fix the cop system remove for profit prisons entirely remove private prisons entirely cops get double max punishments cops require training for 2-4 years to ever get on duty fully independent agency (FIA) for all cop crimes death in custody gets removal from duty without pay always until investigation by aformentioned fia death during interaction gets removal from duty without pay always until investigation by aformentioned fia malpractice insurance union power for cops weakened crime off duty gets instant jail until hearing cannot fire or discipline officer for reporting abuse to fia cop guns not easy to draw(screw holster secured), taser easier to draw domestic abuse by cop (double national rate ) triple punishments cops not immune to anything more than traffic laws. immunity only during calls provable sadism = instant loss of pension (something ala ) cameras cops cannot control at all, always on, if covered or intentionally damaged, instant loss of job and pension database for cop abuse publically accessible ala meghans list rape by cop = quadruple standard punishment 0 no knock warrants mental health issues handled by team similair to cahoots ( all cops must have name and badge number clearly visible and state on camera when requested fia not in same building as police for reporting crimes and abuse no civil forfieture (more taken by that than burglary in 2010-2019 fix government must list all donors and amounts, including private (may be initials for individuals) in publically accessible format all income reported to the irs, if no irs forms filed officials votes/bills put on hold create way to remove any official from office, by either vote or petition (slight joke) racecar style patches for all public officials no pacs, or super pacs ranked voting put focus of budget on people, not military industrial force rich to pay their taxes at ww2 era rate remove tax protections from religous organizations that push politically no laws that boil down to because the bible or other holy book disability protections total healthcare abuse of power = removal from office(includes advertising from office ) corporations are not people!! equivalent to civil service exam to serve in any capacity no private jails prison reform, focus on rehabilitation, not punishment restore rights post sentence if gov silences scientists remove officials responsible and in charge from office, ( ) gov officials get quadruple fines/sentences for crimes committed while in office bank officials ditto no bailouts of million, billion or trillion dollar companies less restrictions on forming competitive isps or markets (bs like this not allowed ) restore truth in news requirements