Position Name(Telegram username) Flat (Number) • President Prashant Kumar A901 (8981148345) • VicePresident Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury F1405 (9769456646) • Secretary Gyanesh Rupani(@GyaneshBlr) D1001 (8105733633) • JointSecretary Chinmaya Kumar Sahu B1306 (9538661906) • Treasurer Shiv Koppad B201 (7204747267) • JointTreasurer NaveenKumar(@sinha_naveen) G1406 (8897014601) • Spokesperson ShekharSuman H1103 (9019453194) • Convenor (CivicAmenities&HealthServices)Jayasankar I1102 (7305895119) • Convenor (Sports&CulturalActivities) Bhavya Janardanan(@bhavyarahul) E306 (9740992093) • Convenor (Env&ConsumerRightsandSecurity) Ishwar Singh(@Ishwar_SR) E1202 (9980559211) • A Block Representative Sourav Sarkar A1003 • B Block Representative Bikash Dutta(@bikash_dutta) B1201 • C Block Representative RaviKishore Pochiraju C905 • D Block Representative Puspendu Maiti D905 • E Block Representative Utsav Singh E103 • F Block Representative Somesh Kumar Bhattacharya F805 • G Block Representative Pranam Bhat(@ask2pranam) G304 • H Block Representative Ram Chaithanya(@ramchaithanyasa) H905 • I Block Representative Raushan Chaudhary I701 • J Block Representative Ashish Tripathi J203 • K Block Representative Payal Mandulkar K1208 • L Block Representative Ravi Kumar S L1001 ----------------------------------------- Association: association@sumadhuraedengarden.com President: president@sumadhuraedengarden.com Vice President: vicepresident@sumadhuraedengarden.com Secretary: secretary@sumadhuraedengarden.com Joint Secretary: joint.secretary@sumadhuraedengarden.com Treasurer: treasurer@sumadhuraedengarden.com Joint Treasurer: joint.treasurer@sumadhuraedengarden.com Spokesperson: spokesperson@sumadhuraedengarden.com Convenor Security: convenor.security@sumadhuraedengarden.com Convenor Civic: convenor.civic@sumadhuraedengarden.com Convenor Cultural: convenor.cultural@sumadhuraedengarden.com https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1aBcJv8NQCVQNmIyF-HNU1GZyW-k54e-1AbfHbQBnrTY/edit?usp=sharing -------------------------------------------------- MOMs https://usaupload.com/71d1/MMR_Report_July_-_2023.pdf https://usaupload.com/71d2/attach1Eden_Garden_MMR_Report_April_2023.pdf https://usaupload.com/71d3/June_Month_MMR-2023.pdf.pdf https://usaupload.com/71d4/MMR_Report_Edengarden__Mar_2023-1.pdf ------------------------------------------------------ Emergency Contact Numbers Name -Contact No Aaxis Hospital-070900 00384 Manipal Hospital Whitefield-1800 102 4647 Vydehi Hospital-080 4906 9000,080-41259032 Vydehi Rural Clinic Kannamangala - 080 28454498 Sri Sathya Sai Super Speciality Hospital-080 2800 4600 Whitefield (EPIP) Firestation - 080 2841 1101 Hoskote Fire station-082 7711 5972 Avalahalli Police Station-080 2842 5000 Ambulance-108 Police control Room-100 ______________________________________________________ List of hospitals where ASV is available which has history of patients recovering successfully from venemous snake bite. Chinmay mission hospital Manipal hospital Baptist hospital Mallya hospital Bowring hospital St John's medical hospital BGS gleneagles global ______________________________________________________ Car washing - Gopal-99161 64267 Outlook Salon Eden Garden clubhouse 9972872832 Brijwasi catering (clubhouse food) +91 9071001555 Abdul Puncture Repair +91 9538172778 Edwin (CLOTHES HANGER) +91 9663155569 Bisleri Water Delivery +91 9449464149 Santosh Dus Minute +91 9019185554 SEG News Paper +91 9844441416 Enliven Mosquito Mesh Jagadeesh.P +919513609312 Bescom Name Change +91 9620610135 Janardhan RTO Agent +91 9606929794 Murali UPVC vendor 8660592042 Naeem Khan Mosquito Net vendor 8588929491 Venkatesh Bee Remover +91 8553814264 Electricans: Vikash: 7411757785 Dharmendrar: 9916395319 Dileep: 7237913189 Jagadish: 9956491473 Rohit: 9511445019 Schindler Escalation :+91 1800 209 5438 Plumbers: Mallick: +91 6361120347 Rajendra: +91 8904627133 Sridhar: +91 9738056046 Intercom Numbers: Entry Gate-1010 Exit Gate-2020 A-1011 B-1012 C-1013 D-1014 E-1015 F-1016 G-1017 H-1018 I-1019 J-2011 K-2012 Put the number prefix of each tower before the flat number. Eg. A-805 is 1805, B block 805 is 2805, or call me at 31406 etc ______________________________________________________ SUMADHURA EDEN GARDEN HELP DESK Designation-Contact Name-Working Hours-Number FM-K.Naresh Kumar-11:00am to 10pm-9741323003 FM-Gouresh-10:00am to 6:00 pm -9513288854 Security Supervisor -Nagaraj -8:00am to 8:00pm -8660724416 Security Supervisor-Bikash -8:00am to 8:00pm -7996026333 Security Supervisor-Subhash -8:00pm to 8:00am -8050564553 House Keeping Supervisor-Ramu -9:00am to 5pm -9538485053 House Keeping Supervisor-Bharati -9:00am to 6pm -9686517301 House Keeping Supervisor-Heena-9:00am to 7:00 pm -7022793978 ______________________________________________________ Paint codes Main Door - Cherry Brown color Melamine Polish . Internal door - Cherry Brown colour Enamel Paint. Living Balcony - Asian Exterior paint( Code - L155 ) Appex Ultima . Kitchen utility - Asian Exterior paint (Code - 4202 ) Appex ultima. Window Grills - Asian Emulsion Paint ( Code - L152). Gysers 06-> Common lhs-Main lhs-Small rhs __________________________________________ Snake awareness : https://photos.app.goo.gl/LcW3o7wBL8UX7Why7 Highlights of the session for people who prefer BAWAAL over this (just kidding 😃): Out of 300 snakes found in India only 4 are Venomous that could kill a human being. Big4 are Cobra, common krait, saw scaled viper, Russell’s viper. It is very confusing to identify them unless we practice as other non venomous snakes also look alike. It is very important to identify if we are bitten by venomous or non venomous snakes. Anti snake venom should not be administered to person if bitten by non venomous snake and it could kill the person. Juvenile snakes are more dangerous than adult ones, as they do get threatened easily and do not have the maturity to use how much venom, they tend to empty the complete venom chamber into persons body. Common krait is the most venomous snake > cobra! its bite is not even felt, it will be like mosquito bite. Most deaths in India are caused by this snake. Common Krait is commonly found in SEG :( recent video confirm that. Do not send your kids down without shoes, avoid walking in grass at nights. There is one hour widow from the snake bite to death. Immediately paralyse the body part which got bite, Minimal movement is advised until patient reaches the hospital. Patient should be taken immediately to hospital to minimise the impact. Most of the hospitals do not have ASV and hospitals which have will be far away. Stock the ASV on premises and take it to nearby Hospital with MBBS doctor and blood test facility. If we cannot identify the snake, they do blood test, check the clotting time and conclude if bitten by venomous or non venomous snake and administer ASV There is one common ASV that works on all 4 big Snake venom. Stock the ASV on premise and carry it to nearby hospital incase of unfortunate situation. Once ASV is given we can shift the patient to better hospital. Rodents are the main cause for snakes, there will be ZERO results using Snake repellent chemicals, unless we get rid of rodents. Waste Management is the main reason for rodents, which is pathetic in our apartment according to yesterday team. They found garbage all over SEG, hidden in the bushes plants. Rodents come for garbage and snakes follow them !! If you spot a snake move away from it and wait for rescuers to pick the snake, they have 2 feet vision so maintain more than 2 feet distance from it. Finally, we came to their territory and they did not come to ours. Wether it’s poisonous or non poisonous show some empathy. Do not kill, call the experts they promised to reach our premises in less than 30 mins and rescue it.