Watch this: 24k member group for it: Then look into this: What neutralizes acid in a scientific lab? Baking Soda (1 tbsp per day in water + soak in bath with it for 40 minutes. Very *** water). What is Alkaline? Whole Fruits & Vegetables / Plant based diet. You know know how to create an electrical storm for free radicals, use a base to neutralize acids, and replace that now neutral pH with an alkaline one unsustainable for cancer cells. What else can cancer NOT survive with? Oxygen. Cancer cells die in an oxygen rich environment. What has lots of oxygen? H202 (Hydrogen Peroxide) What else has been shown to improve oxygen blood flow and increase lifespan? Meditation. Exercise. Why? Oxygen. You are an electrical being. But you are unplugged: Fix that. Go run barefoot. Exercise outside. Blood cannot deliver oxygen if.... not enough cells to transport them or weak cells. What cells look and act nearly identical to our white blood cells? Plant cells. Eat plants. Kale, Spinach, Alfalfa Sprouts, Cucumbers. Avoid carbs! Carb = death until you recover. This and lack of exercise and plant based diet is likely what put you here, accelerated by outside toxins, radiation, etc. Teflon (C8, highly carcinogenic), Flouride (One of the most carcinogenic substances known to man), etc. Avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup. Poison. Also cancer cures: Vitamin B17 (Apricot Kernel Oil). Get it as close to the cancer source as possible topically and/or use DMSO to transport it there topically. (Same author writes a book on the subject). Prunes have B17 too. Science says it's toxic. LIES!!!! You're dying anyways so screw their propaganda. Fenbendazole, highly anti-cancer (dog medicine). Also Black Seed Oil. Highly highly anti-cancer. SourSop fruit is also highly anti-cancer too but must be unprocessed and most is processed. Research STRICTLY using DuckDuckGo search engine. Use Telegram and Rumble (censored people speak freely here). Google buries and hides the true search results. If you look into this, and your reply IS NOT, "Idc I'm just going to give up" then I will give you even more. There are a TON of cancer cures. People use them daily and cure cancer endlessly. But they are censored. The medical industry will take their chemo money (kill you slowly), and clock you out. These "cures" I just sent you are practically free, have a FUCK TON of testimonies, and work great. I have removed a growth myself. My girlfriend has removed two. I am not scared of cancer and neither should you be. Do not give up, you can reverse even the most severe cancers very rapidly (within a week to get you back to not being at immediate risk of death). All I ask in exchange is that if you live, you pay it forward to someone else who was also tricked into giving up. Make your life meaningful by helping others. Games mean nothing. We deserve better. I wish you a happy recovery!