Ms. Kechupp: Seventh, eighth, ninth— Doritos: Yes. Doritos: Ninth? Tenth? Eleventh? Twelfth? Thirteenth? Fourteenth? Fifteenth? Sixteenth? Seventeenth? Eighteenh? Nineteenth? Twenty? Twentyfirsttwentysecond? Ms. Ketchup: Yes. Doritos: Thirtyfourth? Thirtyfifth? Thirtieth? Fortysixth? Fiftyeighth? Sixtythird? Seventyseventyeighth? Eightyeighth? Ninetyeighth? Ms. Ketchupp: Right. Doritos: Hundredandfiftyninth? Twohundredandfortyfourth? Two hundred forty fifth? Three hundred thirty sixth? Five hundred twenty seventh? Seven hundred sixty second? Nine hundred ninety fourth? Twelve hundred eighty fifth? One thousand six hundred seventy sixth? One thousand seven hundred fifty third? One thousand eight hundred fifteenth? Ms. Ketchup: Yes, yes. Doritso: Yes. Ms. Ketchupp: And now I'm going to give it to you straight, Mr. Doritos. You have three days left before you lose everything. If you want to save the company, you better come up with a solution fast.