Hey, what's going on everybody it is Gully here. Welcome back to another epic polytopia video I got another 1v1 replay breakdown for you Let's go ahead and get right into it If you watch my most recent video talking about more common mistakes that beginner players make You'll know that this is the hoodrick versus omagi game that I was talking about Where I had four cities and my opponent had nine I should have completely lost but uh, let's see what happens I'm gonna do something different for this replay. I'm gonna keep the fog off, so we can see what both people are doing. Okay, so this is just a random multiplayer match that I was doing. I don't know why I'm Hudrik, but I decided to pick Hudrik for some reason. If you've been watching my channel for a while, you know that I call Hudrik the clown tribe. But I might have to retract that statement. Hudrik was pretty base this game. Okay, so we just have standard openings from each player here. The Omagi player trains a Rider on turn 0, I train a Warrior, we just keep expanding. Here I do something a little different. Instead of moving my Warrior north, I decide to move it northwest instead. And the thinking behind that is, you know, there's probably a village here, but I know my opponent is Omagi, so if I try and play for that, I might just get knocked off of it, and then I won't have the this middle village or this village over here and That's a completely losing position and that did end up being the correct call because if I move on to this village this turn You know I can hit his rider But then his rider comes down smacks me and then this one kills and knocks me off the village and I can't do anything about It so this turn I go ahead and pick up hunting and I just upgrade my capital take a workshop The Omaji player is spreading very rapidly though, as Omoji players do, so good on them. I take an Explorer in my second city. That's not conventional, but like, I don't know. I get meeting stars from it. I don't think I'd do any, oh right, I upgraded my C3 with them. So yeah, that's probably fine. So right now we're each on three cities, but the Omoji player has a ton of riders going to the west section of the map, as well as the north section. So like, they're just gonna lock down all this map for themselves. I don't have any units over there, so that's a big problem for me. I'm forced to make up for that with good economy and giants. That's my game plan here. I do make a mistake here. I take my archer and I move it onto this village when I know that he has two riders up here. In the replay, I saw this rider on his capital move onto this tile, so I know there's two riders here. I don't know why I pushed for the village, so that will result in me getting knocked off that village and my opponent getting it. I get forestry this turn though, which lets me eco a lot. Notice how I get 5 stars from upgrading this city and taking resources? I don't have enough stars to upgrade my third city, but I can chop a forest which will allow me to do it. Whenever you have forestry you need to determine which one of your forests are useless, which ones give excess population that you don't end up using for anything. Like I don't need this forest here, I can put a sawmill here and get this lumber hut, that gives me a giant so that means that this forest is useless. So I can just chop it and get rid of it and because I chop that it means I can upgrade this city this turn and take stars. So yeah, keep in mind which forest you don't need. Here's my misplay in full action here. I recognize that I misplayed so I got an archer here to kick him off that village if I needed to, using my warrior and my archer. He instead goes for the ruin, so good play. He also got a veteran swordsman up here, which it's not threatening now, but in a couple of turns it will definitely be a problem. In fact, right now it's a problem, because I'm going for this mountain ruin, and his swordsman doesn't like that very much. He gets another veteran swordsman from this ruin over here, So uh, now we're in a bit of a pickle. Our opponent is pumping out units. I get a star ruin which is very clutch. It lets me get mathematics this turn. I can start getting my giants up which is gonna be my win condition for this game. I do want to point out something here. These units here, notice how I like don't push for this village. If I do it leaves my units in very vulnerable positions and I'm not going to hold the village anyway, so I instead pull them back. You need to recognize if it's a good idea to push your units towards your opponent or away from your opponent. There's no shame in pushing them away from your opponent. Force him to come and attack you, if that's more optimal. Okay, so let's take a look at this. I have three cities. My opponent currently has one, two, three, four, five, six, and they're gonna get seven. Three to seven. Having the city advantage is a very important component of polytopia. All this person has to do is either throw units at me and kill me, or just drag this to the late game where he out-ecos me and out-units me. Basically, my main problem is I can only train three units each turn. He can train seven. So if he just kills all my units while having more than me, I just lose, right? So in turn nine he pumps out more units. I'm sitting in my little corner, I'm sad, but I do get to see each of the city. Honestly, I probably shouldn't have let my opponent get this in the first place. Maybe just some inaccuracies on my part, but I mean it's homage and you're hoodrick, it's scary. I go ahead and I slap down a sawmill here we take border growth in this city and I use the metropolis monument yeah just so we we get another giant up. I probably could have moved these warriors in better positions down here. I'm basically just letting him bounce off my warriors and get these villages. He's gonna kick me off this center village but it's okay I have a giant coming so we can secure that. The veteran swordsman's coming in that's a problem. Like I have archery but uh he's got so many riders that if I don't utilize them correctly it's a big problem. So what do I do instead? I just get a giant in this city. There you go. I'm pushing this giant to his center city. This one's going north towards the veteran swordsman. My opponent starts linking cities. He upgrades a couple of them. Doesn't train any units because he's mainly population capped in all his cities right now so So that's understandable. I go for another giant in this west city over here and I'm sieging this one. Now see the thing is, he still decides to upgrade this turn. I really think he should have trained more units here or gotten some sort of tech that would help him counter my giants or something. But he just keeps upgrading his cities which is a very passive play and right now he's trying to be aggressive so I think that was a little bit of a inaccuracy on his part. He does get his first giant up but he just uses the monuments to eco he doesn't do anything with them. If he gets like farming he can pop two of them here and like get a giant or something and that's like relatively close to my giants that would slow me down for a little bit. I think he needed units that turn. So I pick up riding, capture this city, I get a very nice explorer here, but like he just keeps ecoing. He needs units right now to stop me from making plays on the map. 10 riders kill a giant, 10 warriors kill a giant. Like if he pumps units he can he can start killing my giants. The thing about my giants is that they are finite. I do not have an unlimited amount of them. So if he just finds a way to deal with those, I'm in real trouble. Let's look at the map right now. I have four cities. My opponent has nine. You remember how I said earlier the city advantage is very important? What makes it so important is that you can train more units than your opponent, but he waits too long to do that here, I think. Which gives me the time and the space I need to start actually building a proper force to counter him. And we're going to start seeing that play out. I get Rhodes and I road this giant to the city over here. Just because I recognize that this city is incredibly weak. He has a veteran swordsman by it, yeah, but it's not like he can giant here. And he has this city next to it here and then these two are here, but they're pretty far away. So I identify this city as a weak spot for him. I go ahead and I get a giant in this north city here and that pushes my giant north which means I can kill his warrior. Plops me right next to this city. This is a very important city because most of his road connections are going through it. Yeah so if I manage to take this city from him not only will he lose the economy from that city but each of these cities over here will go down by one population, which means another four stars per turn lost. This one will also go down by four, but he's got two blue bars, so it would go down by two stars per turn. So just from cutting road connections, I'm lowering his eco by six stars per turn. But that's if I take that city, though. That city is a little more defended, although not by much, just because he doesn't have units in the area, because he didn't train any. And you see this turn, he gets strategy and trains two defenders. He should have just trained warriors and riders or something. You cannot take strategy on this turn. Your units are the things that defend your cities and take cities from your opponent. They let you make plays on the map. If you don't have units, you can't do that. You're just gonna get steamrolled. I think buying strategy and just training two defenders here, this is not protecting you. I can road this archer forward and shoot it and then the giant sieges anyway. That's doing nothing. Same thing over here. You need riders to kill my giants or even warriors. Start slamming bodies into them. It's not pretty, but it's gotta happen. Instead of taking strategy, maybe just use the farms you have. You have farming. Try and get a couple more giants of your own. It's a little late for that, but it's better than defenders, by far. And we see that that exactly happens. I siege over here, I siege over here. I'm gonna siege this city, bounce into it. It does get the siege off on me. It's not a big deal. Notice I move my giant here north next to the city. I don't wanna move it northeast or east because then his giant can hit my giant. Although I do have a defense bonus on those fours, so maybe that wouldn't be too bad actually. Giants don't like getting hit by other giants because they have five attack and four defense. So it's not a good trade if you get hit by one. Ideally you hit their giants with your giants. So do things that force that to happen. Also another thing I want to point out, notice I haven't trained any catapults yet. I don't need them. Catapults are slow and clunky. What I need right now are fast-moving agile units that are capable of sniping his riders if he places them on suboptimal tiles and that's exactly what I've been doing this entire game. I'm trying to get the absolute most value I can out of my stars, and I feel like I do that pretty good this game, because when you're in a losing position like that, you have to play optimally, or you're gonna lose. He breaks the siege, that's fine, that was never meant to hold, it's just to cause him more problems. I think realistically, I could have sieged this city over here, and it would have been fine, but I play a little safe for this giant I don't think there's anything wrong with that necessarily the entire trend that we've seen this game is I basically take up city from my opponent and Then I plop a giant on it using forestry and mathematics and there's not a whole lot He can really do about it Like maybe there's some insane line where down here whenever I was taking this city he gets hunting and forestry and just chops everything and like maybe the same for this city or something I don't know. But it prevents this from happening which is uh I mean I'm just I'm just throwing giants at him at this point he's got nothing to defend himself with. He goes for diplomacy. Uh not a good play. I finally get my first catapult because I know that this giant up here is gonna be a little threatening on this city. But I mean with another catapult down there, I'm just completely fine. The reason you don't take diplomacy here, by the way, is because you need units. You need to be training units. Cloaks are not going to help you here. I mean, I love a good cloak play. They're... They're funny units. I think a lot of people are needlessly mad at them. I think they're pretty balanced as it is. But yeah, at this stage in the game, you can't go diplomacy. So, I mean, I sieged this city up here. I got three giants ready to walk next to his capital. I'm getting another giant in this city up here. Now there is one thing I want to point out, which is that his village density wasn't great. Like, he could have had like a village here if his cities were spaced a little better. He could have had like two up here, another two in this area, perhaps even. If that were the case, if this wasn't like a 4-9 city game, if it was like a 4-12, then I probably don't make the comeback that I do just because he has the unit advantage. But he didn't train any units so I don't know. I get another giant in my capital so this giant is just not doing anything. The cloak goes invisible. I kind of figure out exactly where it is. Now, this was a really funny play. I hit his warrior, right? That's so I can bounce into his capital. But instead of just going straight to his capital, I first reveal the cloak because I know what tile it's on, obviously. You see the little eye icons next to my units dictating that there's an invisible cloak on one of these tiles around them. Basically like Minesweeper. So I reveal the cloak and then bounce onto this city, and then I bring this other rider in, kill the cloak, and then bounce onto the capital. And now that warrior's dead. And that's it. He can't do anything. So at this point he just resigns. Which, yeah, that's completely fair. Let's back it up a little bit. Theoretically, this is completely losing for me, but he just has nothing he can do about my giants. I think what he needed to do is just throw units at my giants, which sounds suboptimal, but I don't know what you do here as Omagi. I don't play Omagi. Maybe you get farming and get giants of your own. I think he only got like one giant this game, which is bizarre. Like Omagi players can pump giants. They have the farms for it. Yeah, he just got the one giant. Okay, so I think that was definitely another mistake. Not training enough units and, like, getting useless technology too. Did not need strategy and diplomacy. He could have maybe gone construction. Yeah, if he puts a farm here and then gets these two farms and puts a windmill here that gives him a giant here, it would let him upgrade this city and, like, maybe just takes pop growth and eventually gets hunting forestry. I mean, yeah, he had options. I think he just had to go farming construction, maybe like hunting forestry later, but he just needed units. That was the main thing. And so, yeah, the game ends on turn 17. I thought it was a pretty cool game, so I figured I'd share it with you guys. Hopefully you learn something. Hopefully, you know, this game helps you out in your future games. You can draw on the lessons from it. Basically, train units when you need units. Don't buy useless tech. That's not going to accomplish anything. Strategy was a complete mistake this game for him, I think. It did absolutely nothing for him. So was diplomacy. Use those stars, put them into units or other more useful tech, like maybe construction. And yeah, Hoodrick is no longer the Clown Tribe. Hoodrick is based. So all you Hoodrick fans can rejoice over that. And yeah, I hope you guys did enjoy this video. If you did, be sure to hit the like button down below, and subscribe for more epic polytopia videos. And if you want to support myself and the channel directly, you can become a channel member by hitting the join button down below. And I'll see you all in the next video, have a spectacular day. below. And I'll see you all in the next video, have a spectacular day.