So just from the past month. [Here]( is her mods trying to brigade and change wikipedia in order to paint someone they don't like negatively with accusations of violence, doxxing, and harassment. Wkipedia denied the changes lacking any credible sources, Keffals then sent her followers to mass change the wikipedia site, Wikipedia then had to step in the lock the page due to the amount of reports. [Here]( she is on stream tweeting and sending her followers to harrass another content creator to get them banned from youtube. [Here]( is her listing out the server host's address and personal phone number of kiwifarms. [Here]( she is doxxing the family of someone she believes to be on kiwifarms with their family. [Here]( she is threatening to dox anyone she believes to be apart of kiwifarms. [Here]( she is threatening DreadedJai (a black trans woman) because she believes DreadedJai is secretly apart of KiwiFarms. [Here]( she is claiming Hunter Avallone (a lefty youtube creator) has been trying to swat her. [Here]( she is brigrading and mass reporting Nicholas DeOrio. [Here]( she is in support and praise for Stalin, [Cuba, North Korea](, [Soviet Union](, and [Nicolás Maduro]( [Here]( she is on stream faking DM's and coordinating with her mods on "accidentally" leaking faked DM's. The full VOD was removed. This is all just the past month.