No Enhancements Required: Legal or Loli? MiddayMonster Summary: David has been getting the hang of his new life as an Edgerunner but can't stop being distracted by Rebeca's huge ass. Her age might be a problem for all the fantasies he's been having but sometimes thicc loli cheeks are impossible to avoid. “W-what?” He replied with focus anywhere but the firefight currently going down. The teen was just starting to get good at his new job as an edgerunner. Even stopped getting the shakes whenever he had to fire off a round through someone’s skull. David was in no way the same naive brat that hardly knew how to aim a weapon anymore, but it was something else keeping him from fighting back. Rebeca stood next to him wearing the same scarcity of clothes she always did. Her small thin torso was almost fully uncovered with a vast expansion of hips leading to an ass that was so big it had to be some the handiwork of a ripper doc. With a colorfully coated machine gun held in her small arms she sent a wall of bullets obliterating everything and everyone at the business end of the neon-green barrel. It wasn’t the amount of murder being committed at the tail end of their latest mission that had David tensing up but it was the impact of the gun keeping him down. As the weapon of death continued its function the recoil of a full cylindrical clip shingled Rebecca’s whole body. With his face only a mere feet away, David was at eye level with the most wonderful jiggle of a thick backside being violently wobbled by her gun. For someone with such a little body she had a puffy pack of creamy-thick thighs and a massive set of cheeks that were only comparable in size to her skull. It was as if her huge cheeks were in auto-twerk mode with ripples shifting her buns to clap and rise together making David’s mouth water while he forgets that they were even in a firefight. “Ah so it’s like that huh? See something you like?” Rebecca asked, taking a break for hailing fire to notice David checking her out. With drool coming down his lip he shook his head in admittance to his horny desire. “If I let you take a squeeze are ya gonna help me zero some fools?” Rebecca asked as she leaned over to push her excessive backside closer to his face. “God yes!” David cried out. He practically crawled over to her, arms curling around her leg and hand making way to the big bouncy prize. The flirtation in the past weeks between them had only gotten more and more intense but for the first time an actual move was being made. He was just about to take a handful or whatever bit of ass his hand could manage to take in when he was woefully interrupted. “Dude, you know she’s 12 right?” Lucy said in utter judgment of the pedophilia about to take place. She too was behind cover but in no way from the underage ass bouncing around. “T-twelve?” David questioned as he started to back off. “A little number is gonna scare you off? Damn gonk, remind me never to make offers again. Now get up, and FIGHT!” David leapt into action, he had less trouble shooting a gun now that his mind wasn’t focused on ass. Not that he was totally scotch free, nearly feeling up a kid was weighing heavy on him, the even more vile thoughts stored some guilt as well. He could only imagine how any of this may affect his place in the crew or even with Rebecca herself after this revelation. ---- “God dammit! Why do kids gotta be so damn *** in Night City!” David sighed to himself after returning to his apartment after the ‘jiggle incident’. The rest of the gigwent without a sinch, the pace of things were a lot faster without one crew member drooling over a little girl. He was too embarrassed and too pent up to hang around for a drink or two after they collected the payment. Deep down, he always knew that Rebecca was probably a lot younger than anyone with a kill-count as high as her, even deeper was someone who really didn’t care what her age was. For now all he could do is weep at the sudden loss of booty he had his eyes set on. “Well guess I can’t spank it to her again now can I?” He collapsed into bed trying to erase the sight of jiggly ass cheeks from his mind. Seeing something that *** wasn’t the kind of thing that could just scrub itself from memory. As he got comfy David started to pull at his crotch, feeling around to hopefully pump past his desires. “Maybe Lucy wont think I’m too creepy for almost groping a kid. Maybe I should try to see if she’d be down to fool around.” David spoke to himself as the urge to tug one out was growing. He had all the wildest **** and braindances at his fingertips but sometimes a little imagination was all he needed to get off. David imagined Lucy’s naked body, what it might feel like, what her lips might feel like wrapped around his cock. How she might look getting fucked by him but just as he was about to visualize his dick going into her, the only ass he could picture was a huge bouncy 12 year-old bent over and ready to take some dick. Rebecca was stuck in his fantasies like a virus. * POUND POUND POUND * Heavy slams to his front door pulled him out of the pedophelic fantasy he was about to stroke off to. Quickly leaping to action David kept his pistol behind his back as he moved to the entrance, but opening it wouldn’t take the depraved desire out of his mind. The virus had gone past his thoughts and was standing at his doorstep. “Hey gonk! What was all that bullshit during the mission about?!” Rebecca yelled at him. The thicc little girl was free of any oversized coat to obscure her features. Pale blue skin was in perfect display in a tiny bra that held budding tits and a pair of matching black panties that always looked strained around her wide hips. Just knowing she wasn’t even a teenager yet strained heavy on the jaw slacked stair David held before responding. “W-what? Just got the shakes. I pulled through in the end didn’t I?” “Yeah maybe on the pew, pew side but we both know you wanted to pull something else out…” Rebecca scoffed and let herself in, pushing David aside so she could stair on into his apartment. “What are you talking about? It’s not like I was gonna fuck you in the middle of a job!” “Why not? Is it all the dead bodies that turn you off or is it my age?” Rebeca giggled. “Shhh… I…” “Don’t answer choom. I think I know what’d you do if I offered more than just a squeeze.” David was having trouble denying those words just as much trouble as he was peeling his eyes off her body. She had leapt onto the couch with her ass pointing back at him. Just the impact of her stomach falling onto the cushions had it jiggling once again. Her curves where outstretched in the perfect position she lay in, the situation was something David had dreamed of but knowing the taboo of it all was putting some stop in his actions. “So why are you here? Can’t I get some peace?” “Well doncha wanna get a squeeze David?” She looked back at him. She slowly arched her back like a kiten stretching, showing off just how huge the moon of her round ass was and how tiny the underwear she was wearing looked as it dug into her crack. “Not really…” David said regretfully. The way his voice cracked and eyes remained on her ass didn’t have her convinced. “A’we don’t come at me with that bullshit you were gonna grab it back when we were under fire, why is it any different?” “Cus you're a kid. I ain’t no kid toucher.” “Who gives a shit? Ain’t anyone around to judge you! Afraid Lucy ain’t gonna give you any pussy?” “N-no! It’s not about p-people or Lucy! I just…” As David was trying to muster an excuse why he wasn’t plunging his fingers into that pale canvas of underage booty Rebecca had gotten off the couch and up to David with her hands held behind her back. “Jus sit down and think it over. You wanted it before, didn’t cha? Didn't cha?” Each step she took closer to him only had him retreating with a counter-step backwards. Not looking where he was going David had collapsed into a cushy loveseat. “It’s just a lil touching David. A bit of ass grabbing never did anyone bad…” Rebecaa softly curled up to him, straddling her soft little legs at his side. David was speechless, this was like some kind of sick fantasy he didn’t know how to react but the questions of age and morality brushed away as soon as he felt her nest onto his lap. That huge ass squishing against his thighs had him realizing that ‘yep, I wanna fuck a kid’ with the remorse slowly draining out of his body as blood rushed to his cock. “Go ahead, take that squeeze you earned choom…” She whispered into his ear. His hand reached around to take a squeeze. His fingers were enveloped in the mass of pre-teen flesh she had. It was so marvelous, huge and soft, her hips rocked slowly against his growing bulge. “Mmmm. That’s better huh? Would you believe me if I said it was natural? Only enhancements I got are in my eyes and skin. Does it make you wanna fuck me? To fuck a kids big bouncy butt?” “Fuck yes… I bet that kid pussy is extra fucking tight…” David groaned while giving her huge ass a smack. “Lemme show you something…” She whispered into his ear before sliding off his lap and turning her body over so she was on the floor prepped up by her hands and knees. Slowly Rebeca began to rock her body back and forth, sending her ass to jiggle before swaying it side. Her ass was making dips in circular motions. Slowly she stood back up to squat over his knee, gently pressing into it while waving her hips around. As she began to flick her tailbone backwards Rebeca slid more of her phat underage ass closer to his groin. The moment the thick mound of double cheeked dough sank onto his clothes covered cock she stood back up to take the touch of her skin away. Rebeca began to wiggle her backside in a wobbly show of how truly huge her ass was. She hardly needed to make any motions to make to bounce but the way she arched her back while squating made the globes of flesh smack together and clap making David’s dick stiffen. This time when she returned her ass to his lap David’s erection poked into her. “Mmmmggnnn…” Rebeca hummed as she shifted her booty along his package. It didn’t take much effort for her to eventually slot his erection between her ass cheeks. Even with the clothes covering up his hard on her ass was easily able to fit him between. Rebeca gyrated her hips up and down, practically stroking him off with her ass alone. David wanted more, he wanted to get his hands and dick out to play with the mass of dough this pre-teen was shaking onto him. “Alright… I think that’s enough of that.” Rebecaa said, standing back up and putting an erupt stop to the lapdance. “W-what are you talking about aren’t we gonna fuck?” David huffed, the excitement from having all that ass crash onto his dick made him want her more than ever. “Fuck?! Hahahahaha. I was just giving you a sneak peak dude. I’m only 12 remember?” “But the ass, and the teasing and…” “Yeah yeah yeah. A little touching is all just some good fun. Look, you ain’t half bad David and maybe in a half decade we can actually go at it or something but I ain’t exactly looking to take any borg-dick just yet. I haven’t even had my first kiss yet.” “But I saw you flirting with other dudes and stuff. A-and-” “So what? Doesn’t mean any of ‘em get anywhere with a kid. It’s all just fun David! Didn’t you have fun?” “But fucking would be even more fun!” “Yeah, and I’d agree with you on that but I just ain’t feelin it. And to be honest I’m not the kinda gal that is into enhanced dicks. I know finding a dude who doesn’t got some cybernetic tool is getting more and more rare but a lady has to have her standards. I mean everyone thinks this thing is tech but my curves are all natural.” Rebeca cooed as she dug her little hands into her ass to raise and drop it to make the bouncy flesh crash into her thighs. “I want your ass!” “And you got some. Don’t get greedy now choom. Back me up next run and maybe you’ll get another dance.” She said, ready to leave the apartment and the cock she just got ready. At this point David was too pent up to just let her leave. Grabbing her thick thighs David tackled her back onto the long couch. “Aye! What gives! David! DAVID!!!” She yelped but he was too gone in squeezing her ass into his face to reply. This was an unexpected turn but seeing how excited and deep he was getting into the crevice of her ass had turned her on enough to let this slide. “Fine… You get 5 more minutes, then I’m gonna jet. A second longer and you get zero’d, got it?” Any negotiations were lost on David as he sent his face into the thick slab of underage ass he had his hands around. He pushed and squeezed each cheek into his face as he took a waft of the sweet smells between her legs. Rebeca had to tremble just for a moment the way his nose and lips constantly brushed against her virgin slit. She was never above flirting and letting plenty of men get a couple courtesy squeezes but this new development had her questioning her moral standards. “Ah! Wait, don't go sniffing around there!” Rebeca cried out as her tiny underwear were yanked to reveal her holes to David. She may be hardly dressed all of the time but no one had ever seen her naked in the slightest and now her tiny puckering rim was being sniffed and prodded by an active nose. Mind went numb as she felt it being kissed, her asshole was actually being smooched before her actual lips. The pre-teen made the slightest of squirms in case this may go any further but as David affirmed his grip on her and squeezed her ass tighter she felt no need to resist. David’s tongue slipped into her. His slimey m,outh probe was tingling the insides of her asshole and Rebeca could only pant as eyes went wide. “This isn’t just 5 minutes… this isn't just…” She was enjoying it way more than she could have expected. His mouth was lapping and lathering her insides with a thrill that made her tingle all around. The 5 minute limit was extended and soon she was moaning on the couch on the verge of an orgasm. It would be the first not done to herself and as she scrambled to keep her mind together she made another offer. “Fuck… You’re a fucking bitch punk, pedo shit head, mother fucKKERRRRRRRR GGNNHHAAA…” She screamed out squirting a mess of fem cum onto the couch. Her bodyt was in uncontrollable pleasure as she got off from only her ass being eaten. It was an experience that had her mind and heart racing to new extremes, Rebeca’s little pre-teen body was trembleing all thanks to David as he removed himself from her pucker. An embarrassed blush came across her face with how much she enjoyed getting played with like that. “I-I ain’t gonna let you hit it but if you wanna take out that tech-tool I… I guess I would be fine if you wanna bust one out on my body.” She uttered, still recovering from the sensation. “Heh, ain’t like I haven’t jerked off to thinking about your ass before.” The sound of him unzipping his fly had her move to action. She still had her standards but knowing he was about to whip it out had her excited. She wanted a good look at whatever kinda piss-pipe David had to work with. “Well now you got some live porno baby. Maybe if you’re a good-boy I’ll even lend a h-hand!?” Rebeca was stunned into silence as his meat sprung from his underwear. It wasn’t just huge but the shape and sheen of it was something she had not expected. “D-David… W-what kinda ripperdoc worked on that thing? It looks so?” “Natural? Makes it kinda perfect for your ass doesn't it?” David said with pride as he lightly swung his package before Rebeca’s eyes. He had a swelling foot of all natural cock sprung from his hips. From the coating of foreskin draped around his tip to the plump apple sized balls dangling by his thighs he had something huge that didn’t need any tech to make it astounding. Rebeca never thought she would see something so huge without plates of metal, vibrating additions, or some kind of fucked up circitry around the shaft. She may be a virgin but she was in absolute astonishment of the fantasy dick before her. “No enhancements? N-no metal? J-just dick. Real dick?” She said gleaming in its direction. “Uh-huh. Haven’t really thought about adding anything to it yet. But maybe I could use a couple-” “NO! IT’S PERFECT!” “Ha? What afraid of a lil cyber-dong?” “Tech-cock is hideous but yours is… IT’S BEAUTIFUL! Fuck masturbating on my ass, PLEASE JERK OFF WITH MY MOUTH!” The pre-teen opened her mouth as wide as it could go with her tongue flopping out like an entry point for every inch. She looked like a sick starving dog but the salvation dripping down her chin only made David wanna bust in her mouth more. Even if she had just begged for it Rebecca had taken the first step by pushing her mouth to the tip. For a 12 year old girl who had never sucked cock in her life she certainly went to David's package with hungry enthusiasm. The little slut probed it right to the insides of her mouth, bulging her cheek as a sloppy tongue slapped across stiff glans to shift it from either side of her warm mouth. The edge where his tip met his shaft was gently outlined and then Rebecca began to give an aggressive suck while pulling the head of his cock out of her mouth slowly. "Hehe wow! Natty dick is way better than the brain dances make it out to be. Wayawayway better!" Rebeva remarked with a dribble of dick sweat infused drool cascading down her lusty smile. "You haven't even started... why don't you really sink it in that cute mouth then tell me how you like it." "Gaaaah!" Rebaca broke into a cheer at a suggestion she hardly needed, still she moved her wide open smile to the fleshy-package to poke it in once again. Her lips gripped the thick radius while trying to jab it down her throat. As erotic as her body enhancements had been none where made go the workings of her throat so she had to gag as David poked her gag reflex. The pre-teen girl placed her hands on David's hips as she attempted to deepthroat his cock. As she continued forcing his huge rod inwards a continuous splat of spit would cough past her puffy lips making the suck-job even sloppier. Despite her lack of skill or experience watching a pre-teen attempting to tackle his pipe only made the flow in David's balls tingle. Just the sight of her lips spreading around him leaving a trail of slobber made him wanna burst to further mess up this little girl but the rest of his genitals hadn't caught up to that desire. "A little help here... kinda hard to take every inch when you're... this fucking big..." Rebeca whimpered like she was begging for candy. "My pleasure." David said as he widened his stance and took both hands to one of Rebecca's ponytails on the side of her head. She opened wide in tingly anticipation of what was to soon follow. As he pushed himself in, warm lips slowly puckered around the throbbing radius of his cock to grip the meat about to force its way down. Another puddle of throat fluid coughed past her mouth and onto his shaft as David reached her limit. Reigning her hair he pulled each handful and pulled her head inward while his hips thrust forwards slowly. Aside from the sloppy spit spilling coughing that came from crushing her gag reflex, Rebeca made no resistance to getting cock introduced into her throat this way. Soon enough she couldn't choke anymore, there was simply too much cock encumbering her esophagus for there to be any reaction. The way her wide juvenile eyes looked up to him showed how enthused she was to be controlled like this. It was in the way her hands rubbed against his hips as he buried her that showed how truly pleased she was to have more and more inches budge her childish throat. When he finally planted his pubes down to her cute little face did she show signs of struggle. Eyes began to welt up and fist shook but she didn't dare show resistance or fight for the oxygen she was being deprived of. For the briefest of moments David thought about giving her some room to breathe before dicing his dick back in. The tiny bit of consciousness reminding him that she's just a 12 year-old sucking her first cock was far outweighed by the sexy sight of her taking every inch of dick he had, especially with that phat ass pointing backwards while she rested on her knees. She needed to breathe but David needed to spill his nut-chowder even more. The cock was pulled back but only to ram itself back down rougher and faster. Her pigtails worked as the perfect tool working in unison with his thrusts as David began to bash Rebecas little skull with his cock at an increasingly aggressive pace. For as few enhancements as his dick had done he managed to pump her mouth with cock like a machine. If their was any gag reflex left after this face fucking than Rebecas throat was something tougher than it looked as her little neck continued to poke out from the outline of fat throbbing piss-tube that had no remorse for how brutal it was being. The small ponds in her eyes soaked into deep streams down her cheeks. The tears and saliva spilling around her making her face a sick mess of slop. Each of the tails of her hair were being pulled in only adding additional pressure to her skull as she bashed against a groin. Rebecas hands squeezed and cradled at David's sides but she didn't want to resist. Her need for oxygen surpassed the desire to get this perfect natural cock off. Just tasting the musk raiding her mouth made her want more and more. The flavors of dick sweat and musk were no match for the sudden splurge shot from his piss-slit. David made sure to hold her down with extra pressure as he came to a filthy climax. For a penis that hadn’t been equipped with cyberware he sure did pump jizz out like a machine. The shots of baby-batter stirred out in powerful waves with cups full of white goo released on each push. There was no way a 12 year-old could swallow all this cock-snot but Rebeca continued to let her palpating throat gulp more and more until she was forced to spit it back out. Even with cum being choked out of her little underage mouth David held his dick down and didn’t release until he was done storming her stomach with a gallon of premium milk. Rebeca was left in a light headed daze from how brutally her throat was just creampied. Even as she sat motionlessly she suppressed the urge to cough out what was already sliding down her gullet and continued to ingest the sickening amount of ball-gunk David force fed her. It was an even more intense rush of sexual pleasure than she could have imagined. She sat there with a sloppy face with messy drool and cum lathering her cheeks and spilling down her chest as she only made a recovery to breathe and swallow as much as possible in her own time. Vitality finally came back to her enough to put Rebeca’s body in motion. With slobber still pouring down her torso the little girl hopped on top of David. There was no reluctance or hesitation in either one of them as she sent him back to the chair she already gave him a lapdance on. They locked eyes and Rebecca’s urge for more had gone way past any limits she had before seeing David’s cock. "Would you believe me if I told you I didn't expect to lose my virginity tonight?" The girl giggled while rocking her massive booty against a still hard shaft. "Would you believe me if I told you I didn't plan om fucking a 12 year old until she stuffed my dick down her throat." He said, giving her ass a spank. "You ain't done stuffing yet choom." Rebecca raised her hips to wave her groin around David's flag pole. His cock brushed against both sets of holes, twitching as they leaned into the crevice of her ass cheeks. Rebeca took a handful of the chunky nut slop smeared on her tits to squeeze David’s pork-prober to lube up and aim it to a proper destination. Even though her little grinding left plenty of pussy drool to spill on his dick her slit wasn't the hole David started to probe. Rebeca had a fine phat ass and she wanted to give her asshole to a cock she knew deserved it. Teeth clenched as her pre-teen pucker was spread open but Rebeca had all the control on top and she was happy to fight through the stretching of her first time for all the fun that would come out of it. David could feel the way her legs twitched as she struggled with the anal ***. The cum she coated his cock with was a hardly passable lube to the tight confines of her bowel. She was tightly squeezing his dick in and the way she was shaking to adjust to the size introduced into her only made her thighs jiggle in pleasing ways. Rebeca was determined to take his dick, she was already drunk on it from the blowjob and wanted more. As soon as she sank herself on more than just the top her big mouth started talking again. "I-Is fucking a kids shit-hole as fun as you thought it would be… or wanna go back to pretending I'm an adult you sicko hehehehe?" Rebeca laughed as she tried to pretend her body wasn’t struggling to ride him. Despite her banter she wasn't able to sink more than a few inches before wincing. "It ain't too bad. Never expected a kid to fuck herself with this hole." David smirked, letting his hands rub against her round globes and brushing off her chiding. "I know you like my ass! Thought it'd be a nice treat for you after feeding me all that cock." Rebeca said as she moaned out when her body sank onto another few inches of dick. "Yeah it ain't too bad..." David said as his hands wrapped around to squeeze it. Her ass was so round his shaft had to sink into a layer of asscrack before sinking into her hole. Even stillwater while she slowly rocked was so big and soft that it jiggled along the hands kneeling into her flesh. "Ain't too bad? Shut up! You love it! You love my big underage butt!" Rebeca was becoming unnerved by his sarcasm. Whether she noticed it or not the girl had picked up her pace and sunk even more cock into her in the sudden burst. David had no issue stringing this along to make this anal experience even better than it already was. "Ah, it's nice and all but you wouldn't get it. Big asses are only good when they're natural. This thing is way too *** to be on a 12 year old!" "It's natural! Ira natural! Spank it! Spank my ass!" She begged David to hit her, the impact caused a ripple in her ass. The way her dough moved from his hit was too soft, too fleshy to be anything but pure. Her skin and eyes may have adjustments to them but the massive mound of booty flesh jiggling around was something no amount of eddies could buy. Just as suspected she was moving even more, rearing up like a horse as if the smack was prompting her to pick it up. "See. NATTY! you can't tell me a fake ass would jiggle like that." She cried out again, her eyes twinged from the amount of dick she was bouncing on but David's only response was to shrug, making Rebeca go wild. In an instant she dropped her whole 12 year old body and phat underage ass onto David's flesh-rod. They both had to belt out moans of pure joy as she settled in, pushing her phat dough against his still full balls. Her ass was hardly prepared or stretched to take this much dick but she gleefully stomped her pucker onto every inch to prove him wrong. David clenched onto each massive swell to pull her into him, as he cradled her ass Rebeca rose again only to seriously start riding his cock. Her body worked in consecutive claps as their bodies rocked into one another. All the struggle that had Revecca easing onto her first anal fucking was gone as she slammed down on repeat for reasons she didn't know why other than pure adoration of the all natural flesh tube using her body. David grabbed and squeezed for any bit of flesh he could. His hands placed at a continuous flow of jello like ass that would continue to crater into his groin. The way she moved combined with the vice pucker of her asshole made this all too *** to hold anything back. As she would ride he would pull her ass down, only adding to the forced momentum she was already moving in. He was even so stiff and wild that he made any attempt to pump up inside her from the couch. He could barely lift up with the amount of ass falling into him. Rebeca’s volatile dick riding led to him pounding an even thicker load inside her. As her tight bowel was fucked, a burst of creamy ball grime flew out from David’s cock. She had to slow down from how much she was being filled, her tight stomach began to bulge and expand making her look nearly pregnant. Her ass didn’t want to stop but taking this much cum was something that kept her from riding like she was just a moment ago. However, naturally huge David’s cock or Rebeca’s ass didn’t matter anymore because the sick attraction they had developed in the middle of the messy connection was something entirely depraved.