springtrap controversy thread thing brafkfjklfjdf (i am sprigntrap) this section is for chug only if you read this ky i mean fuck you ---------------------------------------------------- immaturity the kkk thing [DONE] the monty "harassement" (JOKES) [DONE] death threat sparkle ableism (candy autism and helpi D.I.D.) acassiparody trollface incident [DONE] tone indicators ----------------------------------------- hello. i am @xXSpringTrap2Xx, formerly known as @xXSpringtrapWXx (now suspended account), and its time to actually properly talk about every drama that i started, every controversy, pretty much everything (that i know of). i hope to clear misinformation and empty all this stuff from my head. im probably the most problematic person in this community (other then like, paulbear ig?) and for good reason. i am "chugdegoat" on discord, im telling you this so its easier to fact check all of the info shown, that is also present on the fnaf parody discord server (nightmare foxy's). now, a disclaimer before the main course: ---A Heads Up--- think of this as more of a "response" rather then a full on apology (i will still be apologizing for stuff), and i KNOW a lot of people wont forgive me, but im not seeking forgiviness. this whole "thing" was made as a place to come to when wanting to know all of springtrap's controversies. i will not be mentioning the FNAFDetectives drama, because theres already a response thread on it. i wont link it, but its pretty easy to find. i will also not mention me saying stuff like the f slur and kys jokes with friends. all my friends are comfortable with these types of jokes, and if they're not, i stop making the jokes. and i am bisexual, and i can reclaim the f slur. lets start off with a complicated one: --- The @/ACassiParody Trollface Situation--- the original tweet is shown below(for the love of god please put it here you dumbfuck). i was in a bad mood and simply wanted to joke around, so i went to twitter and almost immediately got this tweet on my tl. i (For some reason) thought "lol, it would be funny if i send a trollface to this tweet, most likely implying that i send the creepy ngl message! haha!" and i thought i could simply explain to people that i didnt send the message, and everything would be fine! wouldnt you know, people suspected that i send the creepy message! i explained that i didnt send the message, and i thought it was gonna be good. but acassiparody found the qrt, rightfully questioned me, and i (again) explained to them that i did not actually SEND the ngl message, but it was still dumb as fuck for me to send the trollface even if i did know that it would raise eyebrows. later that day they blocked me, and days later they put the image on the (now infamous) fnafdetectives thread, calling it "disgusting", which made a LOT of people think i send the ngl message (i didn't), which later down the line actually caused me to be suspected to be the ngl pedo! isnt that just cool? anyways, context aside, it was pretty fucking stupid to send that trollface. implied bad things, and bit my ass later down the line. theres not much to say about it, i just slipped up bad, and that caused people to think im a creep. now for another relatively simple one: ---The @/GolfingGator_SB Jokes--- there's a gigantic amount of context i could add, but it would probably be unnecessary. the main thing you need to know is that i was making jokes about sparklerose, sparklerose wasnt liking it, and monty(everytime i say monty, i mean @/GolfingGator_SB) joined the conversation. while he was trying to stop the sparklerose jokes, he said what is shown below (hpf has the images). i thought it was extremely edgy, and everybody did the same (shown below). then days later, i replied to the old ass message with a "@Make It A Quote", which is a discord bot that turns whatever message you reply to into a funny quote meme. i did that, edited an edgy wolf image into it, and thought it was funny (shown below.). then a discord user called Rain entered the conversation, told us to leave monty alone, and i send some memes saying "you nae nae like a noob! blocked." as a response (a bit immature). after that rain told me to block her, then Ryn (also known as moldrabbitafton, and yaoilover69dozer) stepped in, told her to block us instead. then i left the conversation, and drama went down. i wasnt active so i didnt really know what was happening. basically huge fight went down with them 2, and rain decided to ping monty out of nowhere. monty joined the convo, and was uncomfortable with the jokes (even if they stopped like 2 hours ago). the joke itself was pretty harmless, so i told monty to just ignore it. monty bringed up how its hard to ignore it, when he's the joke of most friend groups hes in. then i replied with the message below. (image, hpt) i worded it EXTREMELY badly, and i meant to say we didnt care about him enough to joke about him (i explained it to him below). the image below shows the reaction people had to my message(hpt). i felt the need to include this here because most screenshots flowing around do not have the full context, and the people that send it dont bother to give out such context. i apologized to monty about the jokes, and i genuinely do feel sorry for him. i know the feeling of being a joke in the eyes of a friend group, and i feel terrible for even implying mockery about it. it sucks, and i hope he's not in that situation anymore. insert section transition here ---The KKK Name Situation--- this one goes far. very far. i was in general on helpihelping's fnaf parody discord server (yes it goes that far), and i got sent a video of Markiplier saying "the ku klux klan.... ooooooooo..." and i found the pronunciation funny. i said "not meaning to be racist, but ku klux rolls off the tongue so well." which obviously sounds incredibly racist (thats why i specified that i didnt mean it in a racist way). i said multiple times before and after i said the message, that i did not mean it in a racist way, i just found the pronunciation funny. i worded that EXTREMELY poorly, and without context, it sounds racist as fuck. the only screenshot about it is with no context (shown below). it was dumb of me to say that, im sorry for anyone that could've been offended by that. i am not racist, ask literally any of my friends. i never made racist jokes, never said the n-word, anything like that. i do not support the KKK, obviously.