How to create separate folders for different packs? Note that this is pretty complicated process for advanced users, but many things of it will make sense soon after. For sake of simplicity, this guide assumes your game folder is default .minecraft, modpack you are downloading is named "Create: Above and Beyond", and game version you'll be using is Forge 1.16.5. Step 1. Preparation Prepare (download, install and run at least once) needed version of game for your modpack. For example, if modpack is a Create: Above and Beyond for Forge 1.16.5, then get Forge 1.16.5 version. Then, get and download modpack (/faq page:modpacks for more info). Additionaly, enable "Separate folders for each family" in launcher settings, "Minecraft" tab, right below game path. Step 2. Creating version copy This is where magic begins. Go to .minecraft/versions, locate Forge 1.16.5 folder, and create a copy of it. Rename folder to your pack+version name (.minecraft/versions/Create-Above-and-Beyond-1.16.5/ for example), go inside this folder, rename .JSON file here to same name as folder (Create-Above-and-Beyond-1.16.5.json). Open this file, locate id field and change it's value to your version name ("id":"Create-Above-and-Beyond-1.16.5"). Then locate family field, change it to pack name ("family":"Create-Above-and-Beyond"), save the file and close. Done? Cool, let's move on. Step 3. Installing modpack files Press "refresh version list" button in launcher, find and select newly made version, start game once more (to create needed folders), then press "open game folder" button and select "open [modpackname] folder". .minecraft/home/[modpackname] folder should open. If it did, then great, this will be destination folder (we'll call it faimly folder) for your pack files. In a separate window, open folder of pack you have downloaded, that one with mods and configs folders. Now, important step: copy over all the files and folders from pack folder into family folder. Not the whole folder, but only it's contents. After copying is done, try starting the game. For CurseForge app users Your freshly downloaded modpack files are usually stored in //curseforge/Minecraft/instance. Find folder of modpack you've downloaded here, and then open it. You'll find mods and configs folders here. Still doesn't work? It's alright. This process is pretty complicated and precise overall. Feel free to contact our support team and we'll try our best to help you resolve your issues.