HOW TO PLAY ZELDA TEARS OF THE KINGDOM ON PC: RETARD GUIDE (game also runs on the switch with these files, but you should go and ask /hbg/ on >>>/vg/ ) Previous: >>635971841 → 1 - Download the game >Torrents >DDL (remove the dot between pixel and drain) 2 - Download Switch emulator >Ryujinx* *Download RyuSak. It's a cool utility to complement Ryujinx with, it helps for downloading the necessary prod.keys and firmware to play your switch games. Also good to download shader cache, install mods and/or fixes for your games. This is where you'll find patches for TOTK, among other things. **Manually download the firmware and prod.keys here if Ryusak stops working: To decipher the keys, go on: And copypaste the strings there to uncover the links. >Yuzu EA 3 - Fixes & Mods Game only runs on Ryujinx for now. Only the intro is capped at 20 fps. The game runs at a solid 30 fps after that - but it depends on the strength of your machine. Use Ryujinx v.1.1.739, apparently best. Enable Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling (HAGS) then restart computer. If you experience crashes every 10-20 mins, try switching your audio backend between OpenAL and SDL2. Also try running the game in handheld at 2x resolution scaling. (fucks with cutscenes, reduces crash frequency) >60 FPS MOD PROTOTYPE Have fun, have ***, don't pay for nintendo games and buy BTC with the $70 you saved. >on a arm mac? install the old build from their website Open the terminal and type 'git clone' Still within the terminal, type 'cd Ryujinx' Then type './distribution/macos/ ./ ./distribution/macos/temp ./distribution/macos/output ./distribution/macos/entitlements.xml 1.1.1 0' go to your home folder (your username and with the home icon)/ Ryujinx/ distribution/ macos/ copy the .app to your app folder Buy your mother a gift or go visit her by train with the $70 you saved; she misses you anon