13:46:37You: usually we improve our brains through education 13:46:41You: im sorry yours was so lacking 13:47:40Stranger: Ours isn't lacking, we have our own genius in our universities, unlike Murica that hires Jews for development and science researches 13:48:12You: so? whats wrong with jews? 13:48:26You: you anti jew now? 13:48:33You: is horseshoe theory real? 13:48:43You: both the left and the extreme right hate jews 13:48:48You: i'll never understand it 13:49:38Stranger: it's not that something's wrong, it's that you can do zilch on your own because those Anglo saxon Murican traders didn't grow brain enough to become genius 13:50:07Stranger: that's why they do hire brains 13:50:27You: you think that jews arent americans? 13:50:33You: what the fuck is this racist shit 13:50:56Stranger: says the factory house of racism what irony 13:51:32Stranger: your police kills anyone judging them on skin color 13:51:51You: america is less racist than ireland 13:52:02Stranger: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha 13:52:05You: you just dont have any black people to inflict it upon 13:52:06Stranger: omg 13:52:09Stranger: omg 13:52:14You: and you are citing debunked lies about our police 13:52:30Stranger: right, videos do lie' 13:52:35You: videos of what? 13:52:39Stranger: that's real american intelligence 13:52:54You: name a video that shows blacks judging based on skin color? 13:53:05You: or are you adding your own stupid interpretation on top? 13:53:18You: also why are you running away from your jew hatred? 13:53:39Stranger: name a video?????? 13:53:42You: yeah 13:53:52You: finish that sentence 13:53:56You: name a video that..... 13:53:58You: go on 13:53:59Stranger: fuck man every child the world over has seen George floyd 13:54:00You: be honest 13:54:11You: proof that race had anything to do with george floyd? 13:54:16Stranger: that's a recent event 13:54:25You: im asking a question 13:54:36Stranger: what do i need to prove? the video is self evident 13:54:50You: the video proves that race had anything to do with george floyd? 13:54:58You: so i guess media literacy also isnt taught in ireland 13:55:12You: back up what you said 13:55:20You: why do you think race had anything to do with it? 13:55:24You: because you see a black man? 13:55:34You: and then you just assume that its happening because he's black? 13:55:38Stranger: right, BBC journalists are not literate enough of journalism and media 13:55:58You: name a bbc journalist who has evidence that race is a factor? 13:56:06You: i'll keep asking until you answer 13:56:12You: or admit you are making shit up 13:56:45Stranger: google it, you will find many links including BBC, SKY and even ABC 13:57:42You: i am very familiar with the case 13:57:49You: and thats how i know your dumb ass is making shit up 13:57:58You: there is no evidence that race had anything to do with it 13:58:04You: so admit it 13:58:07You: and we can move on 13:59:03Stranger: yo dimwit, BBC itself termed it a murder of an African American by the cop, do you even know what a murder is?? and why there was a need to mention African american specifically ?? 13:59:10Stranger: are you that dumb??? 14:00:04You: because bbc likes to racialize things without justification. i'll ask again. do you have evidence that race is a factor in that incident? 14:00:08You: just say no 14:00:14You: be honest for the first time 14:00:18Stranger: hahahahahahahaha there you go 14:01:05Stranger: now BBC racialises stuffs just because it somehow managed to villify the evil Murican system replete with racism 14:01:13You: so you cant answer 14:01:16You: i'll ask again 14:01:27You: evidence that race is a factor in that incident?? 14:01:33You: you can give me the bbc evidence 14:01:35You: if you want 14:01:45You: you need to type it out 14:01:57You: i 14:02:02You: i'll keep asking until you answer 14:02:14You: note, you never had to ask me a question 10 times before i asnwered :) 14:02:32Stranger: YES race was a factor. He was suspected primarily because of his skin color, had he been white, he might have been spared of any interrogation at all 14:03:00You: do you have any evidence he was suspected due to his skin color? 14:03:08You: and not because the cops were called on him? 14:03:47You: im going to keep asking until you admit you're making it up lol 14:03:50Stranger: THE VIDEO and their CONVERSATION is the EVIDENCE! Dumbfucks with severe vision problems may not get it 14:04:02You: what part of the video is evidence that he was targeted for being black? 14:04:07You: what part of the conversation? 14:04:18You: lol you're struggling so hard 14:04:21You: you're squirming 14:04:46You: i'll ask again just because i think you need it. do you have evidence that race is a factor in that incident?? 14:05:27Stranger: THE VIDEO. That's it! Whites are not treated in that manner in your Murica. 14:05:39Stranger: Whites are not killed in that manner in your Murica 14:05:48You: the video is your evidence? what part of that video? 14:06:01Stranger: read the last two lines 14:06:09You: i know, you refuse to answer 14:06:24You: so i was right, you have no evidence. you just see he's black and assume its because he was black 14:06:34Stranger: I answered but since it doesn't suit your Murican agenda, you are denying it 14:06:41You: every time something bad happens to a black person you assume its because they were black? 14:06:50You: you literally didnt answer 14:07:09You: the video showed no evidence that race is a factor 14:07:26You: if it did, ou'd point to it 14:07:48You: you just saw he was black and assumed it was because he was black 14:07:51You: admit it 14:08:00Stranger: You clearly didn't read those two consecutive lines by me 14:08:08You: your answer: the video 14:08:12You: my question what part of the video 14:08:15You: your answer: the video 14:08:29Stranger: You: THE VIDEO. That's it! Whites are not treated in that manner in your Murica. You: Whites are not killed in that manner in your Murica 14:08:43You: if i can name a white person who was killed in this manner would you take it back? 14:09:24Stranger: NO Caucasian white is treated thus and civil violence is not counted 14:09:40You: i'll ask again 14:09:41You: if i can name a white person who was killed in this manner would you take it back? 14:10:20You: *this is where you disconnect in shame* 14:10:23You: lol 14:10:49Stranger: No I don't disconnect in shame lol I have shown what your Murica actually is 14:10:58You: i'll ask again 14:11:00You: if i can name a white person who was killed in this manner would you take it back? 14:11:02Stranger: land of guns and free shooting 14:11:09You: you're so afraid to answer 14:11:10You: hahahaha 14:11:22You: petrified 14:11:31You: because you know what comes next 14:11:37You: if i can name a white person who was killed in this manner would you take it back? 14:11:49Stranger: Why would i be petrified? In Ireland such horrific incidents don't take place 14:11:56You: still no answer? 14:11:58You: i'll ask again 14:11:59You: if i can name a white person who was killed in this manner would you take it back? 14:13:14Stranger: You keep on asking. But incidents and the factors causing them are NEVER the same mate lol 14:13:45You: hahaha so "this sort of thing never happens to whites!" but "you can never compare two indicents!"" 14:13:48You: pick one 14:14:05You: hahahaha you're trapped 14:14:12You: caught in yet another lie 14:14:13You: pick one 14:14:38Stranger: yeah because you didn't even understand the tone of those two sentences 14:14:54You: lol the TONE 14:14:57You: it was a massive walkback 14:15:11Stranger: it was neither 14:15:25Stranger: you are satisfying yourself 14:15:33Stranger: i know what i am talking about 14:15:35You: only X people are treated this way! ok, but Y people are also treated this way. NOOOO YOU CANT COMPARE THEM! 14:15:37You: hahahaha 14:15:40You: you're hopeless 14:15:46You: irish education has FAILED YOU 14:16:12You: will you admit that there's no evidence that race was a factor related to george floyd? 14:16:51Stranger: There WAS a race factor and many media giants would corroborate what i am saying 14:17:03Stranger: already gave you the examples 14:17:08You: no, they all do the same thing you are. they see his skin color and assume it was a factor without evidence. 14:17:13You: im asking for the evidence 14:17:15You: please 14:18:16Stranger: I have already presented my case mate, and I have the wall of logic in my support by the global news giants 14:19:03You: so no evidence. the only evidence you have is that "this doenst happen to whites" which you claim without evidence 14:19:27Stranger: that's what you have perceived 14:20:32Stranger: i also made another claim which you tactfully ignored. the gun issue in Murica lol 14:20:53You: i ignored it because it was a dodge 14:20:59You: it was you deflecting from the question 14:21:00Stranger: and you think your rogue behaviors are understood by none 14:21:35You: so i'll ask again, this time try to answer. is there any evidence that race was a factor in the george floyd killing? aside from the fact he was black? 14:22:04You: its really funny how you cant answer 14:22:32You: i can answer every question and back it up with sources. 14:22:49You: you dont need to ask me a question 10 times 14:22:56You: :) 14:23:12Stranger: So did i, but my sources were not accepted, therefore i choose to repudiate yours as well 14:23:30You: send me a source saying race was a factor 14:23:39You: or just say it 14:23:48Stranger: already said it 14:23:51You: say it properly 14:24:00You: so far you just said "bbc said so" 14:24:06You: well what did bbc say was the evidence? 14:24:23You: becasue here's a fun fact, bbc didnt say 14:24:28You: bbc just described him as black 14:25:04You: blue eyed man kills green eye man "IT MUST HAVE BEEN DUE TO HIS EYE COLOR" 14:25:06You: hahaha 14:25:58Stranger: "More than 20 times Mr Floyd said he could not breathe. The video shows him going limp and being carried away by police." - any similar incident happening to a white caucasian? 14:26:03You: yes 14:26:12You: if i can name a white person who was killed in this manner would you take it back? 14:27:54Stranger: I will prove that in every point it had a racial factor, there is not question of taking anything back. I am not a blind person lol I have my eyes to watch 14:28:13You: you just see a black person and assume it was racially motivated 14:28:17You: you have eyes, but no brain 14:28:18You: lol 14:28:59Stranger: First the incident of a Caucasian white of a same social stature who became thus victimised 14:29:10You: no, first you answer this 14:29:12You: if i can name a white person who was killed in this manner would you take it back? 14:29:18You: because i want to hold you to it 14:29:27Stranger: No question of taking anything back, already told ya 14:29:46You: your entire claim rests on the fact that this only happens to black people 14:29:51You: so 14:29:51Stranger: Truth is never conditioned, so out with it if you at all have one 14:29:52You: if i can name a white person who was killed in this manner would you take it back? 14:29:56You: just answer 14:30:02Stranger: I DID 14:30:03You: you are afraid to answer 14:30:07You: answer yes or no 14:30:07You: if i can name a white person who was killed in this manner would you take it back? 14:30:39Stranger: THERE IS NO ANSWER IN BINARY. Only IDIOTS think that answers are given in BINARY 14:30:59You: either you will take it back, or you will not 14:31:03You: thats a binary 14:31:18You: if you asked me this question i could easily answer 14:31:29Stranger: I already said above that there is NO question of taking anything back. 14:31:32You: if i said, only american pharma companies made covid vaccines. 14:31:34You: and if you said 14:31:48You: "if i can name a non-american comapny would you take it back?" 14:31:52You: i'd say "yes" 14:31:55You: in an instant 14:32:25You: there is no question that you will or will not take it back? 14:32:30You: why do you answer with so much bullshit 14:32:33You: just say yes or no 14:32:35You: if i can name a white person who was killed in this manner would you take it back? 14:33:26Stranger: You got my answer already. Any intelligent person would have understood by now. But ALAS! Muricans 14:33:44You: try again, i'll allow a y or n. if i can name a white person who was killed in this manner would you take it back? 14:34:19Stranger: This Convo is NOT CONDITIONED on YOUR TERMS mate, again Murican intelligience Lol 14:34:37You: im not adding a condition. im asking what you will do if i disproved your assertion 14:34:51You: but i will hold you to your commitment 14:35:35Stranger: Here is my commitment : I will stand my ground. That should suffice 14:36:13You: so your answer is no, that you will claim race is a factor no matter what evidence you are presented that this happens to white people as well 14:36:26You: even though your only evidence is that this only happens to black people 14:36:28Stranger: Oh dear Armerica 14:36:37You: irish education system 14:36:38You: lol 14:37:23You: so if you dont care about being correct, and will never change your mind dispite evidence, why are you here? 14:37:31You: just to spout your uninformed views? 14:37:32Stranger: Like I said, if there IS a truth, it is not conditioned on the response of the debator. Murican intelliegence again 14:37:34Stranger: lollol 14:37:44You: you said you'd stand your ground 14:37:48You: meaning you wouldnt change 14:37:51Stranger: Yes I DO 14:38:03Stranger: No question of changing 14:38:05You: how the fuck are you this incomprehensible. are you saying yes or no? 14:38:07You: if i can name a white person who was killed in this manner would you take it back? 14:38:09You: yes or no 14:38:11You: yes or no 14:38:15You: you will or you will not 14:38:19You: watch this 14:38:20You: yes 14:38:20You: no 14:38:21You: yes 14:38:22You: no 14:38:26You: look how easy that is? 14:39:03You: just say no 14:39:06You: you wont change your mind 14:39:10You: you're a dishonest hack 14:39:34You: here comes more bullshit 14:39:34You: lol 14:39:40Stranger: I already said that I would stand by what my opinion is. 14:39:48You: yes, so the answer to that is no 14:39:53You: tldr, no 14:40:09You: so dont go "Oh dear Armerica" 14:40:16You: (sic) 14:40:25You: when i was correct in condensing your shit into the no 14:40:52You: unlike you i'd love to be disproven 14:41:05You: i want to have as many true beliefs as possible 14:41:20You: but you seem more interested in dogmatic narrative adherence 14:42:14Stranger: last sentence is entirely your opinion and perception. It has nothing to do with what I opine. 14:42:34You: i mean, you're sticking to your false narrative dispite evidence to the contrary 14:42:41You: i think its extremely descriptive of you 14:42:44You: lol 14:43:21You: alright i guess it ends here. ive proved youre dishonest an ideologue. mind if i share this conversation with my friend so we can laugh at you? 14:43:23Stranger: False narrative? lol I thought everything is relative. For instance, Hitler may be a villain to the Muricans but for many Germans he was a hero. 14:44:04You: those are normative claims not descriptive. did they teach that in irish education? 14:44:15Stranger: You can laugh at anyone you want, it is a free world. But that doesn't make you any smart. 14:44:43You: no, you're right. laughing doesnt make me smart 14:44:50You: i dont think im smart. 14:44:55You: i just think you're really really dumb 14:44:57You: hahahaha 14:45:22You: say hi to my friend named Vassilios 14:45:27You: say Hi Vassilios! 14:45:29Stranger: You can call anyone dumb, but that too doesn't make you anything less. 14:45:34You: im going to share this convo with him 14:45:38You: we're going to laugh at you 14:45:43You: say Hi! 14:46:10Stranger: Okay. Sure. But what you haven't shared is your long proclaimed caucasian abuse lol 14:46:18You: tony timpa 14:46:42You: officer kneed on his back in custody until he died 14:46:57You: watch?v=6X4PUwrq8tA 14:47:01You: theres the body cam 14:47:34Stranger: I have something for you 14:47:47You: is it zero acknowlegement? 14:49:12You: im dc'ing in 25 seconds so if theres a last word make it quick You have disconnected. 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