Space wars was a two player shooting game released in 1962. It was released in arcades.

Tennis for two is a sports game, it was one of the first games that was devolped in the early history of video games.

Game Title Time made Features
Gun Fight 1975 The first game to show human combat
Tank 1974 Multiplayer maze game
Gran track 10 1974 controlled by a steering weel.
Space Race 1973 first arcade racing game, commer failure
pong 1972 Pong is a table tennis themed twitch arcade sports video game, featuring simple two-dimensional graphics
magnavox oddesy game 1972 It included various games, included Table Tennis, a Pong-like game.
Tennis for two 1958 simulating a game of tennis on an oscilloscope screen
Lunar Lander 1973 Plsyers had to land a spaceship on the moon's surface while managing fuel
Breakout 1976 this game involved breaking a wall of bricks with a bouncing ball