INT. USS ENTERPRISE - DATA'S QUARTERS - NIGHT Geordi, Data, and Captain Picard meet once again for their weekly movie night. This time, both Picard and Geordi have brought films with them. Picard has chosen another Laurence Olivier film, "Richard III," while Geordi has selected a Pierce Brosnan film, "The Tailor of Panama." PICARD (suggesting) How about we watch "Richard III" tonight? It's another excellent example of Olivier's acting prowess in a Shakespearean role. GEORDI (defensive) Captain, I think it's only fair that we watch "The Tailor of Panama" this week. We watched one of your picks last week, and I'd like to share another side of Brosnan's acting with you and Data. The two officers lock eyes, each determined to watch their chosen film. Data observes the situation, sensing the unresolved tension from their previous disagreement. PICARD (trying to be diplomatic) Geordi, I understand your point, but I believe it would be beneficial for Data to experience more of Olivier's work, given his historical significance in the world of theater and film. GEORDI (frustrated) Captain, with all due respect, I think Data can learn just as much from Brosnan's performances. It's not fair to dismiss his work just because it doesn't fit your personal taste. The argument escalates, and Geordi, unable to contain his frustration, storms out of Data's quarters. GEORDI (angry) You know what, Captain? You've ruined Data and Geordi Movie Nights. I'm done. Data watches as Geordi leaves, unsure of how to react to the sudden turn of events. Picard, realizing the impact of their disagreement, looks concerned. PICARD (sighing) Data, I apologize for the conflict. It seems that Geordi and I have let our personal preferences interfere with what was meant to be an enjoyable and educational experience for you. DATA (confused) It is difficult for me to fully understand the depth of emotions involved in this disagreement, but I do appreciate the opportunity to learn from both Mr. Olivier's and Mr. Brosnan's performances. Perhaps we can find a way to resolve this situation in a manner that respects both Geordi's and your preferences, Captain. Picard nods thoughtfully, considering Data's words and realizing that they must find a way to resolve the tension and restore the camaraderie of their movie nights.