Universal Meditech Founded to Develop Medical Devices March 8, 1985 (Boulder Daily Camera) Boulder, CO (March 8, 1985) -- Universal Meditech, Inc., a medical device company, today announced its founding by Dr. Michael Kwok and Adarsh Krishnamurthy. The company will focus on the development and commercialization of new medical devices. Dr. Kwok is a physician and engineer who has over 20 years of experience in the medical device industry. He is the former CEO of a medical device company that was acquired by a Fortune 500 company. Adarsh Krishnamurthy is a software engineer with over 10 years of experience in the technology industry. He is the former CTO of a software company that was acquired by a venture capital firm. Universal Meditech will initially focus on the development of devices for the cardiovascular and orthopedic markets. The company has a strong team of engineers and scientists with expertise in medical device design, development, and manufacturing. Universal Meditech is also backed by a group of experienced investors who are committed to the company's success. "We are excited to launch Universal Meditech and to bring our expertise to the medical device industry," said Dr. Kwok. "We believe that there is a significant opportunity to develop new and innovative medical devices that can improve the lives of patients." "We are committed to developing high-quality medical devices that meet the needs of patients and physicians," said Adarsh Krishnamurthy. "We believe that Universal Meditech has the potential to be a leader in the medical device industry." Universal Meditech is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. The company is currently seeking additional funding to support its growth.