Uniform Thread" "JK fashion thread" "Can JK fashion threads prosper once more?" "School uniform's thread, I guess." ">JK girls are now opting to wear slacks more and more" "Sailor fuku forever" "/sug/ - School Uniform General" "School Uniforms: nanchatte only this time" "Schoolgirls: Just JK's fucking around." "Seifuku thread" "Are we still doing uniform threads?"