[09:04] Tensho de Flores says, "New settlement..." [09:04] Mystara Bonlark nods. (Mystara Bonlark) [09:05] Mystara Bonlark says, "The Crimson Keep has always been around." [09:05] Mystara Bonlark says, "It's now expanding." [09:05] Erebath Hiraeth points towards the her cloak. (Erebath Hiraeth) [09:05] Tensho de Flores says, "I see, may I pass? I merely want to do my demon hunting quest." [09:05] Erebath Hiraeth says, "Explain." [09:05] Mystara Bonlark says, "Your cloak." [09:05] Tensho de Flores says, "I live in Audhild. I am a merchant there." [09:05] Tensho de Flores says, "I am not a warror." [09:05] Mystara Bonlark throws her own on (Mystara Bonlark) [09:05] Erebath Hiraeth thinks, "Let this girl go, this one is from Audhild. We can have her for Mero's trade." [09:05] Erebath Hiraeth says, "Unfortunately, you're not going nor further, nor returning if I may tell." [09:06] Tensho de Flores says, "....." [09:12] Mystara's brow quirked briefly from Tensho to Rin. "Fine, fine. Bring me a meal, young one. If not, you will have trouble sleeping at night." "What is your name?" The woman inquired, raising a brow to the aspiring Chef. "That is the price I ask for, give it to me and you may go." She'd simple say, stepping up to stand by Erebath. Her attention veered fully to Tensho. Locks of curled amber hair flowing freely ontop the Sorceress' head. Golden jewellery accentuated tanned skin, weathered by the climate of the jungle. "Unfortunately, that may not pass." "A merchant or not, you are wearing Audhild's banners. If memory also serves me correctly, it was also a merchant guild that initiated the last conflict with Shoel." "So how different are the two, really?" An inquisitive brow raised to Tensho, the woman coming to finally stand by Erebath. "Want to know what the really unlucky thing is? Hm?" "It's that you just happened to walk in here on a very special day! Aaand on such a joyous day, we have use for a merchant like yourself yet." With a light tap of her foot, the density of the air grow sharper. A creeping, eerie chill rolled in from seemingly nowhere. "Unlucky duck, I'm afraid." (repost) (Mystara Bonlark) [09:15] Evate Hiraeth remained silent, her hands folded behind her back beneath the large coat opting to just watch what was going to happen. (Evate Hiraeth) [09:16] "I think today we will celebrate," he said, straightforward and to the point, as the vines were already tearing through the ground at that moment when he had the opportunity to have his attention directed to Audhild, the commoner. "It's as Mystara said, unfortunately for you, fortunately for us. You're not in as favorable a position as you'd like to be." "And carrying that cloak around doesn't do you any favors either." He wouldn't go into details about what was about to happen or the specific reason why he had stopped Tensho, but it was clear that he would be hostile if necessary. "You can submit to me now by surrendering. Or we can force you to do so; it's a choice." At this point, Erebath no longer cared much about the presence of the fruit thief in his territory. There was something more valuable at the moment. (Erebath Hiraeth) [09:17] Mystara Bonlark whispers to Erebath Hiraeth: Mm... I want a go... [09:18] Tail gives a small swish to the lady that was speaking to her. Perhaps Jiuweihue really was watching over the child. They didn't understand the not sleeping well part but the small fox smiled slightly, relieved they didn't get a bashing. Rin wasn't good with fights. They felt bad for the lady that guided them before, Rin couldn't really do anything. They were too fragile. "I'm Rin Ishiko. I will do my best to cook a meal for you. May I request a simple thing?" (Rin Ishiko) [09:18] Erebath Hiraeth whispers to Mystara Bonlark: I wish I could help - but I'm hunger for undeath. [09:18] Erebath Hiraeth whispers to Mystara Bonlark: Let's see if she will run, the quickier gets it. [09:18] Mystara Bonlark whispers to Erebath Hiraeth: Mm. [09:19] Tensho wouldn't know about the new settlement, despite how new might it be. Instead of going out to simply complete her quest, it seemed only certain death awaited her. "Surrender? So you can offer me up to some dark god? I would rather fight and have a chance compared to instantly dying. I know how you people work. The moment I lay down my weapon I am killed." Her words had fear in it. She whips out her wand and points it at the Fel creature. Nyctore adorned on the tip of it. "I have working relations with Ybiet and Lord Xarxes but I will fight if pressed. I will not be sacrificed by you people! I have kids to return to." Wind roars around her but she does not attack. (Tensho de Flores) [09:19] Evate Hiraeth says, "I believe you confuse us for Ba'alites." [09:19] Mystara Bonlark says, "Mm." [09:19] Evate Hiraeth says, "Sacrifices with no profit are not something we are inclined to do." [09:20] Mystara Bonlark whispers to Erebath Hiraeth: Perhaps if we disclose our intent to trade, they may not resist? [09:20] Mystara Bonlark whispers to Erebath Hiraeth: But again, undeath. [09:20] Erebath Hiraeth whispers to Mystara Bonlark: Try it. [09:21] Erebath Hiraeth would await for Mystara's words, before he could act. Maybe there could be more options? (Erebath Hiraeth) [09:27] There was a squick look at Rin.. "What is it? Quickly, I'm a little preoccupied now." She'd gentle say to the girl, a gentleness sharpened with a growing annoyance. An annoyance that seemingly reached over to a boiling point after Tensho spoke. "Ack, for a merchant who travels don't you see the world as anything else but what your described it as?" She'd bark out at him, rolling her eyes. "In fact, chances are you going to leave alive. Infact, we have no use for you dead." "There is something in Audhild that we need to get back. Usually, these things tend to go well, everyone is willing to trade for lives." "However, if you come out unhurt is a completely different situation." She'd look to Evate. "Can you bring a collar, please?" Her body returned to face Tensho. "There are three of us here, chances areif you attempt to flee or fight us you will get severely hurt. In ways you will never recover from. If what you say about trading with Xarxes is also true, then your chances of survival are even further improved." "Simply accept our terms and you will be released once the trade is complete." "We are not cookie cutter fools. Every person on Merenthe has a value, and we simply intend to extract it. How we do so, is up to you." (Mystara Bonlark) [09:28] Evate Hiraeth nods her head once as she starts to wander off, leaving the situation in Mystara and her brother's hands. (Evate Hiraeth) [09:36] Ever the merchant, Tensho would ponder to herself about the words of her would be foes. Thinking deeply on what would be the best course of action. Sweat was forming on her brow. "You are truly giving me an olive branch I see... So, you want me to exchange for Mero? Is that the idea? And if I come quietly, I won't be maimed?" She asked for confirmation. She rubs her chin a few times and taps her foot in the air. "Would I be robbed of my belongings?" She asked another question. Wind still roaring around her, wand still out. Regardless she still made no attempt of attack. "I really want to fight, being honest. I want to see how much I grown but I fear if I get captured, then I might truly be fucked. Plus it might make my relationships with Lord Xarxes and Ybiet strained.. Not only that, I am outnumbered quite a bit..." She sighs and shrugs. "Answer my questions and I will give you a reply." (Tensho de Flores) [09:40] Mystara Bonlark whispers to Erebath Hiraeth: If she comes willingly, there is no chance of her escaping in combat. [09:42] The Eldest Hiraeth- or at least the current eldest around- blinked slowly as she crossed her arms, her wings opening and flapping behind her once before she relaxed further, looking Tensho over. Clearly thinking hard about something before she answered simply. "Not all of them no, likely just your coin and perhaps your weapon until you are being released, or valuable ore to be resold at a later date." She glanced toward her brother and Mystara, a low hum leaving her before she looked back at Tensho. Then again, her mother would say that Mero is worth more than anything on the woman's person. But she wasn't her mother. "The deal is, you will not be harmed or maimed while in custody, for as long as Mero is alive and well. Your belongings are a matter of debate. Most of what you own will stay with you. Most. That is the best offer that can be provided at the time in which you will escape this unscathed and perhaps a few coin poorer." She paused again, before adding on simply. "But you'll be alive and intact, no?" That's what people cared about wasn't it? Their life and bodily harm? (Evate Hiraeth) [09:44] Erebath seized the moment and looked at Rin, his gesture clearly carrying an unreasonable and menacing look. "You can take the fruits you've gathered today, but if you want to take more, there will be fees – and if you steal, you'll be caught, and hopefully won't be absorbed by me." It was the most basic response he could give. "Just get out of this place now and don't disturb us." His eyes returned to Tensho, his patience wearing thin. His body yearned to collect the undeath of his victim, and perhaps even more from her – who knows, her soul, her life? It mattered little, Tensho. But negotiations continued, and he would wait. (Erebath Hiraeth) [09:47] Rin Ishiko whispers to Mystara Bonlark: If you send me letters please do drawings I can't read yet and if you want. You can stop by at my place. The house in the cave where the batkin used to live. [09:48] She'd stand there, smile spread from cheek to cheek swaying ever so slightly in the wind. "Ack! Look at that, you're getting some very fortunate deals here." Mystara nodded her head to Tensho. "As I said, we are reasonable. You simply got unlucky and now must live with the consequences that fate has dealt to you." A hand was extended to her, "Now then, what is your decision?" The excitement bubbled at the core of her chest, which path shall all of this lead down? (Mystara Bonlark) [09:53] Hearing the words of Erebath, shivering slightly. Still they weren't as scary as those people in the past before their father found them and adopted the brat. The young teen just held on their stuffed frog tightly, nodding slowly before walking off with the fruits they've gathered. Maybe the lady will talk to them later. They still had a meal to cook for her and now they had to decide what kind. "O..Okay.. I'm sorry." They took one small glance at the lady in the cloak. Mentally praying to Jiuweihu for her safety. They didn't even know who this Mero guy was. The small fox walked away from the mess. (Rin Ishiko) [09:57] Evate Hiraeth says, "Hello Miss Cinderella." [09:57] Cinderella immediately locks her gaze onto Tensho. (Cinderella) [09:58] Tensho could feel the dread in the air. She could feel each hair of hers stand up. She was truly afraid and didn't know what to do. Her bargaining skills only managed to get her so far. If she fought and lost? It could be far worse than surrendering. If she stayed though? Who knew what could happen? Dread filled her and without much of a thought a blast of wind would come out of her form. Wrapping around her quickly to increase her speed and power. Hoping it would be enough to save her skin. "Mestra… I need your fortune today.. Bless this Bard, guard her from sorrow.." She prayed weakly. "Let us fight." (Tensho de Flores) [09:58] Erebath Hiraeth whispers to Mystara Bonlark: May the quickier get her. [09:58] DASH! (Mystara Bonlark) [09:58] NO. (Erebath Hiraeth) [10:09] Tensho's first battle would begin. A blood magi of sorts. Nature as well, tanky creature indeed. Still though, the wind magi would fight with all of her strength. Hoping to return home to her loved ones. Lightning and winds buffeted the undead, not giving enough time for it to heal properly. Its magics hurt still though. Spores and vines ripping and tearing at the girl, making her cough as well. It was not enough though and her winds would only grow and grow until a tornado would form right on top of Erebath. Ripping his skin all over and covering the undead in minor tears and cuts. It was enough though to subdue her foe, despite not causing any long lasting wounds. "One day..." She huffed out. (Tensho de Flores) [10:19] Despite his year-long hunger, Erebath lunged at his prey with the intention of capturing and holding her hostage in Golden Keep until his mother could delve into negotiations. But in the moment, there wasn't much to report. As unwavering as Erebath's confidence had always been, this time he was effortlessly thrown to the ground. The winds seemed to tear at Erebath's flesh, and they didn't have time to heal before he was finally exhausted and unable to continue. Erebath had failed himself and his intentions to make his mother proud. Perhaps his siblings would have better luck in this situation, as the worst could happen now that Erebath had failed. He was exhausted and lying on the ground. (Erebath Hiraeth) [10:20] The newly constructed square soon flourished with plantlife and activity as Tensho denied their very, very reasonable deal. It seemed that those beyond the clearance of darkness always had to make things that much more difficult. She'd tut, hand reaching behind her back as she'd drawn on her scepter. Erebath was down - Her brother. Her field trainer.. A cold sweat began to bead her forehead, but this was no time for any sort of fear. It was a poisonous state of mind that needed to be removed from the battlefield, replaced by her desires. To shape the world in her image, were Xarxes' words to her. That image consisted of the entire Family being whole. The cobble beneath her boot began to buckle with downward, cold pressure. Mystara's gaze from her felled brother and to the night sky. Where she'd look beyond the veil of shadows and darkness.. Searching for that single threadonce more. Her cosmic eye ventured yonder, and from within seeming nothingness there lay a light glowing spark. A dying energy, yearning to have life breathed into it once more. Upon finding that link, it pulsed through her. Souring her energies. feasting on the adrenaline that was now pumping through her veins. The plague stars influence tainted her creeping darkness with specs of cosmic red. Just a little, for now. However how much she could draw was still untested, or if she could even utilize it in an offensive situation such as this. "The threads of fate are woven into us all. It is now to see where yours will end." The presence of something other, Tensho could feel it still. Peering down from everywhere, judging them. (Mystara Bonlark) [10:20] Ezan licks his lips, staring at the defeated Erebath. (Ezan) [10:21] Evate Hiraeth eyes Ezan but says nothing. (Evate Hiraeth) [10:21] "Man.. Bitches can be crazyy." Well. Personally waking up to a small pocket chaos like this one always bad for the integrity of his handsome face. "DAMN. Just.. DAMN!" This was seriously the only reaction he could think of. Not that smart is he. Most likely-- For sure. Though in the end. Man with built different bones need to be saved and seems like Mystara good enough for such a task to begin with. (Pemphero) [10:24] Tensho was tired, hurt and honestly? Just wanting to be anywhere else in this world. But at the same time? There was a smile on her face. She was enjoying the thrill of combat, the high stakes. She let out a laugh of madness for a few moments, cackling to herself as she stared into the sky. Then once again, dread filled her. The cosmic foe approaching her, all powered up. Feeling just as uneasy with this foe as her last, if not more for some reason. Something just.. Didn't feel right. Once again though, wind would burst out around Tensho before forming an armour around her form. Almost skin tight and howling around her, the wind armour was complete. She stops floating for a moment to get on her knees and pray. "Mestra, please keep watching over your Bard. Please let me see another day, to pray and share your warmth. Mestra! Bring me your fortune!" With her prayer said, she floats again and points the staff at Mystara. "Hopefully fate favours me!" (Tensho de Flores) [10:30] {Lost Dangerous RPB against Tensho de Flores} [10:30] ** Tensho de Flores has inflicted an injury upon Mystara Bonlark. ("Temporary Injury", "Temporary Injury", "Temporary", "Duration: Medium (2 days)") ** [10:35] Tensho was once again thrown into combat, this time it was even harder for her, the battle even closer. Her entire body throbbed in pain and she could barely see straight but.. The fight went on. Blow after blow they traded. Ice meeting wind, Cosmic meeting lightning. Their magics would clash and so would their bodies. Both sides taking heavy damage in the first round of the fight. The Sheng woman was managing to keep up and outpace her foe despite how close it was. The wind armour wrapped around her form was enough to give her a speed and power edge, much needed. But in a twist of events, Mystara started to push back Tensho hard, barraging her with many blows that nearly took her out. Her vision fading to black before.. "GUH! LEAVE ME ALONE!" She screamed before letting out a massive shockwave of air. Sending her foe flying full force into a tree behind them. Breaking their left leg on impact. "C-can I leave now? Please Mestra.. Keep me strong.." (Tensho de Flores) [10:44] Slicing winds clashed against risen ice that began to populate the cobblestone of the street. From behind her defences, Mystara would then charge in - darkness latching onto Tensho's feet, pulling her into radiating light that began to fire from above. Golden radiance, began shining down. However, as Mystara's darkness touched it but briefly allowing for the infected star to take root. Spreading its miasma to bombard down onto the woman. However, this came at no cheap cost. Mystara's magic purely experimental, a newly tapped discovery that had barely dabbled her toes into. Each infected thread of cosmic sapped at her body deeply. The seeping aura of darkness surrounding her becoming jagged and unstable. Even to the user. As it'd slice through her, it'd take a toll for each spec of cosmic magic she infected with the Plague Star's radiance. An oversight that was to her determent. Each attack, enhanced would make her slow down. Her ice becoming fickler and thinner as she'd do her best to keep both offences up. "And gya-!" A moment of victory, right there in her grasp... Slipped as she'd be hurled back with a shockwave of wind. "Gah -!" Blood spat out of her mouth as the final blow was delivered. The adrenaline spiked through her blood, competing with the bubbling shock.. It was right there. She'd get up again, were it not for her broken leg - misjointed into an incorrect direction. "Ack..!" She'd wince, biting down on her lip as soon pain would overcome shock. (Mystara Bonlark) [10:45] Evate's eye twitched ever so slightly as Mystara was flung into a tree, the sound of bone snapping matching her teeth chomping down hard on her cigarette, severing it and sending the ashen in to the ground, tilting her head to the side she spat out the filter as her gaze refocused on Tensho. "No." The only answer given to the woman's desperate question as her wings expanded and golden flames began to catch as equally luxurious sparks began to catch in the air, embers falling like golden autumn leaves and black smoke bellowing from the young dragon's mouth and nose. Her silver eyes fixed in a glare as the air around her heated up to an almost choking quality. Something so simply had turned into a larger mess, one she hopefully was able to clean up. (Evate Hiraeth) [10:50] You stole Erebath Hiraeth's Torch. [10:53] Azrail says, "Ah..." [10:54] The Honey Badger is on Azrail's back (The Honey Badger) [10:54] Yomi asks, "What is this?" [10:55] Azrail says, "I wasn't even aware there was a new settlement here..." [11:01] The third battle would commence and by then? Tensho could barely see straight at all. Her breathing was sharp and rapid, filled with pain. She was wobbly, most likely too weak to stand on her own. And yet? She fought on. The winds armour around her form would be weakening but still howled with raw power. It still would bolster her speed immensely. Speed is what the floating youth needed. Her foe was strong and their magics bit at Tensho. Each attack landed on the weakened girl would cause her whimper in pain. The light and love of Mestra kept her strong though. "By Mestra! I will not fall!" She screamed out after taking a massive blow. Letting out a guttural howl before dropping to the ground. As soon as her legs touched the ground though, a burst of wind would launch her flying at blistering speed. CRACK! She lands a wind boosted flying knee straight to their jaw. Cracking and crushing it with much force. She catches herself, floating in the sky.. Barely awake. Her eyes dart to all present and without much of a thought? She would book it. Too weak to care about a prisoner or anything of that sort. "Thank you Mestra.." (Tensho de Flores) [11:04] {Item} You drop Torch. [11:12] The winds, the lighting, every moment the battle raged on the more incensed the princess of the golden keep became. She threw stronger and stronger blasts of golden flames that caught and ignited in dazzling explosions of spectacle, leaving behind blackened flames. All the while, her head was throbbing with occult expanding and rising her fury as her flames begun to burn to almost an unsafe degree to both herself and Tensho. "Mestra this..." Another explosion. "Mestra that..." Two more, the ground was staring to melt as the flames burned brighter refusing to be put out by the buffeting winds. Evate's darkened wings burned away and leaving only a burning mass of golden flames behind her. "She won't stop me from ripping your thro-" The threat was interrupted as a knee connected with her face in the middle of the sentence, releasing a sickening crack and pop as the jaw was left in a ruined state as the flames sputtered out and the dragon was pushed back causing her to stumble but just barely managing to catch herself. Bringing a hand up to her now destroyed jaw, and the blood that coated her hand, she would attempt to snarl, to curse and promise vengeance... Instead she simply spat blood on the ground and onto her hand, though the silver eyes glared with a ferocity that promised that the next time they met the outcome would be vastly different. (Evate Hiraeth)