Gong Logo Twilio/Thryv - ZipWhip Discussion Jason McMillian with Thryv, Inc. Recorded on 11/4/22 via Zoom, 19 min. Participants Twilio Jason McMillian Strategic Enterprise Account Executive Al Kiramoto Solutions Architect Peter Claassen Regional ISV Director Thryv, Inc. Michael Greenberg Director of Product Travis Schluter Software Engineer Other Topics Small Talk0:00 Call Setup0:50 About the Prospect / Bias3:25 About Twilio3:51 Proxy Number4:13 Authy7:08 Pricing8:00 Long & Short Codes13:54 Wrap-Up14:30 8 More Transcript ”This English transcript was generated using Gong's speech-to-text technology” Small Talk MICHAEL 0:00 Hello, sir. PETER 0:02 How are you? JASON 0:05 Happy. Happy Friday. Yeah. MICHAEL 0:08 Anywhere. Well, I don't know about you, Jason, but we're getting our hail internet or stuff that's coming. So. JASON 0:14 Okay. We got a little rain this morning. They're saying we're getting ours around five today. MICHAEL 0:20 Yeah. PETER 0:21 Where are you, Jason? JASON 0:23 I'm in Austin. Okay. Yeah. So, just south of Michael? PETER 0:28 Dallas. Nice. We had to sleep last night and it's torrential. Cold downpours. MICHAEL 0:35 Hello? PETER 0:37 I think reason rain with wind, my favorite. MICHAEL 0:41 Yeah, you're lucky a Seattle, all those still that the, I mean, I've only been there that one time when it, what was that last year? And that was the best three isn't whether I think I've ever experienced. Call Setup MICHAEL 0:50 I was like, this is great. But I think there was like the only like two weeks or like this is the only time it happens. PETER 0:56 No, it happens pretty regularly, just not when people visit. MICHAEL 0:59 Yeah, exactly. JASON 1:03 Hey, Travis. I'm Jason, your account executive. Nice to meet you. TRAVIS 1:06 Hey, nice to meet you, Jason. Yeah. JASON 1:11 Yeah. You're up in Dallas to Travis. TRAVIS 1:14 Assure him. Yeah, Dallas, Fort Worth area. Yeah. JASON 1:17 Very cool. Alright. I know we only scheduled 30 minutes and so I guess we can go ahead and get started. So, just wanted to, you know, we've all been talking separately. It's kinda wanted to get together as a team and talk about the options here and figure out the best path… for your ZipWhip numbers and options and talk through that. Call Setup ends JASON 1:39 I know we've had a few different conversations. So just kinda wanted to sync up on that. PETER 1:43 Hi, I am, I guess I can start because I think I have old Michael some answers to questions he's posed… that we got an extension on the date to do this stuff. And, you know, officially, it's November tenth, but on officially, it's the end of November… the impact will be horizon and key messages get blocked only. So won't affect any emos, it won't affect any other carriers and it won't affect MMS. MICHAEL 2:18 So, can you say that again? Maybe I'm not what's… PETER 2:22 MTS mobile terminate. So that means messages from your customer out to their customer. Okay? Any messages that the customers send into the systems? Okay, be effective? MICHAEL 2:35 Yeah. Okay. PETER 2:39 The other thing is the, unfortunately, the cheapest option to go for the small businesses has a couple of price tags around. One is the registration price tag, which is a one time for dollar thing. And then the other is a ongoing dollar 50 a month for being, you know, a registered entity. MICHAEL 3:08 Okay. PETER 3:10 The, the one qualifier on that is that the business in order to go down any of these paths pass to have an API end if they don't have an API end and they're like a small sole proprietorship. Yeah, there is no option for them. About the Prospect / Bias MICHAEL 3:25 There's no option. Okay. So in that case, so like a social to remember where I work? PETER 3:30 Nope. Nope. The carriers don't want. So security numbers. So it has to be, you know, business tax ID number. So, so yeah, you know, that they're killing the market, you know, because the vast majority of ZipWhip businesses always been small solo sole proprietor ships. Yeah. About Twilio JASON 3:51 Michael, do you have any idea how many people would fall or how many customers would fall in that do not have an API and category? MICHAEL 3:59 No, I wouldn't yeah. I mean, luckily, I guess the benefit is the majority of our business we don't go for the sole proprietor because they're trying to truck is just, they can do everything from the phone anyway. So thrives too expensive for them. So we don't have a ton of those. Proxy Number PETER 4:13 That helps. MICHAEL 4:14 You have three to five. Now, we don't have that though, that's the issue. So. PETER 4:19 You have together? MICHAEL 4:20 Yeah. And Travis, based on, I know you were pulling from the database, how many numbers do we have registered right now through ZipWhip? TRAVIS 4:29 So excluding some that were, yeah, we can talk about, but it's about 40,000 numbers. JASON 4:37 Okay. PETER 4:37 Yep. Yep. That matches mine and some of those or toll free numbers though, right? MICHAEL 4:44 Some, but not too much, because what we're doing for any business that didn't have a landline? We were just registering a call tracking number that we have. Those are the local numbers though. So 800, so there are some 800 that maybe some business have or whatever it may be. Proxy Number ends PETER 5:00 Yeah, for, but for the ones that you're doing call tracking numbers for probably most of the traffic is inbound, right? And that wouldn't be affected by this thing anyway. MICHAEL 5:13 So it would be inbound for the net, well. PETER 5:18 Yeah, I guess if the businesses using text to respond, then that would be a limitation. But if they just capture that and respond, you know, via email or call and that's still totally bought valid. MICHAEL 5:32 Yeah, and… any, by any chance is anywhere on here? No, the market share of verizon but. PETER 5:43 Give or take 35 percent. MICHAEL 5:45 Okay. Yeah. So to share because actually, Peter, thinking like, so the call tracking numbers, they really won't be any inbound because we're just saying here's this numbers. Now, you can always text back and forth from your private inbox with someone. It's really the landline, which those would be more inbound because those are the ones that are on there. PETER 6:02 Okay. MICHAEL 6:03 We'll file page or on their website. And then someone will can actually now text stack and that we're making, but they do respond though, I mean, it is a two way communication. Proxy Number PETER 6:13 Okay. Well, in my opinion, if they are, if you have any call tracking numbers deployed, I would think you can register those under thrives name because that's your business and, you know, PCR shouldn't. MICHAEL 6:29 Yeah. Gotcha. So anything that is a non landline and is a call tracking number that we version because it is part of our relationship, we could actually potentially register that under one brand. Yeah. Proxy Number ends PETER 6:40 Yeah, one one for everything. MICHAEL 6:44 Okay. Is there any type of, I know you sent over that one flow? Is there any API or anything to ready for the numbers at all? PETER 6:53 There, there… there's not an API yet. We're working on it. But so I sent you the developer site with ZipWhip that's the latest, it's basically a spreadsheet and that, that's the best way. Authy MICHAEL 7:08 Okay. So the one other question we have? PETER 7:10 But one thing that does happen when you submit it through that portal, it gets automatically scripted into our system. So it's a really quick input and registration. So the advantage to doing it using that spreadsheet and putting it into the zipper portal is that, you know, it's almost an instantaneous registration. Authy ends MICHAEL 7:33 Okay. No, that's great. And then, so I know part of this is submitting a campaigns, is there's not actually campaign? This is really just free form text back and forth. PETER 7:45 Right. So, obviously, I would think all of these are going to be categorized exactly the same way has, yeah, and I haven't looked at the types, but whatever type you think is fits these best, it's going to be the same across all of them. Pricing MICHAEL 8:00 Okay. PETER 8:03 All really low across all of them as well. So they'll all meet the kind of the threshold for the lowest cost option. MICHAEL 8:12 Okay. And in terms of, so we have to register, so say we start registering the numbers that aren't the, well, I guess no matter what all of them you have ZipWhip then charges that on our Bill, the four dollars and the dollar 50 a month or what does that charge come from? Pricing ends PETER 8:26 Yes, it'll come from us. It'll look like a new line item that's very similar to the carrier feed line items that you've been getting. MICHAEL 8:34 Yep. And then we just decided not to do anything. Well. I mean, this is all speculation, but for all we know, come the thirtieth, they might just say that's fine. We'll just let it keep going, right? Potentially. PETER 8:47 You know, judging from the history, that's a non zero possibility. MICHAEL 8:51 Yeah, I mean, we see as, yeah, so many times but we just, I mean, because we're even debating on, I guess the question is, do you have any other partners that have actually started registering everything or is, yeah. PETER 9:01 Almost almost all of our software customers have started registering and, you know, our big API customers that are in the same boat as you are just starting to, you know, gather and upload. Okay. But many of them are going to miss the mark. They're not going to be able to get everybody. MICHAEL 9:24 Yeah. I mean, there's no way we could even come close. PETER 9:26 Some of the use cases are… more acceptable to, you know, plow through the deadline without worrying than others. Almost all the zipper customers that are doing any kinds of serious outbound or empty type traffic for doing it on toll free anyway. So… most of this is just very customer driven conversational type engagement. Proxy Number MICHAEL 9:52 Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I guess Travis what we can, maybe what we can figure, I'm trying to think just because once we register the ZipWhip number, we actually make all our transactional messages come from that because I just trying to think of a way we could actually see who's truly using those numbers and then we can register those first. Proxy Number ends MICHAEL 10:09 And then everything else is just second here because we have to do it as it. But anyways, because we clearly don't have 40,000. PETER 10:14 I can probably, I can probably send you a spreadsheet with the breakdown of traffic by member group that would help because. MICHAEL 10:21 Yeah. PETER 10:22 Our, our ops team has been looking at that to see where the biggest sensitivities are and where the biggest problems might be. And none of the numbers for thrive made the grade for being really troublesome and worrisome for us. So I guess that's the good news. MICHAEL 10:40 Okay. Yeah. That's good. Yeah. I mean while we use it, if we probably have a handful that are like this full power users of the back and forth texting. So if we could actually target those, we at least have the plan at the end of the month is the just in case. And then everything else would just go, let's see what happens if they turned off or not. And I mean, we're definitely gonna go, I can down the 10 DLC route when it comes to… our marketing transactional. But those are just basic numbers anyways. Okay. And then we just, we're just gonna have to figure out… how we want to go forward with then the zip a piece and we're because we're going to have two way SMS inside of our new command center product. Okay. And so we're just trying to figure out then. PETER 11:21 Hello. Hey, here's. The other kinds of factor to consider as you're going through all this that I just found out about 10 minutes before the call. MICHAEL 11:30 Okay. PETER 11:31 And that is, we do not have the ability to grandfather the registration's and the 10 deals see, you know, work that you've done over to Twilio when you migrate the lines to the Twilio API, doing that would incurred would incur a new registration fee. Pricing PETER 11:51 So the monthly thing would be fine. But the one time for dollar thing would hit again when they were, we registered with Twilio. MICHAEL 12:01 Gotcha. Okay. Fun. Yeah. Yeah… that helps. Okay. So because our big worry was because I know I saw that T mobile feed, it was like 50 dollars or so. PETER 12:14 That was, that was gone, not on the table anymore. MICHAEL 12:16 Okay. So this is better than, I mean we're at least and I think a better situation. So I can at least take that. So, I mean, since we know for sure, it's not 40,000 numbers, but say it was 40,000. No, it's 160 grand right there. And then the dollar a month, is that's our worst case scenario? Pricing ends PETER 12:32 Of course. Yep. Exactly, right. So, do you have the traffic breakdown by line or do you want me to get that for you? TRAVIS 12:42 For us. Yeah, great. Okay. MICHAEL 12:45 Yeah. Okay. No, that helps. I think from there, then we can at least start thinking about what we need to do internally, so. PETER 12:54 Yeah. And then the reason I had originally started talking with the Twilio folks was do give you a backup plan of some toll free numbers if you needed it. So I don't know if you have thought about that and want to go down that path at all or not. MICHAEL 13:10 We were, we had a session in the office yesterday. We're kind of talking about it as we look towards command center, the good and bad. And the one there's a few negatives which is as soon as you because the whole goal is also while we're working with Jason and Al, is we're between Nexmo and Twilio for we're adding in a phone and video module into what we call command center that's coming up. Proxy Number MICHAEL 13:36 And so working with cool guys in the functionality? Yeah. So one of that with the phone, is we're gonna provision number that's gonna be both bone and SMS enabled. But as soon as you add an 800 number, it takes away the whole small to medium size business. You see an 800 number is joy the plumber, and they go, you're part of a big brand, but. Long & Short Codes PETER 13:54 Yeah, exactly. I don't think. MICHAEL 13:55 He's away really around it necessarily unless we, for command center, we say, hey, no matter what we're going to provision these numbers for you. But then we have to 10 DLC it, which I guess could be the way to go to. So. PETER 14:07 Yeah. Yeah. Even if they're doing higher volume on attend DLC number, you can register as a higher volume use case and that, that's totally valid to it'll be a little bit more expensive per month, but. MICHAEL 14:19 Yeah. PETER 14:20 That, that shouldn't be a big deal. MICHAEL 14:22 Yeah. So that's kind of what we're looking at right now is at least that more of that command center thing and then versus figure out for our existing user base that we have right now for all the ZipWhip stuff. So. Wrap-Up PETER 14:30 Okay. Cool. MICHAEL 14:32 Sweet. PETER 14:34 So, I'll get you the traffic breakdown as soon as I can get out of our ops team. Cool. What else do you need? MICHAEL 14:41 Travis, anything else that you need to kind of help you? So I know we're trying to get as much information with social with each number because Travis between what Peter sent and what we got from the, to give you the majority of the info you need in order to submit these. Wrap-Up ends TRAVIS 14:55 Yeah. The only thing is really the address because we have everything on one line and then you guys and your template add everything broke out, you know, street city state… so that's going to be not fun bringing all that out. But if we have to, we will, so. MICHAEL 15:13 That for sure have to be broken out, Peter, you know? PETER 15:16 I think so. Yeah, unfortunately, absolutely. MICHAEL 15:19 I wonder. PETER 15:20 Got us. If you've got, if you've got data in a certain format right now, if you want to send me a sample, I can send it to our engineers and ask them if we can deal with it. TRAVIS 15:33 Okay. Yes, an email with the list actually, and I can resend it to me, right? I kinda went through and instantly some as I should have. PETER 15:42 Yep. Thanks. Sorry. Yeah, I literally get a 1,000. TRAVIS 15:46 No, I'm… PETER 15:49 Communicate, unfortunately. TRAVIS 15:51 Yeah, but yeah, I can resend it if you need me to, but I did basically put the address in one line… but I haven't actually submitted that yet. So. MICHAEL 16:02 Yeah. I mean, that would be ideal. And then really the only thing that I guess Travis that we're missing is CI end, but I'm also thinking Travis to, if we put out some communication, that… X thing, change in the industry… blah, blah blah. And then we almost put a field inside of thrive that have some input there. Yeah. Yeah. And somehow, which let me, Peter, do you have a hosted, feel free and by chance or does it have to be in the spreadsheet? I'm just, I have no idea. Yeah, I am as a protected number that's almost like a social security number that shouldn't be… that we shouldn't be having a database or anything. I don't know. Authy PETER 16:37 I don't know for sure but I'm pretty sure. And he, I end number is not a protected thing and not. JASON 16:42 Okay. MICHAEL 16:44 And that's… PETER 16:45 The reason the carriers want it and not security number is because the security number is one of those and they don't want to deal with. Authy ends MICHAEL 16:53 That makes sense. Cool. Okay, cool. Yeah, I mean, that makes it a little bit easier. We at least we can, we have some story that we can say and say, hey, if you wanted to continue to work, you must log into thrive add in your end and then Travis from there, maybe that kicks off the flow to register the number once we get the end. So that kinda puts it on the business a little bit, but we need to figure out how it doesn't complete, kill your team as well. So. PETER 17:13 Hey, Travis, I was just trying to look at that file that you sent and I can't open it for one reason or? TRAVIS 17:19 Okay. PETER 17:20 Somewhere and I don't have access to it. TRAVIS 17:23 Okay. Yeah, I keep getting black when I tried to send it to you for like size country. So I'll send you a smaller list and get it. So it's off-line… PETER 17:30 Awesome. I'll kick it over to the engineers and get some quick feedback with. Small Talk TRAVIS 17:34 Okay. Sounds good. Cool. PETER 17:38 Hello. Sorry about the fire drills man, but I'm glad we're all on the case. MICHAEL 17:44 Yeah, no, I mean, that helps more. I think I got confused when I met with Jason out last week and I was like I was looking at, we have to go to 800 numbers. Wrap-Up MICHAEL 17:51 And then I was, and I was like, well, shit, we have 40,000 clients to start panicking. And then, so like we just need all come together and figure it out. So, no, I appreciate everyone jumping on this. PETER 18:01 Yeah, likewise. We'll figure it out one way or the other. So, yeah, I'll get you an answer on the spreadsheet you sent as soon as I can and I should have the breakdown of traffic by line this afternoon for you. MICHAEL 18:14 Cool. That would be awesome. And then, yeah, we'll let you all know then if we have any questions. Wrap-Up ends MICHAEL 18:19 And then, yeah, Jason, now, I wasn't sure if there's anything else that you guys had or anything or is it pretty much? JASON 18:23 Not not for this call from me about did want to, we didn't finish our conversation around the pricing for voice and video and. MICHAEL 18:34 Yeah, we'll have to get, I'll get with cold because he'll I'll have him get the next stuff setup then. So that way he can be part of it. I gave him at least that we start talking and we have the breakdown. I don't know if there's if you guys got enough information or at least kind of start off from there at all or if you need more info? Wrap-Up JASON 18:47 It would be helpful to have your projected estimates. I know you mentioned what we talked about with call was off a little? MICHAEL 18:55 Gotcha. Yes. Yeah. So, yeah, let me talk with coal. Do you know, was that in an email that you sent over by chance? So I could just tell them to reference the email he sent to you or was that just for you guys talking? JASON 19:06 It was an email? MICHAEL 19:07 Okay. All right. I'll ping him. I met the call. I'm actually about to go on his with call. So. JASON 19:11 Yeah. MICHAEL 19:11 Cool. Sweet… cool. Alright. Awesome. I appreciate it. Have a good weekend. TRAVIS 19:17 That's… MICHAEL 19:17 Good. Thank you. Bye. The End