# Load the necessary packages package require http # Set your ChatGPT API key and endpoint set api_key "YOUR_API_KEY_HERE" set chatgpt_endpoint "https://api.openai.com/v1/engines/davinci/completions" # Procedure to send a message to ChatGPT and get a response proc send_to_chatgpt {message} { global api_key chatgpt_endpoint # Create the HTTP headers with your API key set headers [list "Authorization" "Bearer $api_key"] # Define the data to send to ChatGPT (e.g., the user's message) set data [list "prompt" $message "max_tokens" 50] ; Adjust max_tokens as needed # Send the HTTP request to ChatGPT set response [http::geturl $chatgpt_endpoint -headers $headers -query $data] # Get and return the response from ChatGPT set result [http::data $response] return $result } # Hook to respond to IRC channel messages proc handle_message {nick host hand chan text} { global chatgpt_endpoint # Check if the message is from a user or another source (e.g., a bot) if {[string match "*!bot@*" $host]} { return } # Send the received message to ChatGPT for a response set response [send_to_chatgpt $text] # Send the response back to the IRC channel putlog "ChatGPT Response: $response" putquick "PRIVMSG $chan :$response" } # Hook for handling incoming messages hook_add "public" "handle_message"