TV Show Transcripts S01E03 - INSTALL Normal view1. There's something strange about the monster the Akabanes are fighting against. Sensing danger, Shiro orders the family to log out immediately. BOY Whoa. That's in English. What does it mean? It doesn't mean anything. It's just a little memento that people leave. I did it when I wrote my first program. It's a programmer thing. ( theme song in Japanese plays ) ( rustling ) This is the ultimate endgame content? The Black Bird of Happiness? Huh? It is? SHIRO It's headless. Is it a dragon? MAY Doesn't it look kinda familiar? Hold on... Isn't that the Red Dragon? The one that you defeated the other day? Maybe its ghost came back to haunt you... Don't be dumb! Probably a video glitch. Whoo-ooh! I see what's really going on here. The Black Bird's using its corpse as a vessel. Huh? The fight's on! Protect on! ( chiming ) I don't need any power-ups. I'll beat it with a single strike! Macro on! Wave of Swords! Huh? No way... What gives? Don't know. That's really weird... If it was a Red Dragon, its defenses wouldn't be this strong. ( chuckling ) Your Wave of Swords didn't even make a dent. Did you just laugh when you said that? What's so funny? ( all yelping ) Its attacks feel much stronger than a normal Red Dragon's, too! What the hell is that thing? ( all gasp ) ICHI Shiro! Macro on! Explosive Fist! Even Shiro's Explosive Fist couldn't beat it! ( gasps ) Guys, look! Over there! BOTH Huh? ICHI Those shitty bastards. MAN 1 Captain, we're approaching Twilight Hill. NAGATO What the heck is that thing? SHIGATERA Mmph? MAN 2 It has the body of a dragon. PICO Dragon or not, we're Pico-crushing the Akabane Family! Hope you're ready for us, Ichi... ( growls ) Ready the cannons! CREW MEMBERS Ready the cannons! Ready the cannons! Ready the cannons! Ready the cannons! Fire! ( whirring ) ( gasps ) A barrier? It's still there? But we hit it with everything we've got! I'm guessing they're using a special item made by Granada. ( groans ) That fake president keeps getting in my way. We're breaking this barrier no matter what! Hit it with another bombardment! SHIGATERA Captain, please wait. Don't try and stop me! I would never do that. Further action is unnecessary. Unnecessary? SHIGATERA It would appear that only the monster and the Akabane Family are inside the barrier. It might end up benefiting us to wait and see how things play out. PICO You want us to just sit here and watch? SHIGATERA I'm just saying let's wait for the right moment. NAGATO It looks like the monster's making its way toward them now! MAN 2 Seems so. Let's say it ends up squashing the Akabane Family... Isn't that exactly what you're hoping for, Captain? ( Pico sighs ) SHIGATERA All crew, stand by! But don't let your guard down. CREW MEMBERS All crew, stand by! AAAAA Well, that's weird. They aren't attacking us? SHIRO They're aware of our barrier now. It should hold strong for a while. Shiro, what do you think? Is there a connection between that headless dragon and the Black Bird? SHIRO We won't know for sure until we defeat it. A, what's the Red Dragon's vital spot? AAAAA Normally, its lower jaw. But this one doesn't have a head anymore. Otherwise, I'd say the right side of the chest. Ichi, use your sword. Now, May, strengthen the blade. On it! ( chiming ) SHIRO My Explosive Fist works best when going up against multiple opponents. But your single blow has more sheer force against one, Ichi. Focus on one point. ICHI Got it! SHIRO Let's go! ( roaring ) SHIRO Macro on! Explosive Fist! ( Ichi yelling ) MAY It worked! ICHI No! SHIRO That wasn't enough? ICHI Maybe it really is a glitch. Huh? ( gasps ) Oh no... AAAAA THINKS If May dies, we won't have a healer to keep us in this fight much longer. Ugh! Do me a favor and revive me later, okay? ( groans ) I'm sorry, A! Welp, he's a goner. Better him than May, I guess. ( thinks ) Man, the death penalty sucks... ICHI Yup. He's dead. ( thump ) ( gasps ) ICHI Oh. What's wrong? Oh... it's nothing. Huh? What's taking you so long, Ichi? Knowing how strong you are, you should've defeated that thing by now. Hmm... LEON Hmm... SASUMATA So? How's it look, Leon? Huh? Umm... Looks like A just got crushed. SASUMATA Uh-oh... Yeah... If that really is the Black Bird they're fighting... then A's life is in danger. Okay! Now's my chance to revive him. Hold on... Where'd A's body go? All that's left here is... a log-out doll? That means he stopped playing the game, right? ( growls ) Mm-hmm. I'm certain now. The headless dragon is the Black Bird. ( screeches ) How could this happen? Huh? LEON The Black Bird isn't normal. By all accounts, it's a literal monster. A fiend nested in cyberspace, the final executor. SHIRO What on Earth have I done? Ichi! May! Log out, this instant! Huh? Just do it! Log out before it's too late! But why? Just do it! Wh... what the hell's his problem? Hmm. All this time, I've been here, looking for you. Just you wait. I will definitely kill all of you! Hmm. ( groans ) ( sighs ) ( ringing tone ) WOMAN 1 What's the matter? I need you to do something for me ASAP. Locate this player's address, and send an ambulance over there. His name is AAAAA. He's with the Akabane Family. I'll head over there shortly myself. Sir... KOJIRO That's right. The Black Bird's finally awakened, and the worst has happened. So I'm initiating the plan on a full scale. Operation Good Night World. Yes, sir. Understood. WOMAN 2 Please, Mr. Arima! You should be resting! KOJIRO I'm signing out. You're doing what? It's still far too early for that. Get off me! ( gasps ) ( groaning ) TAICHIRO sh¡t! What the hell's going on? Why would Shiro suddenly want all of us to log out at the same time like that? If that was the Black Bird, then that prize money is gone... right along with Shiro's dream of capturing it. Talk about some real shitty timing. A didn't get to say anything before he logged out. Maybe I should log back in. After all, I can beat it on my own. ASUMA Taichiro... ( gasps ) Huh? ( sighs ) A-Asuma? ( knocks ) ( sighs ) ( thinks ) He called my name, right? Maybe I'm hearing things... ASUMA Tai... chiro... ( gasps ) Oh, man... ( sighs ) ( thinks ) It's been six years since I last entered his room. ( sniffs ) This smell sure does bring back memories. Huh? Asuma? ( gasps ) I was calling you... over and over... Asuma, what... ASUMA Body... left side... ( thinks ) Wait... Hold on a second. What is he talking about? Did he say left side? What's going on with his arm? Is he messing with me? Is he pulling a sick joke? Wh... what the hell happened? That noise... was that you? Did you collapse? Are you in pain? Do you feel any pain? We... we need an ambulance! Hang tight! Your big brother's gonna call an ambulance! I'll be right back, okay? ( Asuma groans ) ( gasps ) ( gasps ) TAICHIRO A? ( breathing shakily ) ( rainfall ) TAICHIRO It'll all be okay. You'll be fine. Your big brother's right here! ( thinks ) This can't be real... It's a joke, right? Why? Why? What is happening? ( beeping ) MAN He appears to be stable for the time being. But I can't say anything for sure without running more tests. TAICHIRO Huh? Although his motor skills seem to be impaired, it doesn't look like an electrical shock, since he has no burn marks. I am worried about how unresponsive he is, though. We'll keep an eye on him throughout the night. And then run a CT scan first thing in the morning. Yeah, but... I mean... uh... Is his... DOCTOR Sorry? Is... he in danger of losing his life to this? No, he'll be just fine. Would you like to stay in the room with him till he wakes up? TAICHIRO Huh? Uh... Yes. DOCTOR If anything happens, just press the nurse call button. TAICHIRO Hmm. ( door closes ) ASUMA Tai... chiro... ( gasps ) ( gasping ) You're overreacting. You and I both know I'm not overreacting. Come on, you know why I feel this way! Because of our little sister. So I don't think it's fair for you to say I'm overreacting! Don't make me worry like that! sh¡t, Asuma... ( sobs ) Sorry. For making you worry. Sorry, brother. ( gasps ) ( grunts ) A-Asuma... What? Are you... are you... playing it? Playing what? Playing PLANET. ( gasps ) ( bleeping speeds up ) ASUMA No. I'm not. TAICHIRO I mean... I saw the login screen, and the headgear was on the floor, so... I said no. Bu... but you are. Why are you playing dumb? I wouldn't be caught dead playing an online game. Those games are good for nothing. They're by far the worst way to escape from reality. Societal trash clinging to a fake ideal world. That's all they are. You think I'd be a part of something like that? Don't make me laugh. TAICHIRO Bu... but... Yeah, I've got an account, so what? And I log in. But I'm not having fun. So that doesn't count as playing it. Then... Then why do you do it? I'm looking for someone. A friend of mine. I just want to bring that person back to reality. That's all there is to it, okay? ( gasps ) Then you're not... enjoying playing it? I enjoy some parts, I guess. ( gasps ) Like, watching depressed loners try to satisfy their need for approval makes me realize just how blessed my life really is. ( Taichiro sighs ) You know... Know what? Well... it makes sense. You're not the type to play games. ( thinks ) Are you... A? To tell you the truth, I'm Ichi. Hard to believe it's been you the whole time. Uh... ( sighs ) ( thinks ) I can't. I can't tell him the truth. I can't tell Asuma that I'm Ichi... What's your deal, man? TAICHIRO Oh, um... The friend you're looking for... ( thinks ) If I told him, my only refuge would be changed forever. I sincerely hope... you don't find them. Huh? ( Taichiro panting ) Mr. Arima, in case your parents come... This is such sh¡t! This is rather odd. Your dad's name is Kojiro Arima, isn't it? I could've sworn he was staying in the orthopedic ward. It's fine, I'll call him myself. That would be very helpful. Just to be sure, let me confirm this information. You felt a shock from the FEG you were wearing playing an online game, correct? Uh, yes. If that's true, then this is a serious problem. The headset was meant for a specific game, right? PLANET. Yes. I see... I'm not really familiar with online games. That's okay. You could ask my dad. Ask your father? Why not? He was an engineer at Gleam Corp. Wow... Are you serious? That's impressive. They're the world's top IT company. I'm sure he probably helped develop the FEG headgear. Because he was the one... who created the game PLANET. ( breathing shakily ) ( thinks ) Shittiest shitty sh¡t of all sh¡t! How is this shitty coincidence even possible? I knew the real world was sh¡t! But even shitty games have better twists than this. Screw this! It's bullshit! Huh? ( sighs ) ( thinks ) Oh crap... If, somehow or another, Asuma does find out I'm Ichi, then he'll... If A finds out my identity, he's sure to leave PLANET that very instant. I'm sure of it. And with A gone, the Akabane Family would be down to three members. Without him, the family wouldn't be the same anymore. ( yelps ) No. I can't let the family fall apart over something like this. I won't allow that to happen. I'm just gonna log in. The same way I always do. I'll talk about random stuff, defeat some monsters, and look for the Black Bird again. And just forget about this shitty reality, and treat him the way I always have. I don't give a damn about this shitty reality anymore. To hell with Taichiro! My name is Ichi of the Akabane Family! What the hell? [ PASSCODE ] How come I can't log in? Server maintenance? There was no announcement about that. Did I get banned by the administrators? Error code 8039? I've never seen that error before. [ PLANET CAN'T BE LAUNCHED DUE TO PC SECURITY SETTINGS ] Wait, don't tell me my PC was... My IP was changed to an overseas one two hours ago? Someone installed over a hundred tools on my PC! sh¡t, I got hacked! sh¡t! sh¡t! sh¡t! sh¡t! sh¡t! sh¡t! sh¡t fondue! They've got some nerve, messing around with me! Have it your way! You think I'm some pathetic shut-in? Just wait! Time to launch the terminal! I'm gonna find your IP address, you bastard! Then I'll send a remote access trojan with Tor! You're finished! YOUNG TAICHIRO Dad! Teach me the computer. You need to convert it to a language that can be executed by a microcomputer. So I should compile the binary? Exactly. If I use a VPN, then I can use a different IP address. ( chimes ) Nice! ( thinks ) All right. Here goes! [ PASSCODE ] ( gasps ) KOJIRO Good. The next important thing is memory management. Here you go! This is for you. Look! I brought you some tea. ( whimpers ) Aah! It'll get on the computer! ( Kojiro grunts ) ( yelps ) What do you think you're doing? ( sobs ) Get out, Aya! Dad, the computer's okay! Look, it didn't touch it. And the program's done. KOJIRO Hmm? Oh, good. ( Aya sobbing ) TAICHIRO So? How does it look, Dad? KOJIRO Hmm. Looks to be running smoothly. But if we segment the source code, it'll work even better. Uh-huh. ( Aya crying ) WOMAN Come on, Aya, let's go to the other room. ASUMA You shouldn't interrupt them. Taichiro, are you paying attention? Huh? The bigger the program is, the more complicated it becomes. Segmenting the source code improves readability. Right. Got it. Whoa! That's in English. What does it mean? ( grunts ) It doesn't mean anything. It's just a little memento that people leave. I did it when I wrote my first program. It's a programmer thing. Huh! KOJIRO It's like saying "Nice to meet you" to this wonderful new world you've created. ( gasps ) Hmm. Uh... ( gasps ) [ PASSCODE ] ( growls ) ( chimes ) Go! ( whirring ) ( wind gusting ) Well, how do you like that? ( theme song in Japanese plays )