[23:14:59] * Alice Carter sets the recording up and backs off. [23:15:38] Alice Carter says: Good evening. [23:15:49] Pasha Fedorov says: Evening, ma'am. [23:16:03] Alice Carter says: I'm— Detective Carter, Homicide. [23:16:15] Pasha Fedorov says: Nice to meet yew, Detective. [23:16:25] * Alice Carter says: How're you feeling? [23:16:40] Pasha Fedorov says: I'm good... apart from these cuffs heh. [23:17:05] Alice Carter says: Alright, I take it you're aware of your rights, but— lemme read them out for you, real quick. [23:17:10] Alice Carter says: So, as you may know... [23:17:39] Alice Carter says: You have a right to remain silent, N, all you say, can and will be used against you in court. You also have a right for an attorney. If you cannot afford one, one will be provided by the state. [23:17:56] Alice Carter says: You uh-- understand your rights? [23:18:05] Pasha Fedorov says: Yeah, I understand them. [23:18:28] Alice Carter says: Alright, anything I could... get you? A coffee? Water? Soda? [23:18:39] Pasha Fedorov says: Eh, now your asking? A soda would be nice. [23:18:48] Alice Carter says: A soda. Got you— [23:18:54] Alice Carter says: Be back with you... shortly. [23:18:57] Pasha Fedorov says: Wait.. [23:19:02] Alice Carter says: Yep? [23:19:20] Pasha Fedorov says: I'm pretty hungry too - Left me in them cells fur a while, could I get some fast food? Like a burger n fries or something. [23:19:58] Alice Carter says: Uh— dunno, dunno, I'll see if I can get you anything. Might not be a full meal, but if there are... Snickers bars or something in the vending machine, then yeah. [23:20:20] Pasha Fedorov says: Mmmmmm.... eh.... right - it's something I guess. [23:20:28] Alice Carter says: Mhm. Alright, be... right back. [23:25:47] Pasha Fedorov says: Could I get these cuffs off? [23:27:51] John Porter says: It's 11:27 PM, April the 27th. I'm Detective Porter. This is Detective Carter. And your name, sir? [23:28:17] Pasha Fedorov says: Pasha Fedorov. [23:28:39] * Pasha Fedorov speaks loud and clear for the recorder - although very unbothered and unphased by the interview. [23:28:45] John Porter says: And at this time Mister Fedorov, you can confirm Detective Carter read you your rights, and you understand them fully? You wish to waive these rights? [23:29:07] Pasha Fedorov says: Mhm... Well i'm here fur a confession aren't I? Heh. [23:29:23] John Porter says: We'll get into that in just a minute. [23:30:14] John Porter says: So Mister Fedorov. What is your exact date of birth? [23:30:44] Pasha Fedorov says: Third of decemember, Nineteen ninety one. [23:31:22] John Porter says: Great... Alright. So let's get into it I suppose... You got something to say, we're all ears. [23:32:48] Pasha Fedorov says: Well, It's no more than wut I told your colleagues, I killed a man /Trevor Mikhailov/ I bludgeoned him in my garage before wrapping him in tarp with some bricks, drove up to the river by Fort Zancudo with him in the trunk, Put him in with the fish. [23:33:33] Pasha Fedorov says: I texted his family and friends that he was taking a holiday back to Russia in a bid to evade justice. [23:34:20] John Porter says: So you tried to hide evidence. Why are you saying something about it to us now? [23:34:46] Pasha Fedorov says: Why am I confessing? [23:35:01] John Porter says: Yes, why divert from the original plan? [23:35:17] Pasha Fedorov says: It has been eating my conscience alive, I want to repent for my sins [23:37:29] John Porter says: There's a saying, kill sin, or it kills you. Something along them lines... [23:37:45] John Porter says: So, what lead up to you doing this? [23:37:48] John Porter says: He wronged you somehow? [23:37:51] John Porter says: Hurt someone you love? [23:38:34] Pasha Fedorov says: Maybe so, somebody else was probably going to get him if I didn't anyway. [23:38:43] Pasha Fedorov says: You got a map of the Zancudo river? [23:38:54] John Porter says: We'll bring one down... [23:39:38] John Porter says: Why'd someone else want to hurt him? He a bad guy? He deserve it? [23:40:11] Pasha Fedorov says: He's a fucking cock sucker - what he is, get that map of Zancudo i'll show you where he is. [23:40:27] John Porter says: What'd you beat him with? [23:40:37] Pasha Fedorov says: Hammer. [23:40:48] Pasha Fedorov says: Bludgeoned him with it after torturing him for a few hours. [23:41:03] John Porter says: Where'd you get the hammer from?.. Torturing? [23:41:13] Pasha Fedorov says: That's with him in Zancudo. [23:41:52] John Porter says: Let me go check on that map. [23:41:54] Pasha Fedorov says: Everything you'll need will be in that tarp, the clothes I used to kill him, the weapons, I sold his phone to a pawnshop so you'll probably /never/ see that again. [23:42:50] John Porter says [low]: Go ahead and sharpie where you dumped 'em at for Detective Carter here. [23:42:56] John Porter says [low]: I need to step out a second. [23:43:36] Pasha Fedorov says: Right about there. [23:44:01] Alice Carter says [low]: Just-- there? [23:44:44] Pasha Fedorov says [low]: That's where he went in, rivers really sludgy this time of year and I put bricks in so chances are? It's still there. [23:45:46] John Porter says [low]: Detective. Mrs. Nancy is in the hall asking for you. [23:45:53] John Porter says: Excuse us, Mister Fedorov. [23:50:16] Alice Carter says: You mentioned— notifying his relatives N family... telling them that he's on a vacation, back to Russia, mhm? [23:50:58] Pasha Fedorov says: What about it? [23:51:28] Alice Carter says: Well, we'd like to know— who did you notify, specifically? [23:52:01] Pasha Fedorov says: I texted every single number, he had three phones, so to be honest? I can't lie. [23:52:38] Pasha Fedorov says [low]: He had about seven eight girlfriends. [23:52:51] Pasha Fedorov says [low]: So I texted all of them, He's best friend Nyisnik. [23:52:56] Pasha Fedorov says [low]: Uhh, his boss. [23:53:17] Pasha Fedorov says [low]: Every number in all three of them phones? I texted them, seemed like a popular guy, ran the cigar joint on mission row. [23:54:14] Pasha Fedorov says: Nah - he had a senates number I tried bribing, can't even remember the guys name. [23:54:41] Alice Carter says: N— the friend you've mentioned? The guy you said was his best friend, what was his name, again? [23:55:14] Pasha Fedorov says: Nyisnik. [23:55:37] Pasha Fedorov says: If you want to double check this with his people? You'll find them at the oceanside bar. [23:55:54] Alice Carter says: Nyisnik? Uh— you happen to know his surname? [23:55:59] Pasha Fedorov says: No. [23:56:11] Alice Carter says: No, right. N— Oceanside Bar, you said? [23:56:41] Pasha Fedorov says: And i'm not looking to give anymore information - Just want to repent for my sins - yeah, we kidnapped him from nearby there, all his people stay near there. [23:56:56] Pasha Fedorov says: I kidnapped him, that is. [23:58:19] Pasha Fedorov says: I was watching him for a while, a couple weeks actually, prior to it.... I would've killed any of them fucks,just that day? He happened to be the one there, to Valhalla he wen't. [23:58:49] John Porter says: You say you kidnapped him. When? [23:59:10] Pasha Fedorov says: Sixteenth of march. [23:59:35] John Porter says: Killed him say day? [23:59:44] Pasha Fedorov says: Yep, within a few hours. [00:00:05] John Porter says: And you said you were gunning for... any of them. Who's them? [00:00:24] Pasha Fedorov says: Tea shop boys, fuckin' - ocean side dwellers. [00:00:36] John Porter says: Not a fan of the bar? [00:00:43] Pasha Fedorov says: Could say that, heh. [00:00:52] John Porter says: You worked there? [00:00:57] Pasha Fedorov says: Nope. [00:01:04] John Porter says: That's up at the pier? [00:01:14] Pasha Fedorov says: Nearby there, close. [00:01:21] Pasha Fedorov says: Next to Vespucci Mask stores. [00:01:27] Pasha Fedorov says: Just off Maggellan avenue. [00:01:44] John Porter says: You use to live off Aguja, right? [00:01:52] Pasha Fedorov says: Yeah... [00:02:27] John Porter says: You and your posse... this 'brother', right? One you're always claiming to be? They still robbing houses down there? [00:02:43] Pasha Fedorov says: The garage I killed him in still probably has his DNA - w , nope... he's in jail. [00:03:08] John Porter says: Remember when you broke into a LSSD Sergeants house and you and him were acquainted in the stair well? [00:03:14] John Porter says: Apartment, rather. [00:03:20] Pasha Fedorov says: Hell yeah, what about it? [00:03:42] Pasha Fedorov says: Wanna know what else I got up too? Robbed that tattoo parlour on morningwood. [00:03:51] Pasha Fedorov says: Had that bitch working the counter get down and prey. [00:03:53] John Porter says: Let me see your right hand. [00:04:22] John Porter says: With your cousin, right? [00:04:29] Pasha Fedorov says: Nah. [00:04:34] Pasha Fedorov says: He ain't done NOTHING. [00:04:35] John Porter says: You just call eachother cousin? [00:04:48] Pasha Fedorov says: There's three of us, four since eh... well. [00:05:14] Pasha Fedorov says: Since you guys killed Pavel. [00:05:31] John Porter says: Well... breaking laws stays close to the family tree? Your cousins know what happened here? [00:05:46] Pasha Fedorov says: No - he knows nothing, all me. [00:06:13] John Porter says: Well, I know it was one of your cousins in the store that day in Morningwood... Might be worth looking into which one, no? [00:06:15] Pasha Fedorov says: The other guy with me during that tattoo store robbery? Wus a homeless guy off mission row I picked up gave a gun and said we're doing a robbery too. [00:06:23] John Porter says: I bet he was, Pasha. [00:06:32] Pasha Fedorov says: Mhm.... [00:06:36] John Porter says: I bet he was... Love your cousins, right? Where y'all come from? [00:06:42] John Porter says: Born state side? [00:06:43] Pasha Fedorov says: Norilisk. [00:07:06] Pasha Fedorov says: Been here for /MOST/ our lives though, may aswell of been born here heh. [00:07:18] John Porter says: A man acquainted to swamps... I see, I see. [00:07:30] John Porter says: Someone smart brought y'all here for better opportunity, didn't they? [00:07:40] John Porter says: Someone that loved you a lot. Made sacrifices for you. [00:07:57] Pasha Fedorov says: Swamps? My ancestors didn't die fur you to call the place a swamp - you don't know about my family. [00:08:42] John Porter says: I know one of 'ems connected to a robbery in Morningwood... Looking to have familiar company up-state, Pasha? [00:09:14] Pasha Fedorov says: What do you mean... Familiar company? [00:09:15] John Porter says: He still own the black motorcycle? [00:09:19] John Porter says: With your cousin, of course. [00:09:26] John Porter says: Armed robbery is no light offense, sir. [00:09:29] Pasha Fedorov says: You mean my black motorcycle you seized? [00:09:48] Pasha Fedorov says: Check the records, you seized that bike off me on my last stretch. [00:10:07] John Porter says: They come dime-a-dozen it seems. You're the one I recognize most, Pasha. Out your posse. [00:10:10] John Porter says: Real trend setter, ain't ya? [00:10:14] John Porter says: Cousins look up to you? [00:10:35] Pasha Fedorov says: Gotta set an example for my people, eh - don't we all? [00:11:17] John Porter says: And what an example to set... You understand the situation you're putting us in here, right? Why should I trust you? [00:11:28] John Porter says: So far tonight? I'm hearing words, and a lot of things that are.. Up stream, no pun intended. [00:11:44] Pasha Fedorov says: Go check the spot, all you need to know to set me behind bars. [00:12:48] John Porter says: And this spot... 106 Imagination Court? You're wanting and allowing Law Enforcement to search your house? [00:13:14] Pasha Fedorov says: Don't even own it anymore, sold it up - go check, there's probably splatter on the lightbulb, I just birdbathed it. [00:14:15] Pasha Fedorov says: Let me ask you detective... Have yur people found the body yet? you CLEARLY already know I did the armed robbery in Morningwood. [00:15:23] John Porter says: Well, we'll go found out and let you know. [00:15:26] John Porter says: Enjoy that Snickers. [00:15:36] Pasha Fedorov says: Prefer ramen, personally. [00:26:35] Alice Carter says: So— you mentioned 106 Imagination Court was the... address where you actually murdered him, correct? [00:27:19] Pasha Fedorov says: Yep, in the garage. [00:27:39] Alice Carter says: Any chance you recall uh... who you sold the property to, and when? [00:27:51] Alice Carter says: You have any sort of... documentation about the sale? [00:28:04] Pasha Fedorov says: Some lady a couple days ago... uhh, no I don't. [00:28:17] Alice Carter says: You don't... recall her name? [00:28:31] Pasha Fedorov says: Nope, just kinda met - handed everything over, took my cash n left. [00:28:38] Alice Carter says: Mhm, mhm. [00:28:53] Pasha Fedorov says: You remember who you sold your last house to? [00:29:12] Alice Carter says: I didn't, but, o well. [00:29:21] Pasha Fedorov says: Mhhhm. [00:29:38] Alice Carter says: Anyway, assume we get access to the property... N go look at it all. What should we expect to see? You murdered him in the garage, can you... elaborate on that, please? [00:30:05] Pasha Fedorov says: Tortured him, then beat him to death with a hammer. [00:30:23] Pasha Fedorov says: We did a few things, pulled his teeth out, waterboated him - the usual. [00:30:43] Alice Carter says: There's his blood in the garage? N uh— you disposed of his teeth, N all? What other forms of torture did you use? [00:31:14] Pasha Fedorov says: All in the bag.... just that, did some shit with pliers, done his knees with a hammer. [00:32:14] Alice Carter says: The pliers, they're uh— where? Also, 'some shit' consisted of? Be as gruesome as you want to be. [00:32:51] Pasha Fedorov says: Everything I used, all the evidence, was all put in a tarp with his body. [00:33:28] Pasha Fedorov says: We took his teeth out with the pliers, water boated him with a jerry can and a cloth before cleaning out his knee caps with a hammer. [00:34:18] Alice Carter says: Disrespected you? [00:34:28] Pasha Fedorov says: Yep. [00:34:54] Alice Carter says: Uhm, elaborate, please? [00:35:35] Pasha Fedorov says: He looked me in the eyes and said /FUCK YOU/ not wut you wanna do to a man who just tortured you and is towering over with a hammer. [00:36:54] Alice Carter says: And— Pasha, you keep saying ;we. Could you... [00:37:02] Pasha Fedorov says: Eastern Europeans. [00:37:10] Pasha Fedorov says: I think of myself as a whole motherland. [00:37:29] Pasha Fedorov says: You are a lame Russian?Okay, that's personal - i'll deal with that. [00:37:48] Alice Carter says: The deceased, what's his... nationality? [00:38:05] Pasha Fedorov says: Russian. [00:39:03] Alice Carter says: So, by disrespecting you, and other Eastern Europeans, isn't he disrespecting his own kind, then? [00:39:23] Pasha Fedorov says: Exactly, so he must be removed - and he was. [00:39:50] Pasha Fedorov says: That's all there really is too it, detective, no help - no orders, all me after a smoking a load of meth. [00:41:02] Alice Carter says: Alright, uhm— me N my colleague here will need to leave, shortly. I'll lead you over to the cell, N we'll talk again in a little, mhm? [00:41:49] Pasha Fedorov says: Got it.