2022-10-11 00:54[user]Ephemeris[/user]: Brightlord Ephemeris Golor ruled the small city of Ashenfell in the western reaches of the Ruthar princedom, overseeing the large vineyards that bottled many of the wines enjoyed by the Alethi lighteyes. At fourth dahn, he commanded a certain level of respect after leaving military service to lead his city when it needed him. His son fought on the Shattered Plains for him, and he was known to be fair, if severe with punishments. Beyond that, he kept to himself and wasn't well-known, having remained alone ever since his wife's death a decade ago. The people assumed he was satisfied with his lot and their day-to-day continued with little fanfare, with only the occasional Brightlord hoping to secure a marriage for their daughters and politely rebuffed. There wasn't much reason to pay attention to the reclusive Brightlord, a man that seemed to be without ambition. Unknown to the wider world was that his ambitions ran deep and further than most would hope to dream save for the fool-king and other, greater powers on Roshar. He'd spent his days in scholarly pursuit, searching for myths and legends, his most trusted men scouring his land for any opportunity. The time of the Radiants was coming and Ephemeris wanted to be at the forefront, prepared where few others would be. It was an impossible hope, false positives abound and no small amount of spheres wasted, but finally he found her- a young girl with the makings of a Radiant. A Radiant that would be his. He was pragmatic. Her family was in poverty, her father deeply in debt and with little way to escape. Some pressure through intermediaries had them sell her into slavery, the fledgling Radiant forced to watch as her parents gave her away. She wasn't taken long- only a few days for her hopes to darken before his men rode down the slavers and rescued those taken, her parents imprisoned, leaving her with no one but the Brightlord to watch over her. What was likely unexpected was the fact that she was treated better with him that at home. She was no longer drenched during highstorms, needn't worry where her next meal would come from, or dress in threadbare clothing that left her frozen. She had regular meals, wore new clothing, and slept in a comfortable bed. The only problem was that the other servants she lived with were not kind to her, but how much did that matter in the scheme of her new life? Put to work cleaning, it didn't take long before her spren-urged destructive habits were noticed, along with her other strange behavior. Eventually, she was called to appear before the Brightlord after her latest blunder ended up ruining a meal and word had apparently reached him. 2022-10-11 01:13[user]Alexa Snow[/user]: The daughter of two darkeyes, Alexa hadn't been used to a life of comfort. She'd always thought her parents loved her, eventhough she'd been conceived by accident. They worked hard, her father in the fields, and her mother at one of the seedier local taverns, to support their daughter. Even so, there were rarely any spheres left by the time the tax man came around to collect on the Brightlord's due. At least she wouldn't grow hungry, not on most days at least. As she started to mature, she saw less and less of her parents. She'd started to help out the local tinkerer for little more than a tiny sphere a month, rejecting several more lucrative offers that might involve the use of her good looks, perhaps more. Some of the girls she'd grown up with had been able to earn good money doing so, but she absolutely loathed the idea. The tinkerer seemed to have little interest in attractive young girls, so she was left alone. And he even came to grips with the fact that things were occasionaly missplaced or completely taken apart when she'd been around. She dreaded even thinking of the strange creature that seemed to follow her around and talked to her, for fear of her tongue slipping and others deeming her crazy. The talkative spren wasn't even particularly nice to her, but at least he was always present, if only for her to vent to. The news that her parents were in serious debt and had sold her off came as a complete shock, and ruined the deep connection she felt to them. The love had taken a while to fade, but by the time she'd been rescued and turned into a servant, she'd steeled her heart. Selling their daughter into slavery, the dungeon is where they could rot. They were lucky not to be strung up in the highstorm. Of course good things could never last, and even as she pretended everything was fine, she hated herself for getting into trouble with the Highlord. He'd treated her well, and now she'd been caught melting down tools in the kitchen fire. Before being allowed into the Brightlord's presence, she'd slipped into the finest dress she'd been given, and straightened her back in feigned confidence. No one likes a grovelling mess after all, and if she could present an air of competence, he might give her another chance. And with that, she slowly approached the man, struggling not to avert her eyes. Her dress laced tight around her teenage frame, squeezing a perky chest into displaying the slightest bit of cleavage. Her shoulders back, long blonde hair tied back into a ponytail. She curtsied in front of him, although with her Darkeyed heritage, it looked more like a bow. "Brightlord Ephemeris, you summoned me?" She asked, nerves clear in her voice despite her every intention to hide them. 2022-10-11 01:35[user]Ephemeris[/user]: In his youth, the Brightlord had not had a difficult time courting despite the lack of power his name had held at the time. He [i]looked[/i] the part of a commanding leader that would be at the head of a charge, clad in Shards. Strong features, pale grey eyes, and a physique that had yet to diminish in his years away from the battlefield. His fine clothing might've seen somewhat outdated to those who followed the trends, but to her his greens and whites were more expensive than anything she'd ever be able to afford her whole life. He stood near the fireplace, the flickering flames casting him in shadow. Next to it was the distinct arrangement of metal that would've held his Shardplate, if it wasn't already being used in the Shattered Plains. It was that had raised him to fourth dahn, and his shrewd politicking that had secured his position. He turned towards her as she arrived, his expression stern, unreadable as she enters. She felt his eyes travel over her body and he gestured for her to approach. "Most darkeyes, when given an opportunity to start anew," he began, his voice low and measured, but managing to reverberate in the room nevertheless, "do not immediately begin to test the patience of their benefactor." She could imagine it raised, turned commanding and heard over the din of the battlefield as some stories had been told of his heroism. Those eyes had seen the world and found it wanting. Now, they were focused on her. "Why, exactly, have so many complaints reached me about your behavior? What drives you to your... destructive tendencies?" 2022-10-11 01:45[user]Alexa Snow[/user]: Alexa hesitated to straighten back up in the face of the man's commanding presence. Her eyes scanned over the Brightlord, the stories she'd heard about him on the battlefield seeming to emphasize his stature, and the quality of his clothes and the deepness of his voice making her instantly believe none of the stories had been made up. Despite being in awe of the Brightlord's presence, her eyes flickered away for him in brief moments. They sought out nothing in particular it would seem like, perhaps a random item, a floortile or a blank patch of carpet. With a start, she turned her attention back to Brightlord Ephemeris, her dark eyes venturing a glance into his light ones. She'd never enjoyed lying, but the destructive presence that followed her around made it unavoidable if she didn't want to be considered mad. Her own parents hadn't believed her when she'd told them a little over a year ago. "My apologies Brightlord. I do not mean to test your patience." She started, her voice soft, her dialect thick and not at all lady-like eventhough she tried her best. "I serve you to the best of my abilities. But I've always been a curious girl. I don't mean to destroy, just see what happens." She explained truthfully, merely avoiding the whole truth. "It makes me good at fixing things too, I can be useful, I promise." 2022-10-11 02:04[user]Ephemeris[/user]: His gaze followed hers, searching for something he knew he would not, [i]could not[/i] see. Unlike most other spren, the fabled Ashspren he suspected her to have would leave no sign of its existence unless it wished otherwise. He could not be certain, but much of what he read and could verify lead him to this conclusion. Her behavior continued to confirm his theory- why else would she dare to look at some innocuous patch of carpeting so far from her feet? Inwardly, he smiled as she lied to him. "You are curious." he repeated, voice quiet, inquisitive but laden with implication. "Many people are curious, and yet they avoid the lengths you've gone to. It could be that you're merely capricious in your youth, but you are not so unintelligent as to waste my spheres because you were... curious, are you?" He stepped forward towards her now as the floorboards creaked beneath his weight and suddenly he was in front of her, towering over her smaller form. There was a weight above her, the gravity of his presence an oppressive force that threatened to drive her to her knees as he stared down. "I pulled you from a cage, starved and beaten half to death. I brought your parents to justice for their crime, I gave you my home when anyone else would have discarded you, cast you off into the streets to fend for yourself. I asked of you little- perform some simple work that many fight to earn the right to, and you instead cause mischief and destroy my property out of... curiosity?" Now his tone held steel, each word slicing through her like a Shardblade as he regarded her, "Tell me, Alexa, do those sound like the actions of someone who can be of use... or the makings of a dun girl who thinks too highly of herself, who lacks the self-control to serve in my household?" 2022-10-11 02:20[user]Alexa Snow[/user]: Alexa shrunk back in the face of such an intimidating figure. Not only was he much taller than her, being cast out from his household would be enough to make the entire village wary of her. The Brightlord was known to be a rather straightforward man, people would know she'd commited some grievous wrong to be banished from his service. Combined with his steel tone and towering presence, she felt pity for the men who'd had to face Brightlord Ephemeris in battle. She bit back the sarcastic retort that she was 'very' curious, and grit her teeth instead as her mind worked overtime to conjure a plausible explanation. The fact that she knew she'd messed up made that even more difficult without telling the truth. She lowered her head, shoulders slumped as she answered "I understand that's what it looks like, Brightlord, but..." She started, briefly looking up to meet his eyes, the sight of him clearly so absurd that she had to stiffle a laugh and resigned to curling her lips up instead. The crack on her face lasted only for an instant, before she mastered herself enough to ignore the mischievous creature nestled on the man's forehead. She looked quite guilty after, and gulped as she stared down at the wiggling of her toes. "I have to take things apart, I can't help myself sometimes. There's a spren who talks to me, tells me to, my father says i'm crazy." She finally blurted out. With the truth out in the open, she could only hold her breath and wait for the Brightlord's reaction. It had been a stupid thing to admit, and she'd need all the luck in the world for him -not- to think she'd been mocking him openly, and degrade her back to 9th Nahn with a flick of his finger. Damn her and her lack of self control. 2022-10-11 02:37[user]Ephemeris[/user]: His expression darkened when she smiled, clearly displeased by her show of amusement. Another man would've struck her for that, if not for her comically inane story she must've come up on the spot to justify her poor behavior. Even Ephemeris, who had a reputation for levelheadedness and fairness, would not have been criticized if he'd done so. Everyone grew out of blaming the spren when they were children, and though she was young, no one could have expected him to take her seriously. Well, almost no one. What would've been insult to some was instead what he had been waiting for. A little pressure and she'd cracked, just as he'd expected. The blow, physical or social- either being crushing- never came. Instead, he very deliberately stepped back and turned around the fire as if considering his next action. Now instead of punishment coming immediately, it was almost worse- there was a tension, the expectation that it would come but with the faint ray of hope that would only make the coming harm all the more painful when he commanded it. And yet... "A spren." There wasn't any anger in his tone, there rarely was, but he sounded remarkably even tempered. "This spren, it speaks to you. What does it say, exactly? What is its appearance- is it a ceaseless stroke of lightning, carrying flames that burn their way through the world, leaving cracks yet never harming what it touches?" He'd turned towards her now, expression grave. He might've feigned ignorance for longer, but better for her to be in awe of him, to realize she had no inkling of what he knew or could know. At no point could she ever believe herself more than him, no matter how far she climbed in power. 2022-10-11 02:49[user]Alexa Snow[/user]: Alexa flinched back at the dark expression of the man's face, and scarcely dared to breathe as he turned, leaving her to dread the outcome of his deliberation. She shuffled backwards quietly, sensing that she'd be leaving the room quickly. Either before or after she'd been corporally punished for her insolence. The fear was enough to coax tears to the corners of her eyes, giving them a glistening moist look in the fire's glow. She inhaled sharply as he spoke, her eyes wide with surprise as she eagerly nodded her head. "Yes! That's it! I mean... him!" She cried out, her voice a mixture of excitement and relief. "He always wants to understand what makes things work... or not work. He asks me to take things apart so he can see." She continued her eager response. No filter on her tongue, no thought of the consequences her words might bring her. "That's why I do it, you see? Do you see him too? Is that why he's being weird around you?" 2022-10-11 03:07[user]Ephemeris[/user]: Confirmation. For all the strength of his will, honed over decades of strife, he had to struggle to fight back the cheshire grin that threatened to overtake his features. It was a testament to his willpower that he maintained a solemn countenance in spite of finally, [i]finally[/i] achieving his goals. No- not quite achieving them, but first true step nonetheless. Outside of The Judge, he knew of no one who was in so prime a position as he. He would only have to continue, carefully, cautiously- but decisively even so. If only she'd known the warrant her loose lips had just signed in her eagerness to be believed. "I do not see him, know, but I know of the spren you refer to. Ashspren." A scrap of information to wet her throat, something new rather than confirmation of the old. He wouldn't have to work hard at this, the poor girl had been starved of affirmation and he was the only one in position to offer it. "But you err in saying that this spren is the cause. The impetus, perhaps, why you consider it. The reason, is that you lack [i]self-control[/i]." The words bit down on her like the snap of a chasmfiend, quelling excitement as smoothly as a headsman might execute her joy. He wheeled on her, his brows brought into a sharp v as if that were the worst flaw to possibly exist, a crime to even hold it. "Did your hand move on its own? Or by your own will? Were you forced, or did you give in to the temptation? Consider the danger, if you continued your reckless behavior- what if you damaged something irreplaceable? What if you had brought harm to people around you, burned down my home with your thoughtlessness? Do you think that your excuses would have held Stormlight? Would they have been worth an end?" 2022-10-11 03:19[user]Alexa Snow[/user]: 'Ashspren', she mouthed, following along with the Brightlord's explanation. The revelation made her cast a glance over the man's shoulder and beam a smile, the new piece of information so desperately needed. Any little piece or morsel that might help her come to terms with the fact that she was being followed by a -talking- spren! The words that followed wiped the smile off her face in an instant, and she felt herself shrink in the face of such condemnation, just as she'd dared to hope for a positive outcome. She could've attempted to explain that denying the only person in her life with which she shared this secret wasn't a trivial thing. That being friends with this creature meant more to her than she wanted to admit, as he was interesting, and peculiar and uniquely hers. Instead she bowed her head. "No, Brightlord. I don't deny that it was me." She admitted, sounding disappointed in herself. "I wasn't intending to damage anything irreplacable in your household, nor cause any large amounts of damage, but I might have... I don't really have a compelling reason for you to let me stay. If it pleases you, you'll never have to see me again." She sighed. 2022-10-11 03:42[user]Ephemeris[/user]: "No, you don't. And if it pleased me, I wouldn't," he replied flatly. It could have ended there, the statement all but a dismissal. "But." The word was a lifeline, a single glimmer of shelter from the highstorm she'd thrown herself in, mired in darkness, yes, but now a [i]chance.[/i] He considered her with a thoughtful gaze, "You say you wish to be useful, to repay me for all that I have done for you. Very well, I will allow you an opportunity to prove your words true." He stood before her, his arms folded in front of him, the very model of a highlord- noble, imperious, a man of character and knowledge beyond her. "With this, every failure is your own. I will give you a chance that is yours to squander. Not because you deserve it, earned it any way-" he was sure to stymie an growth of her confidence. He didn't need that from her, only capability and control. "Because I see potential. I see that I can lift you up and I choose to. I see what you [i]could[/i] become, with my help. More than a darkeyed beggar starving, freezing in the streets, or another cheap whore wasting her life away on drink to forget her troubles." His words cast her future without him as bleak and, so far as she knew, it was entirely accurate for an orphan with nothing to her name. Perhaps a great politician could have seen the deception he weaved with his words, but a girl with no experience? Who saw him as her rightful lord, generous and benevolent? She could never have guessed that all he had were scraps of knowledge. His next words sealed her fate as he met her eyes and held her gaze, intensity brewing within. "I will teach you self-control, to be more than you are now. You will obey me and my every word without question or judgment, follow your Brightlord to the end, and if you do- if you manage to rise to the challenge, to prove yourself as something of [i]worth[/i]..." he let the moment hang, stretching the tension in the room till it almost snapped, "I will make you Radiant." And with those words, he sealed her fate. Who in this world could possibly refuse such an offer? *********************************************************************************************************************** After the talk with Brightlord Ephemeris, Alexa had taken to her duties with increased vigor. Of course it had set the other servants talking, word travelled quickly when one got summoned to see the Brightlord. The assumption was that she'd been very rightly put in her place, and while incomplete, the servants' gossip only rarely missed the mark noted Alexa. Over the course of the first three days the questions remained somewhat subtle, with one of the girls going as far as to offer her some of the Brighteyes' food from the kitchens. In the end she'd relented and offered up some information in exchange for room clean-up duty. In exchange for confirming the suspicions, she'd gotten a cozy position escorting guests to their rooms and ensuring their comfort was seen to, as well as cleaning up after their departure. It was an early morning when the curious fellow she'd welcomed earlier ventured back home, leaving her to make sure the room was in perfect condition by the time the next guest arrived. She did a thorough job, the particular benefit to her peculiarities being an eye for detail, allowing her to get to every dirtied nook and cranny. In one of those, wedged in between the corner of the bed and a nightstand, she found a small wooden box. With her curiosity peaked, she inspected it, finding a lever on one of the sides, and a few screws on the bottom holding the construction together. She'd been struggling with her temptations for the past few days, but one didn't need to destroy to inspect a thing. She ignored her Spren friend's urging voice as she palmed the object and darted towards the door, locking it to make sure no one would disturb her. Within moments she'd turned the lever one way, and then the other, with the curious box opening at the top and starting to produce a curious sound, the glow of stormlight emanating from the bottom. Of course she'd been careful, but one might wonder why. By the time the guest discovered his loss, he either wouldn't care to return, or come back to find he'd lost his strange possession elsewhere. Her invisible friend confirmed this mumbled idea with excitement, and hovered over her shoulder as she slowly dismantled the strange toy. And then, with a sudden click, one of the gears inside shifted and the soothing song shifted into a deafening, high-pitched beep. She jumped in fear and, about a minute later after several other attempts, jammed a piece of a metal candleholder into the gears until they came to a grinding halt and broke off entirely. Realizing she was in deep trouble, she kept the door closed and sat in the corner, hoping no one would be able to trace the noise back to her. [2022-10-17 21:50] Ephemeris: His fledgling Radiant genuinely seemed to take this new purpose to heart... initially. Perhaps, if he hadn't intervened, she might've continued to learn at a steady pace and grown further into a proper Dustbringer. But the Brightlord didn't intend for her to emerge healthy and strong- he wanted her inextricably tied to him, like a vine crawling up a trellis. Dependent on him for support, and incredibly valuable. That was why a word from him had a little fabrial placed within the rooms she was allowed access to- nothing of particular value, a musicbox that light eyes or high ranked dark eyes could by- but with a trap placed within, set to screech out if tampered with as he expected her to. And she did, though the keening sound didn't manage to reach him. Ephemeris was alerted by one of his men and with a word, she was sent for. A loud rap on her door crushed her burgeoning hope of avoiding notice, one of his guards arriving. With surly temper and harsh tone, the man informed her that the Brightlord expected her at once, and that she was to bring whatever it was she broke. Escorted to his chambers once more, it was becoming more familiar as she was made to wait outside the door for half an hour before she was let in, forced to let her worries and anxiety simmer until it was at a boiling point. "Enter," came his voice, unmistakable authority present as she obeyed. The Brightlord looked much the same as ever, though his clothes were obviously of a different style than before. He sat behind his desk this time, just having set down an elegant writing reed with a ruby inlay. His eyes bored into face, an unreadable mask save for the obvious disappointment he held for her. The door shut behind her. "I have just received word from Brightlord Carak," he says in a level tone that divulges nothing, referring to the guest whose room she'd been found in. "He says that he'd inadvertently left a gift intended for his wife behind and asked if he could send for it to be retrieved. I replied that I would, of course. It is only right." He rose from his seat, dread mounting in the atmosphere even though he kept his voice light, conversational- or at least as it could come from a warlord like Ephemeris, "And yet, I believe I have just discovered that I have spoken a lie, because I do not think his gift is in any present condition to be returned." With every word he'd stalked towards, weighty footsteps magnified to an earthquake under such an oppressive atmosphere and she's once again caught in his gravity as he stared down at her, "Alexa," he says in a dangerously low voice, "do you know why I cannot return the Brightlord's gift?" [2022-10-17 21:58] Alexa Snow: The young girl muttered curses only a barmaid's daughter could've learned, and glared in her Spren's direction as that knock on the door came. "Great, you got us in trouble again." She accused the strange figure as she opened the door to let the guard in. It hadn't taken him more than a few seconds to discover the broken musicbox under the bed, there weren't a lot of creative hiding places in a small room such as this one after all. And so she was caught red-handed once again, and unable to even consider how the Brightlord might react to her failing even the simplest test. The half hour wait outside of the man's chambers only served to increase her anxiety, and by the time she was allowed in the small blonde's face was red with worry. She couldn't keep her back straight, or look him in the eyes as he explained the gravity of her mistake. It hadn't been such a silly little toy after all, but a gift for the Lighteyes' wife. It didn't look too complicated, maybe she could design one and make a fortune selling them to all the rich and fortunate. That idea wasn't going to help her now though, with the Brightlord towering over her, his deep voice almost a spoken threat on it's own. "Because it's broken, Brightlord." She mumbled under her breath, shrinking back in fear of his reply. At least living on the streets she'd be able to pick apart anything she wanted. Like rocks, and mud. [2022-10-17 22:06] Ephemeris: "And why, exactly, is it broken?" He hadn't raised his voice- if anything, it was quieter, but somehow all the more threatening for it. She felt it as a rumble, a warning of more to come. It almost felt like it was calculated make her shrink inside herself, the tension taut as if it might snap at any moment take her head. [2022-10-17 22:12] Alexa Snow: Alexa forced herself to take a deep breath, but couldn't bring herself to look up and meet his eyes. "I wasn't going to break it..." She started, her voice timid as her teeth scraped across her bottom lip. "I was curious what it was when I found it. It played music and it seemed really interesting, I've never seen anything like it before." She explained, her admiration for the creativity obvious even through the fear in her voice. "But then it started to screech, and I was afraid I'd get in trouble so... I made it stop screeching." Finished Alexa, bowing her head. "If you give me a chance, maybe I could fix it... but I'd need a blacksmith and... someone who can make little gears." She groaned. [2022-10-17 22:31] Ephemeris: Ephemeris nodded slowly, walking back to his chair and sitting down before gesturing for her to approach and stand before his desk. "I see. So, let me see if I have this right, mm? I will count along any errors you've made to help you keep track. I think it might be helpful." He lifted up his hands, showing them to her very deliberately, "First, after explicitly being ordered to curb your... tendencies and exercise control, it only took you a few days before you abused your privileges to snoop about in an honored guest's quarters," he lifted up a finger as he spelled out her failures in detail, "You then, instead of restraining yourself, decided to break open what you found." Another finger goes up, "After you stupidly managed to damage it, your first response was to break it further, rather than alerting your superiors." three, four, and then five til his hand is wide open. "To further prove how utterly dun you are, you thought the best the idea the was to hide and hope to be overlooked? And now, after failing me despite the opportunity I provided, not even a week in, you think to ask me to trust you to repair it? To give you another chance?. To give you access to resources that- do you truly believe you deserve them?" He seemed genuinely astonished, looking down at his hand as even the other hand has opened up wide in recounting them. His expression hardened, "No, I have given you far too much leeway. It's time you receive a punishment to help you learn, if someone as worthless as you can even manage that- stand beside me and undress." Ephemeris pushed back his seat, his expression furious as he voice brooked absolutely no disobedience, the command spoken as if he expected her to follow it immediately- the 'or else' implicit in every syllable. [2022-10-17 22:43] Alexa Snow: The young blonde made the effort to straighten her head, allowing her to keep track of the Brightlord's fingers as he took her mistake apart into smaller mistakes. Curious how that was done, destroying ideas rather than objects, even her Spren danced around the air excitedly, briefly distracting her. Even so she couldn't agree with him entirely. Of course there was no reason for him to trust her, but there was no denying that by the time she'd comitted the 'five' earlier mistakes, attempting to get away with it had been the only logical course of action. Regardless, the punishment had yet to start, but already managed to conjure a bright red blush on Alexa's cheeks. Of course one didn't simply disobey a Brightlord, especially in her situation, without much worse things happening to you. She shuffled forward timidly "I saw how it worked... there's not much left to lose by letting me try." Mumbled the petite blonde insecurely as she came to a halt beside him and slowly lowered her dress down her shoulders. It exposed her budding breasts first, a puffy nipple centred on each one, before a flat tummy. By the time the dress rested around her ankles, she was in no more than a small pair of panties, the thin fabric only just preserving her modesty, still displaying the outline of her labia underneath. She stepped out of the dress and gulped, remaining silent as her mind pondered the possible punishments she'd need to be undressed for. Being spanked seemed a little personal, although the Brightlord might have a servant to carry out the punishment. Or a tool at hand, so he wouldn't have to sully himself on a Darkeyes girl. The man had a sterling reputation, so it shouldn't be anything sexual. Not to mention that it hadn't been long since she'd had her first blood, so although she was technically an adult now, a lot of men still wouldn't be tempted by her. With a sigh, she understood it'd be difficult to guess and made her best attempt of appearing patient, despite the nervous shifting of her weight as she bared her chest to a man for the first time. [2022-10-17 23:13] Ephemeris: The glower he gave her in response to her attempts to defend herself would have killed if looks could. The dark eyes girl seemed determined to draw more and more of his ire, and he testily tapped his finger against the armrests. "Bend over my lap." he ordered, giving her a moment to obey. His eyes didn't once crawl over her, showing no interest in her naked form. Instead, he seemed focused on the task at hand. Another man might've done exactly as she'd thought, delegating the task to a lesser servant, but Ephemeris had been a warlord first and foremost- he had never shied away from getting his hands dirty and Alexa was going to require a personal touch. Whatever humiliations he visited on her, he wanted them an indelible stain on her memory. "You're intent on these small displays of defiance," he spoke sharply, reaching down as she knelt and taking hold of her panties in one firm grip. With a sharp tug, the material dug into her flesh momentarily before snapping as what little dignity she had left was shorn away. Now her maidenhood was fully exposed to him, leaving nothing to the imagination. A powerful hand pinned her to his lap, the other drawing back and swiftly striking her left cheek, a powerful SMACK resonating in the air. "I could have anyone else, anyone with a modicum of intelligence, make the attempt and do better than you would." Another one, done with measured strength but more than a little girl unused to it would be capable of handling. "I gave you the simplest task." Imprints of his hand stood out stark against her flushed rear as he punctuated each statement with a spank, alternating between each of her cheeks, "Don't destroy anything." His calloused hand, worn from years of fighting, was the perfect rough surface for this task, broad enough to envelop her ass without difficult, "For a week!" He was relentless, varying the timing so she never quite knew when it would come next, only that it would, "I gave you the opportunity to be more-" SMACK "I gave you a chance others dream of," SMACK "I should cast you onto the streets like the worthless girl you are," SMACK "Empty headed idiot, storming reckless fool, worthless ingrate!" SMACK "How could I expect anything more from such a stupid girl?" SMACK The final one, her ass practically glowing from the spanking she'd received, a cherry red that radiated intense heat. "Get up and get on your knees in front of me," he growled with intensity, finally letting her go. [2022-10-17 23:27] Alexa Snow: The look she received was enough to make her avert her eyes, and she vowed to keep better control of her tongue in the future. The young blonde took a deep breath before she lowered herself across the Brightlord's legs, finding at least a little bit of comfort in a guess well made. That particular form of comfort did little to diminish the humiliation she felt as her panties were ripped off of her frame, leaving her with her bottom, as well as her innocent *** exposed. It made her glad that at least for the moment, there was only a tuft of hair above her ***, and not a forest that would've made her even more self-concious. Regardless her face glowed *** and red with embarrassment as she tried to relax, staring down at the floor as the first smack landed. The Brightlord's strength was immediately obvious, the first hit enough to coax a soft groan out of the young girl's lips. Despite her attempts to grit her teeth and stay strong, the next smacks had her whimpering, and the ones after sobbing in pain. Her bottom felt as if it was on fire, a fire warmer than the heat that radiated shame from her cheeks. By the time the last smack landed, tears ran down her cheeks, and her legs wiggled around in fearful anticipation before and after every unexpected strike. She felt so thoroughly reprimanded that when the command came, she crawled off his lap despite the pain and dropped to her knees in front of him without a second thought. She hoped the tears in her eyes might inspire a sense of mercy in the man, and bit her lip to suppress a sob. The thought that her first time naked on her knees for a man was in order to be punished almost made her crack a smile, instead the shameful thought made her lower her eyes. A bit of anger mixed in with the red-*** discomfort in her bottom as her invisible companion inspected her backside, before gliding sideways to observe the next interaction. She couldn't help but hiss through her teeth in his direction, hoping the intimidating man might mistake it for a hiss of pain. Alexa was made to sit there as Ephemeris composed his thoughts. He’d come in with a plan, but that had all been contingent on her reaction to her punishment. She obviously had no idea that this was all set up to humiliate her, but seeing her like this made him want to continue further. A normal dark eyes servant wouldn’t have brought him any interest, but she was more than that- a Radiant that would fall under his control. Starting now. “Worthless.” The word was spat out with vehemence, derision that cut to the bone. “I’ve given you more than a dark eyes like you deserves and you’ve failed me at every turn. No self-control. No sense of responsibility. Not an ounce of gratitude." His tone softened dangerously, "Is this why your parents had sold you off?" It lingered for a few moments before he returned to speaking normally, "I saved you from a fate worse than death. Do you know what happens to slaves like you? Whatever it is your imagination can conjure, the reality is worse. The punishments I give you cannot possibly compare, they are a kindness instead. I had not wanted to throw you out on the streets. With no parents, no sponsor- do you know where you would end up without me? Do you know what you would be without me, at your very best? Nothing more than another common dark-eyed whore." Another moment to let the message sink in, but this time when he speaks again his voice has shifted to something that might be more merciful. "Of course, what else should I have expected from a dark-eyed girl? You've no proper breeding, decorum, education- nothing. There is a reason women are relegated to their arts and nothing of import." Why the dark-eyes are were they were, the unsaid message went, but was nevertheless delivered. "I expected too much of you. What gratitude can you show me after all I've done for you when you're capable of nothing? It's like expecting a parshman to dictate a speech- it's simply beyond your capabilities. You're worthless because that's all your capable of being." [2022-10-18 00:39] Alexa Snow: Alexa had gotten in trouble in her youth, and had gotten scolded more times than she could count. Coming from her parents however, it had always come from a place of love, to ensure she live up to her potential. Sitting on her knees naked in front of the Brightlord, she felt none of that parental warmth. It was pure humiliation, easily enough of it for the mental hurting the man put on her to almost make her forget about the urgent throbbing of her bright-red bottom. The Brightlord made the kinds of accusations she was unable to defend herself against, because they were all true she realized. The idea made her even more insecure, and she nervously shifted her exposed safe-hand a little further behind her waist as she lowered her head further in submission. She was taken to a depth that made even the creature that floated in place adjust itself, the cracks around it's centre expanding slowly, like a tree being uprooted from it's centre. There was little the naked young girl felt that she had left to offer, and she wiped her tears and attempted to sob in silence, so she might at least not interrupt the Brighteyed Lord with her pitifulness. It felt like an eternity, from the moment he'd started to voice his disappointment until he fell silent, leaving her wondering if it'd really come to her whoring herself out for scraps of food as she'd seen other girls do. The thought made her naked body shiver, and she shifted her weight around uncomfortably as she hoped for a second chance. Although at this point it would be a third chance, and she really hadn't given the man any reason to be merciful. Instead she'd lost her self control again like the stupid girl she is, always messing up, even making her parents sell her off. "I'm... so sorry Brightlord. You gave me a chance and I squandered it. I am grateful though... please tell me how I might show you, despite my limited skills." She said, her voice starting off as little more than a whisper, and trailing towards the end. [2022-10-18 01:14] Ephemeris: There- that was what he'd wanted, seeing her broken down under the realization that she was nothing. It would take more work to make certain that she never grew too far, but he could be the pillar that supported her until she saw their lives as inseparable, the only one capable of making her anything. It was enough to make a man salivate at the prospect of such control over a legendary Radiant. Catching her early had truly been a dream come true, leaving her a pliant mess of emotions that were easy to tug into place to play as he wished. Even now, after he'd berated her, her only thought was how to repay him. If only she knew, and now he was certain of what to do. There was nothing like tying her self-worth to what she could do for him. "You want to be useful to me? Be of some worth? You truly think that's possible?" The sneer in his voice is cold, derisive as he scorned her attempt. While it seemed like he might dismiss, she received a stay of execution in his next words, "Fine. There's one task that might be of limited value that you can perform. Lift your eyes." Were she to look up, she'd see that he was already adjusting his trousers and his intentions became clear before he'd even finished. From his pants he'd freed the thick slab of meat that he called his manhood, revealing it to the innocent girl. Likely not the first time she'd seen one, the close quarters she'd shared with her family had probably resulted in her catching sight of her father's now and again, but this thing dwarfed his, as different from one to the other as an axehound was to a chasmfiend. It had yet to grow to its full girth, dropping somewhat, but already it cast a shadow on her features as her position made it seem like it loomed over her. "I'll allow you to service me," he truly did make it sound like he was doing her a favor, "to relieve some of the stress you've caused me." Keeping his silver eyes on her, he canted his head to the side, "An honor, to serve your Brightlord like this. You will speak of this to no one; I will not have the jealousies of Brightladies compound the headache that you are. That, or you may go out on the streets if you cannot provide even this much to me after I've extended you my mercy. Although I'm uncertain if anyone else would be charitable enough to hold interest in you- perhaps you'd simply starve instead of making it as a whore, failure that you are." [2022-10-18 01:27] Alexa Snow: In the moment of silence after she'd spoken, her despair grew. It was at once sobering and degrading to realize that she had so little to offer that she couldn't think of one specific service she might suggest in her defense. At the question if she 'wanted' to be useful she quickly nodded. After being broken down she craved a purpose, to prove to herself as well as her Lord that she might be useful, rather than remaining a failure. She felt a feeling akin to relief as she received a command, an instruction that might guide her on a path to this purpose. Instead, and with surprise, her eyes met with the thick girth of the Brightlord's member. It was hard to look into the man's eyes without staring cross-eyed, and the vivid red of her blush radiated outwards from her cheeks to heat her entire face. For a moment she entertained the thought that Brighteyed men might be better endowed, before the implications of his request fully sank in. It wasn't unheard of for a Brightlord to make such requests of his underlings, but it posed a risk to the both of them. She'd heard tales of brightladies having darkeyed girls poisoned after such affairs, one more thing to worry about, although still a distant second to her pride and dignity. The young blonde shifted around nervously on her knees, drawing a little closer. She bit down on her bottom lip, pondering how her inexperience might lead to just another failure. She might fail to please him, or worse, hurt him. The damage to her self esteem would be the least of her problems. Groaning inwardly, the girl nodded her head to show her understanding of the instructions given. Her lips parted, and she leaned forward slowly, her lips treating him like a delicate treasure as she wrapped them gingerly around the thick head of his member. The insecure girl glanced up to ensure she hadn't transgressed, before her tongue slowly came to life, exploring the strange texture and taste now pressed up against it. She'd only heard of things like this before, so hoped she was doing the right thing when her little head bobbed down towards the Brightlord's shaft, it's size stretching her lips. [2022-10-18 01:57] Ephemeris: He tasted of salt and spice, some oil he must have used to clean himself lightly tingled on her tongue. The scent of him was undeniably masculine, even with her inexperience. Before she'd managed to take him further into her mouth though, she felt him grab her by a fistful of hair, arresting her motion. Painfully tight, it was just enough to restrain her without being overtly cruel. That would come, of course. "Stop." It had taken her mere moment before she'd disappointed him, not even having begun in truth. "I will say this once, a mercy since this is your first time. I am not a dark-eyed servant boy for you to take my manhood into your mouth immediately. I am your Brightlord, and even my cock is above you. You will keep your eyes down until you have earned the privilege to look at me. When you service me, you will bathe every inch of my manhood with your tongue, along with my sack. They are to glisten with your saliva, spitpolished." Even with his cock out, he managed to look down on her imperiously, though he made sure her head was down and centered on the thick mushroom head in front of her. "This is not a task you are allowed to fail- if even this much is beyond you, you have no future worth living for." He finally let go of her hair, "Small, slow licks- you are not to rush, you are to savor it like the honor it is. Whatever part of me your mouth is not servicing, you will use your safe hand on. Long, slow strokes for my cock and gentle massages for my sack. Is that understood?" [2022-10-18 02:09] Alexa Snow: Alexa froze, her body tense as her tightly pulled hair ensured she needn't give the command to stop much more thought. The girl had lowered her eyes before the instruction was given, the idea of being too incompetent to serve as a whore making her cheeks flush with an uncomfortable warmth. In a sense she felt grateful for the detailed instructions that followed, her breath washing over the Brightlord's member with every shallow in and out. It took her a moment to ponder whether or not she was allowed to even look at his member, the fright clear on her face as it's thick outline was reflected in her eyes. "Yes Brightlord." She replied, her voice sounding embarrassingly like a whimper, rather than the concise tone she'd been aiming for. With the masculine taste of the man's cock still on her tongue, she admitted to a tinge of curiosity about the rest of him. Hesitantly, she brought up her safehand from behind her back, it's delicate fingers wrapping themselves around the base of his shaft while her head travelled further down. Her tongue poked out of her mouth, and softly pressed itself against the man's sack, before it dragged itself slowly along the skin. An honor, she reminded herself, as she focused on appreciating the strange taste, even as she took care to move slow and 'polish' the same inch of ballsack repeatedly before moving on. At the same time her safehand stroked slowly, her fingers only just wrapped around him, scared of hurting him as it moved up and down, and she hoped blindly that he wasn't oggling it in a way that would make her embarrassed should she risk looking up. [2022-10-24 00:01] Ephemeris: Another command, in the same tone as before. "Stroke my shaft with your other hand." Inexperience was a type of spice that couldn’t be enjoyed early on. Few people started off taking pleasure from a partner knowing little of how to please them, but Ephemeris had long since enjoyed a plethora of partners and knowing that she was, up till now, unsullied made every stain he left on her all that much more arousing to him. It didn't matter that she was as unsteady as a foal, that she'd fail to provide what he wanted. She would learn, and that was pleasure enough. His goals and desires were in accord, for once, and he allowed himself to enjoy the process of breaking her. Those dainty, tiny lips that'd never touched a cock before today were now sliding along his length, her tongue exclusively reserved for his use. That level of control over the Radiant after she'd [i]begged[/i] had him throbbing in her mouth, and unlike before she could begin to truly get a sense that she was seeing success, in no small part to the hand that he laid on her head. Where before his touch had always been a threat, a rebuke, this... was different. It had all the firmness, the control over her as when he'd laid his hand on her earlier, but there was a violence implicit in it. He applied slow but insistent pressure to her head, pushing her to take it further and as she did she felt him stroke her hair almost imperceptibly, a sign of his pleasure- a sign that she was doing [i]well[/i]. A reward when everything else she'd received had been scorn, finally it seemed that she was pleasing him. And while it was a small gesture, the contrast made the gulf seem immense. [2022-10-24 00:11] Alexa Snow: Alexa acknowledged the Brightlord's command with a quick nod of her head, her free hand reaching up to pleasure the man's shaft, and felt the weight of his hand on top of her head at once. It's presence frightened her, enough to coax her eyes into staring up beyond the man's cock to find herself staring at the underside of a thick wooden slab. It's unrelenting pressure to take more of him inside of her mouth was almost more degrading than a verbal command, although it was hard to imagine feeling like any more of a whore. At least he wouldn't be paying her at the end of the night, she thought with a smile that stretched her lips around him more tightly. And then she felt the gentle stroke of her hair, and a sense of pride swelled within her chest. A pride that made her feel shameful, but proved difficult to rid herself of. Even as she focused her thoughts on -not- adjusting the rest of her behavior based on those pleasing strokes, she couldn't help but feel her safehand toying with the man's balls just a little more playfully. The more relaxed nature of the interaction draining away some tension, allowing herself to take more of him in her mouth before she'd gag, and force herself up for a deep breath. [2022-10-24 00:32] Ephemeris: Instead of forcing her back down, Ephemeris elected to allow her to raise her head back up. He didn't, however, continue the light praise he'd been giving her- a reward wasn't offered upon failure, after all. The steady weight of his hand remained as it was, a constant reminder that he was, in a way, paying attention to her actions right now. Even as mild praise as that had been was enough to receive results, and it allowed him to escalate further as they went on. He'd more than displayed the lash; what would happen if she failed, and that was enough to provide a disincentive to stop. The hand was an implied reward, given without being mentioned, and her naturally returning to her efforts would also implicitly mean she wanted to be rewarded, to receive the small affection. Another step down into the path she couldn't avoid, and once she had begun putting that delightfully small mouth to work again, he resumed the gentle petting, rewarding her more the further she went- self-motivated progress was always more potent that forcing her into it, after all. And as she continued, she could begin to hear the way his breathing shifted, becoming heavier the longer this went on. A pressure began building up at the base of his cock, at his core as precum flowed out even faster, giving her a constant taste of her master. He could stretch this on, but for this first time he didn't intend to, instead slowing his work so he could focus more on the Radiant between his legs doing her best to get him off. [2022-10-24 00:41] Alexa Snow: After a deep breath, it didn't take long for Alexa's soft, *** lips to envelop the head of the man's cock once more. She could either fail, give up, or do a good job. And however degrading the latter option felt, at least it might not end up with her living on the streets. So she honed in on the feel of the Brightlord's hand in her hair, reacting to the pleasant sensation, a reinforcement of a certain depth she might reach, the accidental brush of her tongue or the pace of her head. Even as her mouth was filled with the taste of his pre-cum, her lips would slip further down his shaft, and she'd gag herself looking for that subtle reward. She worked out how to breathe through her nose, and her safehand helpfully teased his balls. This wasn't how she'd pictured being succesful, and even as she felt her technique improving rapidly, a deep sense of emptyness accompanied the pride she felt in hearing his heavy breathing. [2022-10-24 00:56] Ephemeris: With a measure touch, he guided her to what he wanted- a reward when she inadvertently ran her tongue along the frenulum, or just under the head, more so when she found a pace he enjoyed as she fondled his balls, and when she showed greater enthusiasm. The threat of losing it all had pushed her into this, but now she was digging the hole deeper all on her own, with only the occasional encouragement from him. He kept it understated purposefully, to force her to pay close attention if she wished to be rewarded further, teaching her to become in tune with his body. Inexperience could be corrected, but the drive to improve and develop a craving to please her Brightlord had to be instilled with care, cultivated over time, and he didn't intend to rush. Now it was even more evident that Ephemeris was enjoying himself, though he wasn't openly groaning or anything of the sort. It was more the way she could feel him beginning to tense and relax, the way his encouragement increased as if spurring her forward. Finally, he spoke, and there was an edge to his tone- desire, directed at her. That in itself was practically another, having gone treating her as entirely unwanted refuse to her adding something to his life if his tone gave anything away. "I'm nearing the end. Faster, now. And don't spill a drop." A warning tone, one that threatened to have her lose all her incremental gains if she failed here. [2022-10-24 01:06] Alexa Snow: Alexa had a clue what might happen at the 'end', the result being the subject of quite a few jokes among the Darkeyed community. She knew it was consider unclassy for a girl to swallow, and some girls plainly loathed it. Although she didn't put much stock in the thoughts of others, being denied at least the choice filled her with a sense of anger and shame. She hoped it didn't show in her eyes, and decided to close them instead as she followed the Brightlord's instructions. Her head bobbed back and forwards more quickly, a generous coating of her saliva easing the process as her lips travelled down the man's shaft, with little time to recover from her gagging before she found herself back down to the same depth. The one hand stroking the shaft of his member nearly had to make room for her mouth, but instead quickened the pace of it's strokes as well as she prepared to swallow what she imagined would be a copious amount of whatever was dripping from him already. [2022-10-24 01:21] Ephemeris: The copious amount of spit she'd slathered all over his shaft and balls had already created a ready mess all over her chin as it dripped all over her hands and onto the floor, her fingers covered in a mixture of fluids that let them easily glide along his shaft but filled the room with the rhythmic wet slippery noise that made it sound dirtier, even more lurid than it was. Coupled with her gagging, and anyone that passed by would have little trouble discerning what was going on. It all meant that Ephemeris didn't need to see her, he could picture the young darkeyes steadily working to bring him to climax. He kept himself composed even as he neared the edge, to avoid providing any sign of lack of control, the only sign that he was almost there being the sharp inhale right before and his hand tightening its grip on her head. He held her there as pleasure washed over him, hitching his breath as she discovered that she wasn't [i]quite[/i] correct. Instead of the weaker, lightly viscous substance she'd been imbibing so far, she felt the load shoot up his shaft and empty in her mouth in thick, *** spurts that came at a velocity she couldn't have predicted. The powerful shots continued to explore in her mouth repeatedly and she was entirely unable to pull away as he held her fast, the pungent musk of the sticky substance coating her tongue immediately and inundating her with its flavor as she finds it impossible to escape its heady, salty and bitter aroma. Its not till he's fired every last shot that he at last lets her go, breathing out deeply in satisfaction. [2022-10-24 01:37] Alexa Snow: The young girl couldn't help but tense up as Brightlord Ephemeris inhaled sharply, eyes squeezed shut as the first spurt shot into her mouth. It's velocity surprised her, and she was glad to have the man's hand firmly on the back of her head to prevent her recoiling at the feel of the thick substance splashing against the roof of her mouth. She'd swallowed that portion before the taste truely hit her tongue, but failed to keep up with the astonishing amount of the man's essence that filled her mouth. By the time he let go, she struggled not to spill any from the corners of her mouth, and the taste of him overwhelmed any of her other senses. She cupped a hand underneath her chin, in order to safeguard against accidental spillage. Instead, it caught mostly her own saliva, which mingled with the slick pre-cum that had been left coating the palm of her hand. With relief, she observed that it wasn't her safehand. The relief didn't suffice to clear the frown off her face as she slowly swallowed the copious amounts of cum in her mouth, and found it's thickness and musk rather unpleasant. Finishing the task she noticed, didn't erase the taste from her mouth. She hoped it's smell wasn't quite as pungent coming from her mouth, and that she might be excused to find a pitcher of water or a washing tub. The thought of being observed by anyone else in her current state brought tears to her eyes, and no matter how quickly she wanted to dart, it remained unclear whether or not she was allowed. Instead, she remained on her knees underneath the desk, quietly processing her thoughts while attempting not to have a mental breakdown. Or not a loud one, in any case. Although her Spren might enjoy watching one of those. [2022-10-24 01:49] Ephemeris: Ephemeris simply relaxed for a time, winding down from the short but intense high that her mouth had brought him. In that span of time as he came back to himself and luxuriated in the afterglow, he felt no reason to rush himself through it and more openly stroked her hair now, his fingers running through the tangled mess created with little care. It would have been different had he heard any sign of her choking or felt his cum spilling from her lips, but given that she'd succeeded at the task he'd given her, he allowed her the comfort of his touch- particularly potent now that she was struggling with her own thoughts. His hand gently led her off his cock, his hand a soothing presence in the midst of her turmoil, giving her time to work through the intense emotions she was undergoing. In a way, he played the part of comforter and tormenter, bringing her to the brink of shattering and tugging her back slowly, helping her return to a level of composure simply in this small moment where nothing was expected of her. Finally he dropped his hand and spoke, the latent cruelty she'd grown used to gone, returning to the strict, commanding but not unkind tone of the man that had saved her life and given her a home. "Stand up Alexa," he ordered, voice soft, "and open your mouth." [2022-10-24 01:58] Alexa Snow: Alexa was soothed by the quiet moment, and found herself enjoying the comforting touch of Ephemeris' hand. It was enough to dull the sting of her humiliation for the moment and dry the tears in her eyes, as she experienced inner conflict at being comforted by the man, and made a concious decision to put it aside for now. She reached up with her non-safehand, slowly wiping her lips and chin clean of the embarrassing remnants of her experience. Although when she stood, she felt little cleaner than before. Her little frame even wobbled around unsteadily, the uncomfortable position leaving her cramped and with poor blood circulation. She hoped it didn't show, as she forced to smile, in order not to let her pain show. Obediently, she opened her mouth, hopefully to indicate how well she'd served, rather than to make further use of it. [2022-10-24 02:21] Ephemeris: Seeing him as he was now, it was almost impossible to tell that he'd made her undergo anything untoward. He looked every part the distinguished Brightlord- imposing and confident, dutiful in his work. In contrast, she was a mess of the various fluids she'd been covered with over the course of her first sexual experience, naked and still quivering, her safehand exposed, dripping saliva and precum as the regally dressed Brightlord examined her. With so vast a difference between them, it was easy to see him as emerging from this unstained, clean while she was left a tainted whore. Though, as she'd thought, he'd yet to pay her. He took hold of her cheek carefully, using his thumb to examine her mouth like she was a product to be bought at the market before nodding, lightly tapping her cheek. "Good girl." he finally said, letting go to wipe his hands on her hair. "Pick up your clothes and hand me your panties." Once she'd done so, he'd casually wiped his cock off with it, the material now sodden with the mixture of fluids she'd grown to learn well before tossing it on the ground for her to take once again. He gestured towards a door like any other, "There is a fabrial that releases water if the handles are turned. Clean yourself up, and return to me. Do not dally." With that dismissal, he leaves her to obey. The door he'd pointed out held an aesthetically pleasing tiled bathroom, ornate for her but entirely spartan for a Brightlord like himself. Still, the silvered mirror in front of the raised washbasin was already beyond anything she could fathom having in her life. The sink itself wasn't difficult to operate- a blue handle turned released cold water while a red one released ***, the simple mechanism easy enough for even her to figure it out. [2022-10-24 02:38] Alexa Snow: Inspected like cattle, Alexa's face glowed bright red. She felt exposed in front of her Brightlord, the difference between them so vast it was difficult to fathom. From the difference in strength, to his status, his pristine reputation. It was difficult to imagine what he couldn't make her do if he chose to, she could only hope she'd served her punishment, although her innocence would never return. What she thought to be the last shred of her dignity faded as she observed the man casually wiping his cock clean on her pretty, clean underwear while she held a pile of clothes in her arms, and had to drop back down to her knees to pick the filthied fabric back up after."Yes Brightlord." She whispered, before rushing towards the door. The bathroom was unlike anything she'd ever seen. The tiles alone probably worth enough to buy her family home back, along with a few things added on. It took her a few moments before she even made her way towards the fabrial-operated washbasin. "No, I'm not going to take it apart. Haven't you been paying attention?!" She blurted out in disbelief as her floating friend hovered closeby. In a way it felt nice to have her secret out, not having to fear being overheard talking to herself. She'd even proven herself to be 'good', perhaps good enough to remain as a servant in her previous role. Making her beg to be his whore had obviously just been a ploy to punish her... or so she hoped desperately as she washed herself. It took her a little while to feel clean enough to face the imposing figure again. No matter how often she'd rinsed her mouth, her chin or hair, she couldn't help but feel dirtied. The fact that her panties, which she didn't dare hide anywhere in the bathroom, were stained didn't help that fact. And in her head, she could still taste and feel the thick, potent structure of the Brightlord's cum in her mouth. Regardless, she wiped away the tears she'd spent in the bathroom and walked back out. The contrast between her earlier dishevveled state, and her dressed properly with her hair neatly behind her back couldn't be any bigger. "I'm back, Brightlord." She spoke quietly, hoping not to disturb. [2022-10-24 02:56] Ephemeris: When she emerged, Ephemeris was back at work, his pen scratching out glyphs, an abacus retrieved from one of his enormous drawers to tally through something. "So you are," he says briefly, glancing up towards her. He continued for a few more moments before finding a stopping point, folding his hands together on the desk as he examined her. His scrutinizing gaze left her feeling naked, as if he could see the sullied whore she was despite her best attempts to hide that new facet of her away. Reclining back, he leveled his eyes to hers, "I have decided to let you stay as a servant. There will be [i]no[/i] more lapses in judgment like before." Not a threat, an assertion of fact, "Since you can provide at least minimal value, you may remain until you either prove yourself worthless or I find I have no interest in you any longer. To that end, I have not decided if teaching you more about your spren is worth my time. I will see if I am satisfied with your growth, else you can remain ignorant your entire life." That tantalizing promise of knowledge beyond anything she could hope to find on her own was there again, if she could prove herself worthy. "I will send for you when I wish to see you again." His eyes dropped down to her now covered safehand and he added, almost as an afterthought. "When you are in my presence alone, you will keep your safehand exposed. Is that understood? Return to your duties." A final dismissal, after a lengthy day.