[04:25 AM] Hailey Sommer: /me grinned wide and shrugged, before slowly turning around, showing off her yoga pants ripped just behind her ass, showing the bubbly, thick cheeks for the tattoed babe, as Hailey flexed her glutes and looked behind. "Quick ass fucks are the best..." [04:29 AM] Hannah Briggs: /me grinned in smug satisfaction as the pretty little gymbunny so readily presented that firm, bubbly ass for her. Standing behind Hailey, Hannah cupped each of her hands against those tanned cheeks, giving a firm, kneading squeeze, letting the pliant flesh spill between her fingers as she admired the sight. "Mmnh, they really are, aren't they?" she mused, one hand slipping in between the cleft of Hailey's asscheeks to swipe her ring and middle finger upward, before nudging them against that partially splayed out pucker, admiring Iggy's handiwork by casually sinking them in to the knuckle. "You should [b]definitely[/b] get on all fours for me, then. Hike it up nice and high...~" [04:34 AM] Hailey Sommer: /me felt Hannah's hands on her asscheeks and bit her bottom lip, looking behind with a teasing grin, before feeling the hand slide in between her cheeks and finally the finger slip up and inside her asshole, up to the knuckle, as Hailey gasped and moaned softly, feeling her asshole penetrated so easily. "Mmn... With pleasure, babe..." Hailey said, quickly obliging the tattoed girl's request and taking a step forward, sliding that finger out of her, only to get down on her knees and then push her face down and ass up, arching her back and showing off that fat ass to Hannah, hands reaching behind to teasingly spread the cheeks and show off that puffy used asshole. [04:39 AM] Hannah Briggs: /me was quick to tug at the string of her sweats, giving her hips a little shimmy as she let the fabric slide down. IT was almost comical the way that absolutely [b]enormous[/b] slab of fat, ivory meat swung upward, before starting to sag a bit under its own weight. Thick, corded veins pumped life into that rapidly swelling shaft as she gazed down at the pretty girl below. Iggy may have been [b]hung[/b], yet Hannah still managed to outpace the prettyboy by an inch or two. Rather than kneeling behind her, Hannah opted to drop into a squat, pushing up on the balls of her feet to grind the underbelly of that chubby shaft between her new friend's cheeks, nuzzling against that loosened fuckhole until Hailey could feel the bloated tip drooling a thick puddle of cloying pre-nut onto the small of her back, churning jizzkegs thrumming hotly against Hailey's taint. "Nnh, ready, Princess~?" she asked, sawing her hips back to grind against that soon to be not-so-snug hole a little more~ [04:47 AM] Hailey Sommer: /me kept her eyes behind and looked up at Hannah whipping her massive bat out of her pants. She spread both her eyes and mouth wide open in shock, looking at the massive slab of meat with eagerness and lust in her eyes. Thanks to Iggy's work though, she wasn't gonna be struggling too much, as she felt it slide between her cheeks, threatening to push in and break that asshole further. Hailey bit her bottom lip and nodded at the question, keeping her cheeks well spread for the tattoed babe ready to mount her, while her own cock throbbed and pulsed, trapped into her black yoga pants, staining them in leaking prenut, sticky and transparent, like the one that was leaking behind Hailey's back, as her asshole winked and released, relaxing and almost waiting for the inevitable hard anal pounding to come. "Make sure you plow me hard. Iggy didn't wait a single moment..." She teased. [04:52 AM] Hannah Briggs: /me grinned and gave a little half-shrug. "You asked for it~" she warned, before suddenly Hailey felt the weight of Hannah's foot bearing down on the back of her head, gently pressing the cocky bitch into the carpet. Pushing up to get the perfect angle, Hannah dropped her hips in one smooth, sinking motion, carving out a path in those stretched-out guts one cock-squeezing inch at a time. With a lusty groan, Hannah worked her fat, unrelenting fuckpipe into the girls guts right up until she felt the rim of Hailey's asshole clinging to the root of her cock, fat, sweat-slicked nuts pulsing against the girl's taint. "Nnh..fuck~" she murmured, relishing in the feeling of a just-tight-enough hole, though not for long; within seconds Hannah was drawing back, and [b]slamming[/b] forward, again, and again, each ruinously deep stroke driving the full length of her foot-and-change fuckpole into the brat's backdoor, until those chubby cheeks were starting to wobble and ripple with the sharp, smacking force of her hips. [04:58 AM] Hailey Sommer: /me gasped loud at the sudden foot on her head, before turning from a lustful and greedy expression, to one of shock once again as that huge cock started to claim her guts, inch after inch slowly spreading and stuffing her rectum full of cock, as Hailey simply stood down there, made to be fucked. Gasping loud and holding her breath right after, Hailey started to feel Hannah move that spear in and out of her with strength and pace, just like she told her too. At that point, her eyes rolled and she couldn't hold a loud moan of pleasure that mixed up with the loud [b]CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP![/b] sounds of her ass getting beaten by Hannah's hips, while her cock kept throbbing and flopping back and forth between her legs. "Fuck! Fuck fuck fuck fuck! Yes! Yes! Plow my ass! Fuckin' wreck me!" Hailey screamed, while that wobbly ass started to redden because of the harsh treatment they were receiving. [05:05 AM] Hannah Briggs: /me quickly found a rhythm of deep, [b]slamming[/b] strokes, every second another loud, clapping smash of ass-on-hips ringing out throughout the room as Hannah drove herself balls fucking deep in the gymbunny's bitchpussy. The hung mechanic's fat, sagging nuts brewed up a constant stream of slick, syrupy prenut that only served to make her efforts to utterly wreck Hailey's doughy ass that much smoother. Before long, Hannah was relieving the pressure against the back of the girl's head, sliding up a bit further so that her feet were planted on either side of Hailey's waist, all so she could lean down, pressing her own hefty chest against the cutie's back, mounting her in that savage, animalistic way Hailey seemed to crave. Pinching the cutie's earlobe between her teeth, Hannah groaned, breath *** against the girl's neck as she reamed her guts from the back."Nngh. gonna make a fucking [b]mess[/b] for me~?" she crooned. showing no signs of slowing down; if anything, her hips were building momentum, slamming and swinging faster and faster each passing second. [05:13 AM] Hailey Sommer: /me felt the foot move off of her head, only for the weight to be added to her body, as Hannah pressed herself down onto her. The tease to her lips and the harsh pistoning motions become harder, faster and louder, almost having Hailey's knees go weak from the harsh impact. "Nnngh... Fuck... Yes... Nnf... You're fucking my ass so hard...!" Hailey moaned, her eyes rolling back behind her skull, while she kept a dumb fucked smirk on her face for the whole time. The continuous prostate pounding meant that she was rather close as well, and in fact, she came into her panties just moments after Hannah mentioned it, spewing thick chunky seed all into her yoga pants, staining them in chunky white seed, while her asshole tried to clench and squeeze, unable to close around that cock too much, while she kept literally pissing cum out her asshole. "Fuck yes! Fuck! You're making me cum so hard! Nnngh... You're destroying my asshole!" [05:23 AM] Hannah Briggs: /me 's jaw went slack as she felt Hailey's orgasm ripple through her, resulting in those heavenly contractions of that milking, massaging fucksleeve squeezing taut around her cock. Of course, Hannah didn't let up, still relentlessly drilling her hips, pounding her way against those soft cheeks the entire time Hailey was blowing her load. She knew full well Hailey wanted a 'quick' ass fuck, but it didn't stop her from ruthlessly plowing the spent bitch's backdoor for another three...four..five minutes, letting the poor girl relish in that fucked-dumb state for a little while longer, before Hannah was withdrawing from the soft, warm confines of that blown out bitchpussy. She had a feeling Hailey wasn't the type of girl to really object, though she really didn't give her a chance.... A quick reshuffle and Hannah was knelt next to the still face-down-ass-up girl's head, hands weaving through her hair to get a firm grip as she plunged that ass-slime slicked pole against Hailey's lips. While she'd had the luxury of Iggy pre-preparing that snug asshole, Hailey's throat...well, that was another problem. At least, for Hailey. For Hannah? She simply held firm on the poor girl's head and burrowed her way balls fucking deep, wasting no time before she was treating the unfortunate slut to a thorough skullfucking. Luckily for Hailey, it was only a good thirty seconds or so of heavy, chin-bashing bull-nuts cramming against her before Hannah was groaning out, the first few ropes of that tar-thick load splattering the back of her throat, before Hannah withdrew enough to baste her tastebuds in rich, musky, salty seed. To polish things off, the mechanic pried her prick from those puffy, soft lips, fist stroking that slimy, messy shaft just enough to paint the last of her load in long, arcing ropes across Hailey's face from chin to forehead, leaving her barely recognizable beneath that sludgy load. Sitting back on her heels with a satisfied grunt, Hannah smiled at the mess she'd made. "Oof. Thanks, babe~ I needed that. You've [b]got[/b] to introduce me to your wife, though~"