You run your hands up Katya's side, over the curve of her hip, and underneath her T-shirt, feeling along her smooth stomach and up to her ribs, causing her to break out in goosebumps. Your heart hammers in your ears as you kiss her and your breathing is hard and fast. It would be enough to make you self-conscious if Katya wasn't also doing the same. Your hand drifts further up, along her body, your fingers tracing the edge of her bra before running up over the silky fabric of the cup. You feel lacy fabric beneath your touch and the soft flesh of her breast above where it fills out her bra. You squeeze gently, feeling the padding and the supple firmness beneath, eliciting a pleasing exhalation from Katya which encourages you on, groping her more roughly. Katya is tense, you can feel it in her whole body, but she doesn't resist, allowing your hands to roam her stomach and breasts all while she continues to kiss you needily. She stops only to catch her breath. "Spal'nyu." She whispers the word, it takes your pheromone-addled brain a moment to recognize it as Russian. "What?" Katya repeats the word but in English, "Bedroom." An electric thrill rushes through your body, one you aren't strong enough to resist. You hold out a hand and Katya takes it, interlacing her fingers with yours, allowing you to pull her tight against your chest. You're both already out of breath, but neither one of you is ready to stop. You're determined not to let the confidence you're projecting falter. You've never been with a girl before, not like this. Your lifestyle never really allowed for it. The moment you're in the bedroom Katya closes and locks the bedroom door. Almost immediately afterward you have her back pressed against the door as you lay a pattern of kisses from her collar bone up along the side of neck as she grips you tight, her fingernails pressing into your back. Your hands go from her hips to the soft curve of her ass. You grip her bottom firmly with both hands, your fingers tightening on her jeans. She twists in your grip, grinding her hips against you. You feel Katya tug at your shirt, a hint. You oblige her and without a word, pull off your shirt over your head. By the time it's off and over your head, you see Katya mirroring you. Her shirt falls beside yours on the floor. Your eyes go straight to her lacy white bra and the half-concealed swells of her breasts. With your pulse pounding, you reach around behind Katya and find her bra clasp and begin to fumble with it. After a minute of struggling Katya reaches behind her back. "Is tricky," she says. Her bra falls away but she covers herself with her hands, cheeks flushed red. You feel faint with excitement. As you resume kissing her, you feel her tension melt away. A moment later she moves her hands, uncovering herself. You can't help but stare at her breasts. They're larger than you'd expected, perky, full, just begging to be squeezed, so you do. "Ah! Gentle…" Katya protests. "S-sorry." You still can't believe that this is happening, and you can't believe how much you want this. You return to kissing one another and a natural rhythm develops between the two of you as you press against her and she presses back. You can't hold back anymore. You wander a hand down her flat stomach and beneath the waistband of her jeans where your fingertips find the edge of her panties. Katya's body goes stiff, but after a moment—when she doesn't object—you slide your hand into her underwear, your heart racing. Following smooth, soft skin you work your fingers to the space between her legs and she gasps at your touch. Encouraged, you press on, rubbing her delicately, marveling at how soft and wet she feels. Katya squirms and arches her back, pressing herself into you, all while murmuring in Russian. Carefully, you slide a finger inside of her and she moans this time. You jump at her touch, startled to feel her hands undoing your fly and urgently pulling out your cock. She strokes you as you stroke her, each of you working to match speeds with the other as you stare into each other's eyes, working at one another breathlessly. You're rock hard in her delicate grip, each pump of her hand is a step closer to ecstasy, but also only serves to further your hunger. You want her. All of her. It's all you can do to hold on. Instead you focus your efforts on her, working your fingers faster against her, using a free hand to undo her jeans as you do so they fall to the floor. Katya's breathing becomes ragged and irregular, her strokes quicken pace and her eyes flutter closed. She murmurs something in Russian before inhaling sharply and then letting out a long moan that requires no translation. Her body shakes and her legs go weak. The only thing that stops her from hitting the floor is you pinning her to the wall. She stops stroking you and just tries to catch her breath. "Are you alright?" You whisper the question in her ear. You're worried, and feel stupid for being worried, you know full well what just happened but . . . you've just never seen that happen before. She nods weakly, eyes still closed. "Am alright. That was . . . good. I am weak. Please, we lay down, yes?" "Of course." You sweep her off her feet and lay her softly down on the bed as if she might break. With her laying down like this, half naked, you can't help but feel a surge of enthusiasm. "You're so beautiful." Katya covers her face. "You say such embarrassing things…" Delicately, you take her hands and pull them away from her face. "I'm only telling you the truth." You punctuate the words with a kiss. "You're beautiful." Katya endures the compliment with as much grace as she can muster, but remains flushed. Satisfied, you lay down beside her, kissing down her throat and chest. You take her nipple in your mouth, and lick small circles around it. Katya cradles your head and shivers, whispering again in Russian. "What's that mean?" you ask with a smile. "It means that I like that," she whispers back. "I like it too." "Then more," Katya says, guiding you insistently back to her breast. You return to suckling, this time running a finger over her panties as you do so. Katya luxuriates under your touch for a minute before she says, "I think is your turn now." Your mouth feels suddenly dry. Your blood sings with excitement. "I'm not going to say 'no'," you say, as coolly as you can. "Me neither," Katya says. She curls her legs to her chest and carefully slides her panties off, pulling them down to her ankles and kicking them away before laying flat again, her meaning is impossible to miss. "Are you sure?" She nods. "Da. Am sure." You don't want to turn her down, in fact the opposite. You're light-headed with excitement, but at the same time you know that this isn't something to be taken lightly. It's a major event–huge–something that's supposed to be special. You can't help but feel like things are being rushed, like this isn't right. Katya apparently senses your hesitation. She takes your face between her hands and stares into you. "Ethan, our life may be short. Maybe we dead tomorrow. Maybe we don't have another time. This maybe the only time we have. I want this. With you, I want this." She finishes with a kiss. You nod, swallowing your apprehension and climb on top of her as she spreads her legs. You're dizzy with excitement. "You be gentle?" she asks, "Is my first time." "Of course," you say. "It's mine too." Katya loops her arms around your neck and holds tight. This is it. With your heartbeat thudding in your ears you line yourself up and push forward. Katya's eyes go wide and she jumps. "God, sorry!" "Is okay," she says. "Here." She takes your cock in her hand and guides you forward, biting her lip as she lines everything up. "There." You're pressed against her in the lewdest way you can imagine. You slide into her and let out an involuntary groan. She's wet and incredibly tight and feels amazing. You're so lost in the sensation as you penetrate her that it takes you a moment to realize that she's grimacing. "Are you okay!?" Katya nods. "Is just . . . a lot. Please, you wait a moment." You nod too and remain still, despite every instinct telling you to press on. Katya lets out a shaky breath and you kiss her on the lips. "We can stop if you want," you offer, hoping she won't agree. Katya shakes her head. "No. Am okay. Just . . . slow please." You slide further into her and she winces again, but doesn't ask you to stop. Inch by inch you bury yourself inside her until your hips are flush against her. Katya lets out another held breath, and tears form in the corners of her eyes. "It hurts." "I'm sorry," you say, as genuinely as you can. "Is good for you?" There's a hint of hope in her voice that you find irresistible. "Yes," you say, "Very. You feel amazing." She smiles against the tears. "Good. I am glad." "Here." You reach down and massage her clit with your thumb, causing her to sigh and close her eyes. "Better?" She nods. "I'm going to start moving." She holds you tighter but nods again. Slowly, you draw back and then press forward again, savoring the feeling of your cock gliding into her. In and out, you slowly pick up speed, fucking her with more and more intensitiy. Her face slowly relaxes from a mask of pain and soon she's moaning softly which only encourages you to fuck her faster. "Good?" you ask. "Da. Yes. Good. Do not stop." You're unsure how long you'll be able to follow that directive. Her velvety insides grip your shaft with each stroke and you feel like you can't hold out much longer. "Fuck," you whisper, focusing only on her, on the feeling of driving into her. Katya whispers your name, sending a thrill down your spine. "I want it inside." That's not helping you hold out. "Inside? Are you sure that's okay?" "Da. Is safe day. Inside. Please." She trails her fingernails across your back, tracing *** lines. "Please." You can't refuse that. "I-I'm really close," you say. Katya locks her legs behind you, ankles crossed, meeting each of your thrusts with her hips. "Oh fuck." Katya whispers encouragement in your ear. The language is lost on you, but the meaning is clear enough. You feel a tingling deep inside. There's no more holding back. "Fuck," you say. "I'm coming." And you do. Driving as deep into her as you can, you groan as you unload inside. Waves of pleasure wash over you and your mind blanks out as you empty yourself into her. You feel Katya's legs quiver with satisfaction. She closes her eyes and bites her lower lip, purring contentedly as you shoot load after load into her womb. "Ah fuck," you say one last time as your orgasm subsides. All the strength in your legs and arms seems to give out at once and you let yourself fall onto her, just focusing on breathing. You're both sweating. Katya keeps you in place with her legs as she strokes your hair with a hand, your head resting on her shoulder. "Khorosho," she says breathlessly at last. "Good." You find the strength to prop yourself up on your elbows and pull slowly out of her. Katya makes a face as it comes out. When you're done she laughs softly, nervously. "I need shower." "Me too," you say. "I think me more than you," she says with a smile that embarasses you more than you thought possible. "Right," you say, still trying to maintain your facade of calm coolness. "Do you need any help?" She shakes her head. "No. Is embarrassing. I do alone I think." "Okay," you say. With your *** drive more or less slain, you suddenly find yourself at a loss for what to do. "That was- you were . . ." Katy looks at you quizzically. "I think uh . . ." She strokes your cheek with a hand. "Ya tebya lyublyu." You give her a puzzled look. "It means 'I love you'." Suddenly, the right thing to say becomes clear. "I love you too."