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Purchase Order

PO NO. : {{$purchase['Sequence No'] ?? null}}
Date : {{$purchase['Date Created'] ?? null}}
To :
{{$vendor['Name'] ?? null}}
Address : {{$vendor['Address'] ?? null}}
GSTIN : GST123456
Email : {{$vendor['Email'] ?? null}}
Contact Person : {{$vendor['Contact Person'] ?? null}}
Mobile No. : {{$vendor['Mobile'] ?? null}}
From :
Sec-45, Sohna Road, Gurgaon, Haryana
GSTIN : GST123456
Contact Person : Mr. Kapil
Mobile No. : 123456790 / 0987654321
Refer your offer through email and subsequent disucssion had with you, we're pleased to place the Purchase Order for below given details

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S. No. Description UOM QTY {{$vendor['Name'] ?? '-'}}
Basic Discount % Tax % Total Remarks
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Freight 1 F.O.R. at site
rand Total {{$purchase['Total Amount'] ?? '-'}}
In Words {{$purchase['AmountInWords'] ?? '-'}}

JM Trading

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Delivery Schedule: Immediate.
  2. Payment: 100% advance through RTGS.
  3. Freight: shown as
  4. GST: 28% Inclusive shown as above.
  5. Un-loading of goods shall be at supplier scope.
  6. Please mention the PO No. on every Invoice/Delivery Challan.
  7. Tax Invoices raised shall be duly accounted and timely uploaded into GST Network to enable us to avail the input. Tax shall be credit in timely basis or in routine.
  8. The responsibility of correctly disclosing output supply in tax returns by indicating the correct HSN/SAC lies with you, so that we can avail credit of the same. Further it is your responsibility to raise a valid tax invoice/debit note/credit notes as per the law so that we can avail the benefit of input tax credit.
  9. The invoice for lorry shall be dispatch under tax invoice along with e-way bill/road permit. 10. Any shortage should be immediately communicated to you and endorse the shortage on the front sheet of LR copy/invoice. The endorsement is necessary for settling any shortage claims. 11. If any defect in supplied material is noticed at project site, the same should be communicated to you within 3 days of material receipt at site. Further you shall be responsible to resolve the complaint expeditiously.
  10. You shall submit the certification if any for above goods.
  11. Supplier shall supply all material within specified time frames.
  12. The Courts at Surajpur Greater Noida U.P alone shall have exclusive jurisdiction in all matters arising out of this contract.
  13. Rate will be firm till completion of order.
  14. Guarantee / Warranty: as per manufacturer norms.
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