paper notebooks * rock*man rock*man got the **** hand so **** god*damn get the *box fan roxanne roxanne lets blow this pop stand let me see you watch band yeah you got scammed i just block spam like they got pantsed got banned not planned squat stance but the opps ran when my shot land clock ran looking like thotland pac/sox/box fan pop bands/stand/caan, not dance ID my hoes by the watch brand watch band glock jam got jammed swat van scott van cot/*** damn not planned/stand got ran on the cop cam drop bands chopped ham used to rock vans i could spot scams joc dance?? wok pan box scanned?? socks brand stop playing we massive, bitch we mastiffs schematics i be talking cash shit bitch we active they shit aint that raw its repackaged these niggas not worthy to swap jerseys got dirty/thirsty/worried get yall/my socks dirty, “a night at the roxbury” pop perkys i popped early shop/stop early god’s mercy got scurvy, pirated box derby drop/top thirty glock thirties shot/not curry watch blurry watch her be cock thirsty bother/observe me from poverty to property properly influenced by niggas in bape hoods selling baked goods face looks/book make/taste good im adretti, they cant catch me my hoe so damn sexy take more pics than sam presti yeah she hold the cam steady she hold the blam steady ????? you know your hands sweaty you know the fam ready my aunt betty the plan ready yall talking whips im talking ships walking licks/stick often miss golfing trips salute me like the vulcans ruling/jewelry like a sultans movie like the culkins truly quite insulting with my consultants tube of ibuprofen, motrin chew me like RAP BEEN LACKLUSTER SINCE CHAD BUTLER PASSED WHO MASS MUSTER? PASS RUSHER HAVE TO ADD COLOR ASK FOR BADGE NUMBERS BLACK BUTLER SCRAP LUMBER GLASS CUTTER/COVER JAZZ DRUMMER LAST SUPPER/SUMMER GAS GUZZLER JAZZ/BADGE NUMBER HALF/SPLASH/SMASH/FRAT BROTHERS HAVE/CLASS STRUCTURE use the behringer like a derringer like the mariners im destiny’s child my life aquatic my wife exotic wont think twice about it microscopic hyperbolic just a vacancy fuck away from me star trak sign hard ass time ** *think happy *thoughts my yute/boy* every *L aint seen as a *loss my yute/boy* and getting *help dont *mean that you *soft my yute/boy* mean/dream/king after all green as a green patch of moss green as a frog me and my shrink/team had a talk things that we call swing at the ball color pink applesauce think back to all the things … everything has a cost and i mean that sting bad as wasps? dealt/help w stuff pelvic thrust, like elvis selfish fuck elmer fudd tell ya what my cell is welded shut, nail it shut velvet plush/touch my helmet stuck never liked the celtics much you can tell its us jealous much? sell this much, since elvis get my pelvis crushed smell his musk bell is stuck conch signal tom riddle make the pond ripple non-civil when the wand wiggle either way easter break/day freezer space/safe sweeter taste cheaper way meter maid deeper grave lupin the third, looping the we doing the work get money fuck bitches its proven to work in all my pics shooting the bird fuck these niggas do em the worst she proving her worth her nigga mad he losing his shirt my wrist cooling the earth they wanna know who doing the dirt shooting the bird, shooting the breeze miss grotke letting shit stop me let a bitch stop me disc jockey wrist rocky in the ritz lobby shit prolly sip wocky niggas click-hoppy, flip floppy if we switch bodies i should quit hockey (gilmore) these is rich hobbies, niche make me/dont get cocky big body/papi like we kickboxing you gone get copied i feel like kody scott my og boldy blocks i got the same problems jody got i hit her w the show me rock acting hard but know he not bringing bags in like we grocery shopped left me for dead hoping he slowly rot look for a cozy spot to slowly rot bitches nosy so they closely watch im being closely watched in this bitch like goldie locks bread so old it got moldy spots im getting goalie stops, goalie blocks bogeys, same shit rhodey got niggas is roadies same numbers kobe dropped go so hard they told me stop ask her bout life what kinda goals she got we got the trophies propped, we keep the stogies *** james beard gang here plain weird game gear change gears name/lane cleared same year/here/tier drank beer planned attempts handsome prince stand against span the legnth cant convince watching crunchyroll in her comfy clothes unbeknownst out here looking like a steak dinner bitch snorting coke now her face thinner blowing sacks like i play tenor, dont play soprana my young wild niggas call em rae sremmurd take her on a space venture when i take center stage no saving her hope you got faith in her faith that you placed in her they call me shaq like i play center treat her face like a play center i like my steak tender im im houston like the space center bitch folded all my clothes and she made dinner we aint fuck we just ate dinner put you in your place like the race winner bad bitches w the waist trimmer rub me in like a face cleanser we buying grape vineyards niggas fake members spin/roll like BB-8 bitch wanna know my ETA, i wanna know her GPA niggas got poles like GTA make her sign that NDA go by DBA dont watch me watch tv, turn around like bobby v waikiki rocky v *long as im *still stan*ding it still *stands *gun in your *hand that make *you a real *man heavy duty my one request is that you let me do me im w the movers and the shakers dont do us any favors tryna beat, beat around the bush read it/teach you out a book give a man a fish, teach you how to cook/hook people out the hood treat you how you/it should how it look round the wolves needle out your foot/hoof underneath a pile of books read 1,000 books tease about your looks scenic/easy route freezer isle, cook heard from/serving down the block learning how to spot vermin learning how to box out of stock while its/your *** turn around and stop burn 1,000 watts mountaintop, sermons working round the clock, churning out a lot cop, turn it down a notch person down or not bursting/squirting out the top turning down a job look who turning out to watch halfway have faith in a bad way my bag weigh batcave ad space/break back space/pay/brace/break back straight/ache stack cake catch phrase fast break drag/sack/rat race glass/sad case flat rate bad day/place/taste glass raised glass break bad grades half baked black rage/plague that way at bay last/trash/draft day facts straight ash tray axe spray in bad faith act fake at stake cap space pussy nigga find the medic or find the exit open up a nigga face like a line of credit get money fuck bitches that’s the prime objective gave it to her raw wasn’t no time to edit money come so fast aint have no time to check it she need her spine corrected, i need my time requested too deep in the party we just line the edges kind of epic signing breastes line connected analog stick handle boss shit the man done lost it vienna sausage ran across it winter sports intercourse dinner course ubisoft deflowered and devoured fight corona rightful owner ** bags *of the cat *piss yeah the *clump n seal *pad big as *uncle phils *bad bitches *come and chill frontin still hundred mill run a drill something real keys in your purse leave in the lurch truist park that’s the coolest park music chart seven dwarves begging/checking for look baby ion have a speech planned this aint c-span im just tryna put your feets in the beach sand we can use the sheets as a sheet pan put in a bun in your oven if you keep playing a brief glance now a nigga in a deep trance dont wanna be a playa no more we tryna rebrand peace fam tree branch last thing you need is a cheap man aye caramba more where that came from gone awry filthy rich not a minute to waste where were we?? * its *par for the course i *guess part of the *sport i guess hard to ignore/support sharper the sword started a war guarding the door marching towards target secure garner support start on the fourth flexing like tookie on the gong show arts and crafts hard and fast card and/or cash mars and back and dissing me get no response that’s the difference between gold and bronze hissing so i mowed the lawn quote quran pros and cons old lebron bold/slow/no response goes beyond post the bond dont belong wont be long goldie hawn open arms me and rodney mullen prolly cousins got me buzzin body rubbing docmcstuffins got me something got me blushing not be nothing i speak russian prolly nothing shotty bussin i be coming im becoming im in this bloodbath w a mud mask ** * * make the tub splash be like where my hug at witcha ugglass brushed past, cussed at i need everything im owed plus tax, its a must have hit a rough patch, cut grass just imagine the price per iceberg its slight work put in on the card like sight words 2023 all im wearing is white shirts done the dirtiest ive become the sturdiest one, impervious my money come the earliest my money come the 30th still gotta be courteous, and subservient my journey been the curviest slow and steady wins the race blow confetti in your face broke a levee with the wave no exceptions own boss/fault shown off thrown/blown off phone off bone broth clone cost gone soft, joan grown dog/talk loan fraud stonewall phone call known cause hurt like hell flirt like kellz work quite erll dirt bike trail worse i felt worth my health worst dry soe search my cell, C.O. perks might help first try fails church sized bells chelsea bridge healthy kids selfie sticks help me with/get tell me this eye of the storm why i was born back and forth capsule corp on my jacket i like big bucks and i cannot lie keep buffs up against my eyes pastelle, flash sale make cottage cheese bape college tees so far to go but so far ahead nine hour flights lyin bout your life h rap brown make that sound lay/came back down i hate you too lil nigga yeen my son shit sounding like the ballroom blitz bought her so many colored furs she need a touch it verse, busta bust it first clutch your purse for what its worth doesnt/does it hurt nothing worse sudden urge button shirt for dessert shuttlesworth cross between all a dream cost a thing coffee bean cause a scene ball of string/steam brought/lost/saw the ring off the screen/lean/team smallest thing pause to think, bosses think thought/fog machine call extreme vault supreme bought celine sausage king/link office cleaned chocolate stream boston green, aston i aint right in the head, ride til i die if i drive to the edge you’d dive to the side you see it in the whites of my eyes i aint trying to impress, why would i lie? strike up the set, a sign of the times fight to the death for the pie in the sky slices of heaven i die ima legend now swipe to the right if you find someone like try as you might always tryna ruin my fun moving like trump no unified fronts bitch i do what i want as far as putin yeah i knew the guy once go brew a nice batch of the suicide punch no suicide pacts but my crew a tight bunch ho threw it right back for that gooey white gunk * * the *colors of the wind it was the struggle put the stubble on your chin brothers til the end, rush to your defense like a buzzer for the win whatever come with that we cover the expense what we up against love was just pretend toughen up your skin, crocodile tears muscles in the gym couple of your friends shutter on the lens something other than how much you wanna spend? button or a pen/pin number of attempts lovers or we friends? lover or a friend, my lil jon, usher russian government, trust the under the cement mother to attend/was convinced color of your skin suffer for your sins/skin cousin/brother of a friend if i said something to offend/commend cover for a friend number from your friend cutters for the fence works wonders for the skin brother was your twin summer gonna end, wonder when what was your intent? much to your chagrin nothing could prevent muster up the strength trouble to begin couple of your men money for the rent in the shade of the old apple tree its a shame and its so sad to see faith and for those that believe stole that from me sold back/told that to me roap map to me road travels east whole family role as the lead go back to sleep know that to be low/close as can be goal has to be go after me rings of ice dreams to life cling to life think alike seen the light, beams of light stream device stream of white, semen like (got a) thing tonight seem to like seem surprised team to fight bring your wife bring a knife swing/cleaned the knife scenes/things to write shrink was right, starting to think drink was spiked seen a psych steam the rice stream the fight the streams will spike raising two kids and a cat make a few chips get a stack, play a few gigs shaking loose cigs in the pack playing music to relax/distract way to prove this for a fact bad bitches play your new/music on the snap say your new shit is a slap say some bullshit imma/then i snap the pain subsides whether rap or crack? the game/same applies when the train/plane arrives keep the name alive name survives aint your size/vibe is it shame or pride? cant describe/deny/decide change your lives tame/paint the skies blame/change the tides feign surprise brain decides/provides fame provides were the slangs derived came alive same disguise name besides can you blame the guy? strain your eyes trained to fly change for five change or die brains are fried when its danger, hide! chains the size … aint surprised that/my anger drives run like the wind sun rise/shine again some kinda friend/sense/hint jump out/come by the gym drunk drive the benz one night of sin/event sumn like the grinch once i begin/was in done by the end fun/one side of him month/funk i was in one guy or ten how does one find the strength came from street where the gangs compete and the slang one speaks yelling “shotgun” like he claimed front seat claim front street tryna stay in one piece pain run deep aint want me the same one beat/fleece/tee no cheese no bread just plain lunch meat stress/rec ball way before the *** talk red cross mess hall wet dog press pause sol munki old country gofundme, no money so funny chestnut guess what dressed up/messed up *** stuff bed buga head rush neck rub look who im here with hoop at deer lick years with/missed hear this gears switch/shift near miss earwig do no weird shit serious back when wolf pack make ya booty bounce boppa when i was 19-18 join the ice cream skate team great things chestnut log bless us all legs/head cut off best of all let us all/talk guess what yall niggas cant half shit, just ask nip grass root lasted as if back with/flip at risk black kids hat trick half with class trip watch close god spoke through pop smoke got/lost hope not/got close pot roast got both bob hope not broke too coat/rope got ghost did i just catch you wanting to be shit? sleep/eat with cheap tricks street kids/shit see fit steep cliffs leak fixed deep shit you see these knuckle marks? like a muscle car the shuttle, the whip double parked she think we a couple, skip the cuddle part growing up we stuggled hard first you get the money then the trouble start they wasnt around through the struggle part they aint see the big picture from the puzzle parts you just gotta hustle smart/hard when the muzzle spark/bark she in the kitchen frying shells see the sign’s held design sells/fails spine frail, that swine smell had to climb shelves my bitch a mine shell answer my door and sign mail seen em all try and fail niggas is buying bales in that pussy like prime phelps the same standard/level that im held playing in the sand see what the lines spell cant leave the game alone got a bind spell my life like seinfeld look like a ninetales, she a dime we used to grind rails and climb (shelves) snails, leave slime trails if time tells this beat’ll make your mind melt, find help gone head w cha fine self times twelve the crib designed well they hide behind vails the many places that my mind dwells get paid cause i rhyme well, the lines gel crib got a pine smell, not a swine smell? if i told you the gross profit going in niggas coat pockets standing on soap boxes we do it on a large scale they got my car tailed like the cartel move like im barksdale til my heart fail shark tale, fake nigga couldn’t handle whats on my barbell hit his taco w a hard shell getting shit off like a yard sale, im a hard sell cant come past the guard rail cops pull me ocer talking bout how my car smell i cant have no sharp nails shorty make my heart melt/swell anything you see we did it ourselves i live where the sharks dwell im co-rrupted im so rugged, froze/cold blooded my lobes studded, earrings look like gold nuggets niggas hate but the hoes love it make the most of it cant do shit w a low budget yall aint getting no buckets she wanna go public, my ex still tryna hold grudges, my old crushes the glow is rose-buddish ???? that’s my most trusted how they did me im owed justice get the most touches like them show judges cold busted she working two hands and her mouth, that’s both puppets the ones you grow up with see who i show up with blow duckets drove buckets, old cutlas road flooded they wasn’t there when me and bro rode buses got your hoe doing toe touches bin over heads like where they stow luggage why my fro grow luscious green everything feeling like im gon freecs when she see the chain she gone freak just made another 100 its gone be a long week lil baby on fleek, she give me dome piece niggas aint team players they want they own piece dont work dont eat you niggas known geeks dont need niggas for shit make my own beats chase for the cup place boarded up ‘fore its up make/way more than us say order up wait/late for the bus skateboarder make sure space/pay for the stuff play for the bucks been a shiner since a minor just a reminder since i had ??? on my binder she say she finer in designer so i lined her im built to last yall filled of gas how real is that? feel the blast milk is bad these niggas feline they on the decline book a suite to get a lil me time she like the way my teeth shine i like to feel her behind fans coming up to get they tee signed sorry im having me time some key lime and tea you not me but you can keep trying came from where niggas beef by the street sign you aint gone survive if you weak spined this aint for the weak spined you know how we play my niggas rowdy, sunny or cloudy day money like the saudi’s, race the audi she make the pouty face out in maui for a ??? stay and i can proudly say that im from lousy a lil something for you while we wait i cant really call it nowadays that’s that type of money gotta calculate whip look like galaxian i feel like a baratheon she chew my banana for potassium think bout the type of situations niggas had me in i aint have a dollar to my name but i was happy then im so fucking big they gone think i shrunk the kids ion kink shame ion think small, ion think sane/plain sink drain ink stains ving rhames king james i know things change chiptune blips under a lit moon niggas be rich coons my clique goons stitch wounds thick fumes if she thick let your bitch be the big spoon chain sound chiptune gotta plan a trip soon she like when the whip zoom i blow up like tick boom fly like a witch broom stand out in a big room deck out my kids rooms she wanna know where im at and with whom *** like mid june say *teamwork *make the dream *work somebody *screamed church * greens *over steamed *perch i seen it *cleaned first before she wear the ring gotta be deemed worth before he felt the sting he saw the beam first green earth jean shirt lean burp seen worse mink furs drinks served (chain) same color blade runner all these bitches strays ion save numbers just looking for a nigga you can lay under yall money way younger share a twix in the ???? share a kiss in the cineplex stare at pics on the internet ??? by your intellect i feel so bubbly its lovely you struck me abruptly make me feel young again there we go using tongue again i feel sprung again (over kaya - bubbly) my heart is singing bells are ringing you and only you im thinking sun is shining love is blinding gold, silver, rubies, diamonds anything you want i got it anything you need i got it love stinks and your hugs hurt i mean just think tell me if it was worth who knew you’d be blood thirst you was my stink bug, aint know that you drink blood guess it aint mean shit you was my dream chick, no you was a mean chick not even a seamstress could swing this you put a hurting on me, put a burden on me, you was my person only, and now im lonely, damn * * *work hard *play hard * the race *car push *start like *space bar i make stars im a quasar know you looking for a nigga that can take charge got you on my radar dont stray far they know my face card baby im trademarked AR putting niggas in the graveyard its me and you give a fuck where they are stay sharp race card JR great start safeguard blue face, brave heart skate park guage bar flights over egypt ???? so strategic eyes on her cleavage ???? egregious you’d look at me any less if i aint have a penny left? gimme liberty or gimme death twenty west many/any left any rest envious when we met since he/she left send me threats lenny S NTS bruck off your back, then i buss off fuck off a rack love yall for that fuck all of that hush all the cap cut yall some slack just bought the scat dust off the scat/cat cut off the track just off of that *shake *shake *shake senora, ahora im with the apes like ace ventura porsche plates from the state of georgia play it back on my tape recorder the bathing ape is made to order aint got space for the fake supporters bae/plates from the state of georgia got it out the bowl, scrap the corners place the order race the porsche im on my way to florida the space explorer she a great performer we pay it forward the faith restorer ???? your aura save you a spot in hell am i clocking mail? is it *** in hell? these niggas soft as cottonelle i can tell dodging twelve coppers want me locked/to rot in jail im in some other shit they saying he not himself now we shopping, i came up stocking shelves no options, we was hopping rails now im out in puerto rico watching whales money so old it done gotten stale, got a rotten smell wonder where i’d be if i had gotten help or got a job in sales it get real yall know what the job entails my ancestors come from picking cotton bales no LL but we rocking bells that’s where the logic fails, we doing shit on a cosmic scale the haters plot and fail, im protected by god himself the game done gotten frail my young bitch keep a install and polished nails these niggas like dachshunds we like oxen she brought her friend cause she like watching blue faces like watchmen i spend my nights locked in wheat grass shots to fight toxins i come alive when it turn dark, like burn marks cul de sac got burn marks, think im earnhardt they tryna impeach before my term start see the chain get flash burn the cash burn to ash hoes mad like we ended on bad terms that’s just how the path turns count up the bags/cash earned they love talking smack when my back turned commercial shit like i work at a ad firm my last bitch had worms, she had germs more custys than the krusty krab, in the trap bitch wanna fuck me bad ion need no one to love me back asian bitch like chuckie dad how many bitches in the city i fucked roughly half run? it up like rugby this shit can get ugly fast need the bag that puffy have ball till my jersey rip these hoes got dirty tricks in the chamber and they 36? they got dirty sticks i cant hang around holmes cause i heard he snitch riding round w my hersheys kiss gotta watch who i be flirty with she chew me like a jerky stick shake it like a salt shaker when she off later paper like a ball player, walt frazier save me as your wallpaper im owed favors from the lawmakers bitch you had one job put a hole in a nigga like spongebob his girl a cumquad the fire in me made it hard to stay put my parents did all that they could my status like facebook you should have seen how her face looked aint no play book for this shit come see how the place look a bunch of fake/play suges fall into the wrong hands you got the wrong man running from the long hand by all accounts gotta count it in small amounts all i need is for the ball to bounce i just copped the new/nude model popping blue bottles juice/glue bottles nude models full throttle the bitches will soon follow a night w me is like two novels nobody give a fuck how i feel put a wedge between us like a high heel told me that she love me but she lied still had a nigga so numb i just lied still being a real nigga that’s a life skill pussy sell your soul for the right deal put all my cards in it like a bike wheel vacation where the water is a bright teal getting back to me in small doses cause i cant lie i lost focus, yall noticed i never could relate to my class members cold like last winter i admit i got a bad temper i admit i didnt hit we just had dinner i could never be phased by a bad review im just doing what i have to do cant take the funny types on a money heist she couldnt stand the rain baby your man a lame who want smoke i fan the flame i dont know these niggas from a can of paint you not from my strand of strain shit tough but i cant complain niggas just rap i brand the name she begging for a chance again laugh maniacally death row east noxious gas halfway there archvillain not so fast