why tf would i meta slave [12:52 AM] lmao [12:52 AM] it doesnt work [12:52 AM] the meta is formed by high elo [12:52 AM] me going super op asol with 35% ban rate mean nothing when my team ints every other game [12:52 AM] Annie fizz whatever [12:53 AM] me getting fed [12:53 AM] isnt the problem [12:53 AM] its my teams are always shit [12:53 AM] someone ALWAYS is inting [12:53 AM] someone ALWAYS is afk [12:53 AM] and the enemy team is ALWAYS in my lane [12:53 AM] the three things above happen every single fucking game ive played the last 2 months and id go under oath on that [12:56 AM] i go zoe. ill get nothing but stridebreaker and prowlers claw and get fcked because everyone is here. i go azir, i cant scale. actually Every single game is either i play an early game champ and get fucked because my team sells my game and i cant play into late game or i play a late game champ and my entire team is inting so hard early that i cant do shit or scale [12:56 AM] What am i supposed to do,what do i play, i dont understand anymore [12:56 AM] im about to quit lmao, honestly i dont see the point when this is so frequent [12:57 AM] every role's shortcomings come out in full force when i play them, and every time someone feeds it fucks me over specifically [12:57 AM] darius' losing lane to fcking kayle for instance [12:57 AM] and even after everything, after farming well if i do, outplays. etc etc etc winning teamfights whatevr [12:58 AM] im gifted 16-20 lp when i lose 26-30 [12:58 AM] like i cant do shit [12:58 AM] and this sht happens on alts too which is why i dropped it, if im getting camped i might as well look good doing it so i stay on main where my skins are