sim> do .\ ./> do common/SettupLogging .\ File open error ### Configuring as a PDP-11/84 ### Creating empty sysgen pack in sysgen_v8_rm03.dsk --- Creating new disk image in sysgen_v8_rm03.dsk -- This is slow, please be patient. ... Adding factory error information. ### Attach RSTS/E V8 sysgen sysgen media --- Attach RSTS/E sysgen tape V8SYSGNK.TAP to MT0: --- Attach RSTS/E V8 sysgen RM03 disk image sysgen_v8_rm03.dsk to RP0 ### Creating scratch pack, to contain a working copy of the distro. --- Creating scratch RK07 in VHD scratch_rk07.dsk & attaching to HK1 ... New VHD attached. ... Bad block data written to VHD. ./> set console telnet= Too few arguments ### Booting RSTS/E from device TM0 Enabling only console, disks, and tapes. RSTS V8.0 (MT0) INIT V8.0-06 Option: ### Initialising disk DR0 -- This will take a while... DSKINT DD-MMM-YY? 10-MAY-99 HH:MM AM/PM? 22:38 Disk? DR0 Pack ID? TEST Pack cluster size <4>? MFD cluster size <16>? SATT.SYS base <16453>? Pre-extend directories ? PUB, PRI, or SYS ? Create account [1,1] ? Create account [1,2] ? YES [1,2] password <*>? SYSTEM [1,2] cluster size <16>? [1,1] and [1,2] account base <16453>? Date last modified ? New files first ? Read-only ? Format ? Patterns <3>? 0 Proceed (Y or N)? Y Disk pack serial number = 5305170360 Erasing disk Option: ### Initialising disk DM1 -- This will take a while... DSKINT 10-May-99? 10-MAY-99 10:38 PM? 22:38 Disk? DM1 Pack ID? TEST Pack cluster size <1>? MFD cluster size <16>? SATT.SYS base <26875>? Pre-extend directories ? PUB, PRI, or SYS ? Create account [1,1] ? Create account [1,2] ? YES [1,2] password <*>? * [1,2] cluster size <16>? [1,1] and [1,2] account base <26875>? Date last modified ? New files first ? Read-only ? Format ? Patterns <3>? 0 Proceed (Y or N)? Y Disk pack serial number = 6133251533 Erasing disk Option: ### Copying minimal system to DR0: COPY 10-May-99? 10-MAY-99 10:38 PM? 22:38 To which disk? DR0: Enabling only console, disks, and tapes. RSTS V8.0 (DR0) INIT V8.0-06 Option: ### Installing SIL SYSGEN INSTALL Sil? SYSGEN Rebooting . . . Device DP23: does not interrupt - device disabled. RSTS V8.0-02 Jimmy Inc. (DR0) INIT V8.0-06 Option: DEFAULT You currently have: JOB MAX = 2, SWAP MAX = 32K. Warning - this SWAP MAX requires that SWAP.SYS be at least 256 blocks. SWAP.SYS is currently 0 blocks. You must reduce SWAP MAX now or at START time, or use REFRESH before starting to enlarge SWAP.SYS. JOB MAX or SWAP MAX changes? Run Time System ? Error message file ? ERR.ERR Installation name ? RSTS V8, myuser Size of monitor has changed from 33K to 35K. Default memory allocation table lists less memory than INIT detects on this machine. Adjusting memory table. Memory allocation table: 0K: 00000000 - 00213777 ( 35K) : EXEC 35K: 00214000 - 00233777 ( 4K) : RTS (RT11) 39K: 00234000 - 00547777 ( 51K) : XBUF 90K: 00550000 - 16777777 (1830K) : USER Table suboption? You currently have crash dump enabled. Warning - CRASH.SYS file of 260 blocks is not available Crash dump? YES Magtape labelling default ? DOS Preferred clock ? Date format ? ALP Time format ? 24 Power fail delay <5>? 1 Option: REFRESH 10-May-99? 10-MAY-99 22:38 ? 22:38 Disk? Rebuild? REFRESH suboption? FI File name? SWAP.SYS Size? 256 Base? Deletable? File name? REFRESH suboption? Option: REFRESH 10-May-99? 10-MAY-99 22:38 ? 22:38 Disk? Rebuild? REFRESH suboption? FI File name? CRASH.SYS Size? 260 Base? Deletable? File name? REFRESH suboption? Option: ### Booting RSTS/E from device RP0 Device DP23: does not interrupt - device disabled. RSTS V8.0-02 RSTS V8, myuser (DR0) INIT V8.0-06 Option: You currently have: JOB MAX = 2, SWAP MAX = 32K. You currently have crash dump enabled. DD-MMM-YY? 10-MAY-99 HH:MM? 22:38 18 devices disabled ?Can't find file or account .R MT0:CREATE.SAV ^C HELLO 1/2 Password: 1 other user is logged in under this account . .ASSIGN MT0: .DOS .ASSIGN MT0: IN .R IN:PIP.SAV *SY:$*.*<232>=IN:$LOGIN.SAV,$LOGOUT.SAV,$PIP.SAV *SY:$*.*<124>=IN:$UTILTY.SAV *SY:$*.*<104>=IN:$MACRO.SAV,$CREF.SAV,$LINK.SAV *SY:$*.*<124>=IN:$SILUS.SAV,$HOOK.SAV *SY:$*.*<124>=IN:$SYSBAT.SAV,$SYSGEN.SAV *SY:$*.*<124>=IN:$ONLPAT.SAV *SY:$*.*<232>=IN:$ONLCLN.SAV *DK:$*.*< 40>=IN:$ERR.STB,$PIPSAV.TXT *SY:[0,1]*.*<40>=IN:$TECO.RTS ?Can't find file or account - file MT0:[1,2]TECO .RTS - continuing *SY:[0,1]*.*/MO:16=SY:[0,1]TECO.RTS ?Can't find file or account - file SY:[0,1]TECO .RTS - continuing *SY:$*.*<104>/RTS:TECO=IN:$TECO.TEC ?Can't find file or account - file MT0:[1,2]TECO .TEC - continuing *^C .DEASSIGN IN .DEASSIGN MT0: .R LOGOUT Confirm: Y Saved all disk files; 668 blocks in use Job 2 User 1,2 logged off KB1 at 10-May-99 22:38 1 other user still logged in under this account System RSTS V8.0-02 RSTS V8, myuser Run time was 0.1 seconds Elapsed time was 0 minutes Good evening **10-May-99** Beginning of RSTS/E system generation. Questions come in long and short forms. If you are familiar with them, answer "S" for short; otherwise, answer "L" for long form. Form ? #S # Same system ? #Y # Distribution medium ? #MT# Output medium ? #SY# Delete files ? #NO# LP for SYSGEN ? #NO# Generate monitor ? #Y # Monitor name ? #RSTS# Monitor patching ? #??# NO Generate BASIC-PLUS ? #Y # BASIC-PLUS RTS name ? #BASIC# BASIC-PLUS patching ? #??# NO RSX as default RTS ? #NO# YES RSX patching ? #??# NO Now you must specify the hardware con- figuration on which this RSTS/E system will run. DL11A compatible lines ? *01* 1 DL11C, DL11D's ? *00* 0 DL11E,DLV11E's ? *00* 0 DJ11's ? *00* 0 DH11's ? *00* 0 DZ11/DZV11's ? *02* Multiplexer type (DZ11/DZV11) ? #DZ11# DZ11 unit 00 lines enabled ? #08# 8 DZ11 unit 01 lines enabled ? #08# 8 Dataset support for DZ11's ? #NO# NO Pseudo keyboards ? #04# 4 2741 support ? #NO# Multi-terminal service ? #Y # YES Echo control ? #Y # YES One-line status report ? #Y # YES FMS-11 support ? #NO# NO Multiple private delimiters ? #NO# YES RF/RS11's ? *NO* RS03/RS04's ? *00* RK05's ? #08# 08 Overlapped seek ? *Y * YES RL01/RL02's ? *04* 4 Overlapped seek ? *Y * YES RK06/RK07's ? *08* 8 Overlapped seek ? *Y * YES RP02/RP03's ? *00* 0 RM02/RM03/RM05/RM80's ? *08* Overlapped seek ? *Y * RP04/RP05/RP06's ? *00* MSCP controllers ? *01* TU16/TE16/TU45/TU77's ? *00* 0 TU10/TE10/TS03's ? #08# 8 TS11/TSV05/TU80's ? *00* 0 DECtapes ? *00* 0 TU58's ? *00* Printers ? *01* 1 RX01/RX02's ? #08# 8 CR11/CM11 card reader ? *NO* YES CD11 card reader ? *NO* NO Card decode ? #ANSI# ANSI P.T. reader / punch ? *Y * YES DECnet network support ? #NO# DMC11's/DMR11's ? *00* 0 KMC11's ? *00* 0 Extended buffering for LP ? #Y # YES Maximum jobs ? #10# 15 Small buffers ? #215# System wide logicals ? #25# Monitor statistics ? #NO# EMT Logging ? #NO# Directory caching ? #Y # Data Caching ? #NO# Resident libraries ? #Y # RSX directives ? #Y # Resident file open/close ? #Y # Resident send/receive ? #Y # Resident simple SYS calls ? #Y # Resident file delete/rename ? #Y # Resident attribute ? #Y # Resident directory lookup ? #Y # The following questions deal with the BASIC-PLUS run-time system FPP ? *Y * Math precision ? #02# Log functions ? #Y # Trig functions ? #Y # Print using ? #Y # Matrices ? #NO# YES String arithmetic ? #NO# The system generation dialog is finish- ed. If you have any special requirements which require editing the generated file CONFIG.MAC(system configuration file) or SYSGEN.CTL(batch control file) you may do it now.When ready type "RUN $SYSBAT ". .RUN $SYSBAT SYSGEN batch processing has started. If any problems develop during the batch process it may be aborted by typing "Control/C". To restart type "R SYSBAT". ^C HELLO 1/2 Password: 1 other user is logged in under this account . .SIZE 20 MOUNT AP-2773K-BC OR BB-H751K-BC ON A MAGTAPE DRIVE WITH NO "WRITE RING" AND SET TO "ON LINE" Mount MT:"SYSGNK"-write locked Unit ? 0 .ASSIGN MT0: .DOS .ASSIGN MT0: TAPE .R PIP.SAV **.*<40>=TAPE:$COMMON.MAC **.*=TAPE:$*.MAC/HALT/NOREW *SY:$*.*<40>/PR:NOWARN=TAPE:$SYSLIB.OBJ/NOREW **.*=TAPE:$*.OBJ/HALT/NOREW **.*<104>=TAPE:$*.SAV/HALT/NOREW *ONLCLN.SAV<232>/RE *SAVRES.SAV<124>/RE *DEFALT.SAV<60>/RE **.*=TAPE:$*.STB/HALT/NOREW **.*<60>=TAPE:$MINCOP.BAS/NOREW *^C Dismount MT0: .DEASSIGN TAPE .DEASSIGN MT0: .ASSIGN SY: IN .R PIP.SAV *TBL.OBJ,TTDINT.OBJ,TTDVR.OBJ/DE:NOWARN *TBL.LST,TTDINT.LST,TTDVR.LST/DE:NOWARN *RSTS.SAV,TER.SAV,DSK.SAV,XVR.SAV/DE:NOWARN *GEN.SAV,EMT.SAV,FIP.SAV,FMS.SAV,OVR.SAV/DE:NOWARN *RSTS.MAP,TER.MAP,DSK.MAP,XVR.MAP/DE:NOWARN *GEN.MAP,EMT.MAP,FIP.MAP,FMS.MAP,OVR.MAP/DE:NOWARN *RSTS.STB,TER.STB,DSK.STB,XVR.STB/DE:NOWARN *GEN.STB,EMT.STB,FIP.STB,FMS.STB,OVR.STB/DE:NOWARN *NSP.SAV,TRN.SAV,SES.SAV,RJ2780.SAV/DE:NOWARN *NSP.MAP,TRN.MAP,SES.MAP,RJ2780.MAP/DE:NOWARN *NSP.STB,TRN.STB,SES.STB,RJ2780.STB/DE:NOWARN *CRA.SAV,CRA.MAP,CRA.STB/DE:NOWARN *MCP.SAV,MCP.MAP,MCP.STB/DE:NOWARN *^C .R MACRO.SAV *TTDVR,TTDVR/C=IN:COMMON,KERNEL,DK:CONFIG,IN:CHECK,KBDEF,TTDVR *^C .R MACRO.SAV *TTDINT,TTDINT/C=IN:COMMON,KERNEL,DK:CONFIG,IN:CHECK,KBDEF,TTDINT *^C .R MACRO.SAV *TBL,TBL/C=IN:COMMON,KERNEL,DK:CONFIG,IN:CHECK,TBL *^C .R LINK.SAV *RSTS/Z,RSTS/A/W,RSTS=TBL,$ERR.STB/X/B:0/U:#1000/I/C *TTDINT/C *IN:RSTS Round section? MORBUF Library search? SYDLRG Library search? BUF Library search? LPDVRX Library search? *^C .R LINK.SAV *DSK/Z,DSK/A/W,DSK=IN:DSK,DK:RSTS.STB/X/B:#117000/U:#100/I/C *IN:RSTS Round section? DSKPAT Library search? DKSEEK Library search? DLSEEK Library search? DMSEEK Library search? DRSEEK Library search? *^C .R LINK.SAV *TER/Z,TER/A/W,TER=IN:TER,DK:RSTS.STB/X/B:#117000/U:#100/C *TTDVR/C *IN:RSTS Round section? LFTOVR *^C .R LINK.SAV *CRA/Z,CRA/A/W,CRA=IN:CRA,DK:RSTS.STB/X/B:#117000/U:#100 Round section? CRAPAT *^C .R LINK.SAV *GEN/Z,GEN/A/W,GEN=IN:GEN,DK:RSTS.STB/X/B:#117000/U:#100/I/C *IN:RSTS Round section? GENPAT Library search? EMU Library search? *^C .R LINK.SAV *EMT/Z,EMT/A/W,EMT=IN:EMT,DK:RSTS.STB/X/B:#117000/U:#100/I/C *IN:RSTS Round section? EMTPAT Library search? LIB Library search? *^C .R LINK.SAV *FIP/Z,FIP/A/W,FIP=IN:FIPLRG,DK:CRA.STB/X/B:#137000/U:#100/I/C *IN:RSTS Round section? FIPPAT Library search? *^C .R LINK.SAV *MCP/Z,MCP/A/W,MCP=IN:MCP,DK:RSTS.STB/X/B:#117000/U:#100/C *IN:RSTS Round section? MCPPAT *^C .R LINK.SAV *OVR/Z,OVR/A/W,OVR=IN:OVRLRG,DK:FIP.STB/X/B:#1000/Q/C *IN:RSTS Load section:address? TBLEXT:3000 Load section:address? *^C .R SILUS.SAV *SY0:[0,1]RSTS.SIL,TT:=RSTS/C *CRA/M/C/A *EMT/M/C *GEN/M/C *TER/M/C *DSK/M/C *MCP/M/C *FIP/M/C *OVR/M/C/A *IN:DEFALT/A Directory of SIL RSTS .SIL on 10-May-99 at 22:38 Name Ident Load Size Transfer Total RSTS 08.006 000000 105000 000001 18K CRA 08.006 120000 002700 000001 18K EMT 08.006 120000 014500 000001 22K GEN 08.006 120000 014100 000001 25K TER 08.006 120000 016600 000001 28K DSK 08.006 120000 011200 000001 31K MCP 08.006 120000 020000 000001 35K FIP 08.006 140000 010100 000001 37K OVR 08.006 002000 117000 000001 56K DEFALT 08.006 001000 002000 000001 57K Resident monitor size is 41K. By increasing this size with the DEFAULT option of INIT, you can get additional small buffers. This table shows the number and type of small buffers you can get with each size change. Additional Number of buffers K-words of With Data Space Without Data Space buffer space General FIP General FIP ---------------------------------------------------------- 0K 225 0 225 0 1K 225 64 225 64 2K 225 128 225 124 3K 412 4 --- --- 4K 412 68 --- --- 5K 412 132 --- --- 6K 412 196 --- --- 7K 412 254 --- --- If you choose to run SYSGEN again, you may specify up to 640 small buffers for this system. Doing so will increase some of the buffer counts in the table. *^C .RUN LIBR.SAV *SY:$SYSLIB=SY:$SYSLIB,DK:OVLHD/U *^C .R PIP.SAV *BASIC.SAV,BASIC.STB/DE:NOWARN MOUNT AP-2773K-BC OR BB-H751K-BC ON A MAGTAPE DRIVE WITH NO "WRITE RING" AND SET TO "ON LINE" Mount MT:"SYSGNK"-write locked Unit ? 0 *^C .ASSIGN MT0: .DOS .ASSIGN MT0: TAPE .R PIP.SAV **.*=TAPE:$RTS.OBJ **.*=TAPE:$*.OBJ/HALT/NOREW *^C Dismount MT0: .DEASSIGN TAPE .DEASSIGN MT0: .R LINK.SAV *BASIC/Z,BASIC/A/W,BASIC=IN:RTS,DK:$ERR.STB/X/H:#177776/U:#4000/C *IN:MA2F/C *IN:XL2F/C *IN:XT2F/C *IN:IO/C *IN:PU/C *IN:MX/C *IN:SN/C *IN:VE Round section? PA *^C .R SILUS.SAV *BASIC.RTS,TT:=BASIC Directory of SIL BASIC .RTS on 10-May-99 at 22:38 Name Ident Load Size Transfer Total BASIC 08.006 104000 073776 000001 15K *^C .DEASSIGN IN MOUNT AP-2773K-BC OR BB-H751K-BC ON A MAGTAPE DRIVE WITH NO "WRITE RING" AND SET TO "ON LINE" Mount MT:"SYSGNK"-write locked Unit ? 0 .ASSIGN MT0: .DOS .ASSIGN MT0: IN .R PIP.SAV **.* =IN:$RSX.RTS **.CSP=IN:$MINCOP.TSK/NOREW ?Can't find file or account - file MT0:[1,2]MINCOP.TSK - continuing **.CSP=IN:$PATCPY.TSK/NOREW ?Can't find file or account - file MT0:[1,2]PATCPY.TSK - continuing **.CSP=IN:$LOGIN .TSK/NOREW ?Can't find file or account - file MT0:[1,2]LOGIN .TSK - continuing **.CSP=IN:$BUILD .TSK/NOREW ?Can't find file or account - file MT0:[1,2]BUILD .TSK - continuing **.CSP=IN:$ATPK .TSK/NOREW ?Can't find file or account - file MT0:[1,2]ATPK .TSK - continuing **.CSP=IN:$CPATCH.TSK/NOREW ?Can't find file or account - file MT0:[1,2]CPATCH.TSK - continuing **.CSP=IN:$AUTOED.TSK/NOREW ?Can't find file or account - file MT0:[1,2]AUTOED.TSK - continuing *^C Dismount MT0: .DEASSIGN IN .DEASSIGN MT0: .R PIP.SAV *SY0:[0,1]*.*/MODE:16.=BASIC.RTS *^C .R PIP.SAV *SY0:[0,1]*.*/MODE:16.=RSX.RTS *SY:$PATCPY.TSK<124>/RTS:RSX/PR:NOWARN=PATCPY.CSP ?Can't find file or account - file PATCPY.CSP - continuing *SY:$LOGIN.TSK<232>/RTS:RSX/PR:NOWARN=LOGIN.CSP ?Can't find file or account - file LOGIN .CSP - continuing *SY:$BUILD.TSK<124>/RTS:RSX/PR:NOWARN=BUILD.CSP ?Can't find file or account - file BUILD .CSP - continuing *SY:$ATPK.TSK<124>/RTS:RSX/PR:NOWARN=ATPK.CSP ?Can't find file or account - file ATPK .CSP - continuing *SY:$CPATCH.TSK<124>/RTS:RSX/PR:NOWARN=CPATCH.CSP ?Can't find file or account - file CPATCH.CSP - continuing *SY:$AUTOED.TSK<124>/RTS:RSX/PR:NOWARN=AUTOED.CSP ?Can't find file or account - file AUTOED.CSP - continuing *BASIC.RTS/DE *^C .R PIP.SAV *RSX.RTS/DE *MINCOP.BAS/DE *MINCOP.CSP/DE ?Can't find file or account - file MINCOP.CSP - continuing *LOGIN.CSP,BUILD.CSP,ATPK.CSP/DE ?Can't find file or account - file LOGIN .CSP - continuing ?Can't find file or account - file BUILD .CSP - continuing ?Can't find file or account - file ATPK .CSP - continuing *PATCPY.CSP,CPATCH.CSP,AUTOED.CSP/DE ?Can't find file or account - file PATCPY.CSP - continuing ?Can't find file or account - file CPATCH.CSP - continuing ?Can't find file or account - file AUTOED.CSP - continuing *^C .R LOGOUT Confirm: Y Saved all disk files; 6264 blocks in use Job 2 User 1,2 logged off KB1 at 10-May-99 22:38 1 other user still logged in under this account System RSTS V8.0-02 RSTS V8, myuser Run time was 19.8 seconds Elapsed time was 0 minutes Good evening Batch job completed. At this point the new SIL has been built. Let's try using it... .RUN UTILTY *NO LOGINS *SHUTUP Device DP23: does not interrupt - device disabled. RSTS V8.0-02 RSTS V8, myuser (DR0) INIT V8.0-06 Option: ### Installing SIL RSTS INSTALL Sil ? RSTS Option: DEFAULT No defaults are currently set in RSTS.SIL You currently have: JOB MAX = 15, SWAP MAX = 32K. JOB MAX or SWAP MAX changes? Run Time System? BASIC Error message file? ERR.ERR Installation name? RSTS V8, myuser Memory allocation table: 0K: 00000000 - 00253777 ( 43K) : EXEC 43K: 00254000 - 00347777 ( 15K) : RTS (BASIC) 58K: 00350000 - 16777777 (1862K) : USER Table suboption? You currently have crash dump enabled. Crash dump? YES Magtape labelling default ? DOS Preferred clock ? Date format ? ALP Time format ? 24 Power fail delay <300>? 1 Option: You currently have: JOB MAX = 15, SWAP MAX = 32K. You currently have crash dump enabled. 10-May-99? 10-MAY-99 22:38 ? 22:39 7 devices disabled ?Can't find file or account ?Program lost-Sorry Ready KILL "UTILTY.BAC" ?Can't find file or account Ready OLD MT0:UTILTY Ready COMPILE Ready RUN $UTILTY.BAC UTILTY V8.0-06 RSTS V8.0-06 RSTS V8, myuser #ADD RT11 #^Z Ready OLD MT0:REACT Ready COMPILE Ready UTILTY and REACT are now available. MOUNT DM1:TEST Ready RUN $REACT REACT V8.0-06 RSTS V8.0-06 RSTS V8, myuser System Account Manager Function? E Proj,Prog? [1,2] Disk:Password? DM1:* Quota <0> ? Cluster Size <0> ? 16 Number of Clusters (0-7) <1> ? Position <0> ? Account Name? ?Failure to ENTER account: [1,2] DM1:* 0 16 1 0 ?Name or account now exists Proj,Prog? ^Z Ready RUN PIP *DM1:[1,2] /ZE Really zero DM1:[1,2] ? YES *DM1:=MT0: /LO [File MT0:[1,2]CREF .SAV copied to DM1:[1,2]CREF .SAV] [File MT0:[1,2]MACRO .SAV copied to DM1:[1,2]MACRO .SAV] [File MT0:[1,2]UTILTY.SAV copied to DM1:[1,2]UTILTY.SAV] [File MT0:[1,2]PIP .SAV copied to DM1:[1,2]PIP .SAV] [File MT0:[1,2]LOGOUT.SAV copied to DM1:[1,2]LOGOUT.SAV] [File MT0:[1,2]LOGIN .SAV copied to DM1:[1,2]LOGIN .SAV] [File MT0:[1,2]CREATE.SAV copied to DM1:[1,2]CREATE.SAV] [File MT0:[1,2]LINK .SAV copied to DM1:[1,2]LINK .SAV] [File MT0:[1,2]SILUS .SAV copied to DM1:[1,2]SILUS .SAV] [File MT0:[1,2]HOOK .SAV copied to DM1:[1,2]HOOK .SAV] [File MT0:[1,2]SYSBAT.SAV copied to DM1:[1,2]SYSBAT.SAV] [File MT0:[1,2]SYSGEN.SAV copied to DM1:[1,2]SYSGEN.SAV] [File MT0:[1,2]ONLPAT.SAV copied to DM1:[1,2]ONLPAT.SAV] [File MT0:[1,2]ONLCLN.SAV copied to DM1:[1,2]ONLCLN.SAV] [File MT0:[1,2]ERR .STB copied to DM1:[1,2]ERR .STB] [File MT0:[1,2]PIPSAV.TXT copied to DM1:[1,2]PIPSAV.TXT] [File MT0:[1,2]COMMON.MAC copied to DM1:[1,2]COMMON.MAC] [File MT0:[1,2]KERNEL.MAC copied to DM1:[1,2]KERNEL.MAC] [File MT0:[1,2]CHECK .MAC copied to DM1:[1,2]CHECK .MAC] [File MT0:[1,2]TBL .MAC copied to DM1:[1,2]TBL .MAC] [File MT0:[1,2]KBDEF .MAC copied to DM1:[1,2]KBDEF .MAC] [File MT0:[1,2]TTDINT.MAC copied to DM1:[1,2]TTDINT.MAC] [File MT0:[1,2]TTDVR .MAC copied to DM1:[1,2]TTDVR .MAC] [File MT0:[1,2]SYSLIB.OBJ copied to DM1:[1,2]SYSLIB.OBJ] [File MT0:[1,2]OVLHD .OBJ copied to DM1:[1,2]OVLHD .OBJ] [File MT0:[1,2]RSTS .OBJ copied to DM1:[1,2]RSTS .OBJ] [File MT0:[1,2]CRA .OBJ copied to DM1:[1,2]CRA .OBJ] [File MT0:[1,2]TER .OBJ copied to DM1:[1,2]TER .OBJ] [File MT0:[1,2]DSK .OBJ copied to DM1:[1,2]DSK .OBJ] [File MT0:[1,2]MCP .OBJ copied to DM1:[1,2]MCP .OBJ] [File MT0:[1,2]XVR .OBJ copied to DM1:[1,2]XVR .OBJ] [File MT0:[1,2]EMT .OBJ copied to DM1:[1,2]EMT .OBJ] [File MT0:[1,2]GEN .OBJ copied to DM1:[1,2]GEN .OBJ] [File MT0:[1,2]FIPLRG.OBJ copied to DM1:[1,2]FIPLRG.OBJ] [File MT0:[1,2]FMS .OBJ copied to DM1:[1,2]FMS .OBJ] [File MT0:[1,2]OVRLRG.OBJ copied to DM1:[1,2]OVRLRG.OBJ] [File MT0:[1,2]DEFALT.SAV copied to DM1:[1,2]DEFALT.SAV] [File MT0:[1,2]LIBR .SAV copied to DM1:[1,2]LIBR .SAV] [File MT0:[1,2]PAT .SAV copied to DM1:[1,2]PAT .SAV] [File MT0:[1,2]SAVRES.SAV copied to DM1:[1,2]SAVRES.SAV] [File MT0:[1,2]DEFALT.STB copied to DM1:[1,2]DEFALT.STB] [File MT0:[1,2]MINCOP.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]MINCOP.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]RTS .OBJ copied to DM1:[1,2]RTS .OBJ] [File MT0:[1,2]MA2 .OBJ copied to DM1:[1,2]MA2 .OBJ] [File MT0:[1,2]MA2I .OBJ copied to DM1:[1,2]MA2I .OBJ] [File MT0:[1,2]MA2F .OBJ copied to DM1:[1,2]MA2F .OBJ] [File MT0:[1,2]MA4 .OBJ copied to DM1:[1,2]MA4 .OBJ] [File MT0:[1,2]MA4F .OBJ copied to DM1:[1,2]MA4F .OBJ] [File MT0:[1,2]MA4D .OBJ copied to DM1:[1,2]MA4D .OBJ] [File MT0:[1,2]XL2 .OBJ copied to DM1:[1,2]XL2 .OBJ] [File MT0:[1,2]XL2I .OBJ copied to DM1:[1,2]XL2I .OBJ] [File MT0:[1,2]XL2F .OBJ copied to DM1:[1,2]XL2F .OBJ] [File MT0:[1,2]XL4 .OBJ copied to DM1:[1,2]XL4 .OBJ] [File MT0:[1,2]XL4F .OBJ copied to DM1:[1,2]XL4F .OBJ] [File MT0:[1,2]XT2 .OBJ copied to DM1:[1,2]XT2 .OBJ] [File MT0:[1,2]XT2I .OBJ copied to DM1:[1,2]XT2I .OBJ] [File MT0:[1,2]XT2F .OBJ copied to DM1:[1,2]XT2F .OBJ] [File MT0:[1,2]XT4 .OBJ copied to DM1:[1,2]XT4 .OBJ] [File MT0:[1,2]XT4F .OBJ copied to DM1:[1,2]XT4F .OBJ] [File MT0:[1,2]SF .OBJ copied to DM1:[1,2]SF .OBJ] [File MT0:[1,2]IO .OBJ copied to DM1:[1,2]IO .OBJ] [File MT0:[1,2]PU .OBJ copied to DM1:[1,2]PU .OBJ] [File MT0:[1,2]MX .OBJ copied to DM1:[1,2]MX .OBJ] [File MT0:[1,2]SN .OBJ copied to DM1:[1,2]SN .OBJ] [File MT0:[1,2]DBG .OBJ copied to DM1:[1,2]DBG .OBJ] [File MT0:[1,2]VE .OBJ copied to DM1:[1,2]VE .OBJ] [File MT0:[1,2]ODT .SYS copied to DM1:[1,2]ODT .SYS] [File MT0:[1,2]EDT .TSK copied to DM1:[1,2]EDT .TSK] [File MT0:[1,2]RSX .CTL copied to DM1:[1,2]RSX .CTL] [File MT0:[1,2]RSX .RTS copied to DM1:[1,2]RSX .RTS] [File MT0:[1,2]SYSLIB.OLB copied to DM1:[1,2]SYSLIB.OLB] [File MT0:[1,2]RSXMAC.SML copied to DM1:[1,2]RSXMAC.SML] [File MT0:[1,2]CSPCOM.OLB copied to DM1:[1,2]CSPCOM.OLB] [File MT0:[1,2]TKB .TSK copied to DM1:[1,2]TKB .TSK] [File MT0:[1,2]STK .TSK copied to DM1:[1,2]STK .TSK] [File MT0:[1,2]MAC .TSK copied to DM1:[1,2]MAC .TSK] [File MT0:[1,2]LBR .TSK copied to DM1:[1,2]LBR .TSK] [File MT0:[1,2]PAT .TSK copied to DM1:[1,2]PAT .TSK] [File MT0:[1,2]CSPCOM.TSK copied to DM1:[1,2]CSPCOM.TSK] [File MT0:[1,2]SHUTUP.RSX copied to DM1:[1,2]SHUTUP.RSX] [File MT0:[1,2]CRF .TSK copied to DM1:[1,2]CRF .TSK] [File MT0:[1,2]BUILD .CTL copied to DM1:[1,2]BUILD .CTL] [File MT0:[1,2]CPATCH.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]CPATCH.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]AUTOED.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]AUTOED.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]BUILD .BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]BUILD .BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]ATPK .BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]ATPK .BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]LOGIN .BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]LOGIN .BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]LOGOUT.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]LOGOUT.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]PATCPY.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]PATCPY.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]PBUILD.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]PBUILD.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]UTILTY.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]UTILTY.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]INIT .BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]INIT .BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]SHUTUP.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]SHUTUP.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]ERRBLD.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]ERRBLD.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]ERRINT.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]ERRINT.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]ERRCPY.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]ERRCPY.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]DIRECT.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]DIRECT.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]TTYSET.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]TTYSET.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]SYSTAT.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]SYSTAT.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]ERRDIS.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]ERRDIS.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]ERRDET.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]ERRDET.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]ANALYS.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]ANALYS.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]ANALY1.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]ANALY1.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]ANALY2.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]ANALY2.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]ANALY3.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]ANALY3.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]REACT .BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]REACT .BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]UMOUNT.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]UMOUNT.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]FILCOM.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]FILCOM.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]PLEASE.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]PLEASE.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]SWITCH.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]SWITCH.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]MAKSIL.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]MAKSIL.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]NOTICE.TXT copied to DM1:[1,2]NOTICE.TXT] [File MT0:[1,2]HELP .TXT copied to DM1:[1,2]HELP .TXT] [File MT0:[1,2]TTY .CMD copied to DM1:[1,2]TTY .CMD] [File MT0:[1,2]RTS .CMD copied to DM1:[1,2]RTS .CMD] [File MT0:[1,2]CCL .CMD copied to DM1:[1,2]CCL .CMD] [File MT0:[1,2]CLEAN .CMD copied to DM1:[1,2]CLEAN .CMD] [File MT0:[1,2]UTILTY.HLP copied to DM1:[1,2]UTILTY.HLP] [File MT0:[1,2]DIRECT.HLP copied to DM1:[1,2]DIRECT.HLP] [File MT0:[1,2]ERRDIS.HLP copied to DM1:[1,2]ERRDIS.HLP] [File MT0:[1,2]ACCT .SYS copied to DM1:[1,2]ACCT .SYS] [File MT0:[1,2]BIGPRG.CTL copied to DM1:[1,2]BIGPRG.CTL] [File MT0:[1,2]ODT .BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]ODT .BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]REORDR.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]REORDR.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]COPY .BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]COPY .BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]QUOLST.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]QUOLST.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]MONEY .BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]MONEY .BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]GRIPE .BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]GRIPE .BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]TALK .BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]TALK .BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]VT50PY.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]VT50PY.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]VT5DPY.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]VT5DPY.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]DISPLY.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]DISPLY.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]FIT .BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]FIT .BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]FLINT .BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]FLINT .BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]PMDUMP.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]PMDUMP.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]BPCREF.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]BPCREF.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]BPCRF1.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]BPCRF1.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]RUNOFF.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]RUNOFF.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]DSKCVT.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]DSKCVT.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]DSKINT.TSK copied to DM1:[1,2]DSKINT.TSK] [File MT0:[1,2]COPY .HLP copied to DM1:[1,2]COPY .HLP] [File MT0:[1,2]BPCREF.HLP copied to DM1:[1,2]BPCREF.HLP] [File MT0:[1,2]FIT .HLP copied to DM1:[1,2]FIT .HLP] [File MT0:[1,2]RUNOFF.RNO copied to DM1:[1,2]RUNOFF.RNO] [File MT0:[1,2]DCL .CTL copied to DM1:[1,2]DCL .CTL] [File MT0:[1,2]DCL .RTS copied to DM1:[1,2]DCL .RTS] [File MT0:[1,2]DCL .HLP copied to DM1:[1,2]DCL .HLP] [File MT0:[1,2]DCLA .RTS copied to DM1:[1,2]DCLA .RTS] [File MT0:[1,2]DCLA .HLP copied to DM1:[1,2]DCLA .HLP] [File MT0:[1,2]DCL .DCL copied to DM1:[1,2]DCL .DCL] [File MT0:[1,2]BP2 .LNK copied to DM1:[1,2]BP2 .LNK] [File MT0:[1,2]C81 .LNK copied to DM1:[1,2]C81 .LNK] [File MT0:[1,2]DIBOL .LNK copied to DM1:[1,2]DIBOL .LNK] [File MT0:[1,2]DMS .LNK copied to DM1:[1,2]DMS .LNK] [File MT0:[1,2]F77 .LNK copied to DM1:[1,2]F77 .LNK] [File MT0:[1,2]RSX11 .LNK copied to DM1:[1,2]RSX11 .LNK] [File MT0:[1,2]PRELIN.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]PRELIN.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]SHOTER.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]SHOTER.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]DCLUTL.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]DCLUTL.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]HELP .CTL copied to DM1:[1,2]HELP .CTL] [File MT0:[1,2]HELP .BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]HELP .BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]HELP .HLP copied to DM1:[1,2]HELP .HLP] [File MT0:[1,2]BPHELP.HLP copied to DM1:[1,2]BPHELP.HLP] [File MT0:[1,2]BPCOMM.HLP copied to DM1:[1,2]BPCOMM.HLP] [File MT0:[1,2]BPSTAT.HLP copied to DM1:[1,2]BPSTAT.HLP] [File MT0:[1,2]BPFUNC.HLP copied to DM1:[1,2]BPFUNC.HLP] [File MT0:[1,2]BPCHLP.HLP copied to DM1:[1,2]BPCHLP.HLP] [File MT0:[1,2]DIRHLP.HLP copied to DM1:[1,2]DIRHLP.HLP] [File MT0:[1,2]FILNAM.HLP copied to DM1:[1,2]FILNAM.HLP] [File MT0:[1,2]FITHLP.HLP copied to DM1:[1,2]FITHLP.HLP] [File MT0:[1,2]KEYBRD.HLP copied to DM1:[1,2]KEYBRD.HLP] [File MT0:[1,2]CTRLT .HLP copied to DM1:[1,2]CTRLT .HLP] [File MT0:[1,2]PIPHLP.HLP copied to DM1:[1,2]PIPHLP.HLP] [File MT0:[1,2]PIPDIR.HLP copied to DM1:[1,2]PIPDIR.HLP] [File MT0:[1,2]PLEASE.HLP copied to DM1:[1,2]PLEASE.HLP] [File MT0:[1,2]PLEBAC.HLP copied to DM1:[1,2]PLEBAC.HLP] [File MT0:[1,2]PLEBAT.HLP copied to DM1:[1,2]PLEBAT.HLP] [File MT0:[1,2]PLEQUE.HLP copied to DM1:[1,2]PLEQUE.HLP] [File MT0:[1,2]PLESPL.HLP copied to DM1:[1,2]PLESPL.HLP] [File MT0:[1,2]QUEHLP.HLP copied to DM1:[1,2]QUEHLP.HLP] [File MT0:[1,2]RSTS .HLP copied to DM1:[1,2]RSTS .HLP] [File MT0:[1,2]DISK .HLP copied to DM1:[1,2]DISK .HLP] [File MT0:[1,2]MAGTAP.HLP copied to DM1:[1,2]MAGTAP.HLP] [File MT0:[1,2]TERMNL.HLP copied to DM1:[1,2]TERMNL.HLP] [File MT0:[1,2]RSX .HLP copied to DM1:[1,2]RSX .HLP] [File MT0:[1,2]RT11 .HLP copied to DM1:[1,2]RT11 .HLP] [File MT0:[1,2]SETHLP.HLP copied to DM1:[1,2]SETHLP.HLP] [File MT0:[1,2]SYSHLP.HLP copied to DM1:[1,2]SYSHLP.HLP] [File MT0:[1,2]TECO .HLP copied to DM1:[1,2]TECO .HLP] [File MT0:[1,2]TECOFL.HLP copied to DM1:[1,2]TECOFL.HLP] [File MT0:[1,2]TECOMD.HLP copied to DM1:[1,2]TECOMD.HLP] [File MT0:[1,2]TYPE .HLP copied to DM1:[1,2]TYPE .HLP] [File MT0:[1,2]UTHELP.HLP copied to DM1:[1,2]UTHELP.HLP] [File MT0:[1,2]VTEDIT.HLP copied to DM1:[1,2]VTEDIT.HLP] [File MT0:[1,2]EDT .CTL copied to DM1:[1,2]EDT .CTL] [File MT0:[1,2]EDTBLD.CMD copied to DM1:[1,2]EDTBLD.CMD] [File MT0:[1,2]EDTSHR.CMD copied to DM1:[1,2]EDTSHR.CMD] [File MT0:[1,2]EDTOVB.CMD copied to DM1:[1,2]EDTOVB.CMD] [File MT0:[1,2]EDTOVB.ODL copied to DM1:[1,2]EDTOVB.ODL] [File MT0:[1,2]EDTLIB.OLB copied to DM1:[1,2]EDTLIB.OLB] [File MT0:[1,2]BLDPAT.CMD copied to DM1:[1,2]BLDPAT.CMD] [File MT0:[1,2]EDTPAT.CMD copied to DM1:[1,2]EDTPAT.CMD] [File MT0:[1,2]EDTHEL.HLP copied to DM1:[1,2]EDTHEL.HLP] [File MT0:[1,2]EDT100.DOC copied to DM1:[1,2]EDT100.DOC] [File MT0:[1,2]EDT52 .DOC copied to DM1:[1,2]EDT52 .DOC] [File MT0:[1,2]SPLER .CTL copied to DM1:[1,2]SPLER .CTL] [File MT0:[1,2]QUE .BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]QUE .BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]QUEMAN.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]QUEMAN.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]QUMRUN.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]QUMRUN.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]OPSER .BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]OPSER .BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]OPSRUN.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]OPSRUN.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]CHARS .BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]CHARS .BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]SPOOL .BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]SPOOL .BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]SPLIDL.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]SPLIDL.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]SPLRUN.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]SPLRUN.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]BATDCD.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]BATDCD.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]BATCH .BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]BATCH .BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]BATIDL.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]BATIDL.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]BATDEC.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]BATDEC.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]BATRUN.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]BATRUN.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]MICRO .CTL copied to DM1:[1,2]MICRO .CTL] [File MT0:[1,2]MICRO .SIL copied to DM1:[1,2]MICRO .SIL] [File MT0:[1,2]ICP .TSK copied to DM1:[1,2]ICP .TSK] [File MT0:[1,2]ICP .CTL copied to DM1:[1,2]ICP .CTL] [File MT0:[1,2]BACKUP.CTL copied to DM1:[1,2]BACKUP.CTL] [File MT0:[1,2]BACKUP.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]BACKUP.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]BACLST.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]BACLST.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]BACCON.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]BACCON.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]BACDIR.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]BACDIR.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]BACMNT.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]BACMNT.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]BACLAB.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]BACLAB.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]BACDSK.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]BACDSK.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]BACKTO.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]BACKTO.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]BACCOM.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]BACCOM.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]BACDMP.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]BACDMP.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]BACDEL.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]BACDEL.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]BACLOD.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]BACLOD.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]BACENT.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]BACENT.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]BACFRM.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]BACFRM.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]BACPRM.BAS copied to DM1:[1,2]BACPRM.BAS] [File MT0:[1,2]RMS11 .CTL copied to DM1:[1,2]RMS11 .CTL] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSMAC.MLB copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSMAC.MLB] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSLIB.OLB copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSLIB.OLB] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSDAP.OLB copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSDAP.OLB] [File MT0:[1,2]DES .HLP copied to DM1:[1,2]DES .HLP] [File MT0:[1,2]DESHLP.DES copied to DM1:[1,2]DESHLP.DES] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSFUN.OBJ copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSFUN.OBJ] [File MT0:[1,2]RMS11 .ODL copied to DM1:[1,2]RMS11 .ODL] [File MT0:[1,2]R0RMS1.MAC copied to DM1:[1,2]R0RMS1.MAC] [File MT0:[1,2]RMS11S.ODL copied to DM1:[1,2]RMS11S.ODL] [File MT0:[1,2]RMS12S.ODL copied to DM1:[1,2]RMS12S.ODL] [File MT0:[1,2]RMS11X.ODL copied to DM1:[1,2]RMS11X.ODL] [File MT0:[1,2]RMS12X.ODL copied to DM1:[1,2]RMS12X.ODL] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSRLX.ODL copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSRLX.ODL] [File MT0:[1,2]DAP11X.ODL copied to DM1:[1,2]DAP11X.ODL] [File MT0:[1,2]DAPRLX.ODL copied to DM1:[1,2]DAPRLX.ODL] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSACF.TSK copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSACF.TSK] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSBCK.TSK copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSBCK.TSK] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSRST.TSK copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSRST.TSK] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSDEF.TSK copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSDEF.TSK] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSDSP.TSK copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSDSP.TSK] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSCNV.TSK copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSCNV.TSK] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSDES.TSK copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSDES.TSK] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSIFL.TSK copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSIFL.TSK] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSRES.LIB copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSRES.LIB] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSRES.TSK copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSRES.TSK] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSLBA.LIB copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSLBA.LIB] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSLBB.LIB copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSLBB.LIB] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSLBC.LIB copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSLBC.LIB] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSLBD.LIB copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSLBD.LIB] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSLBE.LIB copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSLBE.LIB] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSLBF.LIB copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSLBF.LIB] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSRES.STB copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSRES.STB] [File MT0:[1,2]DAPRES.LIB copied to DM1:[1,2]DAPRES.LIB] [File MT0:[1,2]DAPRES.TSK copied to DM1:[1,2]DAPRES.TSK] [File MT0:[1,2]DAPRES.STB copied to DM1:[1,2]DAPRES.STB] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSLBA.MAP copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSLBA.MAP] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSLBB.MAP copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSLBB.MAP] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSLBC.MAP copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSLBC.MAP] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSLBD.MAP copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSLBD.MAP] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSLBE.MAP copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSLBE.MAP] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSLBF.MAP copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSLBF.MAP] [File MT0:[1,2]DAPRES.MAP copied to DM1:[1,2]DAPRES.MAP] [File MT0:[1,2]DAPRES.CMD copied to DM1:[1,2]DAPRES.CMD] [File MT0:[1,2]DAPRES.ODL copied to DM1:[1,2]DAPRES.ODL] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSRES.CMD copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSRES.CMD] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSRES.ODL copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSRES.ODL] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSRES.MAP copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSRES.MAP] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSRES.ONL copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSRES.ONL] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSFAK.CMD copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSFAK.CMD] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSLBA.CMD copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSLBA.CMD] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSLBA.ODL copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSLBA.ODL] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSLBB.CMD copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSLBB.CMD] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSLBB.ODL copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSLBB.ODL] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSLBC.CMD copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSLBC.CMD] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSLBC.ODL copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSLBC.ODL] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSLBD.CMD copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSLBD.CMD] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSLBD.ODL copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSLBD.ODL] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSLBE.CMD copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSLBE.CMD] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSLBE.ODL copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSLBE.ODL] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSLBF.CMD copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSLBF.CMD] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSLBF.ODL copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSLBF.ODL] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSROT.CMD copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSROT.CMD] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSROT.ODL copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSROT.ODL] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSROT.STB copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSROT.STB] [File MT0:[1,2]BCKNON.CMD copied to DM1:[1,2]BCKNON.CMD] [File MT0:[1,2]BCKNON.ODL copied to DM1:[1,2]BCKNON.ODL] [File MT0:[1,2]BCKNRN.CMD copied to DM1:[1,2]BCKNRN.CMD] [File MT0:[1,2]BCKNRN.ODL copied to DM1:[1,2]BCKNRN.ODL] [File MT0:[1,2]CNVNON.CMD copied to DM1:[1,2]CNVNON.CMD] [File MT0:[1,2]CNVNON.ODL copied to DM1:[1,2]CNVNON.ODL] [File MT0:[1,2]CNVNRN.CMD copied to DM1:[1,2]CNVNRN.CMD] [File MT0:[1,2]CNVNRN.ODL copied to DM1:[1,2]CNVNRN.ODL] [File MT0:[1,2]CNVNOO.CMD copied to DM1:[1,2]CNVNOO.CMD] [File MT0:[1,2]CNVNOO.ODL copied to DM1:[1,2]CNVNOO.ODL] [File MT0:[1,2]CNVNRR.CMD copied to DM1:[1,2]CNVNRR.CMD] [File MT0:[1,2]CNVNRR.ODL copied to DM1:[1,2]CNVNRR.ODL] [File MT0:[1,2]DEFNON.CMD copied to DM1:[1,2]DEFNON.CMD] [File MT0:[1,2]DEFNON.ODL copied to DM1:[1,2]DEFNON.ODL] [File MT0:[1,2]DEFNRN.CMD copied to DM1:[1,2]DEFNRN.CMD] [File MT0:[1,2]DEFNRN.ODL copied to DM1:[1,2]DEFNRN.ODL] [File MT0:[1,2]DESNON.CMD copied to DM1:[1,2]DESNON.CMD] [File MT0:[1,2]DESNON.ODL copied to DM1:[1,2]DESNON.ODL] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSDES.ODL copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSDES.ODL] [File MT0:[1,2]DESNRN.CMD copied to DM1:[1,2]DESNRN.CMD] [File MT0:[1,2]DESNRN.ODL copied to DM1:[1,2]DESNRN.ODL] [File MT0:[1,2]DSPNON.CMD copied to DM1:[1,2]DSPNON.CMD] [File MT0:[1,2]DSPNON.ODL copied to DM1:[1,2]DSPNON.ODL] [File MT0:[1,2]DSPNRN.CMD copied to DM1:[1,2]DSPNRN.CMD] [File MT0:[1,2]DSPNRN.ODL copied to DM1:[1,2]DSPNRN.ODL] [File MT0:[1,2]IFLNON.CMD copied to DM1:[1,2]IFLNON.CMD] [File MT0:[1,2]IFLNON.ODL copied to DM1:[1,2]IFLNON.ODL] [File MT0:[1,2]IFLNRN.CMD copied to DM1:[1,2]IFLNRN.CMD] [File MT0:[1,2]IFLNRN.ODL copied to DM1:[1,2]IFLNRN.ODL] [File MT0:[1,2]RSTNON.CMD copied to DM1:[1,2]RSTNON.CMD] [File MT0:[1,2]RSTNON.ODL copied to DM1:[1,2]RSTNON.ODL] [File MT0:[1,2]RSTNRN.CMD copied to DM1:[1,2]RSTNRN.CMD] [File MT0:[1,2]RSTNRN.ODL copied to DM1:[1,2]RSTNRN.ODL] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSUTL.OLB copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSUTL.OLB] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSODL.ODL copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSODL.ODL] [File MT0:[1,2]GSA .MAC copied to DM1:[1,2]GSA .MAC] [File MT0:[1,2]PARSE .MAC copied to DM1:[1,2]PARSE .MAC] [File MT0:[1,2]SEARCH.MAC copied to DM1:[1,2]SEARCH.MAC] [File MT0:[1,2]RENAME.MAC copied to DM1:[1,2]RENAME.MAC] [File MT0:[1,2]ERASE .MAC copied to DM1:[1,2]ERASE .MAC] [File MT0:[1,2]PARSE .TSK copied to DM1:[1,2]PARSE .TSK] [File MT0:[1,2]SEARCH.TSK copied to DM1:[1,2]SEARCH.TSK] [File MT0:[1,2]RENAME.TSK copied to DM1:[1,2]RENAME.TSK] [File MT0:[1,2]ERASE .TSK copied to DM1:[1,2]ERASE .TSK] [File MT0:[1,2]RMSV2 .DOC copied to DM1:[1,2]RMSV2 .DOC] [File MT0:[1,2]SORT .CTL copied to DM1:[1,2]SORT .CTL] [File MT0:[1,2]SORT .TSK copied to DM1:[1,2]SORT .TSK] [File MT0:[1,2]SORT .OLB copied to DM1:[1,2]SORT .OLB] [File MT0:[1,2]SRTRSX.CMD copied to DM1:[1,2]SRTRSX.CMD] [File MT0:[1,2]SRTRSX.ODL copied to DM1:[1,2]SRTRSX.ODL] [File MT0:[1,2]SRTEIO.ODL copied to DM1:[1,2]SRTEIO.ODL] [File MT0:[1,2]SRTRES.CMD copied to DM1:[1,2]SRTRES.CMD] [File MT0:[1,2]SRTRES.ODL copied to DM1:[1,2]SRTRES.ODL] [File MT0:[1,2]RNO .TSK copied to DM1:[1,2]RNO .TSK] *^Z Ready RUN DM1:PATCPY PATCPY V8.0-06 RSTS V8.0-06 RSTS V8, myuser Enter distribution device/PPN: DM1:[1,2] Enter output device/PPN : SY:[200,200] %Can't find file or account - SY:[200,200] Attempt to create account SY:[200,200] ? YES Account SY:[200,200] created with your password Packages to patch? ALL Copying DM1:[1,2]CREF.SAV to SY:[200,200]CREF.SAV Copying DM1:[1,2]MACRO.SAV to SY:[200,200]MACRO.SAV Copying DM1:[1,2]UTILTY.SAV to SY:[200,200]UTILTY.SAV Copying DM1:[1,2]PIP.SAV to SY:[200,200]PIP.SAV Copying DM1:[1,2]LOGOUT.SAV to SY:[200,200]LOGOUT.SAV Copying DM1:[1,2]LOGIN.SAV to SY:[200,200]LOGIN.SAV Copying DM1:[1,2]CREATE.SAV to SY:[200,200]CREATE.SAV Copying DM1:[1,2]LINK.SAV to SY:[200,200]LINK.SAV Copying DM1:[1,2]SILUS.SAV to SY:[200,200]SILUS.SAV Copying DM1:[1,2]HOOK.SAV to SY:[200,200]HOOK.SAV Copying DM1:[1,2]SYSBAT.SAV to SY:[200,200]SYSBAT.SAV Copying DM1:[1,2]SYSGEN.SAV to SY:[200,200]SYSGEN.SAV Copying DM1:[1,2]ONLPAT.SAV to SY:[200,200]ONLPAT.SAV Copying DM1:[1,2]ONLCLN.SAV to SY:[200,200]ONLCLN.SAV Copying DM1:[1,2]ERR.STB to SY:[200,200]ERR.STB Copying DM1:[1,2]PIPSAV.TXT to SY:[200,200]PIPSAV.TXT Copying DM1:[1,2]COMMON.MAC to SY:[200,200]COMMON.MAC Copying DM1:[1,2]KERNEL.MAC to SY:[200,200]KERNEL.MAC Copying DM1:[1,2]CHECK.MAC to SY:[200,200]CHECK.MAC Copying DM1:[1,2]TBL.MAC to SY:[200,200]TBL.MAC Copying DM1:[1,2]KBDEF.MAC to SY:[200,200]KBDEF.MAC Copying DM1:[1,2]TTDINT.MAC to SY:[200,200]TTDINT.MAC Copying DM1:[1,2]TTDVR.MAC to SY:[200,200]TTDVR.MAC Copying DM1:[1,2]SYSLIB.OBJ to SY:[200,200]SYSLIB.OBJ Copying DM1:[1,2]OVLHD.OBJ to SY:[200,200]OVLHD.OBJ Copying DM1:[1,2]RSTS.OBJ to SY:[200,200]RSTS.OBJ Copying DM1:[1,2]CRA.OBJ to SY:[200,200]CRA.OBJ Copying DM1:[1,2]TER.OBJ to SY:[200,200]TER.OBJ Copying DM1:[1,2]DSK.OBJ to SY:[200,200]DSK.OBJ Copying DM1:[1,2]MCP.OBJ to SY:[200,200]MCP.OBJ Copying DM1:[1,2]XVR.OBJ to SY:[200,200]XVR.OBJ Copying DM1:[1,2]EMT.OBJ to SY:[200,200]EMT.OBJ Copying DM1:[1,2]GEN.OBJ to SY:[200,200]GEN.OBJ Copying DM1:[1,2]FIPLRG.OBJ to SY:[200,200]FIPLRG.OBJ Copying DM1:[1,2]FMS.OBJ to SY:[200,200]FMS.OBJ Copying DM1:[1,2]OVRLRG.OBJ to SY:[200,200]OVRLRG.OBJ Copying DM1:[1,2]DEFALT.SAV to SY:[200,200]DEFALT.SAV Copying DM1:[1,2]LIBR.SAV to SY:[200,200]LIBR.SAV Copying DM1:[1,2]PAT.SAV to SY:[200,200]PAT.SAV Copying DM1:[1,2]SAVRES.SAV to SY:[200,200]SAVRES.SAV Copying DM1:[1,2]DEFALT.STB to SY:[200,200]DEFALT.STB Copying DM1:[1,2]MINCOP.BAS to SY:[200,200]MINCOP.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]RTS.OBJ to SY:[200,200]RTS.OBJ Copying DM1:[1,2]MA2.OBJ to SY:[200,200]MA2.OBJ Copying DM1:[1,2]MA2I.OBJ to SY:[200,200]MA2I.OBJ Copying DM1:[1,2]MA2F.OBJ to SY:[200,200]MA2F.OBJ Copying DM1:[1,2]MA4.OBJ to SY:[200,200]MA4.OBJ Copying DM1:[1,2]MA4F.OBJ to SY:[200,200]MA4F.OBJ Copying DM1:[1,2]MA4D.OBJ to SY:[200,200]MA4D.OBJ Copying DM1:[1,2]XL2.OBJ to SY:[200,200]XL2.OBJ Copying DM1:[1,2]XL2I.OBJ to SY:[200,200]XL2I.OBJ Copying DM1:[1,2]XL2F.OBJ to SY:[200,200]XL2F.OBJ Copying DM1:[1,2]XL4.OBJ to SY:[200,200]XL4.OBJ Copying DM1:[1,2]XL4F.OBJ to SY:[200,200]XL4F.OBJ Copying DM1:[1,2]XT2.OBJ to SY:[200,200]XT2.OBJ Copying DM1:[1,2]XT2I.OBJ to SY:[200,200]XT2I.OBJ Copying DM1:[1,2]XT2F.OBJ to SY:[200,200]XT2F.OBJ Copying DM1:[1,2]XT4.OBJ to SY:[200,200]XT4.OBJ Copying DM1:[1,2]XT4F.OBJ to SY:[200,200]XT4F.OBJ Copying DM1:[1,2]SF.OBJ to SY:[200,200]SF.OBJ Copying DM1:[1,2]IO.OBJ to SY:[200,200]IO.OBJ Copying DM1:[1,2]PU.OBJ to SY:[200,200]PU.OBJ Copying DM1:[1,2]MX.OBJ to SY:[200,200]MX.OBJ Copying DM1:[1,2]SN.OBJ to SY:[200,200]SN.OBJ Copying DM1:[1,2]DBG.OBJ to SY:[200,200]DBG.OBJ Copying DM1:[1,2]VE.OBJ to SY:[200,200]VE.OBJ Copying DM1:[1,2]ODT.SYS to SY:[200,200]ODT.SYS Copying DM1:[1,2]EDT.TSK to SY:[200,200]EDT.TSK Copying DM1:[1,2]RSX.CTL to SY:[200,200]RSX.CTL Copying DM1:[1,2]RSX.RTS to SY:[200,200]RSX.RTS Copying DM1:[1,2]SYSLIB.OLB to SY:[200,200]SYSLIB.OLB Copying DM1:[1,2]RSXMAC.SML to SY:[200,200]RSXMAC.SML Copying DM1:[1,2]CSPCOM.OLB to SY:[200,200]CSPCOM.OLB Copying DM1:[1,2]TKB.TSK to SY:[200,200]TKB.TSK Copying DM1:[1,2]STK.TSK to SY:[200,200]STK.TSK Copying DM1:[1,2]MAC.TSK to SY:[200,200]MAC.TSK Copying DM1:[1,2]LBR.TSK to SY:[200,200]LBR.TSK Copying DM1:[1,2]PAT.TSK to SY:[200,200]PAT.TSK Copying DM1:[1,2]CSPCOM.TSK to SY:[200,200]CSPCOM.TSK Copying DM1:[1,2]SHUTUP.RSX to SY:[200,200]SHUTUP.RSX Copying DM1:[1,2]CRF.TSK to SY:[200,200]CRF.TSK Copying DM1:[1,2]BUILD.CTL to SY:[200,200]BUILD.CTL Copying DM1:[1,2]CPATCH.BAS to SY:[200,200]CPATCH.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]AUTOED.BAS to SY:[200,200]AUTOED.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]BUILD.BAS to SY:[200,200]BUILD.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]ATPK.BAS to SY:[200,200]ATPK.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]LOGIN.BAS to SY:[200,200]LOGIN.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]LOGOUT.BAS to SY:[200,200]LOGOUT.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]PATCPY.BAS to SY:[200,200]PATCPY.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]PBUILD.BAS to SY:[200,200]PBUILD.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]UTILTY.BAS to SY:[200,200]UTILTY.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]INIT.BAS to SY:[200,200]INIT.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]SHUTUP.BAS to SY:[200,200]SHUTUP.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]ERRBLD.BAS to SY:[200,200]ERRBLD.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]ERRINT.BAS to SY:[200,200]ERRINT.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]ERRCPY.BAS to SY:[200,200]ERRCPY.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]DIRECT.BAS to SY:[200,200]DIRECT.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]TTYSET.BAS to SY:[200,200]TTYSET.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]SYSTAT.BAS to SY:[200,200]SYSTAT.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]ERRDIS.BAS to SY:[200,200]ERRDIS.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]ERRDET.BAS to SY:[200,200]ERRDET.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]ANALYS.BAS to SY:[200,200]ANALYS.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]ANALY1.BAS to SY:[200,200]ANALY1.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]ANALY2.BAS to SY:[200,200]ANALY2.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]ANALY3.BAS to SY:[200,200]ANALY3.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]REACT.BAS to SY:[200,200]REACT.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]UMOUNT.BAS to SY:[200,200]UMOUNT.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]FILCOM.BAS to SY:[200,200]FILCOM.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]PLEASE.BAS to SY:[200,200]PLEASE.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]SWITCH.BAS to SY:[200,200]SWITCH.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]MAKSIL.BAS to SY:[200,200]MAKSIL.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]NOTICE.TXT to SY:[200,200]NOTICE.TXT Copying DM1:[1,2]HELP.TXT to SY:[200,200]HELP.TXT Copying DM1:[1,2]TTY.CMD to SY:[200,200]TTY.CMD Copying DM1:[1,2]RTS.CMD to SY:[200,200]RTS.CMD Copying DM1:[1,2]CCL.CMD to SY:[200,200]CCL.CMD Copying DM1:[1,2]CLEAN.CMD to SY:[200,200]CLEAN.CMD Copying DM1:[1,2]UTILTY.HLP to SY:[200,200]UTILTY.HLP Copying DM1:[1,2]DIRECT.HLP to SY:[200,200]DIRECT.HLP Copying DM1:[1,2]ERRDIS.HLP to SY:[200,200]ERRDIS.HLP Copying DM1:[1,2]ACCT.SYS to SY:[200,200]ACCT.SYS Copying DM1:[1,2]BIGPRG.CTL to SY:[200,200]BIGPRG.CTL Copying DM1:[1,2]ODT.BAS to SY:[200,200]ODT.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]REORDR.BAS to SY:[200,200]REORDR.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]COPY.BAS to SY:[200,200]COPY.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]QUOLST.BAS to SY:[200,200]QUOLST.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]MONEY.BAS to SY:[200,200]MONEY.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]GRIPE.BAS to SY:[200,200]GRIPE.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]TALK.BAS to SY:[200,200]TALK.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]VT50PY.BAS to SY:[200,200]VT50PY.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]VT5DPY.BAS to SY:[200,200]VT5DPY.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]DISPLY.BAS to SY:[200,200]DISPLY.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]FIT.BAS to SY:[200,200]FIT.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]FLINT.BAS to SY:[200,200]FLINT.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]PMDUMP.BAS to SY:[200,200]PMDUMP.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]BPCREF.BAS to SY:[200,200]BPCREF.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]BPCRF1.BAS to SY:[200,200]BPCRF1.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]RUNOFF.BAS to SY:[200,200]RUNOFF.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]DSKCVT.BAS to SY:[200,200]DSKCVT.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]DSKINT.TSK to SY:[200,200]DSKINT.TSK Copying DM1:[1,2]COPY.HLP to SY:[200,200]COPY.HLP Copying DM1:[1,2]BPCREF.HLP to SY:[200,200]BPCREF.HLP Copying DM1:[1,2]FIT.HLP to SY:[200,200]FIT.HLP Copying DM1:[1,2]RUNOFF.RNO to SY:[200,200]RUNOFF.RNO Copying DM1:[1,2]DCL.CTL to SY:[200,200]DCL.CTL Copying DM1:[1,2]DCL.RTS to SY:[200,200]DCL.RTS Copying DM1:[1,2]DCL.HLP to SY:[200,200]DCL.HLP Copying DM1:[1,2]DCLA.RTS to SY:[200,200]DCLA.RTS Copying DM1:[1,2]DCLA.HLP to SY:[200,200]DCLA.HLP Copying DM1:[1,2]DCL.DCL to SY:[200,200]DCL.DCL Copying DM1:[1,2]BP2.LNK to SY:[200,200]BP2.LNK Copying DM1:[1,2]C81.LNK to SY:[200,200]C81.LNK Copying DM1:[1,2]DIBOL.LNK to SY:[200,200]DIBOL.LNK Copying DM1:[1,2]DMS.LNK to SY:[200,200]DMS.LNK Copying DM1:[1,2]F77.LNK to SY:[200,200]F77.LNK Copying DM1:[1,2]RSX11.LNK to SY:[200,200]RSX11.LNK Copying DM1:[1,2]PRELIN.BAS to SY:[200,200]PRELIN.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]SHOTER.BAS to SY:[200,200]SHOTER.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]DCLUTL.BAS to SY:[200,200]DCLUTL.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]HELP.CTL to SY:[200,200]HELP.CTL Copying DM1:[1,2]HELP.BAS to SY:[200,200]HELP.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]HELP.HLP to SY:[200,200]HELP.HLP Copying DM1:[1,2]BPHELP.HLP to SY:[200,200]BPHELP.HLP Copying DM1:[1,2]BPCOMM.HLP to SY:[200,200]BPCOMM.HLP Copying DM1:[1,2]BPSTAT.HLP to SY:[200,200]BPSTAT.HLP Copying DM1:[1,2]BPFUNC.HLP to SY:[200,200]BPFUNC.HLP Copying DM1:[1,2]BPCHLP.HLP to SY:[200,200]BPCHLP.HLP Copying DM1:[1,2]DIRHLP.HLP to SY:[200,200]DIRHLP.HLP Copying DM1:[1,2]FILNAM.HLP to SY:[200,200]FILNAM.HLP Copying DM1:[1,2]FITHLP.HLP to SY:[200,200]FITHLP.HLP Copying DM1:[1,2]KEYBRD.HLP to SY:[200,200]KEYBRD.HLP Copying DM1:[1,2]CTRLT.HLP to SY:[200,200]CTRLT.HLP Copying DM1:[1,2]PIPHLP.HLP to SY:[200,200]PIPHLP.HLP Copying DM1:[1,2]PIPDIR.HLP to SY:[200,200]PIPDIR.HLP Copying DM1:[1,2]PLEASE.HLP to SY:[200,200]PLEASE.HLP Copying DM1:[1,2]PLEBAC.HLP to SY:[200,200]PLEBAC.HLP Copying DM1:[1,2]PLEBAT.HLP to SY:[200,200]PLEBAT.HLP Copying DM1:[1,2]PLEQUE.HLP to SY:[200,200]PLEQUE.HLP Copying DM1:[1,2]PLESPL.HLP to SY:[200,200]PLESPL.HLP Copying DM1:[1,2]QUEHLP.HLP to SY:[200,200]QUEHLP.HLP Copying DM1:[1,2]RSTS.HLP to SY:[200,200]RSTS.HLP Copying DM1:[1,2]DISK.HLP to SY:[200,200]DISK.HLP Copying DM1:[1,2]MAGTAP.HLP to SY:[200,200]MAGTAP.HLP Copying DM1:[1,2]TERMNL.HLP to SY:[200,200]TERMNL.HLP Copying DM1:[1,2]RSX.HLP to SY:[200,200]RSX.HLP Copying DM1:[1,2]RT11.HLP to SY:[200,200]RT11.HLP Copying DM1:[1,2]SETHLP.HLP to SY:[200,200]SETHLP.HLP Copying DM1:[1,2]SYSHLP.HLP to SY:[200,200]SYSHLP.HLP Copying DM1:[1,2]TECO.HLP to SY:[200,200]TECO.HLP Copying DM1:[1,2]TECOFL.HLP to SY:[200,200]TECOFL.HLP Copying DM1:[1,2]TECOMD.HLP to SY:[200,200]TECOMD.HLP Copying DM1:[1,2]TYPE.HLP to SY:[200,200]TYPE.HLP Copying DM1:[1,2]UTHELP.HLP to SY:[200,200]UTHELP.HLP Copying DM1:[1,2]VTEDIT.HLP to SY:[200,200]VTEDIT.HLP Copying DM1:[1,2]EDT.CTL to SY:[200,200]EDT.CTL Copying DM1:[1,2]EDTBLD.CMD to SY:[200,200]EDTBLD.CMD Copying DM1:[1,2]EDTSHR.CMD to SY:[200,200]EDTSHR.CMD Copying DM1:[1,2]EDTOVB.CMD to SY:[200,200]EDTOVB.CMD Copying DM1:[1,2]EDTOVB.ODL to SY:[200,200]EDTOVB.ODL Copying DM1:[1,2]EDTLIB.OLB to SY:[200,200]EDTLIB.OLB Copying DM1:[1,2]BLDPAT.CMD to SY:[200,200]BLDPAT.CMD Copying DM1:[1,2]EDTPAT.CMD to SY:[200,200]EDTPAT.CMD Copying DM1:[1,2]EDTHEL.HLP to SY:[200,200]EDTHEL.HLP Copying DM1:[1,2]EDT100.DOC to SY:[200,200]EDT100.DOC Copying DM1:[1,2]EDT52.DOC to SY:[200,200]EDT52.DOC Copying DM1:[1,2]SPLER.CTL to SY:[200,200]SPLER.CTL Copying DM1:[1,2]QUE.BAS to SY:[200,200]QUE.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]QUEMAN.BAS to SY:[200,200]QUEMAN.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]QUMRUN.BAS to SY:[200,200]QUMRUN.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]OPSER.BAS to SY:[200,200]OPSER.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]OPSRUN.BAS to SY:[200,200]OPSRUN.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]CHARS.BAS to SY:[200,200]CHARS.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]SPOOL.BAS to SY:[200,200]SPOOL.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]SPLIDL.BAS to SY:[200,200]SPLIDL.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]SPLRUN.BAS to SY:[200,200]SPLRUN.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]BATDCD.BAS to SY:[200,200]BATDCD.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]BATCH.BAS to SY:[200,200]BATCH.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]BATIDL.BAS to SY:[200,200]BATIDL.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]BATDEC.BAS to SY:[200,200]BATDEC.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]BATRUN.BAS to SY:[200,200]BATRUN.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]MICRO.CTL to SY:[200,200]MICRO.CTL Copying DM1:[1,2]MICRO.SIL to SY:[200,200]MICRO.SIL Copying DM1:[1,2]ICP.TSK to SY:[200,200]ICP.TSK Copying DM1:[1,2]ICP.CTL to SY:[200,200]ICP.CTL Copying DM1:[1,2]BACKUP.CTL to SY:[200,200]BACKUP.CTL Copying DM1:[1,2]BACKUP.BAS to SY:[200,200]BACKUP.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]BACLST.BAS to SY:[200,200]BACLST.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]BACCON.BAS to SY:[200,200]BACCON.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]BACDIR.BAS to SY:[200,200]BACDIR.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]BACMNT.BAS to SY:[200,200]BACMNT.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]BACLAB.BAS to SY:[200,200]BACLAB.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]BACDSK.BAS to SY:[200,200]BACDSK.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]BACKTO.BAS to SY:[200,200]BACKTO.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]BACCOM.BAS to SY:[200,200]BACCOM.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]BACDMP.BAS to SY:[200,200]BACDMP.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]BACDEL.BAS to SY:[200,200]BACDEL.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]BACLOD.BAS to SY:[200,200]BACLOD.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]BACENT.BAS to SY:[200,200]BACENT.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]BACFRM.BAS to SY:[200,200]BACFRM.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]BACPRM.BAS to SY:[200,200]BACPRM.BAS Copying DM1:[1,2]RMS11.CTL to SY:[200,200]RMS11.CTL Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSMAC.MLB to SY:[200,200]RMSMAC.MLB Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSLIB.OLB to SY:[200,200]RMSLIB.OLB Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSDAP.OLB to SY:[200,200]RMSDAP.OLB Copying DM1:[1,2]DES.HLP to SY:[200,200]DES.HLP Copying DM1:[1,2]DESHLP.DES to SY:[200,200]DESHLP.DES Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSFUN.OBJ to SY:[200,200]RMSFUN.OBJ Copying DM1:[1,2]RMS11.ODL to SY:[200,200]RMS11.ODL Copying DM1:[1,2]R0RMS1.MAC to SY:[200,200]R0RMS1.MAC Copying DM1:[1,2]RMS11S.ODL to SY:[200,200]RMS11S.ODL Copying DM1:[1,2]RMS12S.ODL to SY:[200,200]RMS12S.ODL Copying DM1:[1,2]RMS11X.ODL to SY:[200,200]RMS11X.ODL Copying DM1:[1,2]RMS12X.ODL to SY:[200,200]RMS12X.ODL Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSRLX.ODL to SY:[200,200]RMSRLX.ODL Copying DM1:[1,2]DAP11X.ODL to SY:[200,200]DAP11X.ODL Copying DM1:[1,2]DAPRLX.ODL to SY:[200,200]DAPRLX.ODL Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSACF.TSK to SY:[200,200]RMSACF.TSK Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSBCK.TSK to SY:[200,200]RMSBCK.TSK Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSRST.TSK to SY:[200,200]RMSRST.TSK Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSDEF.TSK to SY:[200,200]RMSDEF.TSK Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSDSP.TSK to SY:[200,200]RMSDSP.TSK Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSCNV.TSK to SY:[200,200]RMSCNV.TSK Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSDES.TSK to SY:[200,200]RMSDES.TSK Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSIFL.TSK to SY:[200,200]RMSIFL.TSK Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSRES.LIB to SY:[200,200]RMSRES.LIB Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSRES.TSK to SY:[200,200]RMSRES.TSK Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSLBA.LIB to SY:[200,200]RMSLBA.LIB Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSLBB.LIB to SY:[200,200]RMSLBB.LIB Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSLBC.LIB to SY:[200,200]RMSLBC.LIB Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSLBD.LIB to SY:[200,200]RMSLBD.LIB Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSLBE.LIB to SY:[200,200]RMSLBE.LIB Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSLBF.LIB to SY:[200,200]RMSLBF.LIB Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSRES.STB to SY:[200,200]RMSRES.STB Copying DM1:[1,2]DAPRES.LIB to SY:[200,200]DAPRES.LIB Copying DM1:[1,2]DAPRES.TSK to SY:[200,200]DAPRES.TSK Copying DM1:[1,2]DAPRES.STB to SY:[200,200]DAPRES.STB Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSLBA.MAP to SY:[200,200]RMSLBA.MAP Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSLBB.MAP to SY:[200,200]RMSLBB.MAP Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSLBC.MAP to SY:[200,200]RMSLBC.MAP Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSLBD.MAP to SY:[200,200]RMSLBD.MAP Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSLBE.MAP to SY:[200,200]RMSLBE.MAP Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSLBF.MAP to SY:[200,200]RMSLBF.MAP Copying DM1:[1,2]DAPRES.MAP to SY:[200,200]DAPRES.MAP Copying DM1:[1,2]DAPRES.CMD to SY:[200,200]DAPRES.CMD Copying DM1:[1,2]DAPRES.ODL to SY:[200,200]DAPRES.ODL Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSRES.CMD to SY:[200,200]RMSRES.CMD Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSRES.ODL to SY:[200,200]RMSRES.ODL Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSRES.MAP to SY:[200,200]RMSRES.MAP Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSRES.ONL to SY:[200,200]RMSRES.ONL Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSFAK.CMD to SY:[200,200]RMSFAK.CMD Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSLBA.CMD to SY:[200,200]RMSLBA.CMD Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSLBA.ODL to SY:[200,200]RMSLBA.ODL Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSLBB.CMD to SY:[200,200]RMSLBB.CMD Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSLBB.ODL to SY:[200,200]RMSLBB.ODL Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSLBC.CMD to SY:[200,200]RMSLBC.CMD Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSLBC.ODL to SY:[200,200]RMSLBC.ODL Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSLBD.CMD to SY:[200,200]RMSLBD.CMD Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSLBD.ODL to SY:[200,200]RMSLBD.ODL Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSLBE.CMD to SY:[200,200]RMSLBE.CMD Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSLBE.ODL to SY:[200,200]RMSLBE.ODL Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSLBF.CMD to SY:[200,200]RMSLBF.CMD Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSLBF.ODL to SY:[200,200]RMSLBF.ODL Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSROT.CMD to SY:[200,200]RMSROT.CMD Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSROT.ODL to SY:[200,200]RMSROT.ODL Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSROT.STB to SY:[200,200]RMSROT.STB Copying DM1:[1,2]BCKNON.CMD to SY:[200,200]BCKNON.CMD Copying DM1:[1,2]BCKNON.ODL to SY:[200,200]BCKNON.ODL Copying DM1:[1,2]BCKNRN.CMD to SY:[200,200]BCKNRN.CMD Copying DM1:[1,2]BCKNRN.ODL to SY:[200,200]BCKNRN.ODL Copying DM1:[1,2]CNVNON.CMD to SY:[200,200]CNVNON.CMD Copying DM1:[1,2]CNVNON.ODL to SY:[200,200]CNVNON.ODL Copying DM1:[1,2]CNVNRN.CMD to SY:[200,200]CNVNRN.CMD Copying DM1:[1,2]CNVNRN.ODL to SY:[200,200]CNVNRN.ODL Copying DM1:[1,2]CNVNOO.CMD to SY:[200,200]CNVNOO.CMD Copying DM1:[1,2]CNVNOO.ODL to SY:[200,200]CNVNOO.ODL Copying DM1:[1,2]CNVNRR.CMD to SY:[200,200]CNVNRR.CMD Copying DM1:[1,2]CNVNRR.ODL to SY:[200,200]CNVNRR.ODL Copying DM1:[1,2]DEFNON.CMD to SY:[200,200]DEFNON.CMD Copying DM1:[1,2]DEFNON.ODL to SY:[200,200]DEFNON.ODL Copying DM1:[1,2]DEFNRN.CMD to SY:[200,200]DEFNRN.CMD Copying DM1:[1,2]DEFNRN.ODL to SY:[200,200]DEFNRN.ODL Copying DM1:[1,2]DESNON.CMD to SY:[200,200]DESNON.CMD Copying DM1:[1,2]DESNON.ODL to SY:[200,200]DESNON.ODL Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSDES.ODL to SY:[200,200]RMSDES.ODL Copying DM1:[1,2]DESNRN.CMD to SY:[200,200]DESNRN.CMD Copying DM1:[1,2]DESNRN.ODL to SY:[200,200]DESNRN.ODL Copying DM1:[1,2]DSPNON.CMD to SY:[200,200]DSPNON.CMD Copying DM1:[1,2]DSPNON.ODL to SY:[200,200]DSPNON.ODL Copying DM1:[1,2]DSPNRN.CMD to SY:[200,200]DSPNRN.CMD Copying DM1:[1,2]DSPNRN.ODL to SY:[200,200]DSPNRN.ODL Copying DM1:[1,2]IFLNON.CMD to SY:[200,200]IFLNON.CMD Copying DM1:[1,2]IFLNON.ODL to SY:[200,200]IFLNON.ODL Copying DM1:[1,2]IFLNRN.CMD to SY:[200,200]IFLNRN.CMD Copying DM1:[1,2]IFLNRN.ODL to SY:[200,200]IFLNRN.ODL Copying DM1:[1,2]RSTNON.CMD to SY:[200,200]RSTNON.CMD Copying DM1:[1,2]RSTNON.ODL to SY:[200,200]RSTNON.ODL Copying DM1:[1,2]RSTNRN.CMD to SY:[200,200]RSTNRN.CMD Copying DM1:[1,2]RSTNRN.ODL to SY:[200,200]RSTNRN.ODL Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSUTL.OLB to SY:[200,200]RMSUTL.OLB Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSODL.ODL to SY:[200,200]RMSODL.ODL Copying DM1:[1,2]GSA.MAC to SY:[200,200]GSA.MAC Copying DM1:[1,2]PARSE.MAC to SY:[200,200]PARSE.MAC Copying DM1:[1,2]SEARCH.MAC to SY:[200,200]SEARCH.MAC Copying DM1:[1,2]RENAME.MAC to SY:[200,200]RENAME.MAC Copying DM1:[1,2]ERASE.MAC to SY:[200,200]ERASE.MAC Copying DM1:[1,2]PARSE.TSK to SY:[200,200]PARSE.TSK Copying DM1:[1,2]SEARCH.TSK to SY:[200,200]SEARCH.TSK Copying DM1:[1,2]RENAME.TSK to SY:[200,200]RENAME.TSK Copying DM1:[1,2]ERASE.TSK to SY:[200,200]ERASE.TSK Copying DM1:[1,2]RMSV2.DOC to SY:[200,200]RMSV2.DOC Copying DM1:[1,2]SORT.CTL to SY:[200,200]SORT.CTL Copying DM1:[1,2]SORT.TSK to SY:[200,200]SORT.TSK Copying DM1:[1,2]SORT.OLB to SY:[200,200]SORT.OLB Copying DM1:[1,2]SRTRSX.CMD to SY:[200,200]SRTRSX.CMD Copying DM1:[1,2]SRTRSX.ODL to SY:[200,200]SRTRSX.ODL Copying DM1:[1,2]SRTEIO.ODL to SY:[200,200]SRTEIO.ODL Copying DM1:[1,2]SRTRES.CMD to SY:[200,200]SRTRES.CMD Copying DM1:[1,2]SRTRES.ODL to SY:[200,200]SRTRES.ODL Copying DM1:[1,2]RNO.TSK to SY:[200,200]RNO.TSK 359 files copied Copy operation complete Logically Dismount DM1: : NO Ready ?Control file is mandatory ?Control file is mandatory ?Control file is mandatory ?Control file is mandatory ?Control file is mandatory ?Control file is mandatory ?Control file is mandatory sim>