Table of Contents Dustin Camden Gabrielle Reshma Lindy Casino Night Board game night Look through old photos Take a tour of the new lavender falls Book dinner cruise Ax-throwing Rapids date Arcade Vhs vampire's horror decathalon Vhs vampire's arcade decathalon Choose books for each other Shop for pets online Watch a baseball game / play a baseball game Breakfast date Form a salon Go skydiving Drive go-karts Go someplace new Make a video together Low tech night Rent a dog Reenact favorite camp memory Have a photoshoot Write each other love letters Write a story together Restaurant crawl *** air balloon Build a fort Ghost tour Mystery road trip Kid day toys Amusement park Factory tour Solve a mystery date Learn something new Learn a dance Escape room Become photographers Helicopter ride Weird museum Estate sale realtor open house Secret music gig Build tree house Laser tag Murder mystery Renaissance fair Haunted house Carve pumpkins Hanging gardens/baths Art gallery Masquerade ball - imaginary friend identity Interview each other Write out the story about how you met and fell in love Design t-shirts and hats Learn karate/fencing from videos online Make new constellations in the sky Test drive an electric car Pretend to shop for your dream house in IKEA Take a class at the learning annex - acting Go to a playground Tea party in the rose garden Food truck tour Pottery making class Make lake activity island Scuba dive in bay Mural walking tour Conservatory/solarium party crashing Record store recommendations for each other Create scavenger hunts for each other